With the winter months edging their way out you’d be a fool for thinking that you don’t need to think about immunity as Spring is on the horizon. Often, as the seasons change, you can be hit with a nasty cold or virus that really knocks the wind out of you. After a long, cold winter your immunity is bound to be weaker. With a lack of vitamin D (aka sunshine) and lots of bugs to ward off, Spring can be a peak time for coming down with something rotten.

Arguably, the cold is the most common illness in humans and definitely the most annoying! The cold is essentially a virus, and like most viral infections, once your body builds up an immunity to it, you shouldn’t get infected again. The problem with the common cold is that there are over 200 different strains that can cause cold-like symptoms! It’s almost impossible to build up an immunity to all of them, which is why we can expect to have roughly two colds each winter, sometimes more. Although you can’t become immune to colds, there are definitely ways to help prevent them. Below we’re sharing our top 5 natural remedies to fight colds and boost immunity.




Neal’s Yard Organic Echinacea Tincture, £8

Go natural with Echinacea, a traditional herbal supplement that is used to help boost immune function. It contains a special compound called echinacein which has been found to keep germs from penetrating healthy cells. If you’re the kind of person who gets those lingering colds that seem to go on forever then this could give you a helping hand as it is known to be particularly effective in speeding up the recovery time of a cold.

Neal's Yard Organic Echinacea


viridian elderberry throat spray


Viridian Organic Elderberry Throat Spray, £16.50

Containing organic Elderberry, Manuka Honey and Marshmallow, this throat spray from Viridian is a handy product to have on hand when you feel like your coming down with something. Elderberries are a great source of immune-boosting Vitamin C, Manuka Honey has fantastic antibacterial properties and Marshmallow is used amongst herbalists to soothe and protect the throat.



Pukka Seasonal Wellness 7 Day Kit, £9.99

Pukka’s Seasonal Wellness 7 Day Kit is one to keep in your cupboard for when a runny nose means a cold is brewing. Containing  7 sachets of Elderberry & Echinacea Tea (a supercharged cosy cuppa) and 14 capsules of Andrographis food supplement (a great one for preventing seasonal attacks on the immune system) and a wellbeing guide with tips and recipes from their expert herbalists.

pukka seasonal wellness 7 day kit


Tonic vitamin water


Tonic Lemon & Honey Vitamin Drink, £5.99

Staying hydrated should be a top priority when you’re trying to keep a cold at bay so why not tackle hydration and vitamin intake in one go with Tonic’s Lemon & Honey Vitamin Drink? A sachet of packed full of vitamins and minerals, as well as real lemon and honey extracts, this is a great product not only for at-home use but on the go too. A carry-on luggage essential!



Olbas Oil, £4.45

When a blocked nose is sucking the fun out of life, who doesn’t reach for the classic Olbas Oil? Containing a blend of essential oils to relieve congestion and stuffiness, it’s such a must-have to have on standby. Dab it on your pillowcase or a piece of tissue and allow the Eucalyptus to clear your airways so you can get that good night’s sleep you need.

olbas oil


We hope these natural cold and flu remedies are helpful for you during the next few months. Sending lots of healthy vibes your way!