Ever wondered how an ex-ballerina stays fit, healthy and well? We caught up with Chrissy Sundt, founder of Silver Linings to talk about all things summer wellness, from non-negotiable health habits and her top tips for staying motivated when you’re having a workout slump.

As a busy mum and business owner, what’s one health habit that’s non-negotiable for you?

‘Move every day’.  I am a horrible person if I don’t so that’s the first reason but I also know from a lifetime devoted to all kinds of movement training that it is essential to my wellbeing. What I have discovered is that you need to mix it up and also that 10 minutes can be just as mood-changing as an hour spent on the mat.  It’s all about focus and commitment. 

What’s your ultimate de-stress tool?

Yoga and meditation which sounds obvious but when I let my practice slip….everything becomes more challenging.  When I take time for a simple breath practice or a little yogic flow it helps me find centre and get through those challenging times. 

What’s your go-to breakfast at the moment?

Chia pudding with goji berries.   I used to skip breakfast which is terrible but as a dancer and trainer, it’s often what we do because there isn’t a good time to eat before or between sessions.  Now I really try to take time and sit down with my little one and eat something that’s going to keep me fuelled properly rather than living on coffee!

Any advice for someone stuck in a rut with fitness motivation?

It’s tough to stay motivated and I hear this from clients all the time. Often a retreat is the best way to kick-start a new love of movement and create some new healthy habits. At Silver Linings, we offer short UK retreats and longer retreats in magical places like the Bahamas, which are perfect for clients looking to press reset. 

If a retreat is not possible due to work, family or finances then that’s exactly where Silver Linings @Home, our digital platform comes in.   Our brand new 14-day free wellness programme is the perfect way to discover new ways to move, rest and eat.   Our experts cover everything: Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Stretch, Nutrition, Meditation and more.   You can do everything in the comfort of your own home and all you need is a mat. 

Once you join the Silver Linings family, we are always there creating new formats, seasonal challenges and offering the kind of expert support that can really help when you are struggling with injury or lack of motivation.   It’s all about creating wellness habits that become part of you. 

3 things that lift you up when you’re feeling down?

  • A great song (Mr Brightside is my go-to)
  • A good dance around my kitchen (especially with my 3-year-old)
  • A hug or a HIIT class 

That’s 4 I know!

How do you squeeze in a workout session, even on those busy days?!

So I don’t have a ritual, every day is different which means I might only be able to grab 10-15 minutes on the mat.  But I have discovered that in terms of body maintenance, that’s actually plenty.  Of course, I am lucky, I teach a lot of different disciplines so I can vary my workout to suit my mood and my schedule.   

That’s why when I was creating Silver Linings @Home, I wanted to ensure that we offered things like ‘toned in 10’ and ‘serene in 15’ for those days when you are time poor and then you can enjoy a longer workout at other times in the week. 

What’s a wellness destination you’d like to visit this summer?

I actually already went to the Six Senses in Ibiza at Easter to take part in a very special retreat.   The rooms, food and sessions were just amazing….even in the rain. 

My next wellness destination is a hotel called Lily of the Valley in the south of France, where I will be heading to relax after my wedding in July.   they have a beautiful studio space where I usually go and do my own thing…occasionally a guest will join me. 

How can we have a healthy relationship with exercise instead of resenting it? 

I think there are a few golden rules which are: 

  • You need to enjoy your workouts.  If it’s not fun or you don’t like the instructor and the environment, you simply won’t stick with it. 
  • It needs to be easy to get to, so either at home or at a very local gym or studio so you can get there even during the dark winter months
  • Change it up!  You need to vary the workouts so that you don’t plateau and get bored. This will also minimise the chances of injury by the way. 
  • Maybe workout with a friend or partner, that way it’s something you do together and you will be more likely to enjoy it and stick with it.  

If you could suggest one workout from Silver Linings’ on-demand library, what would it be and why?

Oh gosh, this is SO hard as I love all of our expert teachers and they all bring such amazing energy and character to the sessions. I think Catherine, our meditation teacher is fab. It’s called ‘Walk Into Silence’ from our Serene in 15 collection and it’s shot in my garden in summer. She is just so beautiful and serene that you are totally transported wherever you are!  

Whether you’re looking for a retreat at home or in the sun, visit silverliningswellbeing.com