Healthy Dinner Tips

Healthy cooking can be tricky but with the right know how it is very easy to have delicious food that is really healthy. Its getting the right balance that makes all the difference. Here, cookbook author and founder of  www.eattravellive.com, John Gregory-Smith, shares his top tips to keep your dinner wonderfully healthy.

Go Lean
If you are cooking with meat chose a really lean cut. Chicken breasts, pork loin or fillet steak. This will ensure you have a really healthy base for you meal.

Watch the oil 
Go easy with the oil to keep the calories down. Using a good olive oil to cook with is far better than butter, but keeping the content at a minimal will ensure your food is really healthy. The best oil for a super healthy diet is good old Rapeseed oil, loads of omega 3 and it is low in saturated fats.

Spice it Up 
Spices are a great alternative to fat and also salt. A pinch of chilli powder, a sprinkle of ground cumin or a tsp. of garam masla will add such a big flavour and contains zero fat. What could be better?

Get Grilling
Grilling is a fab way to keep your dinner mega healthy. Make sure the grill is really hot to start with and rub a small amount of oil over what you want to grill. Season with salt and pepper and hopefully some fresh herbs and spices. and get grilling. You get an awesome flavour, use less oil and retain all the juices – this works for vegetables, meat and fish.

Keep it colourful 
Try and make sure that each one of your 5 a day is a different colour to maximise the amount of vitamins and healthy nutrients you get. Green is good, but mix it up with beetroot, red peppers, carrots and cauliflower.

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