With an exciting pregnancy announcement hitting the headlines over the last few weeks, we sat down with the beautiful (and incredibly fit) Binky Felstead to talk about how fitness has become an important part of her life and what (if anything) will change during her pregnancy!


When did fitness become such an important part of your life?
I’ve always been active from a young age as I used to do a lot horse riding, but it’s only the past couple of years that I’ve really committed to fitness. I train three to four times a week and it’s my go-to escape – it’s important to me that my mind and body are the best they can be and fitness does that.


Why is sportswear such an important part of your wardrobe?
Aside from it being ridiculously comfy?! I think sportwear now, especially the new Reebok SS17 collection, isn’t just for the gym, it’s so fashionable that you can go to work in sportswear and then rock up to the gym and do an intense workout. I’ve never been into super tight clothes so sportswear suits my style.


What is your favourite type of training and why?
I like to feel like I’ve exercised my whole body so I love a HIIT workout. Some days I do like to focus more on specific areas so I do exercises targeted to helping achieve a peachier bum!


How does it feel to be a Brand Ambassador for a major Sportswear brand, Reebok?
Amazing! Two years ago, I’d never have thought I’d be doing it, but I’m obsessed with fitness and Reebok as a brand are totally focused on fitness, so it feels like a really natural partnership. Also I love everything from their studio range, it’s designed to make you look and feel fab both for a workout and just hanging out in during the day!


How does the Reebok City Series suit your lifestyle?
I like to look stylish on my way to the gym, especially if it’s via the King’s Road! The City Series is easy to wear and comfy for working out, but it’s a great look for my everyday lifestyle too, even if it’s just walking Scrumble!


What motivates you to meet your goals?
Exercise gives me such a positive feeling! Even when it’s cold and I want to stay in bed and skip a workout, that feeling I get after I’ve smashed a great workout gets me up every time.


What are your 3 top tips regarding healthy eating?

  • Eat little and often
  • Breakfast is key! Never skip it!
  • A varied healthy diet – you don’t want to get bored!


With lots of people looking up to you, how do you promote healthy living?
Everybody’s fitness journey is different and it’s important to find an exercise regime and healthy diet to suit your lifestyle, but as I often have people asking about my workout plan I’ve created a series of online workouts with Reebok so that people who’d like to can train along with me.


You’re on your way to the gym but you’re hungry! What’s your go-to pre-workout snack?
A banana, every time, it’s full of fibre and keeps me going through a tough workout with my trainer, and partner in crime, Tyrone.


What beauty products can we find in your gym bag?

  • Powder, ideal to blot those loose sweat beads
  • Waterproof mascara – no one wants panda eyes
  • Vaseline – it just makes everything better!
  • And dry shampoo!


What restaurant would you recommend in Chelsea for a healthy meal?
The Good Life Eatery is the dream, or the Ivy is fab for a healthy brunch.


Do you have any new health and fitness goals for 2017?
Just to continue being happy and healthy!


How has your mindset changed towards fitness now that you’re pregnant?
I don’t think my mindset has changed, being healthy and strong is still so important, even more so for pregnancy and childbirth. I have an amazing trainer who is qualified in training during pregnancy, my workouts have become less intense but definitely not less frequent.


Becoming a mother is such an exciting experience! What are you looking forward to most?
Everything! I’m just excited to meet this little part of me who I can love, watch grow, and spoil rotten!


Binky Felstead stars in the new Reebok Women’s Spring/Summer 2017 campaign. The new collection is available to buy now from www.reebok.co.uk and at Reebok FitHub stores