Looking after your teeth is one of the important daily rituals and this starts with good quality oral care. Containing 100% natural enzymes, Zendium’s forward-thinking toothpaste is clinically proven to strengthen your mouths natural defence. Delivering effective prebiotic benefits to boost good bacteria, alongside reducing bad bacteria to protect the mouth, Zendium’s formulas are designed to deliver excellent results in just 14 weeks.

So why is it important to protect the good bacteria in our mouth…

The oral microbiome is a super delicate ecosystem that works in harmony with our body to deliver the right balance of bacteria, vitamins and minerals to enable us to stay healthy. Many of the toothpaste’s that fill the oral hygiene aisle in the supermarket may actually be destroying the good bacteria that our bodies need to thrive. Zendium is the oral health care brand you can trust to help create a healthy balance of bacteria.

Founder, Dr Henk Hoogendoorn, developed Zendium’s pioneering formula based on the same substances that naturally occur in our saliva to keep the mouth healthy. Suitable for every mouth, Zendium’s SLS foaming agent-free toothpaste is mild in flavour, banishing the need for aggressive formulations to respect the mouth’s delicate tissues. Zendium is proven to boost healthy gums, strong teeth and give fresh breath for up to 12 hours… there’s no wonder why it’s the no.1 recommended brand by dentists in Denmark! 

Aside from its oral hygiene benefits, Zendium also holds strong sustainable values, from packaging innovations to their no box policy, and even the fast-rinse technology within the formula that encourages less water use.

Showcasing Boot’s first ‘naked’ dental care shelf, Zendium have partnered up with the retailer so you can pick up a tube from your local high street. Research shows the average person uses around 735 toothpaste tubes in their lifetime! With this in mind, wouldn’t it make sense to get rid of the unnecessary packaging? We think so, and so do Zendium! In a sea of cardboard boxes, Zendium toothpaste will stand proud, spearheading the new environmentally conscious ‘naked’ shelf concept. 

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