The clocks go back at 2 am on Sunday 28th and we can all enjoy an extra hour in bed… or so you thought! Why not make the most of your extra hour by putting it to good use? Here are some suggestions below…

For the stressed-out
Have a bath and indulge in some ‘me’ time. Choose your favourite bath oil (Neom do the best bath oils), team with a luxurious face mask and just soak away the stress. Feel like adding a trashy magazine to the mixture, or even a glass of wine (make sure it’s red if you do)? We say – go for it. An extra hour in life is something to be savoured, treasured and truly enjoyed, after all, it only happens once a year. This is your time to completely switch-off so make sure you do whatever it takes to shut your mind off from the world of work, children, deadlines and worries.

For the energy beans
Run wild. Literally. Lace up those trainers and pop that extra layer on (’cause baby it’s cold outside) and get running. Afterwards, you’ll feel like that was an hour well spent and you’ll be ready for anything for the rest of the week. Running can also protect you and your immune system from catching a cold – which is what we like to hear at this time of year. Running for one hour will burn around 600 calories.

For the putter-offer
Do your taxes or other boring chores you’ve been meaning to do all month (in some cases make that all year). This extra hour is a great excuse to tackle that boring thing you have been meaning to do but haven’t gotten round to. Wake up early and just get it done (or stay up late, whatever floats your boat). This can be anything from doing your taxes to sorting out at charity pile from your over-spiling wardrobe. We can’t promise it won’t be incredibly dull but we can promise that you will feel amazing afterwards. It’s so nice to start the week with a clean slate.

For the social hermits
See a friend for a cuppa/breakfast/walk – delete as appropriate but just make sure you spend some quality time with them. You will likely have lots to chat about and a full hour may not seem long enough but using this time will help you reconnect and talk about the important stuff as well as off-load any worries or stresses you have been holding on to throughout the week.

For those in need of a little OM
A one-hour yoga class is one of the best ways you can utilise this extra time as it will help restore both body and mind. Finding the right type of yoga for you can either make it or break it for you in terms of experience. If you like adrenaline led sports and feeling like you’ve had a bit of a work out than try Bikram Yoga. For more of a meditative class try Kundalindi or try Hatha for a more breath-y session. A perfect option for yoga in the comfort of your bedroom/living room is Yoga With Adrienne on YouTube. These are one of our favourite places to practice and it’s a great place for newbies to start.

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