A workout for your skin, these 4 “wellness facials” aim to drastically improve your skin’s elasticity, glow, fullness and texture in one sitting. We’re so on board with that!

The Yoga Facial | Best For Releasing Tension
Tucked away, down a residential street in Kensington, you’ll find Daiva’s (she goes only by her first name) skincare clinic in a newly refurbished room at the back of her home. And because she operates out of her home she is very picky about her clients with a lengthy waiting list. But if you do manage to get in for an appointment it will be worth the wait. Daiva’s new Yoga Facial is like no other facial that I have experienced. It begins with a wonderfully relaxing deep tissue massage designed to lift the face and Daiva explains that she is helping improve the lymphatic flow, key for getting that glow back. She then proceeds to massage the inside of my mouth. Yes, you read that right. It does feel weird, I won’t lie, but it’s oddly satisfying. It really felt like I needed it, probably partly because it’s an area that I’ve never had it massaged before. She tells me that releasing tight muscles internally can really help lift the jawline and improve the tone of the skin, so I’m fully on board! I think many people will be surprised at how much tension they carry in their mouth but this ultra-lifting facial is definitely one I would recommend.


Elemis’ Superfood Pro-Radiance Facial | Best For City Dwellers
The headline with this treatment is that it has been clinically proven to increase hydration, skin elasticity and firmness. So if you, like me, live in a city where your skin is constantly exposed to the everyday toxins and pollution that is part and parcel with urban living – then this is the facial for you. Perfect for stressed skin, that often looks a bit dull and lacklustre due to the build-up of toxins, the Superfood Pro-Radiance Facial will almost literally breath new life into your skin, bringing oxygen to the skin cells and restoring vital moisture and nutrient levels. The skin analysis that I opted for at the beginning is not mandatory but I highly recommend it to allow for your facialist to personalize the facial to your needs.


Decleor Pilates Facial | Best For Younger Looking Skin
The facial that put Decleor Spa’s on the map is still one of the best I have experienced. Focusing on the core muscle structure of all 52 muscles in the face, this treatment is focused around a deep pressure massage inspired by Pilates movements to boost circulation, which gives the skin an instant glow. Full disclosure, I am 33 years old and the therapist was concerned that I was too young to really benefit from the treatment (obviously I loved being told that I might be too young for something but equally keen to see results). So, she was not only intuitive of what my skin really needed but she made sure to tailor the treatment completely to my skincare needs. The results: I felt like I looked at least five years younger and had an instant glow that lasted a couple of days. Plus it was super relaxing – a treat all round. H.E.A.V.E.N.


111 Cryo facial | Best For A Natural Face Lift
Positioned in one of London’s renowned shopping spots Harvey Nics, is 111CRYO, the skin experts that specialise in Cryotherapy and Cryofacials. I have to admit, I was slightly apprehensive about this facial as the idea of freezing cold air (-30°c!!) being blown around my face doesn’t scream relaxation to me which is what most us expect out of a facial. Thus said, I was completely wrong about this as I left feeling totally chilled out and face like a newborn baby!

Cryofacials are the natural way of making your skin feel more youthful and less tired, the absolute dream! We can all agree that we simply do not get enough sleep, so anything that can fake us that well-rested glow in just 8 minutes is definitely one to try. After this treatment, your skin will feel instantly firmer and tighter. The blasts of cold air in a circular motion flush out any puffiness or inflammation so you can say goodbye to your under-eye bags! If you’re a bit of a chill seeker and are looking for instant visible results, I would definitely pay Nadya a visit! You can be in and out in 15 minutes and leave leaving radiant and fresh. Forget botox and chemical-filled supplements, cryo-facials are natural and don’t involve any needles, its a win, win!