We asked our hippest and healthiest pregnant ladies to rate the top pregnancy products on the market, as well as some firm favourites, to make your nine months as easy and comfortable as possible…


Emily Evans Stretch Mark Cream
Beautifully packaged (my toddler played with the pretty russian doll box for hours) and in a weighty glass bottle, this anti-stretch mark cream’s fragrance is pleasingly spa-like. Using a unique blend of seaweed, vitamin E and shea butter this special cream both moisturises and renews helping keep those horrible red marks at bay. http://9london.com

Mama Mio Range: Tummy Rub, Boob Tube, Lucky Legs
Tummy Rub not only smells fabulous but glides on smoothly and sinks in super fast, despite how thick it feels as you scoop it out of the tub – it’s easily used twice a day and it’s tempting to slather over more than just your tummy! After just a week my skin felt much softer and smoother, without feeling greasy. Similarly luxurious but lighter, ‘Boob Tube’ lotion is also lusciously scented – and I regularly took their advice and used it on my face as it felt gentle and light and I liked how it improved skin tone. This is a product is will definitely be using Post birth to maintain skin elasticity and tone. I have been plagued by ‘restless legs’ throughout my pregnancy. Once I got the hang of how much you actually need (less than you think – the first go had me thinking I had accidentally swung my legs into the freezer) I was surprised by how effective it was – it certainly stopped the restless leg issues, for at least 10 minutes (long enough to fall asleep) and smells amazing – plus makes your legs pleasantly tingly. www.mamamio.com/uk

Palmers Skin Therapy Oil
Recommended to me by a professional mum of two as ‘the’ oil to use in pregnancy (as opposed to bio-oil which is double the price and half as delicious smelling) Palmers Skin Therapy Oil has been my daily indulgence for the last four months. My skin is softer than ever and there is not a stretch mark in site – yet – touch wood! At approximately £10 a bottle, if used daily all over body one bottle lasts about two to three months. It goes far and is not greasy unlike baby oil. I will definitely continue to use it after pregnancy too. I could also swear that it has softened my leg hair too! www.uk.palmers.com

Bloom and Blossom: Soothing Nipple Balm and Anti Stretch Mark Oil
The scents of lavender and ylang ylang are what sets Bloom and Blossom Anti Stretch Mark Oil apart. Thicker than Palmers Skin Therapy Oil and in a smaller but beautiful bottle Bloom and Blossom’s oil doesn’t go quite so far so I used it daily on just on stretch mark prone areas like bump, bum and hips. It’s rich and luxurious and takes a little longer to absorb so perhaps best left for a weekend treat rather than a rushed work day morning! But the all-natural ingredients and pretty packaging are definite bonuses. Their ‘Soothing nipple balm’ will probably be of more use when I start breastfeeding but is lovely on dry nipples. It reminded me of Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream but thicker and more luxurious, and wonderful as a lip balm!  My favourite thing about it though is that the sweet taste of the coconut oil used to soften the skin also encourages your baby to feed. www.bloomandblossom.com

Cowshed Udderly Gorgeous  Bath and Shower Gel
Cowshed Udderly Gorgeous Bath and Shower Gel is the perfect pick me up for tough morning after a nights broken sleep, which is most nights given that I am now 7 months pregnant. It’s also ideal for after a fitness class as it smells amazing, really fresh, herbal and zingy and leaves you feeling squeaky clean and pampered. Although I have a tendency to prefer to use a more creamy shower gel in the mornings for a a bit of extra moisture, this is packed with essential fatty acids, which help protect the skin and pamper it. www.cowshedonline.com