With summer firmly on its way (we think?), we can finally start to transition to our summer beauty routine which is WAY less high maintenance than winter. The increase in Vitamin D does wonders for the skin (so long as we’re wearing our SPF at all times, obvs) and the absence of the cold, harsh climate means we generally have softer, brighter skin. However…the heat and London smog can mean skin can be prone to getting a little sticky and clogged, then leading to breakouts. The last thing you want is to be piling on the makeup to try and cover zits on a warm summer day, particularly as it’s likely to just melt right back off again. Clean Beauty Co have come up with three top tips to help banish breakouts, leading to clear, fresh, summer-ready skin in no time!


Throw together a homemade spot mask
You’d be surprised at how easy it is to find ingredients for a high performance face mask that’ll be way more effective than many shop bought alternatives, particularly because you’re not diluting with pointless fillers and are working with ingredients at their freshest. The star in this mask is the strawberry; aside from being a tasty summer treat, strawberries are actually naturally high in salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid that helps to reduce inflammation and redness whilst exfoliating the top layer of skin helping to shift spots fast. Both yogurt and lemons are naturally high in alpha-hydroxy acid, which are fantastic to slough away dead skin cells, helping promote fresh new skin. Finally, as well as being antibacterial, honey is a natural humectant so will draw moisture to the skin without being over oily.

Simply blend together two strawberries with a tablespoon of yogurt, teaspoon of honey and the juice of ¼ of a lemon. Once mixed into a paste, slather onto face, paying particular attention to areas of breakouts. Leave to sit for 15 minutes then rinse thoroughly.


Spritz your way to clear skin
Often breakouts can be a reaction to something and is usually your skin’s way of telling you it’s angry. Whilst it can be hard to know the exact cause of the reaction, it can be good to treat the symptoms i.e the inflammation and redness. A floral water is a gentle way to soothe and calm without being too potent or rich for irritated skin. We love using rose water for its anti-inflammatory powers; it’ll calm whilst also nourishing and hydrating skin, plus is mega refreshing on a hot summer’s day. Tea tree oil is super antibacterial so will keep infected areas clean and help to reduce the chance of further breakouts.

Fill a 50ml spray bottle (easy to find in the chemist or on Amazon) with rose water, then add 5 drops of tea tree oil to the bottle, replace the cap and shake well. You’ll notice that the oil and water won’t naturally mix which is fine – tea tree oil is safe to use directly on the skin – you’ll just need to shake before use to activate the mixture. Spray over the infected area or entire face as regularly as you need! We carry ours around in our handbag and regularly spritz throughout the day.


Fight oil with oil
Contrary to popular belief, over-oily skin that is prone to spots can actually be balanced and regulated by treating with an oil that matches the skin’s natural sebum such as Jojoba or Argan. Sebum is what your skin naturally produces and sometimes an overproduction of it can lead to breakouts. Using something close in structure to sebum can help to encourage your skin to regulate the oil more consistently – leading to clearer skin that is less likely to result in clogged pores and spots. Jojoba is a really lovely oil – it’s hydrating and nourishing so will be hugely beneficial to skin whilst also evening out sebum production. Simply apply to the whole face or directly to the area of breakout before going to bed, allowing it to be absorbed overnight.


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