Company – Fruveju

Cleanse – Explore cleanse

How many days? – 3 day cleanse

Tester – Saskia Gregson-Williams, Food Editor

What were you hoping to gleam from the cleanse?

I love giving my body a juice/smoothie day every couple of months, to give my digestive system a break, cleanse and flush out all the bad toxins. Trying out the fruveju 3 day cleanse i was excited to see how three days of bespoke Organic, Raw juices would effect my well-being and energy levels.

What did the cleanse consist of?

The explore 3 day cleanse, is designed to reset eating habits, eliminate cravings, and rest the digestive system. The Explore cleanse (in my opinion the most delicious sounding) consists of 6 nutrient packed juices. Their signature juices include Pure greens, Watermelon and Lime, Spicy lemonade, red pineapple and Cashew milk. During the cleanse you get to drink your greens twice, which i was very pleased about!

Which Juice was your favourite?

This is a tough call, i loved both the Red Pineapple and the Pure greens, but i think The Pure greens wins- as i felt it gave my body the most amount of nutrients and energy. Pure greens contained Kale, lemon, ginger, celery, spinach, cucumber, green apple and spring greens. Very green, sweet and delicious! Through juicing your greens you are able to assimilate 95% of the nutrients compare to the mere 15-20% you absorb when just eating your greens. More for your money’s-worth! This is because juice is much more easily absorbed as the process of juicing breaks down the cell walls of fruits and vegetables so that they are pre-digested already. This means that the power-packed nutrients are getting directly into your system.

How did you feel after three days?

My body felt re-juvinated, clear, light and energized. I’m not going to lie, i did miss my smoothie bowls, quinoa salads and habitual spoonfuls of almond butter- however the juices were incredibly satisfying, and after day one all cravings subsided and i felt great!

Who would you recommend this cleanse too:

Cleanses are great for those wanting to lose weight, give their body a break or to simply re-energise and boost your digestive system. This cleanse in particular  is perfect for those with a serious sweet tooth, who want to give up their sweet treats in turn for a seriously nutrient dense detox.



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