A Hip and Healthy Guide to Los Angeles: Day 2

A Ballerina Abroad: Day 2 of our Hip and Healthy Guide to Los Angeles

By Saskia Gregson-Williams

Cafe Gratitude

Woke up at 2am this morning, the joys of jet lag! (Always ensure you top up your iPod with great songs before venturing abroad, in these situations it’s the only thing that keeps you sane).

After listening to Adele three-million times on repeat it was six o’clock and a reasonable time to get up. Showered and dressed in my sports kit I went for an early breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien in Brentwood. This chain, thankfully, is international and there are several in central London, but LA beats them all with a much wider and more delicious menu. I ordered the organic Omega 3 Berry Boost Oatmeal, with flaxseeds, flaxseed oil and almond milk. Yum! This was the perfect wake me up. After breakfast I headed to the Pilates studio. Every trip I go back to Resolution Therapy Pilates in Brentwood Gardens. It’s a great way to retain muscle strength for dancing and is the perfect jet lag remedy. It’s always difficult meeting and being trained by a new instructor when you first meet them, but Resolution is the best in LA as far as I’m concerned. Great atmosphere, lovely trainers and a great physical therapy and massage team at the ready.

We then went over to Abbot Kinney, an awesome street with some really great shops (more on that later). Then for the main feature of the day: lunch at Café Gratitude, Oh my days! This new organic café is located in Venice on Rose and 5th Street. I had been to a branch in San Francisco when dancing out there over the summer, so was incredibly excited to try this one out. For my main I ordered the ‘I am Pure’ this was a delicious sushi inspired ginger-tahini kale salad with sea vegetables, teriyaki almonds, sunflower sprouts and avocado. Mum ordered the ‘I Am Celebrating’ a delicious ceviche style salad of zucchini, coconut, tomato and avocado with raw tomato flax crackers; in the end we shared both and just couldn’t get enough! We also ordered a delicious ‘I Am Luscious’ smoothie for dessert with almond milk, figs, raw cacao, dates and vanilla. Delicious.

We then went for a lovely long walk down 3rd Street checking out all of our fave shops along the way. Eventually as it got later ending up at Interim cafe on Wilshire and 5th street for a delicious simple Berry Smoothie, Cheesy Vegan Burger and a Walnut and Carrot salad. This hidden gem of a restaurant is surprising delicious despite its shabby appearance. We love it and I’m sure it shall be a constant feature as the week goes on!

7pm and needing to wake up, we decided to go to the AMC theatre on 3rd street to see The Seven Psychopaths, five minutes in and I’m out like a light, only occasionally waking up to see a gun, blood, swearing and more such pleasant things as that. It’s 10pm and I am desperate for my bed. See you in the morning.

The What, Where, Why and Which of Detox

The What, Where, Why and Which of Detox

words by Belinda Mann


Why autumn is the perfect time to detox
There is a lot of talk about detox during the spring, as it’s often seen as an aid to get bikini ready for the summer. But detoxing isn’t just a way to shed some unwanted pounds, it has a host of health benefits too. Although it’s true spring is a great time to detox, autumn is equally as good – this is because your body naturally has higher energy during the equinoxes to deal with the detoxing process. If you’ve overindulged during the summer now is the time to slow down, restore and rejuvenate before heading into winter.

Natural flu injection
Detoxing in autumn has been shown to reduce the chances of getting a winter cold. The science behind this shows when the body has an increased toxic load the immune system is on high alert draining its resources. Toxins accumulate when the liver is overwhelmed and cannot do all it’s jobs in a timely manner. A period of detox allows the liver to process toxins that have been stored in the body. When these toxins are expelled the immune system will be under less strain and in a much better position to keep you healthy during the winter months ahead. Think of green juice as your natural flu injection.

Reduce comfort eating in the winter months
During the colder winter months it can be tempting to start comfort eating. It’s not just the cold weather that moves us to reach for comfort food, emotions can also be a factor. Detoxing is more than just expelling toxins in a physical sense, stored emotions are often released as well. For example fear is thought to be a release from the kidney, anger a release from the liver, worry a release from the spleen/stomach, and grief a release from the lungs. The emotional release will help you to feel more clear and balanced.

Stay slim until next spring…
There is no denying that living clean is a key way to stay slim. Any excess toxins accumulated over summer cocktails and parties can contribute to weight gain. If the liver is overloaded it has to store unprocessed toxins and the safest place in the body for storage is your fat cells. In a state of higher toxicity your body wants to hold on to fat to protect itself of toxins. Therefore by reducing your toxic load you will be reducing the chances of gaining weight over the winter period.

How often should I cleanse?
Whilst spring and autumn equinoxes are thought to be the best times, it’s most beneficial to cleanse at least quarterly. Detox is more than a week long commitment its about creating a healthy lifestyle, and regular cleansing is more likely to keep you on track and help you stay motivated. Don’t cheat yourself by doing a week long cleanse then going out on a bender – this can shock your system so you’re not doing your body any favours.

Which detox?
There are many detox delivery options now that make the whole process easier – no getting up early to make loads of juices or different meals. There are plans that incorporate juices, soups and even some cooked food if you feel you need some warmer options now the weather is cooler. These can be a great way to make the detox process less stressful giving you more time to relax. Which detox? is a new service that offers free bespoke advise on detox delivery services in London.

See the site for more www.which-detox.com










A Hip and Healthy Guide to LA – Blogged

A Ballerina Abroad: a Hip and Healthy Guide to Los Angeles

By Saskia Gregson-Williams

Having lived in Los Angeles for a period growing up, it feels like a second home and I visit as often as I can to see friends and family.

I moved here when I was seven. At the time I didn’t really appreciate how incredible the city is, I was too busy dancing and hanging out with friends to absorb any of the aspects I appreciate today. Returning for two weeks, i’m making it my aim to visit all of my favourite places; yoga studios, canyons, beaches, healthy restaurants, vegan cafes… The list is endless. These California gems are very popular with LA residents, and mostly unbeknown to tourists. So even in peak months you can beat the hustle and bustle but still get the best LA experience. I will be blogging my experiences and a day by day guide to all the special places that make for the ultimate in hip and healthy holidays.

Day 1

Virgin Atlantic, 11:30 am, Premium Economy, and a 12-hour flight ahead of me. Those were the only details I knew when entering heathrow on Sunday morning. Leaving all e-ticket and visa business to my mum which proved to be a big mistake.

Within the first 10 minutes of being at the airport she told the desk staff we were upper class passengers so off they sent us to the golden card member check-in. When there, we continued to bluff to no avail. The woman soon realised what passive fibbers we are, and also landed the bombshell we hadn’t applied for an ESTA (an essential online document to enter the US) Well done mum! We scurried off to an Internet cafe in shame to complete the crucial form.

14 hours later, we’ve landed, the sun is shining and all memories of dragging our suitcases on a mini-marathon around heathrow airport have faded… slightly.

My dad picked us up from LAX, Wholefoods bag in hand full of delicious raw crackers, coconut water, cashews and tamari almonds. Was I happier to see him or this delicious bag? It’s a close call. After a well-deserved 4pm feast in the car we drove back to the Oceana Hotel, Santa Monica. Beautiful spot by the Ocean, the view is absolutely breathtaking and a wonderful central place to spend the next 12 days.

Rent bikes along Venice Beach just outside Oceana Hotel

After un-packing, we strolled down Santa Monica blvd to The Real Food Daily, a favourite organic vegan restaurant of mine on 5th Street. The menu is full of soy-free, sugar-free, gluten- and wheat-free options. My mum and I are both dairy-free and rarely eat red meat, so this place is perfect. My dad who is the most conventional eater enjoyed it just as much.

The menu (to the non-vegan) is quite confusing at first, with lots of soy proteins and nut cheeses that you would not find in your normal American restaurant, even so every plate is delicious so you really can’t go wrong. I ordered the ‘Dip Me Enchiladas’ with black beans,  corn, blackened mushrooms, corn tortilla, brown rice, and creamy guacamole.

After having eaten nothing on the plane, I devoured every morsel! Tempted by the famous RFD dessert bar, I ordered to share, the chocolate tart. Again so much healthier than any normal chocolate treat, it was a guilty pleasure without the guilt.

9pm and the jet lag is beginning to creep up on me, to bed I go..


Five Food Facts For Fertility

Five Food Facts For Fertility

Extracted from Getting Pregnant Faster by Marilyn Glenville (Kyle Books)

Water intake is essential for hormonal balance. Water also provides the means for nutrients to travel to all your organs, including your reproductive organs. Experiment with herbal teas to up your water uptake. Good ones to try are peppermint, chamomile and fennel.

A deficiency in zinc can lead to reduced fertility, hormone imbalance and an increased risk of miscarriage. 
For fertility boosting, Marilyn recommends couples take 30mg of zinc a day.

Essential Fatty Acids
Essential fats found in oily fish, nuts and seeds have a profound effect on every system of the body, including the reproductive system and they are crucial for healthy hormone functioning. For men essential fatty acid supplementation is important because the semen is rich in prostaglandins, which are produced from these fats. Men with poor sperm quality, abnormal sperm, poor motility or low count, can have inadequate of these beneficial prostaglandins.

Vitamin E
Studies have shown that giving Vitamin E to both partners can result in significant increases in fertility. Vitamin E is another powerful antioxidant and has been shown to increase fertility when given to both men and women.  With men, vitamin E helps to increase fertilisation rate.  If a woman over the age of 35 is told that her fertility problems are caused by her age, then it is likely that she could benefit from taking both vitamins E and C.  These antioxidants have been shown to significantly reduce age-related ovulation decline.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is also an antioxidant, and studies show that vitamin C enhances sperm quality and also seems to stop the sperm from clumping together (agglutination) making them more motile.  One study has shown that women taking the drug clomiphene to stimulate ovulation will have a better chance of ovulating if vitamin C is taken alongside the drug.


Hip and Healthy’s Top 5 Workout Watches

Hip and Healthy’s Top 5 Workout Watches

words by Rebecca Fordham

Suunto, M2
GREAT FOR: Monitoring heart rate
To ensure we reap maximum rewards from exercise, understanding and monitoring our heart rate is essential. Suunto’s M2 does the calculations for you, switching between three real-time heart rate ranges to ensure you stay within your most effective training zone. This ultimately allows you to elevate your fitness levels by discovering which intensity works best for you. In addition, the Fuschia pink M2 design counts calories, pulse rate and comes with a comfortable chest strap. A multi-functional watch that helps you make the most of your workout. £80, www.suunto.com

Timex, Health Tracker
GREAT FOR: Tracking your health
The Timex Health Tracker does exactly what it says on the tin. By recording distance, steps, activity and with an added diet diary that helps you keep track of calories consumed and burnt, this watch is designed to take the guesswork out of keeping fit. The lightweight, easy-to-use tracker was created especially for health-conscious women who would benefit from its encouraging features.  It uses a seven day fitness diary and audible achievement chimes, providing motivation when you need it most. Checking daily activity is effortless with this innovative design. £59.99, www.timex.co.uk

Garmin, Swim
GREAT FOR: Calculating pool training
Released earlier this year, the Garmin Swim is the ultimate training companion for swimmers. Designed to calculate your distance, stroke, pace, lengths and more, the watch allows you to concentrate solely on technique. It automatically knows what stroke you’re doing – all that is required is for you to enter the pool size, and dive on in. You can then upload your swim data to Garmin’s website for a free analysis, tracking your progress over time. And with a profile that cuts right through water, you won’t even know it’s there. £129.99, www.garmin.co.uk

Polar Fitness, FT7
GREAT FOR: Measuring your fitness
For those curious as to what your workout achieves, this is the watch for you. The EnergyPointer helps to focus on your goals by reading whether a training session is effectively burning fat, or improving fitness. This feature indicates a central point between the two so that you can gauge which exercise affects each outcome. The Graphical Target Zone Indicator ensures you stay working at the desired intensity at all times – allowing you to focus on either burning fat, or aerobic fitness. The choice is yours. £93.50, www.polaruk.co.uk

Cardiosport, Combi 2
GREAT FOR: Recording weight loss
What makes the C2 unique from other high performance fitness watches is its in-built CardioZone training system. You can set a target zone which helps to keep you at the right intensity based on how you are feeling that day – think cruise control on a car. This is great for those who are looking to lose weight, as is the chronograph and memory scan that allows you to review recorded data during or after a workout. The C2 is the ideal exercise gadget to help get you in-the-zone – and stay there. £46, www.cardiosport.com

For Rebecca’s blog see www.writtenandposted.blogspot.com

Herb House’s Courgette Wrap

Herb House’s Courgette Wrap

For more info visit www.limewoodhotel.co.uk






Dehydrated Tomatoes

Salad Leaves


Method: Thinly slice the courgette  with either a peeler or on a mandolin. Lay them out slightly overlapping on a peice of cling film. Put some houmous in thin lines across the overlapping slices (this helps to glue it together). Add the feta , julienned carrot , dehydrated tomatoes and salad. Carefully roll up using the cling film to help you lift it.

Pedal Power: Bex Fairbrother reviews The Pedal Studio in Wimbledon

Pedal Power

Bex Fairbrother reviews The Pedal Studio in Wimbledon

My relationship with spinning never did run smoothly…you could say it was an uphill struggle (excuse the pun!).  So I was slightly anxious when I agreed to give it another go & the result…well, I’m still aching 3 days after but it was a challenging and…dare I say it, truly rewarding experience.

A stone’s throw away from Wimbledon station, set in this leafy, South-West London suburb is the new addition to the Pedal Studio clan. With branches already in Hammersmith & Putney, Pedal Studio are set to be a force to be reckoned within the fitness world.

The studio is set above a bikram yoga centre and next to a pilates studio so you feel as though you are in a fitness hub which definitely enhances your urge to work out. The studio is situated on the top floor of the building and is both light & airy. The equipment is top of the range & you are able to change the settings to suit your needs with the help of the trusted instructors who will ensure you are safely and securely seated to make for the most comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

There are also a variety of classes on offer including high intensity rides, strength training & endurance, so no matter what your fitness goals there’s something on offer for everyone. With a wide range of class times to pick from, seven days a week, Pedal Studio is a rare find in the oppressive & fruitless world of corporate gyms, trivial joining fees & unfulfilling memberships.

What’s also great about this fitness haven is that it’s pay-as-you-go (or ride) so it takes away the stress and pressure of feeling obliged to work out (which is never enjoyable). Instead you are free to rock up as and when you like and you’re not confined to a contract or joining fee.

With the winter months setting in, spinning is a great way to work out as you don’t have to brave the cold. There are also many health benefits of taking regular spinning classes. First and foremost, it is a low-impact, high intensity cardiovascular workout meaning that it will not damage your joints but will improve your overall cardiovascular health. In fact regular spinning actually helps build lean muscles which helps protect your knee joints, which many people have trouble with.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by the instructor Jason who was both friendly and welcoming. At Pedal Studio the instructors are a team of passionate and well-trained fitness professionals who are not only experts in indoor cycling fitness but fanatics. Jason’s energy was infectious – he was encouraging, enthusiastic and kept you informed throughout the class. Such a bonus when you find yourself lagging not only in spirit but also physically due to the lactic acid burn.

The class was carefully constructed with great, motivating music. Each beat was in sync with the specific movements and sequences you are told to carry out on the bike. You are also given a heart rate monitor so you can track your progress (or lack of) compared to your cycling companions. By the time I got home I even had an email waiting in my inbox which showed a detailed graph of my cycling endeavours including my heart rate and calories burnt.

Everything about Pedal Studio was slick, fuss-free & efficient from the enthusiastic instructors to the state-of-the equipment to the simple touches like supplying towels. So if you are looking for a fun, flexible way to work out and can handle the no pain, no gain mantra (as it really does ring true in the case of spinning) then get yourself down to Pedal Studio. You can also burn up to 500 calories in an hour’s class depending on how hard you want to work and will quickly see a dramatic improvement in your overall fitness as well as your physical and mental wellbeing.

It’s a no-brainer if you ask me…one thing, though…bring plenty of water…you’ll need it!!

Our Top Four London Bootcamps

Our Top Four London Bootcamps

words by Harriet Chubb

British Military Fitness

Established 12 years ago, BMF has become one of the most popular and well-known boot camps in the UK, they run over 400 classes every week in over 100 parks and outside spaces in the country and are one of the most cost-effective and physically effective camps that we have experienced. Run by either serving or ex-military members they know how to put a vast group of people through their paces, from die-hard fitness fans to exercise virgins the groups are split up into different fitness levels so that you know you are training with like-minded partners. The expert instructors push you to your limits with varied military style exercise routines; expect squat thrusts, burpies, press ups and sit ups. Unlike other camps, your belongings are safely stowed in the conspicuous BMF van so that you have the freedom of the whole park to roam around in. Each exercise is normally punctuated with a short burst of running or sprinting so you will easily find yourselves covering a large area of the park in no time. Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing scary or intimidating about BMF, the instructors will push you and this does involve a significant amount of hollering, however the classes are highly motivating and most of all, fun. Everybody clearly enjoys their sessions greatly, not only do you meet someone new at nearly every session, but the knowledgeable instructors change around frequently, meaning that the classes and routines always remain fresh and exciting.

We went to the Clapham Common classes but there are many all over the country, to find your nearest class go to www.britmilfit.com and try your first session completely free!

Gavin Walsh Boot Camp

Created by the eponymous Gavin, the Gavin Walsh Boot Camp had so many glowing reviews and testimonials that we had to try it for ourselves and we were not left disappointed. After studying fitness trends in the US, Gavin decided to bring his knowledge to the growing popularity of fitness boot camps here in the UK, with the ethos that getting fit and healthy does not require any fancy gym equipment; just an outdoor space and the force of your own body weight, oh and a healthy dose of self-motivation (helped along by motivating and enthusiastic emails from Gavin himself along the way!). Combining the expertise and benefits of one-to-one personal training with the camaraderie and motivation you gain from exercising in a group environment is what makes Gavin’s camps so successful. These camps are not just drop in classes when you feel like it, you sign up and commit yourself to the entire month long camp, consisting of three one-hour sessions per week with either pre-work or post-work slots available. The groups are small, with at most about 15 people and at the least about 5, your instructor is consistent throughout the month, giving that real personal trainertouch and the other participants can become firm friends, often exercising or entering competitions/races outside of the camp. The first few classes did seem easy, as a fair amount of technique training was needed to get the group up to speed with each other, performing the perfect squat e.t.c which of course took time to master. However, once this basic training was completed the camp came into its own and the sessions proceeded to get harder and tougher. We started to notice real results after the first two weeks and by the end of the month felt fitter, leaner and healthier than we have done for years. It gave us the motivation to sign up to the next month immediately, which nearly all of Gavin’s customers do.

We took part in the Hyde Park morning sessions on Mon, Wed and Thurs at £99 for the month. For more information go to www.thebootcamp.co.uk

One Element – Train in the Park

‘Train, Reset, Repair and Relax’ – this is the holistic approach that One Element empower their customers with, the notion of challenging yourself, training hard and subsequently relaxing afterwards was a logic that certainly appealed to us. With one hour sessions in your local park, the classes take on a 12 weekly cycle, designed to meet a specific training need so that you become healthier, leaner and stronger over time. You can even track your progress through the website with the help of their ’25’, ’50’ and ‘100’ class milestones – helping you tangibly measure your fitness goals. The classes, dependant on where you train, are small, so that you get the attention you need from your instructor. The instructors themselves are highly trained and many of them are in fact local sporting heroes -such as Alice, our trainer, who is in the England Rugby Squad, very impressive. The age range spans many decades, members vary from 16 to 60+, meaning the encouragement and team spirit is in abundance, with all fitness levels catered for and considered. As well as regular circuits (after a more than tough warm up) the classes sometimes involve a team sport such as tag rugby or football. This was beneficial not only for team bonding purposes but to banish clock-watching, after one or two intense (but friendly!) games of tag rugby, the time flew by and the class was at an end. Getting fit without even realising is always a bonus!

We trained in Fulham twice a week, but to find out more, including corporate or one-to-one training, go to www.one-element.co.uk

1000 Calorie Boot Camp

Delivering what they say on the tin, 1000 Calorie Boot Camp aims to burn this many calories in a 90 minute session, and, as they were offering a two week trial for all new members, we thought we should put this claim to the test. The company strive to make burning 1000 calories an overall fun experience in a friendly environment and they certainly manage to achieve this, Felix Deer, the company founder and the trainer who took our classes has confessed many times to hating P.E. at school and after his army training wanted to put the fun into getting fit. Many of the local members have been coming for years and the atmosphere reflects this loyalty. After a taxing warm-up, we thought that the rest of the session was going to be just as intense, however, Felix mainly incorporates games into his sessions, splitting the large group up into smaller groups and completing a selection of tasks such as throwing a giant tractor tyre down the length of the park or playing a slightly more complicated version of British-bulldog. The class then ends with some partner and core work (which you can really feel the next day). We would highly recommend this boot camp for people who are just getting back into fitness as the light-hearted environment and games are easy to pick up and take part in. We aren’t sure if we burnt 1000 calories or not, but we had a lot of fun doing it.

We joined in with the locals at the Twickenham group; go to www.1000caloriebootcamp.co.uk to sign up for a two week free trial too!



If you only do one thing this week… Get a younger looking you

If you only do one thing this week… Get a younger looking you

Getting a toned, fit and younger looking body is something that we would all like to achieve. With so much information out there it’s sometime nice to get a quick low down on how to do just this without it having too much effect on you or your day. So we have scoured the articles, chatted to the experts and athletes and read the books to bring you your quick guide to a younger you.

Build Lean Muscle: it is said that we lose half a pound of lean muscle every year from the age of 30. This in turn impacts on our weight as the less muscle you have the fewer calories you burn causing you to put on weight more easily. However, you’ll be please to hear that with a little exercise you needn’t worry about this. The best type of exercise for this is resistance training – which means you need to go to that part of the gym many of us don’t dare venture over too for all the muscle hanging out there – the weights area. If you use light weights you won’t bulk up and you’ll still achieve the effects you need. So make sure you ask one of the trainers at the gym for help when working out what weight to use.

Hydration is key: we can’t stress enough how much importance is placed on moisture and water when trying to stay young, both inside and out. A recent study in The Journal of Dermatology revealed that healthy hydrated skin aged just 22% over an eight year period, compared with a staggering 55% over the same period for dehydrated skin. Hydrated skin not only requires topical hydrating creams (for which we love oil based moisturiser Bio Retinoid Anti-Aging Concentrate from REN or Eve Lom’s TLC cream) but it also means that you need to drink lots and lots of water – around 2.5 litres a day. How many times have you heard gorgeous super models and actresses claim that their young skin is down to their water consumption? Too many times I’m sure, but its true.

You are what you eat: as you get older you often need less calories (unless you are an athlete or enthusiastic gym goer). Pauline Hili, founder of Nourish Skin Range, recently told me about a Japanese anti-ageing method that  comes from the Okinawan population who practice Hara haci bu, which involves eating until you are 80% full, as it puts less stress on the body and the digestive system, and is though to be one of the reasons that so many Japanese live to be very old. But there are other diet tricks that are perhaps more fun, such as introducing yummy antioxidant foods into your daily meals. These include cooked tomatoes which contain lycopene – a powerful skin antioxidant, and avocados, which are rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, and salmon which is one of the best sources of omega oils that help our skin to stay supple.

And some things to ditch…

Ditch sugar – it is one of the worst agers

Ditch stress – we all know about the effects of the stress hormone cortisol on our bodies

Ditch salt – anything that goes against your hydration can’t be good

Ditch sunbathing – you must, must, must wear a high SPF factor when in the sun. I have not yet met one expert that would tell you that staying in the sun won’t age you

Ditch short skirts – mutton dressed as lamb. Need I say more…

Health Speak with founder of Nourish Skin Range, Pauline Hili

Health Speak with founder of Nourish Skin Range, Pauline Hili

What was your first introduction to skincare?
From a young age I was fascinated by the power of smell and fragrance and its ability to evoke feelings. I studied Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physiology and began my career as a brewing and plant scientist. Eventually all the pieces joined together – my passion and my professional skills and here I am today after working in the industry for over 20 years.

When and why did you decide that you wanted to delve deeper into the world of natural skincare?
I sort of fell into the world of skincare accidentally. I was like all young Aussies back then and travelling around the world after completing my first degree and had a parachute accident that grounded me in London with a broken ankle for a while. I meet someone in Bar Italia of all places and they suggested that, with my education and background, I try one of the london skincare companies.

What, so far, has been your most exciting finding?
Some of the most exciting findings have been through the research papers I have been involved in writing and my own research into essential oils.  The  complete effectiveness of essential oils at stopping common bacterial and yeast infections was really exciting when I was doing my early research. In recent times some of the work examining the effects of various plants on the skin has been very exciting.  I am also a keen supporter of argan, alpine foxberry and vitamin C on the skin.

What would your top skin care tip for clear skin?
Eat five a day and make sure that seeds and nuts are included in your regular diet. Also cleanse your skin morning and night time and very soon after exercise. Often post exercise is when the skin has an opportunity to become clogged and then break-outs can arise if the by products of perspiration are not removed.

What is your top anti-aging tip?
Laugh a lot and enjoy the things you love and do everything with 300% passion.  Seriously, new theories emerging about anti-ageing are less about a magic solution and all about long term maintenance and good practice.  Like a great athlete it’s about training regularly and  rigorously. Cleanse, tone, moisturise and use your sunscreen regularly and start looking out for your skin early. This will mean the genetic assets you have will last longer.

What question on skincare do you get asked the most?
As a scientist the most common question I get is – is this ingredient safe, do you know what this does?

What product from the Nourish range can you not live without?
I personally love the Radiance Brightening Moisturiser and Rejuvenating Peptide Serum. I also use the Balance Essential Moisturiser – I find it effective to dip between these two ranges depending on what is happening in my life and how my skin is responding to my surroundings (environment and weather).  And I don’t leave home without lots of golden glow toning souffle on arms and legs.

What is your own skincare regime like?
My own skincare regime is pretty simple – cleanse, tone and moisturise and then top up with serum. I swim a lot some weeks so I end up using the Balance Essential Moisturiser quite often as it has the lovely effect of neutralising the smell and dryness that chlorine can sometimes leave on the skin.

Do you make sure your make-up is natural? If so which brand do you like?
I am a minimalist with make up – I tend to wear Neal’s Yard Remedies eyeliners and NVEY foundation. I always use natural products.

What are your working hours like?
The mix of being in a start up business and a scientist means that your work is 24/7. During the day it’s all the practical stuff, manufacturing issues, development, testing and then at night I read all the latest papers and research emerging theories and new materials. It has always been like that with my career. In  the beginning I worked full time and did my PhD part time and on weekends and that has kind of stuck as a work ethic. I think if you are driven by research and ideas you just don’t switch off. I try to ensure I take in exercise to switch off.

Where or when do you feel happiest?
On a work level – achieving things in formulas that haven’t been done before. But on a personal level – I feel happiest on the beach in the sun.

How do you relax?
I find cooking to be relaxing; I love blending flavours and textures to make new recipes.  This year I planted my own vegetables and have found great enjoyment in watching vegetables start as seeds and becoming a pickable product to use in my kitchen.

Best book you have ever read?
Can I have two?  J D Salinger’s Catcher In The Rye,  which I re-read this year and The Prophet by Kahil Gibran.

What motto do you live by?
Work hard for what you believe in and do everything with passion and honesty.

What it feels like to have Amatsu

What it feels like to have Amatsu

words by Sadie Macleod

I feel drunk. I feel like I have been given a new body – one that my brain hasn’t quite caught up with yet. A lighter body, my head feels as though it is floating on my neck and shoulders. This is no bad thing as when I walked into Lorna, the Amatsu specialist’s, treatment room, I had a painful shoulder and I was told I had one shoulder higher than the other and one leg longer.

I had come to Lorna to find out more about Amatsu, an increasingly popular treatment that treats a variety of bodily ailments but the most frequent being joint, back and neck problems. Amatsu is an ancient Japanese therapy that uses soft tissue pressure and mobilisation techniques to help re-align your body so that it can work to the best of its ability.  It is also a fantastic way of revealing where the real problem lies: “people often think they’re coming to see me for one reason but actually the root of the problem is elsewhere – Amatsu tells me where that may be” Lorna tells me.

After an initial discussion about problems I have been experiencing Lorna then asks me to walk up and down a short corridor and do a variety of arm movements. After assessing my mobility I am asked to lie on the bed for a short session muscle testing, which is similar to kinesiology. This is a very gentle way of finding out where the weak spots lie by applying a small amount of pressure to certain areas of the body and seeing how they fare when tested, the process of which communicates to Lorna where the source of my soreness is coming from. And it appears my pelvis is lopsided and my neck is not working as it should, not to mention there are a host of digestive problems that I had been experiencing which could be connected to my muscular pain too.

As the kinesiology throws up an array of misalignments Lorna then spends a short while working out what the main priority is to treat. She settles on my neck and gets to work on very gently re-aligning my spine in my neck. It doesn’t feel quite as nice as a massage, but it is not painful at all. She then applies some pressure to areas in my neck and lets the muscle relax and work itself out around it. This feels particularly strange, as if my muscle is uncoiling.

Once finished she asks me to get up slowly and drink some water. I am then told to do a bit of a walk again up and down the corridor. Lorna warns me that it is completely normal to feel a little tipsy at this point, as if I have just downed a glass of wine. She’s right. I don’t feel myself. But I do feel much better.

Why Amatsu?

Amatsu is great for anyone suffering from a muscular or skeletal pain. Lots of Lorna’s clients have had accidents, and many of them have had a problem that they have ignored for years but have finally decided to do something about. But not to be discounted is that Amatsu is also very healing in other ways to. Lorna spoke of people who’s digestion dramatically improved, headaches disappeared and skin issues cleared up. This is because, as we Westerners often forget, our body is a whole and works as a whole with everything interconnecting and effecting something else. The route of the cause is not often where you think it is.


Lorna’s clinic is in East Dulwhich.

How much?

£55 per session. Most clients need 1 session a week for three weeks to begin with. But it is different in each case. Email [email protected] or tweet Lorna at @lornaclansey www.lornaclansey.com

Lorna Clansey