Planes, Trains, Automobiles – Snacking on the go, Hip & Healthy style!

We all have had that dreaded moment when the stewardess asks us, “Sandwich or Wrap?” and in that very instant we wish we heard “Green smoothie or Kale salad?” Fear not, Hip & Healthies! Whether you’re in the air or on the rails, we’ve rounded up the best travel snacks so you can stay healthy and happy on the go!



Fresh Cut Veggies and Pip N’ Nut
Before you take off, prep some veg in advance! Celery, carrots, and jicama all make great snacks while you’re on the go. They won’t get squished in your carry on and are much less perishable than other fruits and veggies. Pair them with some travel-friendly nut butter like Pip N’ Nut Squeeze Packs and you have yourself a snack full of fibre, protein, and healthy fats that will surely tide you over until your next stop!

Bananas, apples, and oranges! We always try to opt for whole foods before we reach for the packaged snacks and these fruits are the best when it comes to traveling. Like the veggies, you don’t need to worry about them going bad anytime soon and can usually take a beating if you’re rushing through security. Plus, the smell of freshly peeled oranges on the plane gives your senses a nice refresh from that recycled air!

Nuts & Seeds
We would be nuts if we didn’t mention these guys! Easy to pack and with minimal mess, nuts and seeds are usually the go to option for most travelers. Traveling already dehydrates you so opt for the raw versions rather than ones with added salt or preservatives. We LOVE Punch Foods Superseeds packs for travelling. We are particularly fond (read obsessed!) of the Coconut Brownie flavour!

Hard Boiled Eggs
Best for a shorter journey, another great option to prep at home the night before is hard-boiled eggs. The protein from these little gems will keep your belly full when it starts to grumble! Just be sure to peel the eggs before you take off and don’t forget the pepper!




If you tend to have a sweet tooth when you’re traveling (guilty!), rather than heading to the vending machine for a chocolate bar before the final call, Rhythm108 Tea Biscuits will satisfy your craving, sans guilt! These gluten free, dairy free, organic biscuits will surely make the traveling process a little sweeter. Each recipe has no more than 8 ingredients, which keeps simplicity in those hectic travel schedules. At H&H, we’re particularly fond of the Chocolate Hazelnut flavor and can be found at shops like Planet Organic!

brads kale chips

Brad’s Raw Kale Chips
Brad’s Raw Kale Chips
are the perfect alternative if you’re keen on buying chips from the cart. They are 100% organic and dehydrated below 115 degrees for the perfect crunch that retains all active enzymes. Add the right amount of spice and flavor and you have yourself the perfect snack! If you think you can handle the heat, try the Nasty Hot or Nacho flavour! UK stockist – Wholefoods.

S'well Bottle UK

TRAVEL TIP: In addition to keeping healthy snacks on hand, always remember to stay hydrated! Traveling puts a major downer on our systems and hydration is the key to properly recovering from a day on the road or up in the air. We take our S’well bottles everywhere we go!