They say you are what you eat – so the new trend of munching your way to a younger looking, healthier you makes perfect sense. Indulge in our top selection of edible treats that will not only boost your beauty routine, but are also guilt free and taste pretty damn good too.

Fountain The Beauty Molecule – £24.99

For the first time ever, Fountain have produced a product containing water-soluble Resveratrol – a potent molecule found in grape skins and Japanese knotweed, which is proven to delay and slow down the ageing process. Mixed with natural pomegranate to sweeten, it also contains antioxidant rich Black Carrot and anti-ageing super star Hyaluronic Acid – making it the perfect ingredient for younger looking skin. Just take one teaspoon daily, directly or in your morning smoothie, and reap the wrinkle-fighting rewards.

Beauty ‘In Beauty Candy – from £2.50

Brazil’s beauty secret, these sweet treats combine vitamins that are important for skin cells (A, C & E), minerals, organic fruit extracts, antioxidants to protect and collagen to help plump skin, boost anti-ageing properties and leave you with hydrated, younger looking skin. Available in raspberry, lemon, orange and strawberry flavours – be warned, they are rather delicious. And being low-calorie, sugar free and fat free – you will polish off a box rather too easily.

FTN Super Berry shots – £1.99 per shot from Amazon

Repair, renew and protect – just three of the things these super shots do for you, your body and your skin. Made from 100% natural ingredients, they’re rich in antioxidants from green tea, wild blueberry extract and organic microalgae to help support the body’s natural stem cell renewal (it even helps increase the production of cells by up to 70%!) This in turn slows down the ageing process, increases vitality and skin health and protects against cell damage – all with a pop of pomegranate for a yummy pick me up.

DEO Perfume Candy – from £2.00

Now you can sweat yourself sweeter with sweets especially formulated to release perfume through your pores. Yes, that’s right – scented sweat. Zero sugar and low GI, they are packed with Geranoil from roses, which not only provide antioxidant properties but also emit a sweet, floral fragrance when you sweat. Just 1 or 2 sweets will provide 6 hours of fresh, rosy smells from your skin – keeping you perfectly perfumed all day long.

Pure Gold Collagen – course from £35.99

Guzzle yourself gorgeous with Pure Gold Collagen – a drink that’s delicious, nutritious and gives you younger looking skin. Containing no artificial preservatives, colours or sugars, each 50ml bottle is packed with hydrolysed collagen that is more readily absorbed by the body than tablets or pills. And, unlike your average wrinkle cream, Pure Gold Collagen works from the inside out – targeting the deeper layer of the dermis to address the ageing process. After just 2 to 3 weeks skin is visibly plumper and hydrated, so sip away for super skin.

words by Frankie Rozwadowska