Dare to go “Au Naturale”?


words by writer and make-up artist, Claire Mazik

With major players in the cosmetic industry jumping on the band wagon of late there has been a huge move towards and demand for more natural organic products and ingredients. So here’s a few reasons go natural… Natural brands are more likely to be ethically responsible, often being vegan or at the very least vegetarian society approved, meaning the lack of ingredients such as carmine –(red pigment from the crushed female cochineal insect)! A lack of or huge reduction in ingredients such as parabens, sulphates, mineral oil and fragrance, which have all come under fire for the possibility of being carcinogenic, causing hormone imbalances or ageing the skin to name but a few dastardly deeds. Our tip for going more natural?  Check the ingredients, if you can’t pronounce it,  don’t use it!

Here’s a few of our favourites to get you going…

INIKA – Certified Organic, Vegan, Halal and Cruelty free

Primer £29.50 – provides a skin conditioning even base and really grabs on to the foundation for a perfect lasting finish.

Top tip: Allow to soak in before applying foundation.

Liquid Foundation SPF 15 £29.50 – Creamy and lightweight on the skin but can be built up for more coverage. Naturally water resistant. Contains tamanu oil, which aids skin with scarring pigmentation and sunburn.

Top tip: If needs be buy two shades and mix together for absolute perfect skin match.

You can buy it at John Lewis.

Dr Hauschka – Biodynamic, 100% natural ingredients. No product or any ingredients tested on animals.

Pressed Powder £19.95 – Ultra fine powder that glides on for a natural matte finish. Silk powder and rose petal extract reduces shine and soothes the skin

Bronzing Powder £22.95 – Glides on seamlessly and provides a gentle sun kissed glow to any skin tone.

Top tip: Sweep check bones, temples and under chin for beautiful subtle contour

Essential Care – Soil Association certified Organic. RSPCA Business awards cosmetics winner 2006. Locally sourced wherever possible, fair trade, sustainable and renewable resources.

Eye shadow Palette (EARTH) £34.50 – A mixture of refillable matte and shimmery shadows with a strong colour pay off  perfect for a variety of  beautiful subtle or dramatic long lasting  looks.

Concealer £17.50 (launches mid august) –  Creamy and rich, effortlessly covers blemishes and marks with a host of skin soothing goodies including sea buckthorn and calendula.

Top Tip: Warm on the back of your hand first then build up application for the perfect finish.

Organic Glam (The Organic Pharmacy) – free from artificial preservatives and fragrances, uses herbal extracts and antioxidants to enhance the skin.

Blusher £25.96 – Available in 2 skin brightening gentle shades to lift and liven any complexion

Top tip: Use a firmer brush for a stronger application.







The Hip and Healthy Guide to Vigo, Spain


words by Lee Osborne

10 Reasons to visit Vigo
There is no better expression of Spain’s cultural diversity than in this relatively undiscovered corner of the wild northwest. With its warm summers and mild winters, coupled with an infectious Celtic charm, there is no better time to take a deep breath of Vigo’s fresh Atlantic air.


1. Carris Hotel Beiramar
Avenida de Beiramar 57, 36202 Vigo
One of the benefits (there are several) of staying at the Carris is that it provides the ideal excuse to walk or jog your way in to the city each day. Located in what is best described as Vigo’s version of the London Docklands, a 15-minute walk from the centre, the hotel backs on to grand old seafaring buildings, reminders of when Vigo once prospered as a trading outpost with the new world. The Carris is the epitome of spaciousness, all clean lines and minimalist chic, its vast white walls awash with vibrant murals. Rooms are generously proportioned with bathrooms equipped with rainforest showers to invigorate you post run. As daylight fades, the sea air takes hold and ushers you in to a cocoon-like sleep . Request a port facing room and stir refreshed from slumber contentment to see the sun rise over the Ria de Vigo.  Guests can enjoy free use of the gym and wifi. www.carrishoteles.com

2. Spectacular seafood
Galicia boasts some of the finest seafood in the world (Rick Stein and Gordon Ramsey are known admirers) so it would be rude not to indulge in delights such as grilled octopus, a staple in these lands: a plate of these tentacled delicacies, dusted with paprika is pure heaven. Octopus is a low calorie, lean seafood, and a good source of protein in your diet, boasting very little fat and nutrient rich. It also contains taurine, a great antioxidant that may help protect against some of the more stressful effects of exercise, as well as stabilizing blood sugar levels.

3. Café Castellanos

Colon 4, Vigo
An oasis of calm serving supremely crafted cha in fine bone china, just a stones throw from the chic, rather Parisian Plaza de la Constitución. Castellanos’s vibe is uber-relaxed, a rhapsody of raftan and white muslin that seduces you the moment you set foot inside. It could be right out of the pages of Donna Hay. Revive in all manner of varieties from the extensive menu showcasing the finest leaf teas India and Ceylon have to offer. We antioxidised on their sublime White Tea. The tantalising array of cakes on display can be sampled guilt-free as you’ll soon run it all off. www.cafecastellanos.com


4. Godello & Mencia
Whilst Albariño is the drink of choice to wash down the local seafood, if you’re in Galicia a while you may wish to alternate. Seek out lesser-known varieties like the mouth wateringly aromatic Godello with notes of white peach and dry lychee and the velvety light and fruity red Mencia. Both are delicious when drunk young, so go for ’10 or ’11 vintages.

H&H recommends:
– Bodegas Joaquín Rebolledo, Mencia 2011, Valdeorras
– Bodegas Joaquín Rebolledo, Godello 2011, Valdeorras

5. Trastienda del Quatro
Calle de Pablo Morillo, 4, Vigo
One of ‘the’ places to be seen in Vigo, Trastienda del Quatro would not look out of place in trendy Stoke Newington. Front of house it offers up relaxed tapas style dining, with more formal dining in the eclectically adorned room at the back. It is rammed full of locals most nights from 9pm onwards and there is a distinct lack of foreign accents. The wine list is cleverly chosen, offering food friendly varietals from all the main regions of the Iberian Peninsula. We paired a delicious Bodegas La Cana, Albariño 2010 with our main course of Monkfish. Beer connoisseurs can accompany their montadito with a chilled glass of frothy headed Estrella de Galicia from the in-house Cervecería. www.latrastiendadelcuatro.com


6. Playa de Samil
Paseo Maritimo de Samil, Vigo
Samil is an idyllic stretch of powder white sand, in an affluent leafy suburb of Vigo known mainly to locals. Jog along the promenade as the sun casts long shadows through the lofty pines before it dips down in a pinky purple haze behind the Islas Cies (see no.10) silhouetted on the horizon. Refuel with an alfresco smoothie in Camaleón and take in the view before the 5k jog back to the hotel.

7. El Castro
Locals will tell you there is no finer view of the city than from atop the hill fortress of El Castro. Climb the 150metres yourself and you’ll see what they mean. Immaculately groomed gardens abound, prime locations for picnickers, loves’ young dreams and huddled groups of dapper card playing pensioners in cloth caps; their wives patiently lying in wait, sheltering from (not the rain this time) but the incessant sun under umbrellas. Load your backpack with fineries from the delicatessen at El Corte Ingles on Gran Via, and head for the hill.

8. M.A.R.C.O, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Vigo
Príncipe 54, 36202 Vigo  
MARCO is bang in the centre of town on Vigo’s shopping mile. So after some retail therapy indulge in some cool performance or installation art followed by a light bite in the MARCO Restaurante & Café. Their recession-busting 11euro lunch menu, three-health-conscious courses including coffee, whizzed up by Chef Alfonso Botas who crafts dishes utilising exclusively Galician ingredients. H&H recommends: Gazpacho with cream of carrot and orange and the Tempura salad with vinaigrette. www.marcovigo.com

9.  Balnea La Toja
Head across the majestic Ponte de Rande suspension bridge and seek out the healing thermal waters of the Bienestar Thalasso Spa just across the River in Moaña. And while you’re there be sure to indulge in Balnea, a cool cosmetics brand born in upmarket O Grove on the nearby Isle of La Toja. There are sensitive skin remedying body oils, creams, perfumes and soaps that leave your skin gently moisturised while smelling divine. Our pick of the bunch is the Hidratante Revital Mixta/Grasa at 29euros. Amazingly the brand hasn’t made it to UK shores just yet but is available online in the meantime. You read it here first. Space NK take note. www.balnea.es; www.bienestarhoteles.com

10.  Islas Cíes
Embark on a 40-minute boat trip to General Franco’s former hideaway during the Spanish Civil War. Cíes is like a little bit of the Caribbean that dislodged itself and somehow made it’s way across the Atlantic! There are few finer beaches than the stunning Praia das Rodas, a perfect crescent of white sand flanked by shallow dunes that shelter a tranquil lagoon of crystal-clear sea. Galegos are still dining out on it being voted one of the top 10 beaches in the world by The Guardian a few years back. Please do your bit for the environment and remember to take your litter back to the mainland with you to maintain the future natural splendour of this isle.

H&H recommends: hiring a tour guide Patricia Longa, proud ambassador for her native Galicia, not only provides fabulous company, but will regale you with fascinating tales and legends about the region. She can be booked through the Secchi  S.L. Agency which is based out of neighbouring Santiago de Compostela.www.turismosecchi.com

For further information on Vigo visit: www.turismodevigo.es

How to get there:
Vueling fly direct to Vigo from London Heathrow, in peak season only. Check www.vueling.com for further details. Ryanair fly to nearby Santiago de Compostela, and Porto, as do Easyjet, just across the border in Portugal, with a twice daily bus service connecting the two cities. ryanair.com; easyjet.com







Small Changes That Make a Big Difference to Your Wellbeing

With over 15 years experience in the fitness industry, over 10,000 personal coaching sessions under his belt and the recent founder of the bespoke fitness studio, Club 51 (www.clubfiftyone.co.uk), it appears that health advise from Jon Denoris is worth its weight in gold. Here he talks to Hip and Healthy about the small changes that make a big difference

Improve your posture
By doing simple postural exercises you can project yourself with much more energy and even appear taller and more confident. Try this exercise to lengthen the muscles in the back helping you to stand tall! Stand with your back against the wall, heels, butt, upper back and head touching. Now gently push your lower back against the wall and put your hands together in front of you (keep your elbows together & palms facing you). Slowly try to touch the wall above your head returning back each time try to do this 15 to 20 times every day in January. Why it works? It lengthens the lat muscles which often get tight and short.

Don’t ban any foods
(I mean it!) Adopting too strict a regime is one of the most common reasons people are unsuccessful in managing their weight LONG TERM. Use the ‘Pareto Principle’ or 80/20 rule – that way no food can gain control over you. Research indicates the following foods may help to improve brain power; BEANS, BLUEBERRIES, BROCCOLI, OATS, ORANGES, PUMPKIN, SALMON, SOY, SPINACH, TEA, TOMATOES, TURKEY, WALNUTS, BIO-YOGHURT.

Avoid ‘on/off’ thinking
Terms such as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ body can promote negative self-talk and feelings that are too concerned with the aesthetic element of fitness. We all want to look our best, but focusing on all the fantastic health related benefits of exercise is much healthier. A good analogy is that of a dimmer switch rather than an “on/off” one, it allows us to be healthier at various times, but recognises that we all have the occasional time where we lose it. From a trainers perspective we work with the body on its alignment, strength and cardiovascular fitness. As long as your trend is moving towards a healthier lifestyle then that’s a great positive approach!

Don’t turn the word ‘fat’ into an emotion
It’s worth pointing out that fat isn’t an emotion! You can’t ‘feel fat’ (Psychologists call this ‘learned helplessness’). You can however feel ‘angry’ or ‘sad’ because you perceive yourself to be fat. Once you recognise this, you are half-way there, as you can then begin to address the reasons why. Common reasons I hear are things such as ‘not being able to play with my kids in the park’, or ‘I feel intimidated by the gym’.

Stressed? Project an ‘energy bubble’
Imagine that you have a bubble of energy projecting out from your central point and surrounding you like a sort of science fiction force-field. Everything stressful that happens outside this bubble just bounces off and away from you, leaving you calm and still inside the bubble. So the more stressful it is outside, the calmer you are inside.

Increase your fitness with this simple walking programme
This programme is easy to follow and is based on three different types of walk done twice over the course of a week with a rest day on the seventh day…

Day One & four “Steady Pace” One hour walk, whereby at the end you should feel slightly hot, perspiring, and able to talk (but not sing!)

Day Two & five “Slow-Fast” This time go 5 minutes slow, 5 minutes fast, and repeat sequence 3 more times (for 40 minutes total)

Day Three & Six “Beat Me Back” Walk out for 15 minutes, turn round & try to beat your time back

Day Seven – Rest!

Rule of thumb – use a 1-10 scale to see how hard you are working aim to work between a 4/5 and a 7/8.

Health Speak with Keri-Anne Payne

Fourth in the world in the open-water marathon and an olympic medalist, Keri-Anne Payne turns heads both in and out of the water. Here, she talks to Hip and Healthy about her forthcoming wedding, training schedule and what she eats to stay so fit, beautiful and healthy…

I am use to being busy so planning the wedding [to another olympic swimmer, David Carry] will not be all that hard.

When I am in training mode I get up at 6.30am and spend two hours in the pool. After that it’s straight to the gym for some cardiovascular work, or to mix it up a bit I go for a run or do some yoga instead. I then get home and have some breakfast, which is usually two slices of toast with raspberry jam. After lunch I spend another two hours of training in the pool, which consists of swimming 7,000m on an average week.

To relax, I love my TV shows. I am particularly hooked on New Girl and Bones. Home and Away is also a guilty pleasure of mine!

My worst swim ever was in Melbourne where I was stung by jellyfish continuously for two hours. It really hurt but I kept on going.

My diet is very balanced – meat and carbohydrates always feature in my meals. And because I burn so many calories a day through all my training I don’t need to worry about that extra piece of cake.

When it comes to snacking I can’t live without jaffa cakes. They keep us going through the long training sessions.

Alcohol, on the other hand, has been off limits for four years. I believe in the phrase “my body is my temple” and know that what I put in has an impact on what I get out.

When im working out I like to listen to trance music – but not the hardcore kind. I absolutely love Above and Beyond’s music – they have a podcast each week that I always download. I also love Speedo Aqua Beats, but I can never listen to it when training as my coach is always shouting instructions at me!

My top beauty tip for other swimmers and those wanting to get into swimming, is to always shower after each visit to the pool – even if you don’t feel like it. And invest in a good moisturiser.

Keri-Anne  is sponsored by Speedo. Check out their website for Speedo swimming events that are taking place all over the country. Get involved. www.speedo.co.uk

Hip and Healthy in Cape Town

words by Harriet Chubb

Being the third largest city in South Africa with its vibrant, colourful and adventure filled atmosphere, it’s easy to see how many people’s travels to Cape Town turn from a few whirlwind days into a couple of exploratory weeks. A very easy city to fall in love with, it’s hard to know where to start; but we recommend beginning with simply strolling through the many art galleries, perusing the indigenous craftwork, enjoying a drink in as many quirky café’s as you can and then come evening sampling some of the best Cape Town restaurants. A personal healthy favourite would be the ingeniously named, ‘The Codfather’ one of the first sushi restaurants to be opened in the city where the chef’s help you decide what to eat based on your appetite and mood. If you are looking for a more contemporary South African cuisine, then head straight to the hip Beluga for a more cosmopolitan seafood vibe. For the real Hip and Healthy readers amongst us, you can’t miss a visit to the gourmet brasserie; Dear Me. Catering for vegetarians, vegans and any type of food intolerance, the Dear Me kitchen team are passionate about creating natural, fresh and seasonal dishes with specially handpicked suppliers – perfect for those with wheat, gluten, or dairy allergies!

It would be impossible to write about Cape Town and not mention the revered elephant in the city – Table Mountain. Surrounded by the magical flora and fauna of the national park it is a must-see for first time visitors and acts as a stunning backdrop to the rest of the city. Take a few hours to hike the world class trail from Cape Point to the City Bowl. Or, if you fancy yourself as more beach chic than intrepid trekker; then head down to Camps Bay where the alarmingly beautiful and glamorous people play. Clifton has an equally, if not more glitzy clientele, but the beaches itself are positively worth visiting even if yachting glamour isn’t your thing. The water may have a definite Atlantic chill, but there are always the stalwart surfers riding the waves – invest in proper surf instruction if you want to give it a go as the surf can often be quite high and rough for beginners, especially with the often fickle weather.

Looking for an authentic shopping experience? Then top of your list should be to visit the various markets the city has to offer. They truly encapsulate the sociable, fun, colourful atmosphere of the culture. The Greenmarket Square has an excellent flea market open daily and sells jewellery, antiques, clothes and souvenirs to suit all shoppers’ needs. The indoor craft market on the Victoria & Albert waterfront is well worth a stop too for anything authentically handmade.

Cape Town Hotels are in abundance; from the myriad of sought after guesthouses lining the beaches to the stylish boutique city hotels, it is always best to book anywhere in advance, especially in peak season, but you will be able to find a hostel or two if you are just turning up on your travels. Try Hemingway House, a guesthouse masquerading as a hotel, it has a pool in the courtyard which is surrounded by the four sumptuous bedrooms on offer. Book all four if you are travelling as a group and you will experience a delightful feeling of seclusion from other tourists; at a minimal price. For the more luxury, upmarket traveller – stay at the exquisite one&only Cape Town resort, with undeniably attentive staff and restaurants such as Nobu and Maze attracting the excited residents, you can’t fail to be impressed by this hotel. Not to mention their award-winning spa; after a hard days hiking and surfing, book yourself in for a ‘Restore the Glow’ package; with a choice of three ESPA treatments to soothe and relax, you will be ready to hit the beach again in no time. We love it and we have a feeling you will too.


What it was Like Being a Games Maker

By Samantha Whitaker

The opening ceremony of London 2012 was a baptism of fire. Despite training, the onslaught of press demanding to know where they could go and what they could know – now, if not sooner – was overwhelming. But, having bonded over the various pre-Games printing, photocopying and laminating tasks, we soon pulled together as a team and rose to the challenge.

Press Operations at all the Olympic venues worked in a similar way: there were press seats (called ‘tribunes’) in the stadium, some of which had desks and internet connection, where journalists could watch sport and write simultaneously; a mixed zone, through which every athlete has to pass after competing (although they don’t have to stop and talk); a press conference room; and photo and press workrooms. I was a press workroom team member at the Olympic Stadium, and our job was to help nearly 6,000 top journalists and photographers tell the rest of the world the stories of the Games. The shifts were long (the workroom stays open four hours after the sport finishes), but there was always something to do or someone to help.

For me, the press conferences were the most interesting part. And the best ones were Bolt’s, which he began with a ‘Drumroll please…’ from the wings. I was astonished at the questions some journalists chose to ask, for example, ‘Usain, describe for us your perfect woman.’ Really? One tongue-tied journalist tripped up completely and asked for Bolt’s views on the Jamaican drug team…

I didn’t see as much sport as the tribune team, but I did manage to watch two finals on strategic dinner breaks. Both times, the roar from the stadium was deafening.

By my final shift – the closing ceremony – I was in such an Olympic bubble that I couldn’t imagine life after the Games. To take a fortnight out to do something so completely different, exciting and rewarding was refreshing, and now that I’ve come back down to earth, I appreciate how incredibly lucky I was to be a part of London 2012.

The New Way to Workout: Get Fit and Have Fun with Parkour


words by Sabi Phagura

As someone who likes to lead a healthy lifestyle, I am always looking for innovative ways of keeping fit. Whether that means trying out a new class, jumping on the next fitness craze or going back to basics, there’s not much I wouldn’t do in the name of fitness.

And I really couldn’t get more back to basics than with a class with Parkour Generations. On initial receipt of my email requesting me to come along to one of their classes in London, it’s safe to say that I was somewhat baffled as to what I was letting myself in for. But any confusion I may have had over what Parkour was, dispelled in the minutes after meeting Fizz Hood, one of the Parkour Team Members.

In the brief discussion I had with Fizz, I realised that Parkour was an art of movement, a discipline that enables the practitioner to travel freely through and over any terrain they may encounter. It is more than a physical fitness class and incorporates fundamental mental attributes for movement including balance, strength, dynamism, endurance, precision, spatial awareness and creative vision.

But no amount of listening to the theory of Parkour would have made me understand the true concept of the physical class until I partook in it. I was rearing to go the moment I was introduced to Brian, my coach for the evening. The warm up was tough mainly because it was different than anything I had tried before so my body was not used to it. Brian had us crawling on all fours, jogging sideways on the move, and giving our team members piggy backs. And despite feeling exhausted, I was having fun too.

The workout itself was also far from conventional and strength, endurance, precision and spatial awareness all came into play.

Our first hurdle was to walk along a metal bar attached to a brick wall. A balancing act that required a lot of focus.You had to train your mind into thinking you could accomplish the task before you could physically do it. To say it was challenging is an underestimate but what I really enjoyed the words of encouragement you received from fellow team mates who were routing for you to succeed.

For our next task we were taken to an area that contained small concrete platforms close to wall and we had to sprint from a distance onto it before clinging to a wall with railings. It was great fun and I had several attempts at this before I felt I had mastered it. Then came a big hurdle. I had to jump over a large length of waist high brick wall in quick succession. My fellow teammates made it look easy – but I soon realised that it would take me a couple of weeks to perfect the move.

After a few more acrobatic moves using props in parks, dwellings and the general outdoors, I was surprised that over two hours had lapsed and it was time to cool down.

Parkour contained the mental and physical challenges of a gym session but without the monotony of the same routine and equipment, making it the perfect activity for those wanting to try something new and get fit at the same time. And what’s more, you’ll feel part of a community embracing the great outdoors, and right now, there really is no better place to fit and active than London.

For more information on Parkour Generations classes in and around London, log on to http://www.parkourgenerations.com/

Follow Sabi’s blog: https://fitlass.wordpress.com



Health Speak with Rebecca Adlington

Hip and Healthy talks to the Team GB Olympic medalist about her health, beauty regime and love of hit US show “Friends”

My Day
I get up at 5:15 and start the day with a small bowl of cereal before heading out to the pool for two hours of swimming training. I then come back home for a second bowl of cereal, something like Weetabix. Lunch is something easy like a sandwich or a salad – nothing to heavy. I then spend the afternoon doing normal chores like washing clothes. 5-7pm is spent back in the pool followed by an evening meal at home of something easy and well-balanced. My meals always contain veg, meat and carbs, and often mum will come and cook for me when I am exhausted. I steer clear of take-aways and overly fatty food but otherwise I am very relaxed about what I eat.

My Inspiration
My passion for swimming was ignited by family swimming trips with my two sisters. This also instilled a competitiveness in me as I was determined to beat them even though I was the youngest. I wanted to just be able to do what they were able to do and then I wanted to do it better.

My Family
My family are so supportive of my swimming. They always have been which is so essential for athletes and it definitely helps me go that extra mile in my abilities.

My Relax Time
I am often very tired at the end of the day. To relax I just watch TV, often Friends – I have watched each episode of Friends at least five times. It helps me to completely switch off.

My Weekends
Weekends are spent doing completely normal things like going home for a Sunday roast cooked by mum.

My Beauty Regime
Moisturiser is absolutely essential to swimmers. I can’t live without it. My favourite at the moment is Liz Earle, in fact I love all their products.

Becky is sponsored by Speedo. Check out their website for Speedo swimming events that are taking place all over the country. Get involved. www.speedo.co.uk

Next week we chat to open-water swimmer and Olympic athlete Keri-Anne Payne…

Time to Cleanse – Day 5 with Soupa Juice

Day Five
The last day of the cleanse and I have found myself worrying what I am going to do when I am not on it anymore. It has been so fantastic having Danni’s support and guidance throughout and I just text her asking how to ease myself off the cleanse – I needn’t have bothered as an email had already been sent to me with tips and recipes to stay healthy moving forward. My main concern was how to ease myself back into alcohol as I have a hen party… like… tomorrow! Danni did not approve of drinking the day after the cleanse but asked me to stick to champagne and vodka if I simply had to drink. So to make sure I see the cleanse right through (I have been known to fall at the last hurdle) I have booked a facial and tickets to see Batman. I am 3KG lighter – which is around 6llbs not that I did this to lose any weight but I also feel less heavy. My stomach has never been flatter and I just feel as I have pressed the reset button on my digestion. Danni recommends doing the cleanse four times a year – seasonally, which makes total sense. The weirdest thing about finishing this is that I am so looking forward to chewing food again, but at the same time terrified of re-toxing. Bring on the next cleanse in three months time.

Danni and Lisa’s Top Tip
Shake your drinks to wake them. Don’t worry if they are a bit separated, that’s just because they are unpasteurized to keep them as fresh as can be.

H&H’s Top Tips for Cleansers

Keep your exercise very light – a couple of yoga sessions, a few walks – nothing strenuous 

Stay busy – nothing like boredom to make you want to eat, eat, eat…

Book a massage or facial – treat this as a week all about you. Plus a massage will help your body to eliminate itself of toxins.

For more info visit www.soupajuice.co

Time to Cleanse – Day 4 with Soupa Juice

Day Four

Hoorah! For the first time this week I woke up not feeling as though I had only had about two hours sleep. After a light bit of exercise in the morning I gulped back the green juice. And it wasn’t long before my mid-morning smoothie (this time of goji berries, cherries and almond milk) suffered the same fate. My lunch-time juice though – was a little harder to swallow. I have also just started to miss the sensation of chewing – weird as that might sound. I then had a long wait until my soup supper – again delicious and wholly satisfying. I swear my stomach must have shrunk, as there is no way I would normally be full on soup alone! Then I made the error of having no plans thinking my body could do with a break from socialising and working… but when you have not a lot to do and not a lot to eat things can get very boring. So I threw myself into my work to distract me from sticking my head in the fridge. Then I had a hot oat milk again and went to bed early.

Danni and Lisa’s Top Tip

Your soups contain raw ingredients so try not to overheat them so you get the full benefits! Simply warm gently on a stove.

If you would like to season your soup, please do so only with good quality olive oil, pepper, a squeeze of lemon or some Himalayan salt, NOT regular salt… It’s really not very good for you!

Look out for day 5’s post tomorrow…
For more info visit www.soupajuice.co

Time to Cleanse – Day 3 with Soupa Juice

Day Three

I definitely woke up with more energy today. Eyes feel a little brighter, head feels less groggy – perhaps the toxins are finally working their way out of my system? Let’s hope. The green juice was a pleasure and welcome refreshment after a light jog. And I took the milk thistle tincture as advised too (a great detoxer that supports the liver). In an attempt to hold of drinking the mid-morning smoothie – my FAVOURITE meal of the day – I had one of the Detox Box teas – Pukka’s Morning time tea that contains roobios  and is great mixed with a little oat milk. It worked for all of 20 minutes… But by god those mid-morning smoothies are delicious! The rest off the day was much easier than anticipated as Danni had sent me an email saying that often the middle day is the toughest but to hang on in there. I definitely noticed an improvement in my skin, which was great and actually had tons more energy than previous days. And I the hunger is bothering me less. But something that I have learnt is that when I am very hungry I don’t always need to stop what I am doing and eat the first thing that falls into my hand. I can wait – my body can take it – for supper or grab a juice to bridge the gap if I am not going to be eating for a while. For supper – it was the beetroot soup – so totally delicious and incredibly filling (much to my glee). Then just before bed I started to get a bit hungry again so allowed myself a hot oat milk (we had run out of the recommended almond milk).

Look out for Day 4’s post tomorrow…
For more info visit www.soupajuice.co

Time to Cleanse – Day 2 with Soupa Juice

Day Two
I woke up exhausted despite the early night. This is totally normal – Danni tells me “if someone’s usual diet contains a good amount of caffeine, sugar or any preservatives then their bodies are basically in a state of constant stimulation”. That will be why then since lately I have become Queen of Caffeine despot knowing how bad it is for me.

As Danni suggested I started my day with a hot water and then made my way to work. I instantly fell asleep on the train so had half of the green juice to perk me up; I then finished the rest of it at my desk. Once again, the mid-morning smoothie was a total dream. This morning it was chocolate inspired and contained cocoa as well as lots of other delicious ingredients, like spinach and almond milk. Soupajuice put little messages on each of their bottles which tell you exactly what it is that is so nutritious about the ingredients used in that particular smoothie, and in this one it was all about mood-boosting hormone serotonin that cocoa is known for promoting. I then had a long wait until supper and suffered from a bad headache all afternoon as well as a few dizzy spells, which Danni says “is a common side effect during detoxes and results from a reduction in your normal consumption of caffeine or sugar.” Thats why Soupa Juice suggest limiting or cutting down all caffeine and stimulants a week leading up to the cleanse, as it helps to ease those symptoms. I held out despite this and had the soup as my (rather late) evening meal and afterwards had a warm oat milk to fill me up completely. Total heaven. And I felt proud of myself in sticking to it – I knew this wasn’t going to be a walk in the park but the feeling of following through with it is incredibly satisfying. And I knew that my body would thank me for this later.

Danni and Lisa’s Top Tip:
Start every day with a hot water and lemon. Alkalizing your body and breaking down fats stored in your liver.

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