If you started the New Year on a mission to tackle those resolutions and recement those good habits you started in 2019 but feel like you’re drifting, then you might enjoy one or two of these books below for a little bit of self-reflection. There’s no better time than the New Year to reassess your life and personal goals so perhaps you just need a bit of time to rediscover your ambitions and note the aspects of your life you want to improve on. If you feel like you need to grab ahold of the steering wheel to your own life then Shaman Durek’s “Spirit Hacking” could be a great one to start with. If you’re looking to reclaim your happiness and quit the comparison, then pick up a copy of Katherine Ormerod’s “Why Social Media Is Ruining Your Life”.


Burnout | Emily & Amelia Nagoski

Spirit Hacking | Shaman Durek

Pause | Danielle North

The Self-Care Handbook| Gill Hasson