If you’ve read Sadie’s article on “7 Things No One Tells You When Your Kid Starts School” you’ll know how important snacks are for your children and for you, the busy parent! When her son, Max, threw a banana out the car window in horror there wasn’t something more substantial on offer, Sadie knew she had to get savvier with her snack offerings! Below we’re sharing the best healthy lunchbox snacks for kids!

Kids burn a lot of energy at school and they need really good fuel throughout the day to sustain their energy levels and maintain good concentration so they can learn and develop well. For you, a banana is probably a delicious snack; it’s healthy, full of nutrients like potassium and works a treat for tiding you over until dinner time. But we all know what kids can be like, “healthy” isn’t really on their agenda! If it was solely up to them, they’d probably snack on ice cream and cookies all day! Luckily they have you to take care of them and finding snacks that they love (but also aren’t full of crap) will help both of you meet in the middle. 

Sweet Treats (with hidden veg!)
Getting any kind of vegetable to pass your kid’s lips can be a challenge for any parent so why not whip up some sweet treats with a secret serving of veg to keep you both happy? We’ve got some great recipes that all the family will love (and are nut-free so perfect for school lunchboxes)… our favourite has to be these Healthy Beetroot Brownies! So gooey, so delicious and your little one won’t bat an eyelid!

Spanish Persimon
We’re a little bit obsessed with Persimmons at the moment. A cross between a mango and an orange (hello yum!) they are sweet, juicy and make the perfect lunchbox snack. Chock full of vitamin C and fibre, we love them as is but if you want to get creative, try these Persimmon Crisps instead! All you need are some lemons, coconut sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and a pinch of salt and you’ve got a tasty snack on your hands. 

Organix Carrot Cake Oat Bars
If in doubt, Organix will sort you out! A regular purchase in Sadie’s Ocado shop, Organix Carrot Cake Oat Bars are one of Max’s favourite snacks. Cakey, oaty and deliciously sweet, these bars (that come in lots of other flavour combos) are the perfect snack for lunchboxes or days out and about.

Madeleine Shaw’s Veggie Frittata
This healthy veggie frittata by Madeleine Shaw is a great meal to keep in the fridge for a fast, healthy snack that will fill your kid up. Packed full of protein from the eggs and lots of nutrients from the veg, this recipe is incredibly versatile and you can adapt it to whatever you’ve got in your fridge.

An oldie but a goodie, raisins are a great snack to pack in your little one’s lunchbox for a sweet kick without anything artificial. We’re a big fan of South African raisins, being ethically produced and incredibly juicy and flavourful. Of course, you can’t have nuts at school but if you want a tasty weekend treat, try celery sticks smothered in nut butter topped with raisins. So so good!

Hummus Chips
Chickpea crisps are a high fibre, high protein snack both adults and kids will love! Eat Real do the best selection with favourite flavour being tomato and basil! Be warned, these are incredibly moreish so don’t expect any leftovers!