Summer is just around the corner (did you need reminding?!), which can only mean one thing – an influx of new diets and quick-fix fitness regimes that promise to turn you into a cleaner, leaner version of yourself. But what they fail to mention is that these low-cal, low-carb, and often extreme diets are near impossible to stick to. It needn’t be a marathon but it’s not a sprint either, achieving your perfect, well-balanced body and improving your health is about incorporating subtle changes that work for you on a daily basis. And where better to turn to than an ancient health practice that has stood the test of time: Ayurveda.

Ayurveda has definitely been bubbling away gaining more traction and more followers over the past five years but we believe 2019 is the year Ayurveda will become more popular than ever. Incorporating ayurvedic principles into your daily life promotes balance and harmony within the body. The first step is discovery your dosha type. You’ll either be Vata, Pitta or Kapha and maybe even a combination of two. Then you can discover ways to balance your dosha to ensure optimum health and wellbeing. If you’re interested in learning more about Ayurveda, then these books below are a great place to start your journey.


The ayurvedic handbook

The Ayurvedic Handbook | Sarah Kucera

East By West

East by West Cookbook | Jasmine Hemsley

Deepak Chopra perfect health

Perfect Health | Deepak Chopra (Bestseller)

Ayurveda Beginner’s Guide | Susan Weis-Bohlen

A Pukka life

A Pukka Life | Sebastian Pole


Sattva – The Ayurvedic Way | Eminé + Paul Rushton