Living a healthy, balanced life when you’re busy isn’t always easy. Below we share 10 simple ways to bring wellbeing back into your life.

Get Some Headspace
We firmly believe that a healthy mind will help give you a healthy body. That’s why we recommend practising mindfulness every day. It can take a while to form this habit, and at first 15 minutes will feel like a luxuriously long amount of time to sit quietly and reconnect with yourself but when you discover how much better and more productive it will make the rest of your day, you’ll be hooked. Our favourite time to practice is definitely first thing in the morning. Sometimes we’ll use a meditation app (we’re currently loving Third Ear, their Moon Rituals are amazing) or we’ll just simply find a few minutes of quietness before we get up and pop the kettle on.

Kick-start the Engine
A great way to help your liver its natural detoxification function is to drink hot water with a shot of lemon juice and a spoonful of Manuka honey first thing in the morning. The lemon gives you a vitamin C kick, and the Manuka honey is known for its antibacterial properties making it perfect for preventing pesky colds. It is expensive but worth it.

Breakfast Improvisation 101
We’ve all been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but if you’ve got kiddies to feed and get dressed, a morning yoga class to get to or you’ve simply slept through your alarm, it’s easy to see why breakfast can sometimes slip down the priority list! If you often find yourself rushing in the morning you need to have your ‘healthy breakfast on the go’ resting in the wings! We’ve got ours down to a down to a fine art. A bowl of overnight oats is our first go-to. It does require a few minutes of prep the night before but they are so versatile you can really mix up the combos. Failing that, we’re obsessed with Deliciously Ella’s on-the-go Muesli Pots. Add some milk (we often opt for nut milk) and away you go!

Workplace Wellbeing
Sitting at a desk is not one of the best things that we can do for our health. Stiff neck and shoulders and tension in the back are all common complaints. Apart from standing and walking around regularly, we’ve learnt this nifty stretch that will feel so so good! Using a yoga belt (or a scarf), hold it in your hands, slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Move over your head back and forth to release the tension that builds up there. Do this a couple of times a day for about a minute each time. It helps stop you hunching over and is also good for your posture.

Have a Laugh
We are great believers in the power of a good laugh! We’re always making each other laugh here at the H&H HQs and it’s a real stress reliever! We’re often giggling about the current TV show we’re all binge-watching or making jokes about our husbands (sorry guys!).

Take Time Out
They say a change is as good as a rest, so imagine how powerful it is when you have both. We all seem to live such stressful and busy lives so we believe it’s really important to invest in rest and reconnect with ourselves again. Whether it’s something as extravagant as booking onto that retreat you’ve been eying up on Instagram or simply picking a weekend where you commit to leaving your phone out if sight, book a date with yourself and you’ll feel a million times more refreshed!

Dress to de-stress
Picture this, you come home, exhausted from your day and you immediately slip into something ridiculously cosy that will transform the way you feel instantly. Thanks to luxury restwear brand, Luxe + Hardy you can experience exactly that! Removing your “work” clothes is an important step to feeling less stressed. You’re acknowledging the change in pace and you’re putting an emphasis on relaxation. Owning a set of luxuriously soft loungewear (Luxe + Hardy’s Reset set is made from sustainable pure merino wool) will hopefully mean you can shift from work to relax mode effortlessly and stylishly too!

Get the Massage
After a particularly hard week, or sometimes just when you need some TLC, book yourself in for a relaxing massage. Not only is it particularly effective for unknotting any tension and helping you to switch off, but it’s also great at dissolving headaches and helping with any other body niggles. Our go-to service is Ruuby App. They come to your home and set up a relaxing space in your bedroom or living room and, depending on availability, they can be at your front door within 90 minutes. A must-have app you need to download if you haven’t already!

Keep Active
Our bodies need to move! This is what we were made for. We like to keep it fun and varied, combing scenic walks in the park, reformer classes at Heartcore, or Yoga with Adrienne in the comfort of our living room. Find something you really enjoy and definitely don’t be afraid to try new styles of working out!

Learn New Things
We are big fans of engaging in content that teaches us something completely new as it boosts happiness and keeps the brain ticking over. We’re so lucky to be able to learn and have access to information; we really should make more of that privilege. Whether that be an app or a book or evening heading to a workshop with a friend a couple of evenings a month, you’ll discover worlds you never knew existed and hey, you might even find a new hobby, craft or community you’re really passionate about.

words by Molly Jennings

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