Food For Thought At This Pioneering Hotel Group

When I was at university, it always baffled me as to why we would be fed snacks such as biscuits, crisps and fizzy drinks to keep us going through long lectures and revision seminars. Even though I wasn’t quite as passionate about healthy living then, I knew that these foods were making us all crash far quicker than much more wholesome snacks would. Often, we’d all benefit from a burst of energy straight after we’d munched on these high-sugar ‘treats’ only to pay for it later, about 20 minutes later when we’d all be yawning, texting, even sleeping… yes… sleeping!

So it makes total sense that Holiday Inn took a look at what they were handing out during their conferences in order to help people stay engaged for longer periods of time. After lengthy discussions and consulting nutritionists, the Food For Thought menu was born. For which, Holiday Inn has now been recognised for and awarded an accreditation  by Food for the Brain (industry experts in food and cognitive behaviour).

To make sure they were making the right move before they switched up their menus they conducted a study on students attending an all-day seminar. They fed half of the students the new Food For Thought menu and the other half the normal conference food they have been use to dishing out and monitored the students cognitive behaviour. Unsurprisingly perhaps, the study ruled in favour of the Food For Thought menu – which saw students much more engaged and focused and bursting with energy.

The Food For Thought Menu comprises of…

  • Freshly Prepared Dishes – Using quality ingredients prepared in our kitchen by our chefs
  • Nutritionally Balanced – Supporting work performance and aiding energy levels and concentration
  • Responsibly Sourced – Ingredients from British producers or sustainable sources
  • Clear Food Labelling – We’ve made it easy for our guests
  • We Know Our Food – Coeliac, Vegetarian or Dairy free? Our staff know their stuff and are here to help you make the right choices
  • Menu Balance – Plenty of choices throughout the day to suit everyone


The invigorating ‘Food for Thought’ menus have now launched across all 57 IHG Holiday Inn Company Managed Hotels in the UK.

For more information visit:

Hip & Healthy Promotion

If you only do one thing this week…Refuel With Our Favourite Post-Workout Snacks!

Summer is just round the corner and with bikini bodies looming, we’re definitely stepping up our game when it comes to working out! This week we want to talk about the importance of post-workout nutrition. We often associate post workout nutrition with masses amount of scary looking protein powders and bodybuilders aiming to get their biceps as big as their thighs, but there are so many other reasons why you should be refuelling after a session in the gym. And here’s why.

When we exercise, our bodies use up stored energy, usually in the form of glycogen. After a workout we are often depleted in glycogen and feel tired and hungry! Skipping a post-workout snack could lead to some serious munchies later on in the day, throwing you off your healthy eating bandwagon. A massive appetite followed by guilt isn’t a good combo for your body or your mind.

Another reason to consider post-workout nutrition is for repairing your muscles. Ever woken up not being able to walk down the stairs after a killer gym sesh? That is called DOMS (Delayed Onset Of Muscle Soreness). The reason we feel sore the day after a workout is because during exercise, small fibres in our muscles tear (I’m talking teeny tiny here!) and the soreness you feel the next day is your body trying to repair them. Post-workout snacks can help aid the repairing of tired and “damaged” muscles, leaving you feeling slightly less sore the day after!

What should I be looking for in a post workout snack? Protein should be your main focus followed by complex carbohydrates (to replenish lost glycogen stores). Protein provides amino acids that are needed to rebuild and repair muscle tissue that has been damaged during exercise. The amino acids also help increase the absorption of water from the intestines and improve muscle hydration.

Last bit of information, I promise! We’ll get to the good stuff in a minute! Many people get confused when it comes to the timing of your post workout snack. Do you eat straight away? Within one hour? As your doing your last rep?!! Well studies have shown that the first 15-20 minuets after a workout are crucial for refuelling. Your body’s enzymes that that help resynthesize muscle glycogen are most active in that time frame and the longer you wait the longer it will take your body to recover.

Ok, so with that in mind, here our Hip & Healthy’s favourite vegan, plant based protein powders!

Sunwarrior prides itself on being a company that are committed to making only the best plant-based foods and supplements. The chocolate flavour (our fave!) is made up of raw, organic pea, cranberry and hemp protein, and contains organic Dutch cacao.

Pulsin Pea Protein
Pulsin protein powders are all GM and pesticide free and contain no dodgy chemicals. Their pea protein is derived from yellow split peas, a great source of amino acids and vitamins A, B6 and C. We love adding berries to ours to give it a natural sweet kick!

Garden of Life Raw Protein
The Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein takes post workout nutrition to a whole new level. The 100% raw sprout blend contains 17g of protein and 13 organic raw sprouts (amaranth, buckwheat and adzuki bean to name a few!) for an increased daily nutritional profile. The live cultures and raw ingredients mean this company are suitable for vegans with gastrointestinal sensitivities.

We also have considered that there will be times when you’ll be in too much of a rush to make one of these delicious protein smoothies…so we’re sharing some of our favourite snacks that are nourishing for your body and taste pretty good too!

Biona Peanut/Almond Butter
Pop a tub of Biona’s devilishly yummy nut butter in your gym bag along with a banana and you’ve got the perfect post-workout snack that tastes awesome!

Nakd Bars
A handy and totally natural fruit and nut bar that will leave you feeling satisfied after a sweaty gym session. We can’t get enough of the Cocoa Orange flavour!

Bounce Balls
These delicious little balls make a great, energising, nutrient-dense post workout snack. With no artificial flavours, fillers or sugars, you can be sure that Bounce will provide you and your body with nothing but goodness.

words by Molly Jennings

image: Lija Activewear (Coming to our store soon!)

The Low Down on Dairy-Free Milks… we like to call them “Mylks”

There has never been a better time to go dairy-free. If you are lactose intolerant, vegan or choose not to eat dairy for other reasons, the dairy-free alternatives have never been so available or numerous. But the choice between these “mylks” can be a little overwhelming and confusing – which ones are the most nutritious and how do you use them?

Nut Milk
Almond milk has become one of the most popular alternatives to cow’s milk. It is readily available in many shops and more restaurants are starting to offer it too. As well as almonds, “mylk” can be made from other nuts such as cashews and walnuts. These popular non-dairy options have a sweet, nutty taste to them as well as a similar texture to cow’s milk. Almond milk is a good source of vitamin E which is important for healthy skin.

However, these nut milks do not contain the same nutrients as solid nuts – a lot of the protein, fibre and other nutrients are lost during the production process (even more so if it is made in a factory rather than at home). In addition, when buying nut milks it is important to be ingredient-savvy and ensure that there is no sugar or artificial sweeteners and other nasties added to them.

Best for: Smoothies, porridge and baking (see H & H’s recipe for vegan chocolate cake)

Rice Milk

This is the perfect alternative for people with nut allergies or intolerances. Rice milk is made from partially milled brown rice and water and has as much calcium as cow’s milk. It is quite watery (like skim milk) with a slight sweet flavour. Although it doesn’t taste really sweet most rice milks have a high glycaemic index which means that it may cause instability in blood sugar levels and probably isn’t the best choice for a diabetic.

Best for: Baking

Oat Milk
Made from oats and water, oat milk isn’t as creamy as coconut milk but equally isn’t as watery as rice milk – it is a bit like the semi-skimmed version of dairy-free milk. You can taste the “oatiness” and the flavour is similar to that of left-over milk at the bottom of your muesli bowl. Nutritionally, oat milk is high in fibre, folic acid and contains iron. Although generally low in gluten, oat milk isn’t gluten free.

Best for: Porridge (of course) and H & H’s healthy American pancakes 

Flax Milk
One of the newest “mylks” available, flax milk is made from cold pressed flax oil and water. It is very high in omega 3 fatty acids but contains no protein. Omega 3 fatty acids are vital for heart and bone health and have been shown to slow down ageing!

Flax milk has a neutral taste and has a smooth texture meaning it can be added to pretty much anything without altering the other flavours of the food or drink.

Best for: Smoothies and soups

Coconut Milk
Coconuts are one of nature’s serious super foods. In fact, many populations call the coconut tree the “tree of life” because of its incredible health benefits. Coconut milk comes from blending the coconut pulp with water. It has a mild coconut flavour (obviously!) and is deliciously creamy making it a perfect full-fat milk or cream alternative. Plus that “coconutty” flavour and smell, makes you feel as though you are on holiday!

From a nutrition perspective, coconut milk is high in good fats which, according to some research, is easily used as energy by the body and not stored as fat! It also contains lauric acid which has anti-bacterial properties.

Best for: Smoothies, coffees, porridge, soups, baking and H & H’s chia pudding 

Soy Milk

Soy milk is made from soy beans and water and has almost as much protein as cow’s milk. Soy protein is a complete protein meaning it contains all essential amino acids required by our bodies. It has a creamy, smooth texture making smoothies, coffees and drinks taste particularly indulgent.

However, soy has a little bit of a dark side. It is a mass-produced crop meaning a lot of it is produced using pesticides and other chemicals. In addition, many people suffer from intolerances to soy which can have other complications such as digestive issues. Lastly there is concern about how soy affects the hormone balance in our bodies, particularly in relation to sex hormones and fertility. If you decide to drink soy milk stick to an organic, good quality one and drink it sparingly.

Best for: Coffee, soups

Unfortunately, many processed “mylks” contain sugar or some type of sweetener. When buying a carton of “mylk” always look for those that are unsweetened and contain few ingredients (as a rule of thumb, no more than between 3 and 5 ingredients). It is also a good idea to look for organic versions thus avoiding residues of nasty pesticides. And if you have time, why not make your own “mylk”? Oat milk or any nut milk is very easy to whip up and this way, you know exactly what is in it. Oats and nuts should be soaked the night before you milk them and the whole process takes hardly any time. You can also power up your homemade “mylk” by adding super food ingredients such as cinnamon, vanilla or raw cacao. Click here to learn how to make your own delicious almond milk.

words by Kathleen Fleming

Gym Bag Essentials

Bobble Sport Water Bottle – £12.95
This sleek and savvy water bottle is a smart new take on the original Bobble Bottle. With it’s soft-touch integrated cap and portable handle, it’s the perfect Hip & Healthy accessory to keep you hydrated and on top of your workouts!

Tisserand Lavender Cooling Deodorant – £5.75
Smelling a bit stinky after a workout is natural (yes boys, even us girls!). So to combat “Eau De B.O”, we suggest this gorgeously scented lavender deodorant from Tisserand. We love Tisserand because they use ingredients that are ethically sourced and their products contain no aluminium, parabens or synthetic fragrances.

Liz Earle Foot Spritzer – £7.75
Give your tootsies a little freshen up with this minty scented foot spritzer from Liz Earle. The naturally active ingredients including aloe vera, peppermint oil and rosemary essential oils will leave them feeling revitalised after pounding the treadmill!

Peppersmith Mints – £8.10 (pack of six)
Give your breath a minty-fresh kick with Peppersmith mints. Sweetened with xylitol and made without preservatives, colours and aspartame, it’s 100% natural and totally guilt free!

Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Wipes – £3.99, Boots
These Yes To Cucumbers facial towelettes will make a great addition to your gym bag essentials. These soothing wipes are 98% natural, made with compostable, FSC certified fabric and are free from oil, petroleum and parabens! (How cool is that?). Being hypoallergenic, they are also perfect for sensitive skin and are super handy for on-the-go.

Inecto Pure Coconut Dry Shampoo – £4.60
Our hair saviour has got to be dry shampoo, and we reckon you’ll love the Inecto Pure Coconut Dry Shampoo just as much as we do. Made with 100% pure coconut oil, it’s a foolproof way of giving you hair a new lease of life if you’ve got to be out the gym pronto!

Sweaty Betty Flip Flops – £29.00
Venturing into the public showers can be a little gross, so we’ve got a solution… These Sweaty Betty Flip Flops! Shower floors are a watering whole for bacteria and viruses, so to prevent getting any infections, always wear some footwear or protection.

Vivid Matcha Drink, £1.85
Swap your pre-gym coffee for one of these Vivid Matcha drinks for a natural energy boost! Matcha contains caffeine (great for energy) but it also contains L-Theanine, a compound that can help you stay calm whilst feeling alert. No more crazy bursts of energy and no more jitters! Our favourite flavour has to be Lime, Ginger and Honey!

The Gym Bag, Pepper & Mayne, £75 (Limited Edition)
This makes for the perfect chic gym bag. Big enough to pop all your gym needs in it yes also really light so it won’t be another thing weighing you down. We love the python print! Available to buy in our store!

Honestly Healthy Salad Wraps!

The idea behind these wraps is to show you different combinations from recipes throughout the book either as a salad or as a wrap without the bread. But it’s all about preparation; if you have already made some of the recipes below then you can use any leftovers to throw together a quick and easy on-the-go lunch. Throughout the book there are loads of side dishes, dressings and salads that can all become wonderfully tasty combinations. Here are a few to get you started but have a go and be creative… it’s time to put your chef’s hat on.

Step 1 – Start with a pulse or a grain. (Cook according to packet instructions.)

Puy lentils

Red rice


Brown rice

Step 2 – Add a cooked or roasted vegetable.

Rainbow Salad with Roasted Vegetables, see page 205

Masala Roasted Root Vegetables, see page 131

Baked Spiced Aubergine, see page 78

Roasted Rainbow Carrots, see page 110

Roasted butternut squash, from Peach and

Butternut Salad, see page 202

Step 3 – 
Add something raw.

Grated carrot

Grated courgette (zucchini)

Kale massaged with a little lemon juice

Chopped cabbage


Step 4 – 
Add chopped herbs.


Coriander (cilantro)



Step 5 – Add a dressing or a dip

(choose from those on page 82).

Step 6 – Sprinkle with nuts or seeds:

You could add tofu, too, if you like.

Step 7 – Mix it all together.
Either pile your mix on top of a bed of fresh leaves or use as a filling for a wrap made of lightly steamed chard leaves or large iceberg lettuce leaves.


Three of my favourite combinations are:

1 Red rice, aubergine (eggplant) with cinnamon, grated carrot, parsley with Tahini Dressing (see page 82) and pumpkin seeds.

2 Puy lentils, roasted butternut squash, kale, dill, smoked tofu and minty yogurt dressing.

3 Quinoa, roasted rainbow carrots, spinach, chervil, sesame seeds and sweet chilli sauce.

Honestly Healthy For Life: Healthy Alternatives for Everyday Eating by Natasha Corrett and Vicki Edgson. Photography by Lisa Lindner. Published by Jacqui Small, £25.

Fitspiration of May – Danielle Copperman

Welcome to May! It’s that time of the month… (no, not THAT time!). It’s Fitspiration time! This month we’re getting our inspiration from model, blogger and nutritionist, Danielle Copperman. This beauty is all about achieving balance and promoting a healthy and positive attitude when it comes to nutrition. We quiz her about the secrets to a flat tummy and her beauty travel essentials! Enjoy!

When/where did your modelling career begin?
I was scouted on a school trip when I was just about to turn 16. I worked in school holidays and some weekends, travelling to London from my hometown in Bath and staying with family. I left school after completing my A-levels, moved to London and began a full-time career in modelling.

What do you love most about being a model?
There are pros and cons to any job, but I feel so lucky to have fallen into this one as I really enjoy it and every day is different for me. I get bored easily so this works perfectly for me, even if it means not knowing what I’m doing each day until late the evening before. I love meeting new people and this is probably the best part of the job. I have met so many inspiring, encouraging, interesting and creative people. I also travel a lot and can take my modelling career anywhere I go really, so I am grateful for that as I have a severe case of wanderlust.

Have you always had a passion for health and fitness or was it something that you grew into as you began modelling?
Not at all. I used to get home from school and make pasta with cheesy beans and then bake a batch of muffins to snack on before my mum got home to make our evening meal. I never thought twice about what I ate and was lucky enough to stay thin even with things like yum yums, cheese and crisps all a huge part of my diet. When I uprooted myself from my parents home I had to do my food shopping and cook for myself a lot more. I liked this freedom and loved cooking, but I wanted to know exactly what I should be eating and how I could benefit from my food. I was eating all of the wrong kinds of ‘healthy’ products to stay in shape for work and after plenty of research and eventually a diploma in diet and nutrition, I realised this was in fact unhealthy. I completely overhauled my eating habits and overall lifestyle and this is where my passion for health and nutrition began.

Travelling is such a big part of your job, do you have a favourite destination?
No, that’s harder than being asked your favourite movie or meal. Travelling is so important to me and I never, ever want to stop. Everywhere I’ve been has been so unique. I loved new york and felt really at home there. I love venice in la and will always love Italy and France. If I had the chance id go back to Hawaii or the Caribbean with my family as I have the best memories of holidays spent there and am really grateful for the experiences we had. For now, I’m focussing more on where next. I may not have been to my favourite place yet and that inspires me.

What are your beauty essentials when travelling abroad?
Coconut oil to remove my make up. Magnesium Oil to help me sleep in confusing time zones. I love Dr Hauschka rose day cream and always have Hurraw coconut lip balm in my bag wherever I go.

Do you have any flat tummy top tips?
I love doing ab planks and side planks and a 15 minute blast in my living room. I also notice a huge difference when I do more yoga. The boat pose is my favourite and I try and fit in a few minutes of this in the morning. I love doing sprints in the evening and really feel this in my abs. Its also less monotonous than going for a jog.

What 3 foods couldn’t you live without?
Avocado. Fish. Cacao.

You train with SBC (Skinny Bitch Collective). What do you love most about the style of training?
It is so different to any other regime and is far more fun than anything I ever tried to do at the gym. What I love most is that you never know what you’re going to be doing each session. One week you might be running around like a monkey thinking it can’t get much weirder than this, but the next week you’ll be walking like a crab trying to catch another person walking in the same manner. The classes are really fun and have brought together an amazing community of girls. Not to mention the results you see; after 2-3 sessions my tummy is defined and my arms are stronger.

Do you have a favourite power breakfast before lacing up your trainers?
I don’t like to be too full before a run or a workout so for me a smoothie full of essential superfoods is vital. If I have premade a chia pudding I’ll have that to give me more energy, and I’ll always have a side of raw nuts.

Do you have a favourite quote or mantra?
Everything happens for a reason.

Do you have any weaknesses?
I have a weakness for anything sweet and will always cave in to some galaxy chocolate. Some people may view my The OC addiction as a weakness too. It really chills me out though; I have no shame.

What is the best advice you’ve been given?
My mum always says ‘take each day as it comes’. Whenever I’m stressed or worried about something I think about this and it brings me back to the present moment.

How do you relax and wind down after a busy day at work?
I eat out with friends or at my boyfriends – its nice to have someone else cooking for you when life is hectic. Having said that, cooking helps me wind down too and I find baking so therapeutic, especially if I’ve had a bad day. I always try to do 10 minutes of yoga before bed. And if I really need to relax I get out of London and go and stay with my parents in Bath where I grew up.

And finally, what’s your favourite thing from our online Activewear store?
The HPE formula 40 yoga bra.


HPE Yoga Bra, £40


Check out Danielle’s Blog – Model Mange Tout 


Vagisil…It’s time to talk!

promo logo


Ok ladies, let’s talk vaginas. I know most of you would have totally cringed at what I just said. FACT – 42% of woman are uncomfortable even mentioning the word vagina in daily conversation. (See, I just said it again!) Hip & Healthy and Vagisil are on a mission to bring awareness to intimate health and give you ladies more confidence when it comes to talking about it.

Vagisil’s “Let’s Do Something” campaign is a movement towards educating woman on how to deal with intimate problems without feeling silly or embarrassed. Vagisil are proud to have over 40 years of global experience and expertise in woman’s intimate health and they’re passion is to help woman understand more about the health of the vagina and why it’s so important to speak up when something is bothering you.

Vagisil conducted a survey with 1,000 woman and the results showed that educating women on vaginal health definitely needs more attention.

Did you know …

–       There are over 60 causes of vaginal itching.
–       There are as many sweat glands in the vagina as there are in the armpit.
–       The average PH level of a vagina is usually between 4.5 and 5.
–       4 in 10 women have never spoken or talked about their vagina or intimate health with friends or family members.
–       Most women experiencing excessive vaginal discharge would rather buy something from the chemist than go see a doctor.

The last fact will be relatable to a lot of you, summoning the confidence to actually speak to someone can take while. But fear not, Vagisil have you covered while you build your confidence. Their new range of intimate treatment and daily care products are designed to look after you intimate health area in the comfort of your own home. Think about it. You wouldn’t go to bed at night with out washing your face or cleaning your teeth, so why should your vagina be any different?

Check out the collection below –

Odour Control…

Vagisil Odour Shield Intimate Wash (250ml)
To prevent unwelcome aromas, add Vagisil Odour Shield Intimate Wash to your morning routine, with exclusive odour control technology. Simply use daily in the shower to keep fresh all day. This wash is pH balanced and gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin. It is also enriched with anti-bacterial tea tree oil and a skin soothing botanical blend of Aloe, Calendula and Chamomile.

RRP £5.50 Available from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and selected independent pharmacies

Vagisil Odour Shield Intimate Spray (125ml)

Unwelcome odours can be prevented with Vagisil Odour Shield Intimate Spray. With exclusive Odour Control Technology, it doesn’t just cover up odour, it eliminates it. Gynaecologist tested, it contains no nasties such as colour, alcohol, talc or added parabens. And it’s mild enough to be used daily to prevent odour from happening and give you a long lasting, light and clean scent.

RRP £5.00 Available from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco and selected independent pharmacies


Vaginal pH…

Vagisil pH Balance Intimate Wash (250ml)
Only Vagisil pH Balance Intimate Wash has LactoPrebiotic™ to help support a healthy vaginal pH, an important step towards good intimate health. Gentle enough for sensitive skin with no colours or added parabens, it also has a skin soothing botanical blend of Aloe, Calendula and Chamomile.

RRP £5.50 Available from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Asda and selected independent pharmacies


Rash, Itching or Irritation…

Vagisil Dual Action Intimate Wipes
These wonder wipes are an essential handbag hero to stay fresh when on the go. Clinically tested, with a skin soothing botanical blend of Chamomile and Calendula, they soothe irritating discomfort while providing a gentle cleansing action. They contain natural anti-bacterial Tea Tree Oil, are pH balanced and have no colours or added parabens, so are kind enough for daily use. Plus they are flushable and individually wrapped so are super discreet.

RRP £4.50 (for a pack of 12 individually wrapped, flushable wipes). Available from Superdrug, Tesco, Boots and selected independent pharmacies

Vagisil Medicated Creme (30g)

Vagisil Medicated Creme provides fast, effective, soothing relief from intimate itching, burning and irritation. Its unique formulation is lightly scented, non-staining and non-greasy.

RRP £4.50 Available from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Wilkinsons and selected independent pharmacies

Moisture, Sweat & Chafing…

Vagisil Moisture Shield Intimate Powder (100g)
Vagisil Moisture Shield Intimate Powder absorbs moisture and helps prevent odour. Simply apply daily after your bath or shower or sprinkle on knickers or panty liners for extra protection. Your skin will be left soothed and you’ll feel fresh, clean and odour free. Plus, its’ unique formula helps stop irritation and chafing.

RRP £5.00 Available from Boots and selected independent pharmacies

For more information and advice on how to feel more comfortable with your vagina, go to Vagisil.

If You Only Do One Thing This Week…Get Younger Looking Skin With These Anti-Aging Superfoods!

Getting older seems to cost quite a lot. We spend an absolute fortune on the latest creams and serums in attempt to keep wrinkles and fine lines firmly underneath the surface! Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely a time and a place for anti-aging lotions and potions and I think there are some amazing products that really do help, but here at Hip & Healthy, we also believe that treating beauty through health is just as important. The food we put in our bodies is incredibly powerful and it can easily be the making or the breaking of our skin health. Below are some of our favourite anti-aging superfoods that we love to include in to our lifestyle.

Blueberries are awesome! Not only do they taste good, they are also the perfect anti-aging superfood. We’ve all heard that blueberries are one of the best sources for antioxidants but what are antioxidants exactly and why are they important for our skin? Antioxidants are shown to protect the skin against damaging, free radicals. These free radicals can be found anywhere from fumes in polluted cities to pesticides on our food…(a great reason to opt for organic food where possible) Get you blueberry fix with our Get Up & Glow Smoothie!

We wanted to include oats in this anti-aging list because it’s a great combat to sugar. Studies have found sugar (the evilest of substances!) can cause inflammation to the skin. Sugar, found in high glycaemic foods, has also been shown to break down collagen, affecting our skins elasticity. Bring on the oats! Oats help stabilise our blood sugar levels and helps to slow down the rate sugar enters our blood stream. Porridge for breakfast? Oh all right, if you insist!

Oranges are famous for their vitamin C content and this is what makes them a brilliant anti-aging food. Vitamin C helps promote collagen and has been found to help protect the skin against sun damage, another factor that contributes to anti-aging. Fresh out of the skin is the way to go, or if you fancy something a little more refreshing, get squeezing and chuck in some ice cubes!

Olive Oil
Olive oil is a fantastic treatment for giving our skin plumpness and glow! Olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids and these healthy fats help replace the oils that get striped away from things like commercial soaps and hair products, and the ever changing climate. As well as giving your salad a good drizzling, we love making homemade facemasks with it!

What are these little hippie seeds doing in this list you might ask? Well hempseeds are a great source of gamma-linoleic-acid (bit of a mouthful), an anti-inflammatory fat that forms a part of the membrane that surrounds the skin cells. We also recommend adding hempseeds into your diet because of it’s protein content. With one tablespoon of hempseeds adding up to just over 5 grams of protein, it’s an ideal, vegan form of protein that helps keep the skin firm and soft. Sprinkle in to your morning smoothie for a superfood kick!

Coconut Water
Our last and final anti-aging superfood is coconut water! Staying hydrated is the key to youthful looking skin and it’s a delicious way to do it! Coconut water is full of electrolyte minerals like magnesium, sodium and potassium which help the body maintain fluid levels. Staying hydrated will work wonders for your skin and it’s amazing how much of a difference once small change can make. This one’s a no-brainer for us! For the real coconut experience, go for CocoFace Coconuts…and if you’re looking for a convenient gym bag essential, get your hands on some Jax Coco!



Vegan Coconut Cream Tarts with a Raw Chocolate Base

recipe by Saskia Gregson-Williams

This dessert combines two of my favourite things; coconut cream and raw chocolate. The base is made from a combination of pecans, raw cacao powder and medjool dates, which tastes like a raw brownie (#yum)! It’s full of plant protein and fibre which helps to keep your blood sugar levels steady, keeping you fuller for longer. The middle is a coconut cream, which is like clotted cream, but much lighter – and far healthier! 

This raw dessert takes no time to make and always goes down a treat. 

Serves: 4



1 cup pecans

3 tbsp  raw cacao powder

1/2 cup medjool dates

pinch salt

Coconut cream middle:

1 can coconut milk (frozen two hours before making)

3 tbsp pure maple syrup

Toppings to choose from:


Cacao Nibs




* Make sure you have frozen the coconut milk before making.

1) Make the base by adding the pecans and cacao powder to the food processor, process until a fine flour forms, then add the medjool dates and blend again until a sticky dough forms. Press the mixture into four mini tart tins and place to set in the fridge.

2) Remove the coconut milk from the fridge and scoop it into a blender, discard the watery residue, don’t blend it.

3) Add the maple syrup into the blender and blend until smooth.

4) Pour the mixture evenly in the different tarts and top with your favourite toppings (I love banana slices & and place in the fridge for a couple hours to set, or if you’re truly impatient enjoy right away!).

cream tarts vegan

Berry Delicious! – Hip & Healthy’s Favourite Berry Beauty Buys!

One of our (many) favourite things about the summer season, is the addition to our diet of the ripe and juicy berry.  A delicious mouthful of antioxidant goodness packed full of essential vitamins, minerals and loaded with nutrients. So as we move into May, the official start of the British berry season, what better way to celebrate these nutritional powerhouses than by taking a look at our pick of the best berry-licious beauty products.


Cowshed Cranberry Seed Rejuvenating Facial Oil

Best for the benefits of cranberry
Cowshed Cranberry Seed Rejuvenating Facial Oil – £36.00
This rejuvenating and toning blend is great for firming skin, enriched with age-resisting rose absolute and neroli essential oils. Made with cranberry seed oil, which contributes to the lipid barrier protection of the skin, it effectively assists in moisture retention for a gorgeous glow. Packed with omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and powerful antioxidants, this potent mix firms and deeply moisturises.


Jo Malone

Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay Home Candle

Best for a bunch of blackberries
Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay home candle – £42.00
A childhood favourite that ranks highly in vitro antioxidant strength, we’ll have to wait for this British berry, as it typically grows from June to November. In the meantime, Jo Malone has the perfect offering to tide you through with their Blackberry & Bay candle, which gives a burst of deep, tart blackberry juice blended with the freshness of just-gathered bay and brambly woods. What’s more, the much-loved scent has had a makeover from acclaimed wallpaper and textile designer Michael Angove and the limited edition designed jar illustrates the layered interest in the British countryside.



Kiehls Acai Damage Repairing Serum

Best for an abundance of acai Berry
Kiehl’s Acai Damage Repairing Serum – £37.00
Due to their exceptional antioxidant content, acai berries effectively slow the process of ageing and prevent diseases related to cellular oxidative damage. Packed with nutrients, this concentrated serum quickly penetrates the skin’s surface to help repair the visible signs of damage to tone and texture, caused by sun exposure and other environmental aggressors.


Dr Jart

Dr Jart+ BB Beauty Balm

Best for a blast of blueberry
Dr Jart+ Platinum BB Cream SPF 30 – £15.00
This small berry has huge health benefits from boosting brainpower to fighting disease, with many nutritionists saying if you add one thing to your diet – it has to be blueberries. Giving high coverage from a light application, this wonder balm is for those concerned with the first signs of ageing, as it’s packed with antioxidants and as blueberry fruit extract to protect and perfect skin.



Neutrogena Nourishing Body Balm with Nordic Berry

Best for a handful of cloudberry
Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Nourishing Body Balm with Nordic Berry – £3.99
This Scandinavian super-fruit is known for its antioxidant powers, packed full of vitamin C and known to survive extreme Arctic temperatures – making it extremely resilient. The glycerin rich formula of this body balm instantly relieves dry skin, helping to restore its natural barrier to leave it soft, nourished and hydrated.
Available in stores nationwide



Rodial STEMCELL Super Food Day Cream

Best for a boost of Goji berry
Rodial Stemcell Super-food Day Cream SPF15 – £49.00
Famed as the most nutritionally dense fruit on earth, the goji berry is also renowned in China for its ability to naturally preserve itself and maintain a beautiful, vibrant texture despite being subjected to the elements. This illuminating moisturiser from Rodial uses the goji berry to hydrate skin for complete nourishment with a super-food complex containing Rose Hip Seed Oil, Wheat Germ Oil and Pomegranate Extract.

words by Amelia Perkins