Whether you want to pimp your breakfast or soup up your soup, here are three ways to make your meal and your workout go that extra mile

Add Omega 3

In the form of Eggs

Not just a fabulous form of protein, eggs are a great source of omega 3s which will help to protect your joints, so they’re great for runners. And because of the other nutrients in eggs you absorb 100 per cent of the protein a opposed to only half of other protein fuelled foods such as porridge. They will also fill up that post-workout appetite. We love ours teamed with spinach (not just Popeye’s favourite food) and rye bread which is low GI, making it a great post-gym carb.

Add Protein

In the form of Quinoa

Yes, so we just said how great eggs are for that post-cardio burn, but another protein that is less raved about amongst gym goers is quinoa. Often regarded as hippy food, these little grains pack a punch when it comes to your protein content. The reason it’s so brilliant is that it is a complete protein and easily digested by the body. Why not try something different and have it for breakfast with steamed almond milk and fruit.

Add A Metabolic Booster

In the form of Cayenne Pepper

This ancient spice is known for both its healing and metabolism boosting properties. It contains capsaicin which increases circulation of blood around the body. And it’s also full of vitamin A which is great for the skin. Nothing to do with your metabolism but good to know anyway. Add it to your soup, stir dry or even salad dressing. But be careful as its hot!