For anyone who knew of Meghan Markle before her marriage to Prince Harry, you’ll know of her love of yoga and all things wellness. Since stepping down from royal duties, the path has been cleared for Meghan to dive into those passions once more and she’s recently made an investment into a company called Clevr Blends. Naturally, being wellness enthusiasts, we’re intrigued to discover a little more about this US-based wellness business that’s made headlines since the Duchess’s recent involvement so here’s what you need to know!

Founded by Hannah Mendoza, Clevr Blends have created a range of oat milk latte blends with added superfoods to take your morning cuppa to the next level. With Meghan being a huge voice for female entrepreneurship and a lover of all things health, the company seems like a perfect pairing. 

How did Clevr Blends acquire such a high profile investment you might ask? The business started off as a pop-up coffee shop in Harry and Meg’s new neighbourhood of Santa Barbara and after trying their and loving lattes, Meghan reached out to learn more about the company and if she could help them scale up the business. 

With four delicious-looking flavours, Matcha, Chai, Golden and Coffee, each is infused with adaptogens, probiotics and superfoods like reishi and ashwagandha. The creamy, barista-style blends aim to bring all the elements of your favourite coffee shop latte with a brain-boosting, mind-clearing, mood-lifting upgrade!

While there may not be stockists on this side of the pond just yet, Clevr Blends are working on offering international shipping in 2021 so keep your eyes peeled! We can’t wait to try!
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