There is nothing we love than feeling lengthened, strong, and toned after a good workout and barre classes do just that. However, with so many options to choose from, it is often difficult to decide which ones are the best. We selected a few of our favourite studios to get you feeling long and lean!

 Paola's Body Barre - studio shoot

Paola’s Body Barre

We love that Paola includes different variations of her signature class including Hot Barre, PBB Burn, PBB Burn: 45, and Cardio Barre. We love that a signature PBB class will make our core quiver and our calves quake, but kicking it up one extra notch with Hot Barre is one thing your muscles will thank you for! The room is kept at a warm (but not too warm) 28 degrees, increasing circulation and allowing your muscles to work deeper into each movement. Just be sure to bring a towel with you!



With nine different locations in London, Heartcore is one studio that keeps us in check not only with pilates and yoga, but also their barre classes! High tempo and upbeat music is the perfect complement to Heartcore’s barre rou tine and you’re sure to leave class feeling like you grew at least a couple of centimeters.


Xtend Barre

Hailing all the way from the United States, XTend Barre has truly upped the ante with their 55 minute classes. Whether you want to whittle your waist for your wedding day, stay moving with baby on board, or just challenge your core and lift your bum, XTend Barre will have a class tailored to your every need. Their Marylebone based studio offers a slew of different class times so you have no excuse not to go!



A true London original, Barrecore promises to keep your core tight, arms toned, and your bum lifted through a series of movements targeting smaller, stabilizing muscles. One of our favourite classes is BarreSculpt! The addition of the resistance bands makes sure that you are not cheating or slacking off during class – keeping you on the ultimate path to a lean and toned bod. Be warned, the instructors may look harmless, but as soon as the music turns on, they’re all about the business that burns!!



Based in Notting Hill, Barretoned is one workout that leaves us feeling strong and lean for days to come. By the end of each session, our thighs hate us, but we know that in the end, it’s all worth it for that ballerina physique!


Sleek Technique

Too cold to venture out for a class? Guess what? You can still achieve a ballerina body to be proud of from the comfort of your own living room! Set up by two ex professional dancers, Victoria and Flik, Sleek Technique not only offer online workouts but you can also book a live class that is delivered straight to your laptop or tablet via their unique Sleek Conference Line! You can see the instructor and they can see you! This allows for the most personal workout where corrections to technique and posture can be made throughout the session ensuring you make the most out of the class and steer clear of injuries!



Ballet Blast with Sassy

One of our all time favourite ballerinas and foodies is hosting a Ballet Blast class at The Detox Kitchen on November 21. Ballet Blast by Sassy. Ballet Blast is a fast, ballet inspired cardio workout that fuses high intensity training with classical dance principles. A technique in which you put 100% of your energy into performing a series of short, intense exercises that will both get your heart rate up and lengthen and strengthen your beautiful muscles! Sign up at The Detox Kitchen here!


words by Nadia Liu