A Lesson In Chi Running!

There are lots of things in life that we do without thinking and running is certainly one of them. Most of us grab our trainers, plug-in and pound the pavement until we feel we’ve “done our bit” for the day and can slope home feeling satisfied. A natural consequence of our busy lifestyles, if we’re not paying attention to how are bodies are behaving then this approach could be doing more harm than good. London based Chi running instructor, ultra-marathon runner and all round lovely man Gray Caws tells us how, and why, it’s time to go back to the drawing board to re-think our modern running style.

Humans are designed to be naturally efficient runners for survival and yet, many runners – myself included, complain of aches and pains in the feet, ankles, knee joints and lower back. Clearly something isn’t right. Chi running incorporates the movement principles of T’ai Chi for a more efficient and mindful performance. The idea is that we should alter our posture in order to engage the core muscles which in turn relaxes the arms and legs. To kick start my 1-2-1 session, Gray took me to the park to film me running. Everything was captured on camera: posture, cadence, shoulder alignment, arm movement – there was no hiding. Then it was back to the classroom to unpick the footage. It was clear that I had a tendency to swing my arms across my body which, I confess, was news to me. Gray explained that the unnecessary twisting of the spine was probably the cause of soreness at the base of my spine and that the arms should be pointing forward in alignment with the legs and core. Sounds simple- sure, but I have since observed countless runners making the same mistake.

So, what will you gain from this new approach? Well, you’ll limit any unnecessary expenditure of energy or overworking of the legs meaning, quite simply, that you can go for longer – great if you enjoy distance running or want to up your mileage to increase the challenge. Most importantly, making small adjustments to address any bad habits will avoid unnecessary stress on the body which could lead to injury. That said, perhaps the most poignant pieces of wisdom imparted on me by Gray was the importance of enjoying exercise rather than doing it as a temporary measure to drop a dress size or simply because I’d feel guilty otherwise. Whilst modern schools of thought will always have their sceptics, no one can deny that, in a society where we’re faced with an inescapable pressure to look good, we can all benefit from taking the time to rediscover the simple, rejuvenating joy of movement.

Gray offers both group, 1-2-1 sessions and workshops. Head to www.n8pt.com for more information.

words by Alexandra Salisbury

image: Tully Lou from the Hip & Healthy Activewear Store! Shop the look here!

If You Only Do One Thing this Week… Reap The Amazing Benefits Of Coconuts This Summer!

It seems the UK, London especially, has turned into a tropical climate over the last week so it’s not surprising we’ve been a little obsessed with the wonders of coconut! (Hey, it does feel like we’re in the Caribbean!). Apart from coconuts having a wonderful association with dessert islands and glistening blue oceans, we love its ability to nourish the body in so many different ways. If there’s ever a season to get the most out of coconuts, it’s definitely summer! Hip & Healthy shows you why!

If you’re looking for something that’s going to give you baby-soft skin and a summer glow to die for, you cannot beat coconut oil as a natural moisturiser for the skin. It’s super nourishing, plus you’ll also smell heavenly!

Hair Saviour
Is your hair feeling dry and brittle from too much sun or chlorine? Then grab a tub of coconut oil and bung it in your shower. Coconut oil makes for fantastic hair masks, which will leave your locks feeling silky smooth and luscious. It’s also great to use as a conditioner and even to moisturise dry ends after a long day at the beach!

Makeup Remover
The heat can make your skin quite sensitive so when you feel like you need a break from your regular makeup remover, give coconut oil a go. It gently strips away makeup and dirt without causing aggravation, particularly around the eye area.

I know it’s been said over and over, but coconut water really is one of the best drinks you can have for staying hydrated in hot weather. It’s loaded with electrolytes like sodium and is a great pick-me-up after a workout or long haul flight.

Speaking of flying…Lets face it, the air con on planes is pretty strong and it can really dry out your skin. Not helpful for achieving that coveted summer glow! Many celebs like to use coconut water as a hydrating facial toner to smooth the skin and give it a surge of moisture while travelling. We’re totally on board with that! (Pun not intended!)

Forget store bought scrubs…why not make your own? Simply melt some coconut oil and mix in some brown sugar (quantity depending on how gritty you want it to be), and massage away! It’s a super easy and cost effective way to exfoliate, just be careful not to eat it!

After Sun Lotion
Feeling a little bit sore or just want to refresh your skin after a day in the sun? Applying coconut oil can help cool and calm your skin and has been know to significantly reduce the appearance and pain of minor burns. Just when you thought coconut oil couldn’t get any better it becomes a natural alternative to after sun lotion!

words by Molly Jennings





Heartcore Opens A New Studio In Fulham!

For all the Pilates loving readers out there, we come bearing good news – the increasingly popular Heartcore, have opened a new studio in Fulham!

Heartcore classes are all about bringing together fun and fitness while making sure that workouts are always the most effective they can be! The founder of Heartcore, Jess Schuring, had a vision of developing a totally holistic workout experience that was exciting and motivating, and kept her clients interested in their own overall wellbeing, as well as delivering the ever important results!

Jess began her health and fitness journey in Santa Monica, California at the National Personal Training Institute. Once highly qualified, she then began personal training, and with her clients’ results selling themselves, it is hardly surprising that she was in high demand! Luckily for us, however, Jess had visions of offering something more, and relocated to London to try her hand at a new type of workout – and so, Heartcore was born!

Full body, dynamic classes for workouts leaving you toned and tightened from head to toe are available in the form of Reformer Pilates (for both beginners and the more experienced), Barre, Cyclecore, Kettlecore and TRX at Heartcore – and this diverse range of workouts means that you are more than likely to find something to truly challenge your mind and body!

With gorgeous studios already in Kensington, Chelsea, Hampstead and Notting Hill, Heartcore have now also ticked the Fulham box so for the South Londoners out there, this really is a must-try!

Book your class here!

words by Olivia Murphy

Chili Salmon Burgers with Courgette Salad

Chili Salmon Burgers with Courgette Salad by The Detox Kitchen

(Serves 4)

For the burgers

4 salmon fillets, skin removed

1 thumb sized piece of ginger, peeled and roughly chopped

Zest of 2 limes

1 handful coriander

2 spring onions, roughly chopped

2 red chilies, deseeded and roughly chopped

1 egg

1 tbsp. rapeseed oil

1 tbsp. wheat-free flour


For the salad

3 courgette

1 red pepper, finely sliced

2 handfuls edamame

10 runner beans, finely sliced

1 tsp. olive oil

Juice of 1 lemon




For the dressing 

1 handful spinach

½ red chili

1 thumb sixed piece of ginger, peeled

1 spring onion

1 clove garlic, peeled

1/2 tsp. salt

1 tsp. sesame oil

Juice 2 limes


To Make

Preheat your grill to a medium heat.  To make the burgers, finely dice the salmon fillets and place them in a bowl. Place the rest of the ingredients (apart from the flour) in a blender and blitz to a rough paste. Add this to the salmon and mix well. Then add in the flour and mix through. Form into four patties and place on a baking tray. Now place this under the grill for cook them for 12 minutes on each side until golden.  Meanwhile, to prepare the salad, either slice your courgette finely or use a julienne peeler to create the thin strips.  Place the courgette noodles in a large bowl and add in the edamame, peppers and runner beans. Drizzle with a little olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper and mix through with your hands.To make the dressing. very finely chop all of the ingredients and combine with the oil and lime juice. To serve, simply drizzle this over the salad and serve with the hot salmon burgers.

Hip & Healthy Guide to Paris

We love Paris! But it is certainly not known for being healthy. That said, over the years we have unearthed a few gems plus we ask top Nutritionist Madeleine Shaw (her clients include the glowing Millie Mackintosh and rather gorgeous Caggie Dunlop)  who lived there for her best places to eat, shop and work out!


Park Hyatt
Perfectly located near the Jardin Tuileries and the River Seine (all-important for that morning run), the Park Hyatt is one of the most perfect places to stay. It’s spa offers an array of decadent face and body treatments using much-loved Creme de la Mer, a brand that has become known for its innovative use of sea kelp (totally hip & healthy) to get fantastic cosmetic results. When you are not being pampered with this pioneering product, why not relax in the Sauna, steam room or work up a sweat in the gym. This five-star luxury hotel also benefits from a sweet courtyard garden – a wonderful place to take tea (they’ll ask if you want milk or soya with that). Plus the breakfast is also worth a mention which is abundant in fruit, gluten-free cereals and gluten-free bread. Ces’t parfait! 5 Rue de la Paix, Paris, France, 75002; Tel: +33 1 5871 1234; www.paris.vendome.hyatt.com Nightly rates at Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme start from 600€* for a double room including VAT, excluding breakfast. To make a reservation please call +33 1 5871 1234; email [email protected]

Le Bristol
A stay at the Bristol won’t be forgotten in a hurry (but be warned… your bank balance won’t forget it for a while either). Set on, what can only be described as Paris’s answer to Bond Street this is a haven of calm and tranquility from the bustling city. Have lunch in their beautiful walled garden, where you can order anything from fish to salad, or both. The rather spectacular swimming pool is situated on one of the top floors and affords amazing views over the city beyond. The spa, which comprises of 8 treatment rooms, a hair salon, and a fitness centre, uses La Prairie products and even comes with a kid’s club to keep the little ones occupied when you need your relaxation time! Le Bristol Paris,112 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré, 75008 Paris. Tel: +33 (0)1 53 43 43 00, www.lebristolparis.com

MADDY SAYS: Until recently I was living in the wonderful city of Paris. Being a nutritionist, when I first got the job, I was daunted to be living in the land of bread, cheese, and cream. However, I was amazed to discover the incredible emergence of real healthy living in this beautiful city once famed for it’s rich food and fine wine. Here are some of my faves…


Au Grain de Folie
A vegetarian and vegan hub. This cheery place has a menu that’s pretty much macrobiotic, with lots of different types of veggies cooked and presented in many mouthwatering ways. One of their meals does contain fish (it’s delicious), and they also have amazing juices to compliment your meal. 24, rue de Vieuville, 75018. Tel. 01 42 58 15 57. Open Tuesday – Sunday, 1:00pm -2:30, and 7:30-10:30.

Phyto Bar
This innovative spot hosts delicious organic meat, wild fish, organic veggies, as well as beautiful organic wine and champagne! 47, Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75005. Tel: 01 44 07 36 99. Open daily from 12pm – 12am.

La Chandelle Verte
This place has the elegance and scrumptiousness of a typical French Bistro, but is bursting with nourishing, organic goodness. 40 rue d’Enghien, 75010. Tel: 01 47 70 25 44. Open Monday to Friday, for lunch only, from noon until 2pm.

Bob’s Kitchen
This place had the coolest energy! Drop in here for freshly pulped bespoke juices. They have great, comforting vegetarian food too. 74 rue de Gravilliers; 75003. Open Mon-Fri 08-3pm. Sat-Sun 10-4pm.

American-style restaurant where you can get a great organic piece of steak. All their meat is organic and hormone-free. There’s outdoor seating, and wonderful opulent interiors. Heavenly setting for a hearty meal. 173 Boulevard Saint-Germain, Tel. 75006. +33 1 44 77 76 00


NaturaliaLa Vie Bio, Bio GénérationBioCoop are scattered all over Paris. They contain the usual things you hope to find at health food stores: fresh produce, healthy snacks, chemical-free toiletries and yummy smoothies.

The mecca for organic shopping can be found just outside of Paris at Les Nouveaux Robinsons; this houses everything organic you could dream up and much, much more. I think it’s what every supermarket should be like! Address: Place de la Republique, 93100 Montreuil-sous-Bois. Open Mon – Sat. 10am-8pm. 

One of our favourite activewear brands (we sell it here), which actually originated in Canada, has a massive following in Paris. Join one of their White Yoga Tours for an amazing display of group yoga – it often takes place somewhere super cool such as a museum or major art gallery. Plus the store also offers complimentary classes. Atelier Lole, 9 Rue des Blancs Manteaux, Paris, 75004. Tel: +33 14 27 81 824, www.lolewomen.com


Raspail Market 
This is the most amazing market I have ever experienced; it’s loaded with magnificent fruits, vegetables, organic meat, dairy and nuts from local gardens, and all over the world. Nearly forty vendors are on site, with some of the finest biological products. Boulevard Raspail, Entre la rue du Cherche-Midi et la rue de Rennes, 75006 Paris. Open Sundays: 9am – 2pm.

Marché Biologique Batignolles 
Another organic paradise. This place has more food than the eyes or stomach can handle. Highlights are amazing stalls serving hot healthy crepes, as well as delicious organic goat’s yogurt. Boulevard des Batignolles, 75017 Paris. Open Saturdays: 9am – 2pm.


Rasa Yoga
The most incredible sanctuary that offers yoga and Pilates classes, running around the clock. Some of the classes are taught in English, however do give a French class a go, as it’s quite an adventure. They also have a wonderful store full of beautiful mats, books, and clothing. Its tranquil energy will leave you ohmming! 21 Rue Saint-Jacques  75005, Tel. 01 43 54 14 59.

Cross Fit Gym This the coolest place to work up a sweat. There are classes running all day. This gym is not for the faint-hearted, however there is always a modified version. Check out my post on Cross Fit  for full details. 51 Rue Etienne Marcel 75001 Tel. +33 6 20 62 77 40.

The Parisians are a healthy nation as they walk everywhere. It’s the most amazing city to wander around. On every corner, there’s a treat for the eyes, from beautiful churches, to meandering cobbled streets or lovers kissing… Get strolling!

words by Madeleine Shaw


Say Hello to Summer With Spanish Tapas from Lidl

promo logo

Nothing quite says summer has arrived like an evening outdoors in the late-evening sunshine sharing great food and good wine with friends. Which is why we were super excited to learn of Lidl’s new Spanish tapas food range, Sol & Mar. To celebrate we have put together what we think is a totally hip and healthy take on Spanish tapas food made with super nourishing ingredients from Lidl and, yes we admit it, a little wine (more on that below) because, let’s face it, something nothing beats great wine, great food and an evening of sunshine…

Some of our favourite Tapas dishes:

Nectarine, melon, and walnut salad dressed with great Spanish olive oil: In true tapas form we are throwing in some fruits with our salad to make it juicy and sweet. The walnuts add a lovely bit of crunch as well as adding protein to this dish.

Serrano Ham (£1.29) and Melon: Did you know that Melon is full of wonderful health boosting Vitamin A in the form of carotenoids and have about 30 time the beta-carotene of oranges, which will work wonders for your night vision!

Visigodo Rueda D.O. Tempranillo Red Wine – on offer for £4.99: Yes it is true, when drunk in moderation, red wine can be good for you due to its reservatrol content which is also know to keep skin looking young! (Luxury skincare brand Caudalie use it in their facial products).

So & Mar Olives: A true sign of a great Spanish dish is olives. We like to eat them as they come with a little salt. Did you know that olives use to be used in traditional herbal medicine as an anti-inflammatory?

Gluten-free bread toasted and topped with anchovy (34p each), olive and tomato (£1.89) tapenade: Totally delicious and a great source of oils, protein and antioxidants – this dish is as tasty as it is healthy – just go easy on the salt.

For more info visit http://www.lidl.co.uk/en/2486.htm

Available in store from July 17th.

If You Only Do One Thing This Week… Follow These Top Healthy Instagram Accounts!

Instagram is so awesome isn’t it? Who would have thought a small, picture-sharing app could be so successful and (very) addictive?! Not only has it enabled people to connect with like-minded people, it’s also enabled communities like ours to motivate and inspire people in a positive way. Instagram is such a great tool for when you’re lacking that little bit of inspiration, (especially in the kitchen department!), so below are some of our favourite accounts that inspire us on a daily basis!

The queen of plant-based living, Ella Woodward began her quest for a healthier way of life while suffering from a rare illness, Postural Tachycardia Syndrome. After failing to heal through conventional medicine she turned towards natural healing approaches. After years of a predominately sugar-based diet, she made a drastic, overnight decision to cut out all sugar, dairy, meat and gluten and has never looked back. Now a fully fit, strong and healthy being, she has set out to change the way people thing about plant based diets by creating a blog where she shares her latest, delicious recipes (all self taught!). For drool-worthy breakfasts and delicious smoothie recipes, give her a follow!

This passionate foodie is all about eating as close to nature as possible and does so in the most scrumptious fashion! Charlotte proves that eating healthily doesn’t have to be boring and bland… in fact quite the opposite. Her talent in creating heavenly healthy alternatives to sugar-laden treats is what makes her stand out!

The wonderful Calgary (wellbeing and contributing editor at British Vogue) is a must follow for news on the latest spinning studio to hit town as well as the chicest places to eat if you’re a veggie! She’s educating the world on why going sugar free is the best thing you could possibly do for your body and we’re totally with her!

For a no-nonsense approach to a wholesome way of living, you’ve got to check out @Shecanteatwhat…Founder, 21 year old Emma, chose to not let IBS control her life and has since gone gluten free and follows the low-FODMAP diet in order keep her tummy troubles at bay. Her simple and easy to follow recipes ensure even the busiest of bees can eat with their health in mind! 

Nutritionist and yoga teacher in training, Madeleine Shaw is your go to girl for super healthy recipes with lots of useful, insightful tips to achieving “the glow”! Having been through the whole counting calorie, depriving way of living, she’s transformed her mind and her vision is to help her followers do the same! Go girl!

One of the prettiest insta accounts out there is @Nutritionablebite…! Apart from her recipes being amazingly nourishing and tasty, her imagery is to die for! We love the effort that goes into her pictures and she has the ability to make us crave anything from her Cinnamon Spiced Apple Buckwheat Pancakes to her Healthy Vegan Coconut & Raspberry “Cheesecake”, even if it is 10 o’clock at night!

Former Hip & Healthy Food Editor, co-writer of our E-Book “In The Hip & Healthy Kitchen” and sister to Editor, Sadie, Saskia has ventured out into the big wide (and healthy) world and her instagram page shows just how successful she has become! This ballerina in training wants to prove just how easy it can be to live a clean, delicious vegan lifestyle even if you’re an aspiring athlete! She advocates eating as natural and as organic as possible and we’re with her all the way!

If you’re looking to give your workouts a serious makeover then you have to check out @Censkiii! She’s always got a new and fun way to exercise even if you’re at home! She’s all about #strongnotskinny and if her gorgeous bod doesn’t motivate you then we don’t know what will! Follow her for fat torching workouts and HIIT to the max!

This Swedish beauty started her blog, Fitness On Toast to share healthy recipes, offer nutritional tips and give informative workout ideas for anyone wanting to embrace a healthier way of living. Her personal training background enables her to link healthy eating to a active lifestyle even when travelling abroad. We think she’s awesome and we hope you do too!

words by Molly Jennings

Image from: http://girlswithvintagecameras.tumblr.com

Denise Van Outen Tells Us How She Stays Healthy And Fit Inbetween Her busy Schedule!

You were a natural performer from a very young age, what do you love most about being on stage?
I think the thing that I enjoy the most about stage performance is the buzz I get from it being live and the fact that anything can go wrong! I love how you can have an instant reaction from the audience rather than being behind a camera and not feeling any of that. It’s the adrenaline that I enjoy!


How do you keep your energy levels up for shows and performances?
It’s a lot to do with making sure you look after yourself. These days, I like to snack on things like almonds, rather than sugary snacks. Also, most of the shows I perform in I sing, and that’s a big factor because there are a lot of things you can’t have because it affects your singing voice. I think once you do change your eating habits and reap the benefits, then it makes you not want to revert back to what you’ve left behind.


You work schedule must be jammed packed, how do you fit in exercise around work and being a mother?
I treat exercise as part of my job really, and I think you have to with any form of exercise. I love to do a big physical challenge every year for charity because it’s the only way I can keep focused and make sure that I do some sort of exercise! This year I’m going to be cycling from Vietnam to Cambodia, which means that because I’ve committed to it and people are sponsoring me, I know that I have to go out and do the training for it!


Do you like to stick to any specific eating habits?
I always make sure I eat lots of fruit and vegetables and I grow my own veg down in the country. I do tend to relax on the weekend though! I also don’t really have a sweet tooth so I don’t like having desserts or chocolate really, I’m much more of a savoury girl!


What does a healthy body mean to you?
A healthy body to me is when you are happy with your body and you feel like that when you’re looking after yourself. It gives you confidence when you do look after your body and that only comes with eating healthily and exercising.


What’s your favourite thing to snack on when your on the move?
When I’m on the move I snack on almonds and I have done for the past few years because I’m very aware of the benefits. It’s also really easy! I have a little tin that I keep them in and a I like to snack twice a day, mid morning and sometimes late afternoon. There always in my hand bag!


What are your top beauty essentials that you never leave home without?
Well, being an Essex girl, it’s always makeup! Because I’ve got fair eyelashes, MAC’s black mascara works wonders, it just makes my eyes look really awake. I like to have a bronzer too as I like to have a bit of a glow!


What’s the most important thing to have in your workout wardrobe?
It depends on what I’m actually doing but I think footwear is really important, especially for running. There are so many styles out there and I think you can cause yourself injuries if you don’t have the right foot wear.


Do you have a favourite mantra or quote you like to stick by?
One of the things somebody said to me at school which I like to apply to everything I do, be it work or exercise, is “What you put in, you get out”. You know, if you put the time and the effort in, you’ll reap the rewards… I like to stick to that.


Can you describe your perfect holiday destination?|
Well it depends… because I’m a Gemini, I like two different things! If I’m going to have a beachy relaxing holiday, it’s got to be the Maldives. But I’m equally as happy if I’m trekking through the jungle with a rucksack and my trekking boots. I’m a bit of a tomboy at heart!


You’ve got a group of your best girlfriends coming over for dinner, what’s on the menu?
I would cook something really easy like a lovely, healthy, veggie pasta dish using all the veg from my garden.

Denise Van Outen has teamed up with California Almonds to launch the Snack Happy + Challenge, which encourages women to snack on a handful of almonds, combined with different tasty ingredients for 21 days to see how it makes them feel. To get inspired visit www.Almonds.co.uk and tweet your progress using #snackhappy 

Evolve Wellness Centre – Restore Your Inner Spark!

Sporting testimonials from Vanity Fair and Vogue, who praise the centre as a “’yoga-for-all’ urban sanctuary”, and “A brand new hub for wellbeing in the heart of South Kensington with some of the most sought-after treatments, therapists and yoga teachers in the country”, you might say that my expectations for Evolve Wellness Centre were high.

And so, with my yoga mat and pants at the ready, I discovered the unassuming centre tucked peacefully away from the busy Brompton Road, nestled inconspicuously in Kendrick Mews. The front door instructed me to ‘take a deep breath…’ and with that, I crossed the threshold with anticipation. On arrival, I instantly felt a sense of calm and serenity. With the soothing sounds of meditation music welcoming me into the reception room, I helped myself to some complimentary mint tea and politely removed my shoes (those of you who are regular retreat- lovers will understand this as standard protocol). Within minutes I was greeted by Anna Schultz, a yoga instructor and intern at Evolve, who was delighted to give me a tour of the centre. As we both glided bare footed from studio to studio, I learned that each room was strategically unique. Different capacities, lighting, temperatures and window surface area provide a specific ambience, mood and energy required for each discipline.

Indeed, the variety of classes available at Evolve is extensive, ranging from the common practice of Vinyasa Flow and Pilates, to more unusual classes such as ‘Gong bath’, ‘Iyengar’, and ‘Kundalini’ yoga. However, Evolve is not purely a place for exercise, but a sanctuary for the soul too. I was taken into a seminar room, where Anna explained that clients can discuss ‘living the law of attraction’ and enjoy self-help classes such as ‘reconnecting to the feminine’. What’s more, the centre also offers a broad selection of treatments such as homeopathy, cranio-sacral therapy and acupuncture to name a few.

Finally, Anna introduced me to Adrian Kowal, one of the founders of the centre. He was delighted that I had chosen to take the ‘Forrest Yoga’ class that evening, and reassured me that I was not only in for an enjoyable, challenging experience, but a profound, emotional one too. Adrian clarified that Forrest Yoga was a modern style based on Hatha yoga, created by and named after Ana T. Forrest. It was this American yogini who wished to base the style on four principles: breath, strength, integrity and spirit, which enables healing powers to nourish the ‘emotional body’. By encouraging each individual to breathe into places where they feel stagnant energy, this provides liberation to emotional issues stored there. Serious stuff. I started to think that Forrest yoga was more than I had signed up for. Yet, when I took part in the class itself, I was pleasantly surprised that it was anything but intimidating. Many of the moves resembled those practiced in other yoga styles, such as Ujjayi breath and tucking the tailbone, while others were unique to this style, particularly the practice of relaxing the neck and wrapping the shoulders. The overall emphasis was on breath work (my particular favourite was ‘lion’s breath’) and muscle strengthening (I managed to hold a full backbend for five whole breaths!). Most significant however, was the emphasis on gratitude, love and acceptance of self. For me, these were the most poignant moments of the class. As a result, I felt both fulfilled yet challenged, strong and empowered, and I even allowed myself to shed a little tear. Adrian was right – a profound, emotional class indeed.

With a clear, conscious mind, I left the centre feeling at my optimum potential and happiness. Evolve Wellness Centre is certainly a little haven of joy. As I reflected upon the new-found spring in my step as I ambled back towards South Kensington tube, I made the conscious decision that it would not be my last visit to the centre.  Feeling alive and at one with myself, Evolve has earned a well -deserved place in my Hip and Healthy lifestyle.  Need to restore your inner spark? Evolve is the place for you. Be well!

Find out more info on classes and prices here.


words by Olivia Murphy

Juice your way to glowing skin – H&H’s favourite juice cleanses this summer!

With summer holidays fast approaching and bikinis creeping out of the woodwork, panic is setting in across the country, and now more than ever we are ready to do what it takes to get truly bikini ready!

However, with life carrying on as usual, we can’t take a week off, before our actual week off, to hit the gym for numerous hours a day and eat little more than celery, and nor do we want to!

Luckily for you, here at H&H, we have put together a list of some of our favourite juice cleanses available to you this summer, meaning that without putting your current life on hold, you could well be flaunting your toned, bloat-free bodies on beaches worldwide in as little as 3 days! It really isn’t too late – hooray!

Most of the companies below offer 3 levels of juice cleanses, catering for those with limited and extensive juicing pasts, so it is important to consider which level might suit you best, ensuring that you challenge your mind and body, but not to the extent that you put yourself off delicious juiced fruit and veg for life!

Imbibery London offers a build your own cleanse option, as well as some of their own cleanses. All of the Imbibery cleanses are £85 per day and include smaller shots of goodness alongside bulkier and more substantial juices.

The Canyon Juicery
The Canyon Juicery delivers across London directly from their store in Notting Hill on the same day that you make your order, offering a mouthwatering selection of cold pressed juices. Starting at £75 for a one day cleanse, with 6 juices, and £245 for a 3 day cleanse, these prices sit comfortably within the going rate for juice cleanses in London.

Crude Juice
Crude Juice is a relatively new to the market competitor in the cold-pressed juice world – but it sure is making its mark! With prices starting from £65 for a 1 day cleanse and £195 for 3 days, they are definitely offering a slightly cheaper and tempting alternative to some of the more well-established names out there.

Raw to Door
This cold-pressed juice company, founded by former model, Natasha, was built on personal experience about the power of healing through cleansing the body. Raw to Door offers a minimum of 3 day cleanses from between £215 – £230, but can cater to the most ambitious of you out there with up to 10 day cleanses available too!

Botanic Lab
The Botanic Lab juice cleanses are considerably less expensive than others currently on the market, but seem not to have compromised in quality. With a 1 day cleanse at £25 and a 3 day cleanse at £85, there is no real reason not to give cold-pressed juices a go!

The Source
The Source is another recently established London-based cold-pressery, offering delicious fruit and vegetable based drinks and a choice of cleanses to suit you juicing needs and experience. As to be expected, a 1 day cleanse comes in at £80, and a 3 day cleanse for £240.

Nosh Detox is was founded in 2008 and has since had excellent reviews of its products. Nosh Detox offers a number of juice and cleansing programmes and starts at around £200 for a beginners juice cleanse. However, there is a special offer for you H&H readers – the Organic Green Cleanse (usually £240/3days) is available to you lovelies for just £99, so why not give it a try!

Now stocked on Ocado, the amazing juices by Plenish are available nationwide, bringing cold-pressed juice to the entire country. We are huge fans of their Cashew Milk, which is a must-try for any nut milk virgins.

words by Cecilia Kristiansen

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Buy your new workout threads at Hip & Healthy
We will be popping up our activewear store at the event and all day at SP&Co so that you can try and buy your favourite new styles from our super hot summer collections (some of which is not even available on the site yet!) and we will be giving a 10% discount on the night.

We will be at SP&Co from 10am-8pm so come on down whenever you can!

Fitness Assessments by SP&Co
SP&Co’s 3 Jubilee Place, is the ultimate health and wellness space for those who truly value their privacy. A bespoke and highly personalised service ensures that each client is given the dedicated time and encouragement to create a unique and extraordinary lifestyle experience. Their philosophy is to incorporate a programme that is based around the individual, mindfully integrating fitness and complementary therapies to bring outstanding results in an environment that feels like a home-from-home. Managing Director & Personal Trainer of the company, Stephen, is passionate about a multi-disciplinary approach to health and fitness and believes that it is the key to a longer, happier, more fulfilled life.

Find out how fit you really are and what you can do to improve it. At the event, the SP&Co trainers will be measuring your fitness and dishing out great advice on how to get even fitter! Starts from 6pm.

Skin Analysis with Sherron Holder-Culver 
Born to Barbadian parents, Sherron has been very fortunate in her life to be brought up within a culture and environment that uses natural remedies and holistic therapies as a way of life to alleviate ailments and maintain healthy living. She is passionate about her work and likes to combine all of her techniques and experience with the latest technology and ingredients to create well informed, bespoke treatments that yield immediate results. As an accomplished aromatherapist and with a knowledge of herbal medicine if a product is not available Sherron will hand blend it herself to address many conditions.

Sherron will be conducting skin-analysis on guests all evening. Please arrive early to make sure you get a slot with her! Starting from 6pm.

Pilates with Katie Power
Spending most of her waking hours as a commercial lawyer and teaching, Pilates is the perfect counterfoil to the combative legal world. Coming back from an injury 3 years ago, Katie was advised that she would never run again without invasive knee surgery. Having-disregarded that advice and taken up Pilates, she has since run several half marathons, completed triathlons and even survived her first full marathon last year. Now a regular runner and gym bunny without injury, she wants to help her clients achieve their goals when they have been told injury or limitations in their body will hold them back.

Pilates will start 6.30pm! Come wearing something comfortable!

Nutrition Talk by Eve Kalinik
Eve Kalinik, is a BANT and CNHC registered Nutritional Therapist with a BA in Psychology. As a passionate foodie she believes in a holistic whole food approach to help support an increase in vitality and a general feeling of wellness inside and out. Eve works with a diverse range of clientele and having previously worked in a high pressure career always considers “real life” when putting together programs and menus for her clients. She works on an individually tailored and bespoke approach to a life long attitude of eating well to assist the body’s natural healing abilities. Alongside her consultations Eve also hosts various workshops, supper clubs and cooking classes.

Eve will be giving a talk on the top Summer super-foods that will get you feeling and looking your best. The talk will start at 7.15pm and last for around 20 minutes.

RSVP: [email protected]


If You Only Do One Thing This Week… Get a Toned Tummy With Our Top Tips!

As grateful as we are to finally have some sunshine (and believe us, we are!), the summer months can be quite a tricky time to say hello to your hibernating abs! You see, there are so many temptations that will quite easily throw you right off course to a flat stomach… sugary cocktails, ice-cream sundays, frappacinos, the list goes on! You think “How am I ever going to get a toned tummy with all of these distractions floating around ever corner?” We say “Don’t panic!”. This is what we’re here for… to help all of you further enhance your healthy lifestyles, even if there may be a few obstacles along the way! This week, we’re sharing a few of our handy-to-know tips for achieving a flat tum even in the sun!

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail
We’ve all heard that quote before, and yes it does sound a bit harsh, but it’s so true. Whether you’re going on a road trip or jetting off to the Caribbean, always have some healthy, nutritious snacks lurking in your bag for when you’re feeling a bit peckish. It’s those moments when you want to make a pit stop at the first foodie place you come across that will determine the outcome of your tummy. Having snacks prepared in your bag will keep you on track and will remove all the excuses to delve into that sugary, nutritionally empty muffin! Nuts and berries are great choices, and we are partial to the odd Nakd Bar or Bounce Ball here and there!

Surely, slogging it our on the treadmill for a few hours should do the trick? Well, not exactly. It may burn calories but it doesn’t target fat. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), has been hailed the ultimate fat-burning training method and can shorten your hour workout to as little as 15 minutes. Here’s how… Take an exercise, lets say skipping, and for 30 seconds, perform as fast as you can, using all your energy. Then take a 30 second rest and repeat 8-10 times through. By constantly speeding up your heart rate and slowing it down again, you’re raising your metabolism which is what helps you burn fat long after you’ve exercised! There really are no excuses for having no time to break a little (or a lot) of sweat!

Fennel Tea
Digestion is another important aspect to consider when you want a toned and flat tummy, especially if you have a sensitive stomach. Problems like bloating, gas and IBS can really make you feel low, so when things flare up, brew a cup or two of fennel tea. The essential oil in fennel calms muscle spasms and it’s carminative properties are brilliant at easing bloating and excessive gas. We like to enjoy our fennel tea after dinner to soothe our systems while we sleep.

The link between stress and our stomachs is truly astounding. Our emotions can have profound effects on our digestive system so much so, it’s been named our “second brain”. When we feel stressed, our bodies produce cortisol (aka our fat-storing hormone) because it think’s we are in danger. Our bodies store glucose as energy so we can fight something or run away from it. Now in the caveman days, this was very useful (the grisly bear wasn’t going to disappear on it’s own!), but now days its usually just traffic jams or horrible bosses that cause us stress. That extra glucose that our bodies “kindly” saved for us hasn’t been used. What happens to it? It tends to get stored as fat around the belly button. So with that nasty scenario in mind, really try and focus on keeping your stress levels to a minimum. Anything from deep breathing, mediation, or even just a lovely bubble bath can help you achieve a flatter stomach.

Stay Hydrated!
I know we keep banging on about it but drinking lots of water seriously is the most simple and easy habit to implement! It enables our bodies to flush out toxins and get rid of any excess water we may be holding on too. Apart from a flatter and more defined tummy, you’ll also achieve a gorgeous glow in your complexion…whats not to love?

words by Moly Jennings

Photo: Bikini available at Zimmerman