Body Love/Hate Relationship

Love or hate

Think you are the only one that has a love/hate relationship with your body? Think again. Even those working in the health and fitness industry, drinking from the goodness guru cup daily, have things that they are not keen on about themselves. We find out what these wellness warriors both hate and love about their bodies…

abigail james

Abigail James, Expert Skincare Specialist, http://www.abigailjames.com

I love my hair. I am really low maintenance when it comes to hair and I love the just got out of bed look, which my hair seems to do quite well, I get it cut and coloured only 2 -3 times a year, its fine textured but a lot of it with a tiny bit of natural wave and bounce so easy to curl and big it up or go real straight, and I actually quite like its natural colour.

I dislike my Legs – I suffer from varicose veins, which is so unsightly, obviously 3 children will have contributed and also genetics, but I am prone to bad circulation as well so all round the legs generally remain covered up.


Emma Coleman, Founder Inner-Soul – www.inner-soul.co.uk 

I have always been fascinated by my feet (don’t laugh!) because they remain in good condition all by themselves most of the time, taking me wherever I need to go. They also have direct links to other parts of the body via the nervous system and meridian lines, and I used reflexology during each of my labours, which genuinely helped to move things along.

I am not too keen on my under eye baggage, which I have inherited from my mum and her mum; I get dark circles especially in the winter, but have learned that diet can affect how they look so try to eat lots of fruit and veg and not so much caffeine and cheese! I plan one day to develop an organic and natural product just for keeping this area looking its best.

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Natasha Davey owner Raw to Door – www.rawtodoor.com 

After years of being a model, my main issue and what I don’t like too much is my boobs! I wish they were tiny like Alexa Chung’s so that I could wear shirts done up to the top and Peter Pan collars. Most fashion styles that I like call for tiny boobs.

I do, however, like my eyes as they are very blue and clear (due to my raw diet) and I would say that it is this that I am complemented mostly on. The eyes are the window to the soul after-all.

JK Approved

Jane Kersel, International Coach, Therapist and Yoga Teacher, www.janekersel.com

Pre-yoga I pretty much hated everything about my body. I believed that you had to be beautiful to be loved. I was a gawky teenager and although I was aware I had something, I couldn’t see it and I would always compare myself to other women and wish I had big boobs and long legs.

Post-yoga I am much more loving and accepting of myself. Although I still have a part of me that buys into all of the above, it’s an old part of me. I think for many of us (especially women) this stuff is ingrained into our DNA. I teach supermodels and although they are stunning like thoroughbred horses, they too have doubts and fears of ageing. But I can honestly say that now that I don’t compare and judge myself against other people. I truly love every part of me inside and out now. My body has become my best friend… And what I’ve noticed is the more I unconditionally love it and appreciate it and give thanks for it the more it glows and the healthier it feels.

Clare 2

Claire Neill, Founder of Radiance Cleanse, www.radiancecleanse.com

Growing up I didn’t like my legs as they are short and I have chunky thighs, plus my brother would tease me about having fat knees!  I have over the years grown to see that they have their advantages.  My thighs are strong which has given me strength and stability, which has been great for all the tennis matches I play!

However, I count myself as very lucky that I have pretty good skin. I do think it is partly good genes, but I’m also convinced that it’s also due to my diet (including lots of green juices!) and the fact that I’m careful about using organic skincare and make up.

Alice Mackintosh image

Alice Mackintosh, Nutritionist, The Food Doctor, http://www.thefooddoctor.com  

I hate my height. Being just shy of 6ft is pretty tall for a lady and whilst I do love it sometimes, practically it really can be a total a pain in the arse. This is especially the case when buying clothes… Proportions are generally longer and wider meaning that things just don’t fit in the way that you want them to. The day I find a jumpsuit that doesn’t give me a camel toe whilst swinging around my ankles will be a very happy one!

I love my skin. Whilst I don’t always believe that weight is an outward manifestation of being healthy, I do believe that skin can be. Before I discovered nutrition I had horrid skin – spotty, patchy and dull. One of the first things that changed when I started eating well was that my skin transformed. This happened within the space of months; the better I felt inside, the better my skin was. Glowing, dewey, plump skin is a sign that what is going on inside is as good as it looks from the outside. Nothing superficial about it!