De-stress, unwind, calm down, chill out… all things that we long to do at the end of a hard day’s work. But it’s not always as easy as putting your feet up and making a cup of tea. Sometimes we need a little help, which is where these indulgent beauties come in. Made to make your life that little bit more lovely…

Aromatherapy Associates Relax Candle, www.aromatherapyassociates.com, £34
A bath by candle light at the end of the day. There is nothing better. Create your own home spa with this Aromatherapy Associates Relax Candle, which will ensconce you in the calming scent of West Indian bay and myrrh essential oils. Each of their candles are made from the highest quality of soy wax with unbleached cotton wicks so you can rest assured that the delightful fragrance will be doing your body nothing but good!

Nourish Calming Moisturiser, http://shop.nourishskinrange.com, £14.95
Rich in omega oils to soothe the harsh effects the changing weather has on our skin, this nourishing moisturiser is 97% organic and smells divine too. The scent is down to the high content of lavender oil, which, combined with borage and shea butter makes for a powerful anti-inflammatory cream that helps to alleviate the effects of damaging free-radicals. For all those cyclists out there, commuting home in the bitter wind and drizzle – this is for you!

Neom Tranquility Bath Foam, http://www.neomorganics.com, £20
No deliciously sumptuous bath is complete without bubbles! And we could not ask for a more beautiful bath foam than this from the Neom Tranquility range. Designed to completely relax you, this makes for the perfect pre-bedtime indulgence. Packed full of organic essential oils to support and soothe you, the light jasmine, lavender and sweet basil scent will stay with you long after the bubbles have gone. Heaven.

Pai Comfrey & Calendula Calming Body Cream, http://www.paiskincare.com, £13
At this time of year, when the heating is switched on to counter the winter chill outside, our skin is exposed to range of temperatures, which can cause it to do all sorts of things. Super-sensitive skin will love this calming body cream from Pai. Hydrating, soothing and organic, the calendula is a great healer as well as gently nourishing the skin whilst comfrey supports the skin’s natural repair function and protects its moisture barrier. Apply it generously in the evening after your shower or bath.

Jason Calming Body Wash, http://jasonnaturalcare.co.uk, £7.50
For great value for money as well as heaven sent scent, this Calming Body Wash is perfect. Great for softening skin, the natural cleanser is also full of the skin’s best friends vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5. No parabens, no nasties and no fuss. This has become a bit of a staple in our household.

Words by Sadie MacLeod