There really is nothing like a good cuppa on a cozy morning and it’s even better when you know that the tea you’re drinking has so many wonderful health benefits! We Are Tea and Amanda Hamilton have brought us three amazing blends that do just that! With three different teas that help target specific needs, We Are Tea can help you feel your best while you drink up! The three unique blends all have different components and ingredients that strive to support your body.


Svelte: Designed to balance and invigorate your system, Svelte contains yerba mate, ginger, seagreens, dandelion root and nettle to help you feel toned and focused.


Glow: Skin feeling dull? Try Glow! With red berries, Calendula, and traditional herbs, Glow was designed to bring a brightness to your skin and help maintain skin health.


Soothe: Nothing like mint tea after a big supper! Soothe features fennel and mint that helps digestion and bloating.


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We sat down with Amanda Hamilton to chat all about the different We Are Tea blends and how they help her live life to the healthiest and fullest!

We are so excited about your new range of teas with We Are Tea! Tell us a bit about how you came up with the 3 blends, Glow, Svelte and Soothe and the different ingredients?
Thank you!  I’m super excited about the launch of the Everyday Good teas too and we’ve had some lovely feedback on the range to date. I’ve actually been working with Spence who is the Founder of We Are Tea for about a year to make sure we came up with the right blends and ingredients, so it’s fantastic to see them on the Sainsbury’s shelves now.

Our ambition with the range was to come up with something that met core need states of consumers, as I’m a strong believer in the fact that small, everyday changes to your diet and drinking habits can be really beneficial long-term.

The three teas in the range include GLOW, which has been designed with skin mind, packed with gentle ingredients such as Echinacea and calendula petals. SOOTHE, features fennel and mint, long used herbs associated positively with digestion whilst SVELTE features yerba mate and ginger to invigorate your system.


What’s your go-to tea ritual?
I travel a great deal so my rituals are to try to top and tail my day with an element of routine. I have always paid attention to the details of the little things that I really enjoy so it’s nothing new for me to carry around my own teabags and ask for hot water instead on the early morning plane or train! At the end of a day I really try to slow down for that last 20 minutes, no matter where I am in the world – I usually sip a  tea as I run a bath. Right now I’m working on a new sleep blend but SOOTHE is just perfect to help rest and digest after dinner. When I am at home it is kids to bed, cup of tea, cat on lap, dog on feet – and Netflix!


How does We Are Tea support your busy lifestyle?
It’s easy to consume things that aren’t so helpful – caffeinated coffees and teas, sweet frappes or even juices and smoothies (nutritious as they sometimes are, they can really add a lot of sugar load or extra hidden calories if taken as a drink alongside food rather than as a snack). So, it can be helpful to build habits that are based on teas that are hydrating, caffeine, calorie and sugar free – not to mention tasty!


If you could invite 3 inspirational people for tea, who would you invite and why?
I’d invite one of my best friends. Sarah Willingham (the latest Dragon on Dragon’s Den), she’s a truly inspirational women – she usually hosts, so it would be nice to treat her for a change.

Then I’d invite a writer, someone like Gary Keller who wrote The One Thing – all about planning your day to align with how the brain works and the advice in the book really resonated – so I’d like to meet him. Like any other working parent, finding balance – or counterbalance as he says – is vital.

And lastly I’d invite Brenden Brazier, an ex endurance athlete who has really pushed the boundaries on what’s possible to achieve and is passionate about his stance on diet. There’s a lot to learn from people trailblaze.

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