Itching to switch up your workout routine? Why not take your sweat session outside? It’s healthy to have a change of scenery and could even get you out of a fitness plateau! Below we’ve shared 5 ways you can workout outdoors in London and get those endorphins flowing without stepping foot inside a gym.

Park run – Running may be the obvious outdoor workout however finding the motivation to lace up your trainers and take that first step out of your front door can feel like a mountain. A great alternative is Park Run, an organised and incredibly fun event for you and the whole family to get involved in! Usually taking place on a weekend, it means you don’t have to summon the motivation after you get home from after a busy day in the office. Whether you want to try and complete your first 5k or smash a personal best, Park Run is a perfect way to keep fit in outside, even throughout winter. Just be sure to layer up!

Take up a sport – Tennis, football whatever tickles your fancy, there are plenty of ways to get involved in sport across the capital. Researchers say that the combination of physical activity and positive social interaction can drastically improve our happiness levels, so joining a club or team seems like a no-brainer for a fitter and happier YOU! If want some more info on different team sports you can take up in London, check out our article How Team Sports Can Improve Your Fitness AND Happiness. 

Try an outdoor gym – If you still like the idea of the gym but are bored of the setting, Paddington Recreation Ground may have the solution, with an outdoor gym. Provided by The Great Outdoors Gym Company, there is a wide range of equipment to suit all levels so anyone can rock up and get a good workout in. There are loads of other outdoor gym spaces dotted across the city so why not give one a go with a friend one weekend? It’s free after all!

Rooftop Yoga – Take in London’s beauty at sunrise at Summer Rooftop Yoga, Madison Terrace. Beating the rush-hour commuters, yoga at Madison Terrace will start your day off in the most tranquil way. You’ll get the most amazing backdrop of St Paul’s Cathedral and London’s skyline whilst honing your dancer pose. Taking place every Tuesday morning at 7 am, classes are £13 (really good value for London, we think) and you’re required to bring your own mat.

Head to one of London’s outdoor pools – The Lidos of London offer a great place, for those brave enough to jump in, to get a few laps under their belt. London Fields Lido is the perfect place to start, it’s open all year round with lane swimming available all day and the best part? It’s heated! This Hackney lido could easily become your regular spot to get moving but in case you don’t live nearby, check out our article Best Places To Swim Outdoors In London.

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