Shaking up your perfectly perfect insta feed is Chessie King. Thank the lord, universe, whoever you’d like, for her attitude towards feeling the need to have the perfect body, perfect life, perfect hair, perfect skin. Chessie’s all about embracing yourself for who you are and learning the most important tools, self-acceptance and self-love. Body confidence is where it’s at and Chessie shares it all. The instagram vs reality snaps that no one usually sees. She shows that a body is beautiful, no matter the bad skin day or booty dimples and hello…. doesn’t everyone’s tummy turn into rolls when they sit? It’s normal! Scrolling through her feed, you feel a sense of relief and happiness. Finally, someone who’s celebrating real bodies and not hiding behind their airbrush tool. We love this girl and are so happy she’s brought out a book, Be Your Own Best Friend. Below she shares why humans are like popcorn and her biggest life lesson.


My non-negotiable health habit

“Having a phone-free walk every day, especially at the moment – there’s an endless stream of noise from our email notifications, social media, WhatsApp, zoom meetings… I enjoy my walks so much more when I’m fully present & aware of my surroundings.”


My de-stress tool

“Splattering my brain onto a blank canvas. Painting has become my escapism in lockdown, Mat says I’m the quietest version of myself when I’ve got a brush in my hand!


My favourite workout right now

“My mum’s zoom yoga classes. Mainly because it feels like I’m at home doing it with her but also because it’s like therapy, for my brain and my body.”


My biggest life lesson

“Speaking to myself with as much love and kindness as I do to everyone else – being my own best friend instead of self-sabotaging & constantly trying to change my body.”


My positive mantra

“Popcorn is popped in the same pan, at the same heat, in the same oil… but they don’t all pop together. We’re all popping at different times.”


My proudest moment of 2020

“I would say publishing my book but… I did save a dog from drowning in the Thames! It dived in from quite a height and the current was so strong it was being dragged under. I saw the owners, two teenage girls crying and asked them if they needed help (before I saw the dog in the water!) the next minute I was running down shouting the dog’s name to keep its attention and then I jumped over the rails, climbed down a ladder into the water and I reached out to grab her harness, scooped her up onto my chest and climbed back up the ladder. She was so shaken up and the girls were so thankful, we all laughed at how soaking I was. Obviously I would never advise anyone to go jumping in the Thames, but it would’ve been a very different story if I hadn’t gone in and I did it safely!


‘Be Your Own Best Friend by Chessie King is published by Thorsons, and is available to buy from Amazon UK.