words by Sadie Macleod

I read a quote recently “Big change is scary, but know what is even scarier? Regret”. Something in this rang true for me. I decided to share it on instagram where it got a lot of love. And many people commented that this was just the sort of thing they needed to hear to inspire them.

Then Special K asked me to pledge to make a change and to encourage the Hip & Healthy community to do the same. So that we can all strive to be the best versions of ourselves and support one another doing it. Why Special K? Well they have just made a change themselves. After 30 years of using the same recipe, Kellogg’s have changed the Special K recipe for the better. Originally 2 grains, the new cereal now contains 3, making it whole-grain (and healthier). The product contains rice, wheat and barley making it the perfect nutritional balance to start your day.

So, Special K made their change. Now I must state mine! I pledge that I will commit myself to yoga at least once a week for the next three months. I am determined to master a headstand – something I am not even close to doing. But I think that after three months of yoga commitment I should be able to get there! After all – I am pretty sure that a lot of it is in my mind and I will need to overcome those barriers before I can let go and take the pose.

Each month I will update you on my progress. And if I am feeling brave I may even share a few pics with you along the way.

Let us know what you are planning on doing. Is there a change you have always wanted to make in your career? love life? home life? or even fitness? Perhaps you need to change your diet, or you just need to change your attitude but you haven’t yet found the drive to do it. Let this be your drive. And let us know what you are up to by tweeting or instagramming us at  @hipandhealthyuk and hashtagging #changeforthebetter.

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