words by Molly Jennings

Feel like you enjoyed yourself a little too much over Christmas? Well, have no fear, Detox January is nearly here! Last week we spoke about how to approach your New Years resolution in a different way – instead of giving up something, add something good in (more on this next week!). It’s the same with detoxing. Just to be clear, we’re not saying to NOT cut out sugar and processed foods, because let’s be honest, they don’t exactly go hand in hand with detoxing. But instead, try to focus on what you can add to your lifestyle to make your detox journey more effective.

Dry Body Brushing
Dry body brushing is definitely the thing to do in 2014. The skin is commonly known as the third kidney because one of its primary functions is eliminating toxins from the body. Believe it or not the skin is actually the largest organ in the body and is responsible for a quarter of the body’s detoxification process on a daily basis! A quick and easy way to remove toxins through your skin is dry body brushing. This process helps remove dead skin cells allowing room for new cells to grow. Its also amazing for boosting blood circulation and has been proven to help reduce cellulite! Five to ten minuets of body brushing, four to five times a week will help give the appearance of firmer skin and a reduction in fluid retention!
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Detox Bath
We are constantly in the presence of toxins, from the air we breathe to the food we eat. It’s almost impossible to escape them completely. As I explained above the skin plays a huge role in detoxifying our bodies, most commonly through sweating, but another way to aid the process is immersing yourself in a detox bath. A detox bath is a relaxing way to rid the body of toxins with the use of bath salts. Epsom salts are most well known for their detoxing properties as the sulphates in the salts help draw out toxins and heavy metals from our cells.
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Hot Yoga
Hot yoga is, you guessed it, hot! This type of yoga is performed in a room heated to 37˚C where you’ll be dripping with sweat in the first few minutes… picture a hot day in the Sahara Desert with no breeze whatsoever! Many people believe that hot yoga is great for cleansing the body as we release toxins through the skin’s pores when we sweat. Why not try this invigorating way of detoxing a go in the New Year?
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Super Spices
Add a bit of spice in to your life in the New Year, to help kick start your detox. Turmeric is a superb one to get your hands on, it boosts the immune system and because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps relieve inflammatory conditions such as asthma and arthritis. Cumin is another great spice, as well as being especially high in antioxidants, it’s particularly good in aiding the digestive system. And lets face it, we all need a bit of help with digestion after Christmas! And of course we can’t forget cinnamon. This cosy-smelling spice is used to help stabilize blood sugar levels, preventing those drastic sugar highs and lows. H&H recommends our delicious Moroccan Tagine – http://www.hipandhealthy.co.uk/healthy-root-vegetable-moroccan-tagine-cauliflower-cous-cous/

Yes I know, so many people go on about it but drinking lots of water is such an easy one! Water acts as a natural lubricant that helps soften the stool and encourage the emptying of the bowels. I did try to say that as politely as possible! The kidneys are responsible for removing waste from our bodies and are totally dependent on water in order to so. This just shows how significant water is for our bodies. Another perk you’ll find with drinking lots of water is a clearer complexion. I always notice a difference in my skin when I’m really focusing on my water intake. Try starting your day with a hot water and lemon.