Get ‘appy with Hip & Healthy’s edit of the best beauty apps

words by Mea Perkins

From the moment we wake up, to setting our alarm before we sleep, it’s fair to say that the smart phone really is a busy girl’s best friend. Whilst at Hip & Healthy we know the value of a little time away from our high-tech partner in crime, when we do use our phone, there’s an app for just about everything. In the world of beauty, today’s apps offer it all, from virtual makeovers to expert advice and product reviews. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite beauty apps to help you look and feel the best version of you.

GoodGuide INSIDE APP (1)

GoodGuide (Free) – Making choices that are socially responsible is important, but with ingredients lists that require a PHD to decipher, it can be hard to tell what you’re actually buying. This genius app instantly reveals whether products are healthy, green and safe, so you know exactly what you are putting onto your skin. Although currently covering products available in the US, the list of one’s sold in the UK is extensive. Scan the barcode of a product before you buy it to learn how it ranks in each category, and personalise your account to measure the criteria you deem important, e.g. ‘not tested on animals’ or ‘fragrance-free’.


Ultraviolet ~ UV Index (Free) – Continued exposure to the sun can cause damage to the skin, so it’s important to protect it from harmful UV rays. Beautifully simple, this free app shows you the current UV index for your location, or anywhere else in the world. Advising on the right level of protection for your area, you can be safe in the knowledge that your skin isn’t being neglected.


OPI (Free) – A timesaver tool if you spend the first 10 minutes at the salon deciding what colour nail varnish to pick, or need inspiration when buying a new shade – this cute app lets you ‘try on’ the huge range of OPI colours available. With adjustable skin tone and nail length for accuracy, virtually see how the hottest looks appear on your own nails.

Sleep Cycle INSIDE APP

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock (£0.69) – If you’re looking to boost your beauty sleep, this intelligent alarm clock promises you no more sleepless nights. Analysing your sleep pattern and monitoring movement, it then determines the best time to wake you up within a specific time period. With motion sensors and integrated heart rate monitor (only available on iOS 6.0 or later) it makes waking up easy, leaving you refreshed and revitalised.

Beauty Geek INSIDE APP

Beauty Geek (Free) – For on-the-go purchasing, Beauty Geek scans the web for the beauty products you want, comparing hundreds in seconds. From sites such as Beauty Bay and Feel Unique, the app lets you discover deals and uncover new launches.

Waterlogged INSIDE APP

Waterlogged (Free) – If like us, you’ll sometimes get to the end of the day and find that cup of tea your colleague made you this morning and the Diet Coke you had for lunch is all you’ve drank, this is the app for you. Keeping hydrated is not only important for alertness and controlling appetite; it keeps dry skin and wrinkles at bay too. Drinking the recommended amount (between 1.6 – 2 litres a day) can be difficult to keep track of which is why we love Waterlogged. Track your consumption and set reminders to improve your daily intake, and see if you notice the difference in your skin.

 YSL Color Mirror INSIDE APP

YSL Color Mirror (Free) – Test out new looks without having to reach for the cleanser. Simply upload a photo of your face and play around with styles, colours and make-up, and learn professional tips from the Creative Director of Make-up at Yves Saint Laurent, Lloyd Simmonds.

Face Fitness INSIDE APP

Facial Fitness for Women (Lite version free; Full programme £2.49) – There are 57 muscles in your face, and according to the experts, these need to be exercised just like the other muscles in your body. As the facial muscles become stronger, fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced as the skin attached to the muscles is taught and firm. Massage exercises also increase circulation and release toxins to help improve skin tone, reducing any puffiness and dark circles. Use the Facial Fitness app to focus on a particular problem area of the face, and create a personalised programme of 30 second exercises.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 12.15.37

L’Oreal Paris Colour Genius app (Free) – Finding the correct shade to match (or clash) with your outfit, this app combines practicality with fun. Upload a photo of your dress when heading on a night out, and you’ll be shown the perfect colour accompaniment for on trend lips, eyes and nails.

Mirror INSIDE APP (1)

Mirror (Free) – Gone are the days of rummaging through your bag, desperately trying to find a mirror at that crucial moment the ‘one day’ you left your make-up bag at home. Whether it’s to check there’s nothing lodged in your teeth, or see if eye makeup is still intact, this handy app lets you check your reflection and zoom in for a closer inspection. Unlike the front camera on your phone, the app displays a much brighter image and has exposure controls and a freeze setting for accuracy.