Here at Hip & Healthy we’re yogi’s through and through. However, we often hear people saying that they find it difficult to stay committed to their yoga practise due to boredom, difficulty focusing and the lack of sweat that sometimes accompanies the gentler style of classes. If you’ve ever suffered from an aversion to yoga or are simply looking to change up your practise, we can assure you these alternative yoga styles will keep you coming back for more. Here’s how we like to mix it up…

Hip Hop Yoga

If you find yourself distracted during yoga and constantly wanting to melt into that lovely shavasana, Hip Hop Yoga is calling your name. We recently attended a Hip Hop Yoga session led by the amazing Julie Montagu. Before the class we were unsure of what we were getting ourselves into, however it turned out to be an awesome flow class with the most energetic hip hop playlist that kept us ultra motivated throughout. A must-try for upbeat music lovers and hip hop enthusiasts alike!

Antigravity Yoga

Virgin Active has picked up on the antigravity trend and is bringing this acrobatic practise to their gyms throughout London. We attended a class at their stunning new Walbrook Club and its is safe to say that this class is one of the more challenging practises. However, whilst it may be significantly more difficult than your basic mat class, expect to leave feeling as long and as lengthened as can be. The class takes place using an antigravity hammock that realigns the compression in our bodies from gravity. It sounds intense but the instructors are always there to help and with their guidance – you truly feel like a ballerina floating in the air whilst holding the most amazing poses.


You may be wondering what the heck Voga is, as we were too! Founder Juliet Murrell likes to describe it as Yoga with sass – which embodies it perfectly. This fast pace yoga class integrates the fun and super stylized 80’s dancing technique of ‘vogueing’. This class is so light-hearted and fun, but thanks to its quick transitions and funky poses you will really get your sweat on. If you are not so keen on exercise right now with the change of season, this is the perfect activity to do with some friends. You will definitely have a laugh and leave feeling great!

 Hotpod Yoga

With its roots in Vinyasa flow, Hotpod Yoga is a form of a hot yoga that takes place in an environment heated to 37 degrees. Combining a dynamic flow with postures made all the more achievable thanks to a newfound flexibility that the heat enables the body to experience, Hotpod Yoga is a great way to take your practise to a new level. Housed in architecturally designed inflatable pods, if you love bikram yoga but are looking to change it up a little, give a Hotpod class a try.

Words by Isabella Stelle 

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