There’s hope for our abs yet… it’s all down to the humble hula hoop…

Want to have fun while you get a toned tum? Hotfoot it to one of the capital’s latest fitness crazes: a hula hoop class, says Eva Caiden

Thought hula hooping was just for the playground? Think again. This retro ring is enjoying a resurgence among adults keen to benefit from its tummy transforming results that come minus the pain of gym-based alternatives. “Not only does hooping give your core and abs a serious workout,” says Shara Tochia, Founder of Fitness Freak, “But it can also burn up to 400 calories an hour.”

Having been horrifically bad at hula hooping as a child (skip-its were more my thing), I was keen to see whether I’d have any more success as an adult, so I signed up with Fitness Freak. The class was held in the nineteenth century, grade 2 listed confines of Shoreditch Town Hall, in a rather grand, imposing high-ceilinged room. I was pleased to see everyone in our class of eight was kitted out casually – leggings and a tee were standard. As our instructors led as through a basic warm-up, they scattered an assortment of different sized and coloured hoops around the room.

Warm up done, it was time to give it a whirl. We picked up the largest of the hoops, which were surprisingly heavy (weighted hoops give a more effective workout) and got whizzing. It was amazingly easy after our teachers gave us a couple of tips: to stand as straight as possible and to move our hips back and forth rather than in a circular motion. I found it simple to relax into a gentle rhythm that is crazily addictive; I couldn’t have removed the grin from my face if I tried. If I started off too fast, giving the hoop an aggressive first spin, it span out of control and to the floor in an instant. But if I kept it slow and steady, I could keep going indefinitely. After we hula-ed away for one whole song, I could feel a gentle ache in my abs and my face felt flushed. But I didn’t care – this was a hula lot of fun. (Sorry)

It was a different story when we had to change direction (to make sure we worked both sides of our stomach equally). It’s like trying to write with your other hand: I felt uncoordinated and couldn’t get into the right rhythm, which was frustrating, although apparently it’s completely normal to have a side that feels easier. I improved as the hour-long class went on though. To a soundtrack of Beyoncé and Shaggy, we worked our way through a series of exercises, one per song. Despite being a surprisingly sweaty workout, the sound of hoops clattering to the floor was punctuated by laughter: I defy anyone to be sad while hooping.

As the class moved on, we hula-ed our hearts out: walking round in a circle, rotating on the spot, moving up and down on the spot, and even jumping (this one was really tricky). Then we gave our arms a workout (who says hooping is just for your waist? You can actually use up to 30 muscles at a time) by twirling the hoop in the air around our wrists on one arm, then two. We finished by trying to multi-hula, which wasn’t as difficult as it sounds; I managed to successfully hula with three hoops around my waist, but others in the class managed many more. One girl had five around her waist and one on each arm.

By the end of the hour, we were all out of breath but buzzing and with good reason: not only had we burned around 400 calories, but we had improved our spine flexibility and strength, which can help prevent back injuries, as well as challenging our motor skills – hooping requires hand-eye co-ordination skills. Plus this low-impact exercise is suitable for everyone, from kiddies to grannies. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hoop on!

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Valentine’s Treat Time

It’s that time of year again! Here at H&H, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Valentine’s treats to indulge in today, says Alex Kortland



This month, The Juicery at 108 Marylebone are treating us to a special smoothie to bring out our inner cupids on this annual day of luurrve. Celebrating their collaboration with London’s most fashionable florist, Nikki Tibbles, this antioxidant packed drink is inspired by pink and red roses to lift our spirits this Friday. Blended with mango, raspberries, strawberries, jax coconut water, rosewater and orange blossom – this nutrient filled blend is not one to be missed out on! The Vibrant juice is available exclusively throughout the month of February from the pop-up bar situated right in the heart of Marylebone.



If you’re looking to set the mood this Valentine’s Day, then we may of found your answer. Neom’s limited edition ‘LOVE’ candle from their Home aromatherapy range is to the rescue! With its combination of Tuberose, Mimosa and Jasmine flower blossom and a hint of spices and sweet honey – this luxurious fragrance is the perfect addition to date night. Using only the very best of botanical extracts, this candle is a holistic delight that will promote a peaceful aura before, during and after your special evening.



After indulging in one box of chocolate truffles too many, you may be feeling a little worse for wear on your sugar-induced come down. But fear not, Radiance Cleanse is here to get you back on track with their Valentine’s Gift Box. Featuring 6 organic, limited edition cold-pressed juices; Heart Beets, Sweet Roots and Young Love – these nutritious drinks are a great way to detox your system and supplement something healthy into your diet. There’s even an RMS Beauty lip gloss in the shade ‘Beloved’ included as an extra, a little splash of colour to catch his eye on that special evening. £98.50



Standing out from the overcrowded market of coconut juices, CHI is doing its job and doing it well. With its bright packaging and unique illustration representing the brands ethos; balance, hydration and provenance – this is one health drink not one to be missed this Valentines Day. Sourced from the sweetest coconuts on Phi Phi Island in Thailand, this is a potassium-packed, 100% pure drink that will keep you energised throughout your evening! If you’re looking for something chocolatey and you’re in the mood for something indulgent, definitely get your hands on their chocolate milk – it’s the perfect evening treat!



Ever dreamt of the day when chocolate was good for you? Well, wait no longer! Winner of the Gold Taste Awards in 2012, OMBAR is the sustainable chocolate company with a healthy incentive. Each and every one of these delicious bars is filled with antioxidants from the raw cacao which OMBAR obtain from Ecuador; they’re even sweetened with coconut sugar – a great alternative to the refined white stuff. Choose from a range of fruit infused delights such as goji, acai, cranberry and blueberry – what more do you need this Valentines Day to treat your loved one?

Time-Saving Health and Beauty Tips

Hip & Healthy Promotion

“Time is life. It is irreversible and irreplaceable. To waste your time is to waste your life, but to master your time is to master your life and make the most of it.”
Alan Lakein

Time is our most precious commodity – something that once spent, we can’t get back. Unfortunately in this modern day and age we are all guilty of wasting it. It’s hard to manage time effectively, especially when we have a million things going on – be it work, studying, working out or simply running around carrying out errands and getting the necessities done. But we busy bees need to make time for ourselves – time to reconnect, restore our energy and enjoy the freedom do to whatever we want. So taking these wise words from Alan Lakein, we wanted to share our top time-saving tips – making your day that little bit easier whilst allowing you to clock up those precious seconds to spend how and when you please.  Perfect.

When it comes to food, it’s easy to be lazy and opt for fast, on-the-go options – but unfortunately, most are not hip and definitely not healthy… If you thought you didn’t have time to prepare nutritious and delicious snacks and meals, think again. It really is as simple as making double the quantity of your cuisine of choice, be it a hearty soup, comforting Bolognese or super salad. As you’re already taking the time to make it, doubling the amount will only add mere minutes, and you then have the option to pack it into containers for the next day, or to freeze it for future munching.

Applying makeup needn’t use up more of your minutes, for now there is a whole host of powerful products that allow you to multi-task without even realising it. Take your foundation for example – why not swap to a tinted moisturiser? It incorporates coverage and face-cream in one, so you’ll have one less product to apply. Also try using a setting powder or spray, which will keep makeup looking fresher and helps it last longer- meaning less reapplying throughout the day.

An essential part of any beauty regime, but one that can take a lot longer than expected – moisturisers can be a time tackling ‘mare. Not only is there the process of applying it, making sure everywhere is evenly covered before tackling those hard to reach areas (middle back we’re talking to you) but there’s the dreaded drying time. Depending on the product this can result in a good half an hour of awkwardly hopping around half naked waiting to put your clothes on… But with the new Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturisers (£3.99), you can be moisturised-up and dressed in a flash. A revolutionary formula that settles into skin in seconds, leaving it soft, smooth and sublimely supple. Its spray application also means that your whole body can be covered quickly and easily, and there’s no tackiness or stickiness. With three to choose from, Essential Moisture, Aloe Fresh and Cocoa Radiant, there’s an option for everyone. A true time-managing, magical moisturiser.

For busy bees, blow-drying barnets can be a time-taking task, but with these simple tips, you can rock your selected style in a fraction of the time. Investing in a good quality dry shampoo is essential, as this means you can skip a day of hair washing with just a few sprays, or refresh locks throughout the day. Another key item is a hair towel – specifically designed to speed up the drying process whilst you can get down to other business. Or for a styling secret, why not try only blow-drying your t-section (along your hair-line and down your parting)? This is where most volume is created, so you can give hair that boost without burning more minutes.


The H&H Guide to being in Love

Valentine’s Day is here. While some of you may groan and retreat into a duvet cave upon sight of anything red and heart-shaped at this sickening time of year, others may be interested to know that the day of love is not just a way of celebrating your partner, but it can actually be beneficial to your health. That’s right, being in a loving and committed relationship can actually decrease blood pressure and make your hair shiny. Who knew that those little flutterings of “lurve” not only make us feel giddy but also make us BEAUTIFUL. Sign me up!

Love can improve your overall physical fitness
First things first, as is the H&H way, let’s talk about exercise. It has been suggested that exercising with a partner delivers results more quickly, and encourages both parties to work between 12-15% harder than if they were working out alone. Some believe that this could be due to the excitement you feel at being together, which pumps more adrenaline around your body while others suggest that a little competition between couples pushes each person harder. Either way, we like the sound of sweating with our beaus, which brings me on to my next point…

Love can regulate you menstrual cycle
Getting frisky in the bedroom (or kitchen/ office/ forest…) is a great way of improving fitness, cardiovascular strength and burns off those last Christmas calories. We all know that. However, did you know that it could regulate your period? Studies show that women who have sex at least once a week have more regular periods as they release higher levels of the sex hormone, oestrogen (which is the regulator of our monthly friend), compared to women who have it less frequently. Add that to the idea that being in love can increase tolerance of pain, and we aren’t as wary of cramps as we once were (although I am yet to experience this one).

Love can reduce pain
According to a study by the University of Carolina, cuddling and holding hands releases the hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin makes us feel good, reduces blood pressure, improves moods and could even cause injuries to heal faster. If that wasn’t an incentive to hold hands while crossing the road then I don’t know what is!

Love improves the appearance of your breasts
Being aroused and having sex (how many benefits are there to this popular activity?), can improve the size and shape of your breasts. According to some studies, being turned-on causes the pectoral muscles to contract leading to an increase in blood flow around the nipples making your breasts ‘stand up’ and look larger.

Love makes you more attractive
Continuing with the lovely theme of aesthetics, being in love could improve your physical appearance. From sparkling eyes, to shiny hair and clearer skin, the reduced levels of stress that a happy and stable relationship can bring go a long way to making us more attractive. The stress-induced hormone, cortisol, is a culprit of breakouts so rather than reaching for an abrasive exfoliator, sit back, relax and enjoy the company of your partner. Oestrogen once again plays a part in enhancing beauty by making our eyes sparkle, and our hair shiny and healthy.

Love increases our sense of wellbeing
Arthur Anon, a social psychologist from Stony Brook University in New York has spent much of his professional career exploring the science of love. He performs MRI brain scans on groups of people at different stages of their ‘love-journey’ (those newly in love, in long-term relationships, and married couples) to gauge the affects of being love. Regardless of which stage each participant was in, Anon found that being in love showed an increase in the hormone that triggers our dopamine reward system. Dopamine is a strong neurotransmitter that influences pleasure and motivation and having more of both is integral to our overall wellbeing and happiness.

Love keeps you clean and healthy
Lastly, couples in committed relationships care about the health of their partners. It has been found that loving partners encourage healthy routines, such as staying fit, eating well and dental-flossing, as well as deterring unhealthy habits like drinking too much.

So, for those of you in a H&H relationship you’re in luck. For those you aren’t, why not spend this Valentine’s Day with friends and practice what we preach by perhaps going on a jog together or snuggling in front of your favourite anti-romance film with something chocolaty! Try our super delicious (and healthy… yes, healthy!), Raw Chocolate Truffles!

A Match Made in Heaven – Valentines Beauty

words by Frankie Rozwadowska

It’s that time of year again. Cupid’s in town, shops are full to the brim with chocolates and flowers, rom-coms are being watched left right and centre and there’s no escaping the red hearts and mushy cards. Needless to say, we’re feeling rather romantic. So what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with our pick of perfectly paired products – dreamy duos that will transform you from top to toe with the power of two. From hair to skin, baths to bodies, these paired partners do it all. So move over Brad and Ange, David and Victoria, Jay-Z and Queen Be – for these twosomes will tackle all your beauty needs.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser – £14.75 & Instant Boost Skin Tonic – £13.25

For the ultimate way to cleanse and care for you complexion, these two work together to transform dull, tired skin into a refreshed, radiant  dream. Cleanse & Polish uses a plant based formula (including purifying eucalyptus and softening cocoa butter) to gently rid you of daily grimes, before the Instant Boost Skin Tonic can work its magic – softening skin with a blend of calendula, chamomile and cucumber whilst organic aloe vera, geranium and sweet orange leave you revitalised and revived.

REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Polish – £32 & Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash – £17

Give your body some loving with this match made in heaven. Containing the amazing anti-inflammatory, hydrating and soothing Rose Otto Oil (one of the world’s most expensive and revered oils), they smell romantically rosey and make for one sensual shower experience. The Body Polish uses sugar granules to gently scrub off dead skin, whilst almond oil and olive extract work to keep skin hydrated. There’s caffeine too to boost microcirculation, revive and tone. Wash off with the Rose Otto Body Wash, which  works to calm and protect new skin with chamomile extract and prebiotic Oligosaccharide, whilst neroli flower water cleanses, refreshes and purifies. Pure pair perfection.

Green & Spring Repair and Restore Hand Wash – £14.50 & Hand Cream – £16.50

For happy, healthy hands – look no further than this caring couple. Inspired by Victorian English Gardens, they’re nasty free and hand-crafted here in the UK. Both blend the reviving scents of bergamot, lemon myrtle and orange with the restorative properites of lavender and chamomile to protect against signs of ageing, encourate regeneration of healthy cells and to wondefully wash and moisturise mitts.

Pai Skin Brightening Perfect Match – £30

The best brightening beauties in the business, this dreamy duo offer a two-step solution to bright, radiant skin. First up is the Kukui & Jojoba Skin Brightening Exfoliator, which gently buffs away dead cells to reveal smooth, soft skin. Follow with a few drops of Pai’s award-winning Rosehip BioRegernate Oil (rich in Vitamin E, Trans-Retonic Acid and Rosehip to heal and increase firmness and elacististy) and you’ll be left looking luminously lovely in no time. (Available until 17th February so get in there quick!)

NEOM Real Luxury Bath & Shower Oil – £32 & Real Luxury Body Lotion – £25

Bathe your way to beauty with this lusciously luxurious bath oil, made with 30% essential oils and 70% organic ingredients. Containing lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood, it will pamper you to perfection while you relax in a soothing soak. Follow with the Real Luxury Body Lotion, which has the same sublime scent and leaves skin soft and smooth with a rich blend of rosemary leaf, grapeseed oil and macadamia nut oil. It’s like wrapping yourself in a cocooning cashmere blanket – only better.

Byredo Rose Noir Eau De Parfum – £88, 50ml & Burning Rose Candle – £60

A perfumed pair that couldn’t be more romantic if it tried, what better way to get florally fragranced than with Byredo’s Rose Noir perfume and new Burning Rose Candle? (It is Valentine’s Day after all…) Rose Noir celebrates the classic symbol of love and devotion with a heady blend of dark, damascene rose, musk, moss, grapefruit and freesia. Forget the old-lady florals, this is a modern, decadent and dirtier rose scent with an intense and alluring draw. Combine this with the Burning rose candle – a smokey, woody scent enveloped into the deep smell of Rose Absolute – and not only you but your home will smell like a dream all day long.

Aveda Invati Exfoliating Shampoo – £20.50 & Invati Thickening Conditioner – £22.50

Give hair a helping hand with these lock-loving lovers. Made from an invigorating blend of Ayurvedic herbs (including healing tumeric and revitalising ginseng) they work together to nourish the scalp and heal damaged, tired tresses. Starting with the shampoo, massage gently into the scalp and allow the millet seed and milk thistle extracts to soothe dryness and tightness whilst equalising the lipid balance. This cleansing formula is clinically proven to remove the build-up of sebum and product residue whilst exfoliating and renewing the scalp. The conditioner then works to thicken hair with a blend of guar, palm and grapeseed, improve elasticity and reduce breakage with arginine and adds a natural shine with organic kukui nut oil. A mighty match for any mane.

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My Yoga Pledge

In September I pledged to take up yoga and go to a class once a week as part of Special K’s ‘Change for the Better’ campaign. After learning that Kellogg’s had made their own progressive change by adapting their cereal’s recipe to include not two, but three healthy whole grains, I was more inclined to fulfil the promise. My biggest ambition when practicing yoga was to be able to hold a handstand for longer than half a second, and without the help of my poor husband who I’ve instructed on many an occasion to hold my legs up.

Since making the pledge I’ve managed to go to yoga most weeks and as a result I feel fantastic. I’m noticing more definition in my shoulders and legs thanks to constant flows of downward dogs, and warriors one, two and three. Likewise, my mind doesn’t frantically race with the stresses of owning a business as it was before I made the pledge, because I’ve learned to slow down and breathe deeply.

My instructor has been really helpful, supporting my progress with patience and positivity and as such I am beginning to overcome any mind-blocks that might prevent me from doing the trickier poses. I can now hold ‘crane’ for seven seconds; not bad for a beginner!

As for the handstand… well… that’s taking longer than I thought. Watch this space.

Image: Saskia wears top and bottom both from Pepper & Mayne

Riccardo’s in Chelsea: An Italian Restaurant with a vegan twist…

Tuscany is one of those wonderful places in the world that you find yourself dreaming about from time to time. The warm sun, the unforgettable landscape, the architecture. But for me, and many others, it’s the food that we recall the most. Sun drenched tomatoes, olive oil,  fresh basil and other vibrant herbs, a crisp, toasted bruschetta and… Chianti! as the winter is beginning to really set in in London at the moment, those Tuscan hills, and those long lunches and suppers in the sun seem quite far way.

I ride my push bike to work in the mornings and home again in the evenings… come what may weather wise. I love the journey through the streets of the City, past Buckingham Palace, and then through Chelsea back to Fulham. One site that I take in on my way home is an Italian restauarnt called Riccardos, in the heart of Chelsea. Each night, when I ride past, it’s lit sweetly with fairy lights around the garden that sprawls out on to the pavement in front of the restaurant. I see and hear full groups, families and couples enjoying each others company and, semmingly, the food. I claimed to my wife that we must try it out… so we did.

The restaurant is as charming on the inside as it looks from the outside. The place is simple but in that wonderful, local, family restauarant sort of way. Unlike other restaurants in the area, it doesn’t suffer from the pretension that seems to come with the highly priced real estate in the area. The friendly staff, lead by Paz, the maitredee, greet you with a smile and make you feel comfortable. Paz, we later learnt has been with the restaaurant for a number of years. That continuity in place is quite special I think, a welcome smile form someone you know and trust.

Reading the menu brought all those memories of Tuscany flooding back. To start, a delicious crudité platter of raw vegetables with an anchovy and garlic dip and warm olive vinaigrette. I also enjoyed a glass of organic Sicilian red, Montalto Nero D’Avola, with a grilled bruschetta with home-made courgette pesto and organic tomato. If you do enjoy eating organic produce you will be comforted by the number of dishes on Riccardos menu that include organic, fresh ingredients. Another message comes through from the menu, which was later verified by Riccardo himself when we were fortunate enough to meet him as he was dining there himself that evening is that the menu unashamedly includes a number of very healthy options. The Riccardo’s team have also prepared a thoughtfully put together vegan menu. The team haven’t simply pulled together a few additional recipies but it seems that Riccardo and his team have spent the time to work out how to incorporate vegan friendly ingredients into some of the most popular dishes. There are also a number of gluten free options. Eating Italian food at Riccardos can be a very healthy and nutritious experience and the restaurant openly encourages it’s customers to do so.

Riccardo’s tapas style menu also means that you can enjoy a number of the wonderful dishes on offer if you would like to. Two that I would recommend whole heartedly are the vegan  pizza topped with fresh wild mushrooms, capers and onions and the gluten-free choclate and almond cake that was simply delicious.

We left with the restaurant full to the brim with families, groups and couples, the people that I ride past. It’s a testament to what Riccardo, Paz and the rest of the team have achieved. A healthy, wholseome, popular italian restaurant that’s become a new favourite local in Chelsea.

words by Nick Reid

Riccardos Restaurant London

For more information or to book visit

Keep motivated. Stay in the driving seat. Achieve your goals… Here’s how.

When it comes to achieving goals, I think it’s fair to say we can easily lose our way and get distracted, even though we all start with the best of intentions! Suddenly you find yourself totally un-motivated and frustrated at the whole situation. You see… our little friend motivation, is a bit like a naughty puppy, take your eyes off it for one moment and it’s gone walk-a-bouts! It is possible to retrieve it back again and that’s’ where H&H come in! Sustaining motivation is the key to the tricky lock of goal setting and goal completing, so we want to share our H&H secrets to staying motivated, whatever your goals may be…

Be Specific
Rule number one, don’t be blasé with goal setting. You may have a rough idea in your mind of what you want to achieve but in order to give yourself the best start you need to be specific. Want to start running? Set yourself a distance. You want to make sure your goal is as recognisable as possible so that you’ll know as soon as you’ve achieved it. Being 100% clear on your goal will help enable you to figure out a successful strategy.

Know your reasons
Another significant factor to be aware of is understanding why you want to achieve your goal, as it’s important to have some kind of underlying passion for it. Whether it’s quitting sugar (if you haven’t already!) or spending more time with your family, get a pen and paper, and note down why it’s so important to you.

Display your inspiration
Being able to see something that inspires you towards you goal is so easy yet incredibly effective at keeping you motivated. For example, if your goal is to save some money for your dream holiday, stick some pictures of your desired destination around your house (I stick mine inside cupboard doors!) You’ll constantly be reminded of how much you want to go and it will over-ride the temptation to spend money on that morning coffee! (Make a green tea at home instead!)

Get reading
Reading about and researching your goal is another good one! An on-going goal of mine is to be more adventurous in the kitchen so I’m constantly looking at new recipes online and scrolling through books and magazines to gain inspiration. Becoming knowledgeable in your goals is a great way to keep you motivated and you’ll gain a better insight in to what works and what doesn’t.

Find a goal buddy
Grab a friend and get them on board! Conquering a goal is way more fun when you can share the experience with someone! It becomes less of a goal and more of an exciting challenge where you can both take part and be a supporter too. Besides a little friendly competition never hurt anyone!

words by Molly Jennings


Hello Sunshine: A Hip & Healthy Holiday in Mauritius…

Le Telfair Spa Resort 

I know it is a long way – a twelve hour flight is no joke, make sure to pack plenty of moisturiser in your hand luggage – but I can promise you that it is worth every minute. Mauritius is a one of the true gems of the Indian Ocean, with all the spirituality and uniqueness of Sri Lanka and all the luxury of the Maldives or the Seychelles, you won’t be disappointed by this enchanting island. Whether you are taking your entire family or embarking on a magical honeymoon there are a plethora of hotels to choose from, but being the dedicated daughter that I am, I decided to take my Mum for a once in a lifetime experience and booked into the Heritage Le Telfair resort for her 60th birthday. I knew we had made the right decision as our private transfer whisked us up the manicured lawns and we were greeted to the sight of the stunning French colonial-style building before us. I know that feeling of having a long, long flight that arrives as the sun is setting is one of total exhaustion, but on this occasion, arriving at night is a spectacle you wouldn’t want to miss – the building is bathed in delicate, yet show-stopping light and has that un-doubtable wow factor; feelings of tiredness dissipate as excitement settles in, a feeling that I can guarantee doesn’t leave you throughout your entire stay.

After a super-healthy and much-welcomed fruit cocktail in the lavish reception area, we were escorted to our room through a maze of olive trees and exotic flora and fauna, with the twinkling fairy lights strewn over trees and a Narnia-style lamp on almost every corner – you could be forgiven for thinking you had stepped into a fairy’s grotto. It is, I would say, an understatement to call the accommodation simply a ‘room’, it is more like a villa with tonnes of space and charming French windows opening onto a veranda with either a view of the pool, lagoon or the river – or sometimes all three. Designed with light green, beige and cappuccino colours all warmly contributing to the historical, glamorous, colonial atmosphere, giving it an intimate yet stylish finish – the only drawback was that we never wanted to leave it.

The Seven Colours Spa is a total Hip & Healthy sanctuary and I am not ashamed to say that on the dot of 5pm every evening we spent several hours enjoying the peace and serenity of the beautifully designed space. Based on the concept that we are drawn to particular colours depending on our emotional needs, moods and physical attraction, the Spa tailors every treatment to your colour or colours of your choice. For example I was most attracted to the yellow/orange colours meaning that I am on a constant search for energy (yes, yes I am!), where as my Mum was attracted to the blue/purple colours that are typical symbols of relaxation – she finds it almost impossible to relax (unlike me, no problems there) so this diagnosis made complete sense to us. We then had detox massages that were based around these specific emotions and attractions, resulting in a heavenly and most of all healing treatment.

spa shot le telfair

If you aren’t into spending hours in a Spa (who isn’t?!) and feel you are more suited to bracing activities then don’t panic, from kite-surfing to kayaking and paddle boating to personal training there are a myriad of activities to choose from and helpfully nearly all are included in the package of your trip. Take the glass bottom boat out to the extensive coral reef for a viewing platform with a difference and if you are happier with two feet on dry land, an exhilarating self-driven quad bike tour of the nature reserve is a truly enchanting excursion. H&H Tip: Wear a bikini under your clothes as they don’t tell you that a pit-stop at a lagoon, complete with mandatory fable-like waterfall, is on the agenda where you can swim off the heat of the day and the dust from the bikes.

We had wanted a holiday that would detox us both, but we didn’t want to choose a strict, no frills ‘detox specific’ resort, because let’s face it, some of these extraordinarily healthy retreats and resorts do not necessarily end up being much of a holiday! But with its relaxed attitude, inspiring Spa, range of activities and some essential indulgent gourmet experiences – Le Telfair will remain a firm favourite in our eyes for detox and serious relaxation for a long time.

Enjoy 7 nights at Heritage Le Telfair, Mauritius from £1,444 per person, including accommodation in a Deluxe Room, daily breakfast and dinner, private transfers and international flights.  Call Turquoise Holidays on 01494 678400; Visit us at; Email us at [email protected]

beach le telfair


#bootsmakeithappen Twitter Chat

Hip & Healthy Promotion

Yesterday H&H got involved in an exciting #bootsmakeithappen Twitter party with the lovely Jenni Baden Howard of nonstopmama!

We wanted to find out how you were getting on with your newly formed healthy lifestyles and what kept you inspired to stay motivated throughout rainy January! Answers were flying in and we had a blast chatting to all of you! It made us so happy to hear how so many of you are embracing a healthier lifestyle and it was fun to share each others tips and tricks to making healthy living even more delicious and exciting!

H&H want to send out a massive thank you to all those you joined in, to Jenni from nonstopmama and the Handpicked Future team for organising such a great chat!

The H&H Team x

Ultimate Beauty Time Saver: the new Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser

Hip & Healthy Promotion

Slept in a little too long? Got sucked in by another episode of the Kardashians? Hit that snooze button one too many times? Rushing around to get ready in a state of panic, seriously regretting playing ‘just one more round’ on QuizUp? It’s no secret we modern women are busy ladies, running around between meetings and Pilates classes via the nail salon or juice bar. Which also goes to show, we like to look good too.  This can create a problem. How to look our best with such little time? According to a study by The Harley St Clinic, we average a whopping 474 days putting on cosmetics during our lives. That works out as 3 hours, 19 minutes each week! It’s not really surprising, given the amount of lotions and potions we slather onto our skin daily. But then there’s the dreaded aftermath – the waiting for them to sink in, with what seems like hours of constantly touching your skin to see if that stickiness has subsided so you can put some clothes on and get out of the door. Not fun.

But moisturising is an essential part of an effective skin-care regime, and without it skin is dry, lack lustre and signs of ageing are much more visible. So how to save time whilst moisturising to the max? Well, that’s where the new Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturisers will, quite literally, save you precious time and skin stress. These super sprays are revolutionising the way to smooth, soft skin, and are the ultimate beauty buys for busy bees.

Having already taken America by storm, the Vaseline Spray & Go moisturiser is now changing the lives of Britain’s beauties with its one of a kind formula. It is easy to apply (simply spray and you’re on your way!) and won’t leave skin feeling greasy or sticky. Containing pure natural extracts and STratys-3 multi-layer moisture, the lotion is absorbed in seconds – meaning you can apply and get dressed instantly. No more waiting for your moisturiser to sink in whilst standing in your underwear? Sounds good to us.

There are also three different options to choose from – Vaseline Oat Soft, Vaseline Aloe Fresh, and Vaseline Cocoa Radiant. All are dermatologically approved, smell divine and nourish your skin in seconds. They also ensures all areas benefit from it’s moisturising boost, as you can spray those hard to reach places that normally get left out! We recommend using after bathing – simply spray after your shower, give your skin a couple of rubs, et voilà – silky smooth skin without the dreaded stickiness.

So next time you’re in a rush, heading out to work or for weekend drinks, there’s no excuse not to look after your skin. For with the Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturisers, you’ll be left feeling and looking gorgeous in a jiffy, and all without breaking the bank.  Only £4.99 each and available in all leading supermarkets and chemists, it’s the sure-fire way to fabulous feeling skin in a flash. So we say, spray away!

words by Frankie Rozwadowska