Deciding to take control of your health is one of the most life-changing, rewarding acts of love you can possibly give yourself. You’re showing your body the utmost respect, appreciation and kindness by really tuning in to what it needs in order to thrive. Our bodies are incredibly clever and will often let us know when they aren’t functioning to their fullest. But sometimes, it can be easy to miss our bodies warning signs, disregard them or get swept up in the Google search self-diagnosis (we’ve all been there). So where can you turn to when you know you are feeling a little out of sorts and want to understand why?

Well, we think we’ve found the perfect solution! Enter Thriva, the world’s first preventative health service. Whatever it is that you want to check, from blood sugar levels to vitamin D, from energy levels to sleep, Thriva’s tests are the best way to track and take control of your health. It’s simple, it’s quick, and you can do it all from the comfort of your home. Thriva gives you valuable insight into your body that you haven’t had before. With each test analysed by a GP, you get personal recommendations on how to improve your health in order to feel your most energetic, healthiest self! All it takes is a simple finger prick, send your sample back to their UKAS accredited labs and receive your personalised results and recommendations online within 48 hours. It couldn’t be more simple to be in control of your health.

 You might be thinking, “surely such a small amount of blood can’t be enough to get accurate results?”. Thriva actually uses the same methods of testing as the NHS and the reason they need so little is because they are testing specific aspects of your health depending on what kit you order. Your doctor tends to take more than needed just in case extra testing is required. So it’s true, all you need is a small finger prick of blood – and there’s even a really cute plaster for after!


What can I discover about my health?
There are four testing kits to choose from, Essential, Baseline, Advanced and Personalise, (which allows you to custom build your own kit to test whatever you would like), all of which come on a subscription service. A one-off test will be helpful to a certain degree, but to really track your progress and how your health changes and improves over time, testing regularly is the way to go! 

Essential tests your cholesterol and liver function, which will show how efficiently your body is detoxifying and absorbing nutrients. 

Baseline takes things up a notch and will be able to indicate all of the above plus your iron, Vitamin D and B12 levels. This could be a great one to choose if you’ve recently gone vegan and want to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you need on a plant-based diet or perhaps your feeling low in energy and mood and want to find out if a deficiency could be the cause.

Advanced is a great all-rounder kit, which tests everything Essential and Baseline cover with the added bonus of showing how your blood sugar levels are performing (an essential indicator for pre-diabetes and diabetes) as well as your folate levels which are important for healthy eyes, skin, hair and liver function.

Why choose Thriva?
Their subscription-based packages let you build up an accurate picture of your health and track how it changes over time. Discover what’s happening inside your body, learn what lifestyle really works for you and improve everything from your sleep and energy levels to your heart health. You’ve got total control of your subscription – pick what you want to test and how often you want to test it. Change your package or cancel for free at any time. It’s that easy! 

Whether you have a known condition you want to track and monitor or you are just curious about what’s going on inside your body, Thriva is there to guide you and take the guesswork out of your health so you can live life to your fullest potential. 

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