Serves 2 • 140 calories per serving

This Indian drink is normally made with cow’s milk yogurt. We use soya yogurt, which creates a very similar texture. Perfectly ripe fruit will give you a luscious sweet, smooth finish. The drink is rich in vitamin C due to the strawberries; studies have suggested these berries may also hold properties that help to reduce inflammation within the body. Serve the lassi chilled – perfect on a summer’s day.


1 ripe mango, peeled and stone removed

100g ripe strawberries, hulled and cut in half

2 tbsp plain soya yogurt

Juice of ½ lime

250ml rice milk

2 ice cubes


  1.  Place all the ingredients in a blender and blitz until smooth.
  2.  Serve immediately, over ice. (If you don’t have any ice cubes, put the lassi in the fridge to chill a bit before serving.)

Rich in Vitamin C • Beta-carotene • Phytoestrogens

Recipe from The Detox Kitchen Bible 

Lily Simpson runs The Detox Kitchen, whose boutique delis and specially designed health menus have won thousands of customers – including international celebrities such as Elle Macpherson, Sophie Dahl and Suki Waterhouse. She and consultant nutritionist Rob Hobson are devoted to their philosophy of great health through great food.  Inside this book are 200 of Lily’s exquisite recipes brightly delicious and packed full of flavour thanks to her clever combinations of herbs, spices and oils. All wheat‐, dairy‐ and refined sugar‐free, you’ll find recipes for invigorating breakfasts, zingy raw salads, delicious snacks and dips, vibrant fish and meat dishes, and scrumptious sweet treats.But this is not just a recipe book. Rob explains how to use these dishes to target your health needs, whether that’s losing weight, gaining energy, getting clearer skin – or just having a weekend detox after a few days of indulgence.  Eat your way to glowing health with this smart new guide to daily wellbeing.

The Detox Kitchen Bible by Lily Simpson & Rob Hobson£25.00 · Hardback

Beat the BBQ Bloat: How to Have a Healthy BBQ!

Barbeque season is upon us! Up there with Christmas festivities it is prime time for socialising with friends and family, relaxing, playing games and lets not forget indulging (sometimes over indulging) in some serious culinary delights and perhaps one or two more alcoholic drinks than usual. Here at Hip & Healthy we are all about moderation, so go on enjoy these rare summer outings, but don’t let the BBQ season spoil your hot summer body efforts. We have your back on this one. Let us talk you through some of the best advice out there for hosting and attending summer BBQ’s.

Make the right choices:
It’s easy to get carried away and opt for your average cheeseburger, but loaded with saturated fat and calories (even before the inevitable additional trimmings) it would be better to try switching to leaner turkey burgers, veggie burgers or even salmon burgers that are often more interesting and packed full of protein.  This is easier to do when hosting or when there is a BYOM (bring your own meat) option.

Grilling is in fact a great low fat way of preparing food. Get fishy and make sure you get the ‘good fats’ by grilling fish high in heart-healthy omega-3 to ensure you stick to a healthy diet even during this party season. It’s not only the main event (the meat!) that gets us, more often than not it’s the mindless snacking on the easily accessible crisp bowls. Swap this for a healthy option such as kale or sweet potato chips and homemade guac.

Load up on veggies:
As your first course why not load up on salad and veggies before even thinking about anything else. Not only are you getting a good dose of antioxidants, you will be less likely to overindulge in unhealthy food. Another easy way to add more veg into your cooking, without altering the whole concept of a BBQ, is to switch from simple burger or sausage grilling to kebabs. Kebabs allow for more heavy veg loading; make sure for every piece of meat you skewer, you skewer a vegetable too!

Be Polite!
Attending a BBQ and not sure you’ll find something beyond burger and bun? Contribute something that’s good for you! Come equipped with a leafy green salad or some homemade dip. Not only will you rest assured there will be something to pile your plate with, but your host will thank you for the extra pair of hands.

Keep Hydrated:
Keep a glass of water in your hand at all times. Drinking water before a meal will slow down your eating, avoid dehydration and those false hunger signals. As well as helping cut down over eating, this is far more beneficial than standing around with a glass of wine in your hand all day! Why not try adding slices of lemon or cucumber to jugs of water to make hydration just that little bit more fun.

Final handy tips:
Take your time! It’s not a race for the last burger going. Sit down to eat, not only will this ease digestion and reduce that post BBQ bloat, but enable you to be more mindful, enjoy your food and avoid excessive eating. Sticking to the same plate is another handy tip to steer away from endless food refills. Then GET MOVING, no serious workouts intended, but get playing, throw a ball and enjoy the summer weather!

We recommend going for veggie kebab options (which when seasoned and grilled are delicious!), grilled fish, which have some great fats and protein or skinless chicken. If your only option is a burger, there are so many ways to still get your veggies in, try popping it in a lettuce leaf as a makeshift healthy bun! One of the best things about a BBQ is the variety of foods, so with a bit of pre-planning you can ensure that you steer clear of the crisp bowl and shop bought dips. Instead try making your own guacamole or use Greek yoghurt for a healthier coleslaw. Another easy, yet delicious, change is to swap sugary sauces like ketchup and mustard for soy and teriyaki marinades as a way to ensure you don’t miss out on flavours but avoid the sugars!

Finally, remember life is about balance. Make the most of what you have, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself and give yourself the occasional treat.

words by Blaise Dyer

If You Only Do One Thing This Week… Eat Foods to Suit Your Mood

Are you always hungry when you eat? Or, like a lot of us, does food sometimes become a comfort or distraction as a way of overcoming anxiety, anger or sadness? We are all maybe a little too aware of the idea of comfort eating, and its true, foods can alter our mood in many different ways. But there’ s a huge difference between eating any type of food as an emotional anaesthesia for a quick fix and understanding the different qualities in foods and what they do, not only for your body, but your mind, too. If there were a single food guaranteed to make us happy, slim and energetic, supermarkets would soon be out of stock. So we’re not talking magical potions but there are some foods and nutrients that will benefit your well-being. Here are a few examples to suit your mood.

Mood Food
Our brains are made up of 60% fat, most of which is omega-3 – uber helpful in boosting happiness whilst also increasing learning and memory skills! Sounds great right? However, a deficit in omega-3 can be associated with experiences of depression or anxiety. So, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that we need to feed our brain with these essential fatty acids. Try adding more fish into your diet with some salmon, sardines or halibut for supper (all of which are particularly high in omega-3). Want to snack yourself happy? A handful of raw walnuts will give you that omega-3 boost you need. Finally, don’t forget one of our all time faves – chia seeds, not only high in the healthy fats we need but because bugs don’t like the plant there is no need to worry about any herbicides, pesticides or genetic modification, we like ours soaked in coconut milk and topped with berries as a healthy pud.

Eat Right, Sleep Tight
Lack of sleep can leave us irritable and lethargic. Whilst some may turn to popping pills to help the problem, we’d rather take a more natural alternative. Mentioned previously, walnuts work well in this instance too as they contain the sleep hormone melatonin, which effectively activates our ‘sleep-wake cycle’, telling our body its time to shut down so we can wake up fresh and revitalised the following morning! Another handy nut to snack on are almonds; rather than helping you get to sleep, these can help those of us who wake frequently throughout the nigh as the magnesium in almonds is said to help you stay asleep, giving us that well-rested feeling (and the glowing skin that goes with it)

Here at Hip & Healthy we love our green veggies so when we heard that lettuce contains lactucarium (a natural sedative) and would help us catch those extra zzz’s, you can imagine our glee! Okay maybe an over exaggeration, but still great! Don’t fancy a pre-bedtime bowl of lettuce? We have a tip: try brewing a few large pieces of lettuce in a cup of water for 15 minutes or so, remove from the heat and add some mint. And VOILA… the perfect night cap.

Eat Yourself Calm
Work deadlines pilling up, social calendar full and a to-do list getting ever longer? The last thing you want to hear is to steer clear of the vending machine and avoid that chocolate biscuit with your afternoon tea. You may feel you’re too stressed and don’t have the time to think about eating healthily, but when it comes to stress levels, what you put in your body really can relieve some tension. Instead of reaching for the first sandwich you can get your hands on at lunchtime, try a piece of rye bread with avocado. Avocado has gained some serious pr recently and it’s not hard to see why. They are packed full of vitamin B, which is great for healthy nerves and brain cells, making it a great stress relief. The high monounsaturated fat and potassium also reduce blood pressure and can not only be used in a sandwich but their versatility means it wont be hard for you to add them into your diet. Try guacamole dip, smashed avocado and egg for breakfast or in a salad at dinner. Another small but mighty food for your mood are blueberries; full of antioxidants and vitamin C, blueberries are great stress relievers. Antioxidants and vitamin C help repair and protect cells making us more able to cope with any situation.

Foods that Fight Fatigue
You don’t need to have a PhD in nutrition to know that food is the body’s fuel and affects our energy levels. So, it’s not just the hours of sleep you clocked up the night before that can affect how you feel the next day, and before you opt for a coffee or energy drink… Stop… Bad idea. Feeling tired or sluggish can often mean you are lacking in something else, that can’t be solved by a quick buzz of energy. Often fatigue is related to not consuming enough iron; iron is essential for bringing oxygen to our cells. High quantities of it can be found in meats such as lean beef or skinless chicken. If you’re more into plant-based foods try beans, lentils, spinach or sesame seeds. Just steer clear of those nutritionally empty energy drinks and these natural foods will put the pep back in your step!

words by Blaise Dyer







5 Health and Fitness Tips to Start Your Morning Awesome

MOMA have just revealed that recent research found that 16% of people do secret bum squeezes and pelvic floor exercises in the morning. Hip & Healthy uncover their top five health and fitness tips to make the most of your mornings and get you well on your way to your best version of yourself…

1. Run your commute. We know how it goes, you get the idea to be all productive and run to work, you eagerly lay your new backpack and trainers out the night before and hit the pillow early ready for your epic commute. Then the alarm goes off, it’s still dark outside, your duvet is so cosy and before you know it you’ve hit that infamous snooze button and find the only running you’re doing for the day is for the train. But why not actually do it? Why not talk the talk and run the run and get up, seize the day, and make yourself proud by donning your runner’s backpack and using your otherwise mundane commute to get the day started with a rush of endorphins? Banish your alarm clock to the other side of the room to show that snooze who’s boss, sleep in your running tights if you have to, but get out and face the morning like the wellness warrior you are!

2. Have you ever tried standing on public transport? Rather than going on autopilot and parking your bottom straight down every time you get on the tube, or glaring at that girl who beat you to the last seat on the bus, take the opportunity to give your vital inner core muscles a workout on your way to work. The unstable motion of busses and trains makes for a really excellent abs blaster if you pull your belly button in, bend your knees ever so slightly and focus on staying as still as possible while your driver hurtles you to your destination. Just remember to hold onto the rail!

3. Flop out of bed and onto your yoga mat a few times each week and wake yourself and your muscles, digestion and mind up with a gentle, flowy stretch-sesh. There’s no need to commit to a structured practice that requires pre-planning, just go with what feels good in the moment to stretch and lengthen your limbs after they’ve been curled up overnight.  This is also a great opportunity to enjoy the silence of the morning before the day kicks off and indulge in some short but restorative meditation at the same time.

4. The morning is the perfect time to introduce the ancient Ayurvedic practice of oil pulling into your daily routine without having to take time from the rest of your busy day! Take a tablespoon of coconut oil and swill it around your mouth for 10-15 minutes every morning whilst you shower and do your make-up. Whilst you go about your usual routine, the oil will work to whiten your teeth, clear out toxins from your mouth, freshen your breath and increase energy for the day ahead. Then just spit it out, brush your teeth and go about your day healthier than you were ten minutes before!

5. Incorporating health into your morning routine needen’t be novel or completely day-altering. Sometimes it is the small things that can most effectively transform your wellness if you only make them a habit. Indeed, one of the best things you can do to start your day the right way is to drink a pint of water with lemon immediately upon rising. This simple practice is one followed by the most successful healthies to ensure they are the embodiment of that age-old imperative ‘rise and shine’.  Making lemon water the first thing into your system in the morning rehydrates you from your overnight fast, balances PH levels in the body, reduces inflammation and nourishes brain and nerve cells, all with a shot of vitamin C to boot!

MOMA is launching its #AwesomeAM campaign – inspiration for people wanting to start their mornings awesome.  From quick fitness tips, innovative morning workshops and classes and competitions to get your best breakfast on, visit and follow @MOMA on Twitter and @MOMAFoods Instagram to find out more.


Fitspiration: Faisal Abdalla (Trainer to Ellie Goulding)

1. So Faisal, let’s talk ‘PMA’(Positive Mental Attitude)… how did it come about? And how can we get more of it in our lives?

PMA is something I apply to everything in life and I encourage every single one of my clients to do the same. The mind is unbelievably powerful and you need to work out your brain as well as your body, because you need a mental shift to succeed in life. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you approach life with a positive mind. You make braver decisions, take chances you’d normally be too scared to take and reach higher than you normally would, because you truly believe in yourself.

2. We found out, through the grapevine, that you were originally an actor by profession, how do you think that has influenced your fitness training?

Good research! I used to do a lot of extra work on Hollywood movies and in the film industry you need to stay in shape, so I guess it all stemmed from there. On set, there was always a lot of waiting around and I used to spend my downtime with the stunt teams learning new exercises and moves. It’s weird to have them in class now and be teaching them what I know! Fitness has always been a focal point in my life. I started training properly at the age of 16 and loved the changes in my body so never looked back.

3. Would you care to share a few of your diet staples with us? 

Meat. I eat a lot of meat! Our fridge is always well stocked with pre-prepared chicken, tuna and eggs. Eating right during the week is really important to me, but I do allow myself a cheat day on a Sunday and I don’t hold back! You can’t deprive yourself completely because you will never stick to eating healthily if you’re constantly craving naughty things, so my cheat day is essential.

4. Why is it important to you to begin the week with a Motivational Monday video (which we absolutely LOVE by the way!) as opposed to any other day?

Nobody likes Mondays, not even me. But if you let that Monday feeling beat you, you’ve set yourself up in a negative frame of mind for the rest of the week. I prefer to use it to set my goals for the week and focus on what I want to achieve. I always do a Motivation Monday video on Instagram wherever I am in the world. Even on honeymoon in the Maldives I fit a video in…I don’t know if the wife appreciated that one as much!

5. So with Ellie Goulding among your clientele, could you let us in on the secret behind her killer bod?

I would love to take full credit for Ellie’s body, which is looking insane right now, but the credit has to go to her. She works hard and has a great attitude towards exercise, which makes her a pleasure to train. At the moment we are doing track runs in preparation for the Nike Women 10k on June 21, but boxing and plyometric work are also firm favourites.

6. You’re an inspiringly positive kinda guy, but what is it that gets you up and raring to go in the morning?

I’m very grateful to be in a career I love, teaching amazing clients day in and day out. Barry’s Bootcamp is like a family, and so is Nike, so it never really feels like work. You can’t really wake up in a bad mood when you’re living a life you love, can you?

7. What does a typical day in the life of Faisal Abdalla look like?

I am usually woken up by my kitten climbing on my face, and then grab breakfast- normally porridge with some fruit like banana and blueberries, or I will have avocado and poached eggs on wholemeal bread. I teach two Barry’s classes a day, and fit my personal clients around that in various locations. I try to fit in three Barry’s sessions myself a week to keep my fitness up, and also train myself at Equinox Monday to Friday. Other than that, you will usually catch me at Primrose Hill doing hill sprints, or running around Regents Park DRIPPING in sweat.

8. What would you say is your favourite form of sweat-worthy exercise?

Anything high intensity. Barry’s is perfect for me because it allows me to get some sweaty high intensity interval runs in and stepping into class, I get to find my weaknesses and work on them. It never gets easier, but YOU get better, and I can’t deny I love having a race with the clients. I’m very competitive.

9. So we heard that you have recently taken on the position of Master Trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp, what does that entail?

I was honoured to be made a master trainer at Barry’s. It was one of my goals this year so it’s nice to tick it off the list. As master trainer I’m able to help source and coach new trainers, which I love. It’s important wherever you go in your career that you continue to help others on their way up and I love meeting trainers that share my same passion for fitness.

10. Now you know that you’re ours, who would you consider to be your own personal fitspiration?

I take fitspiration from everywhere- the clients who step into Barry’s having never stepped foot on a treadmill are hugely inspirational to me and there’s nothing better than watching them leave with their head held high after doing things they never thought possible.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is another one of my fitspos. The guy is a legend. An absolute machine. What he achieved in the early stages of his career is dumbfounding, and if I’m gearing up for a monster training session, I like to watch his videos on YouTube to get me pumped.

11. After a long day of Nike events, Ellie training and BB classes, how do you like to unwind in the evening?

I don’t get home until 9.30pm each night so I’m usually pretty exhausted by the time I walk in the door. I always find time to eat though!

I usually sort my playlist and classes for the following day and then fit in a bit of TV before bed. Geordie Shore and Made in Chelsea are my guilty pleasures – shhh, that’s top secret!

12. What’s your dream holiday destination and why? 

I went to the Maldives in December and fell in love with it. I was lucky enough to come face to face with a shark on a snorkelling trip which was pretty epic. This December I’m going to Thailand for the first time and I’m looking forward to doing lots of Thai boxing, beach runs and rock climbing. Watch out for the Motivation Monday video, I might get a few elephants in as extras!

13. What advice would you give to someone starting out on their fitness journey?

Just starting is the first step, and the first step is often the hardest, so well done. I would say while it’s great to have an end goal, don’t forget to stop along the way and look at what you’ve achieved. Focus on how far you’ve come, rather than how far you’ve got to go, and never forget to give yourself a pat on the back when you deserve it.

14. Just a quick one to feed our intrigue. If you could have dinner with any Sports star, who would it be, and why?

Mo Farrah, without a doubt. He has inspired an entire generation, even people not into fitness themselves, and there’s nothing more inspiring than watching him race, with his quiet determination and his eye always on the prize.

He is a family man and a committed Muslim, as am I, so I can relate to his approach and what drives him, as well as the training adjustments he needs to make when fasting. Faith shapes you as a man and an athlete, so I think we would have plenty to talk about.

15. And finally, with a blossoming career in full swing, what can we expect next from you?

2015 is set to be a very busy year. Barry’s is due to open in its second location very soon, which we are all very excited about and there are some exciting things in the pipeline with Nike, which I’m probably not allowed to talk about yet. I also have some cool stuff lined up with a leading men’s magazine, but I don’t think I can talk about that either!

I’m due to launch a new fitness YouTube channel and website in June as well, which you will have to check out when it goes live. Then the next stop is global #PMA domination…BOOM!

Tess Ward’s Pea Puree with Fried Egg

Serves: 2

Preparation Time: 5 minute

Cooking Time: 5 minutes


1 tbsp olive oil

2 eggs

Pea puree

2 Kallø Lightly Salted Rice Cakes

Ground black pepper

For the pea puree

100g frozen peas
75g soft goats cheese
2 tbsp lime juice
2 tbsp chopped mint leaves, plus extra for garnish
2 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil, plus extra for drizzling

How to make

Place all the ingredients for the pea puree into a blender and pulse for 4 seconds, to bring the mixture together.

Place a frying pan over a medium heat. Add the olive oil, turning the pan to coat the bottom.

Crack the eggs gently into the pan and cook for a couple of minutes, or until set. If you like your eggs over easy, turn them for the final 10 seconds of cooking.

Serve by coating each of the Kallø Lightly Salted Rice Cakes with the pea puree and topping with the fried eggs.

Finish with a generous grinding of black pepper.


If you only do one thing this week… Stay Hip & Healthy on holiday

“No carbs before Marbs” has famously whispered its’ way through Essex to the rest of the UK, however with this great expectation of our individual eating habits prior to our hols very much cemented into our brains (though not strictly the healthiest route to feeling your best pre-vay-cay), it’s probably safe to suggest that once we arrive, this mantra soon becomes something of a blissfully distant memory. With endless admirable energy put into our holiday prep purely to look and feel fantastic, we’ve decided that this year we want to take it the whole way and bypass the post-holiday over-indulgence regret that overshadows us through the rest of the summer, and discover how to remain hip and healthy throughout our travels.

Be Prepared!
This may scream ‘boring’, (the Pina Colada lover inside of us does agree slightly..) however we’ve heard it before and we’ll listen again, as being prepared really is key when anticipating those inevitably calorific crossroads we collectively sit in denial of each summer. We’re not talking about simply investing in a few bikinis here (although they’re important too), as the moments of momentary bliss we experience post-nose dive into a 3-scooper mint choc chip twice daily for 10 days, flushed down with a concoction of beverages, really can take its’ toll, not just physically but emotionally. Before you exit this for denial reasons (we were about to as well) however, allow us to assure you that being prepared does not come as a mis-interpretation for being a summertime fun-sucker, as there are fool-proof ways to avoid the holiday traps with a little pre-trip planning. Packing some trusty snacks, like nuts, seeds and dried fruit, alongside simple staples including dried greens powder (Organic Burst or Bioglan Superfoods are both fantastic) and chia seeds to complement your brekkie, will do your insides wonders when aiming to keep the cravings for poolside snackaroos at bay. Another wonderfully simplistic way of prepping for spontaneous snacking moments is by setting yourself the task, for example, of perhaps only consuming a large quantity of local fresh fruit for breakfast each morning, therefore avoiding the post-croissant slump and allowing yourself the treat at dinner that you crave, minus the morning guilt. Trust us on this one, as implementing these small tricks won’t seem like a compromise after a few days of feeling fantastic!

We are generally content in the notion that, due to the variety of drinks we consume whilst on our holidays, we will be riding on the peak of the hydration scale, however the standard sources of our consumption regarding food and drink are generally, in fact, extremely dehydrating. This, married with a significant level of heat, will leave you undoubtedly lethargic, un-energised, and not as hip and healthy as you were before. It isn’t only through drinking an abundance of water though that you can avoid this easy dehydration from happening; foods including watermelon, cucumber, a variety of greens, and coconut water, all provide a substantially rich quantity of natural h20, utterly essential in equipping you with the hydrating goodness required to keep you healthy on your trip. An easy method when enforcing this would be to routinely order a side of salad with each meal; though independently this may not float your (banana) boat, once mixed with a dish of your choice, you may just be onto a water-based winner (it will also empower your decision to refuse the boldly positioned bread-basket). Additionally, by investing your spare dollar in buying a fresh watermelon each lunch time, or to share by the sea in the afternoon, you’ll be water-inducing out your friends and fam as well as yourself without even realising.

Stay Activ
OK, so the majority of us envision holidays as totally not being the time to embark on a fitness regime however, as it stands we could be completely wrong! Just as ‘healthy is the new black’, fit might just be the new lazy.. Somewhere in between our lengthy sun-tanning sessions will sit a moment where we are able to embrace some holiday movement, be it a water-aerobics sesh in the family pool at 11am each morning, a spot of ping-pong with whoever will play (bats are usually a compulsory section of the local European supermercados), an early jog along the sea front, or a hike around the surrounding area. Whichever form of exercise takes your fancy, it’s essential you upkeep heart-rate increasing movement throughout your time away, as it will not only encourage you to feel fabulous, but as a result of the natural endorphins released throughout your body during the exercise, you’ll be oozing with confidence all the way through to your flight home.

Switch off
Working at being mindful and allowing ourselves to simply embrace life at face value isn’t something we are generally brilliant at doing whilst holidaying. Even if your trip doesn’t resemble a week on the Ibiza party scene, granting yourself some individual time to simply reflect on the moment, perhaps through a stroll along the beach or a brief yoga sesh for example, will create a wonderful foundation for departing your holiday with a recharged sense of self-fulfillment and gratitude for your everyday life. Also, by keeping that novel in your beach bag that you have been dying to get through but haven’t due to life simply getting in the way, will regularly encourage you to read it, and do, because we can guarantee that you will feel all the better for the escapism that will naturally accompany the read.  By purely giving yourself the permission to switch off from regular life, you will undoubtedly return embodying rejuvenation and self-worth and feel re-energised and well, totally hip and healthy, of course!

Learn the language
Right, so we can wholeheartedly accept that language learning isn’t exactly a British forte, with Spanish and French commonly abandoned on an “I have a brown dog and 4 brothers” type level (aka: knowing sentences you will never use, they just come in handy occasionally as a last min party trick), however in order to preserve our Hip & Healthy way of life, it has become essential that we understand more than ‘servicios’ and ‘cerveza’ this time around (OK, so the Spanish buzzwords are in full force here, but you get the idea). If you are determined to discover the local dance class or swimming pool, or perhaps find a vegetarian restaurant you heard was popular, learning a few key words to assist you in getting by, to allow you to remain hip and healthy will do you a huge healthful favour when you’re there. Or perhaps you have chosen to remove a certain food group from your diet due to health reasons and are, as a result, petrified of a food you wouldn’t want, arriving on your plate unnoticed – taking a few mos to get the native vocab down will relieve you of any holiday stress and allow you to enjoy what you are there for.

Implementing these utterly simple routes to remaining undeniably hip and fashionably healthy whilst on your holiday will become something of a no brainer after a few days. As a result of these minor changes, you will be waving off the ice cream parlours 100% guilt-free, and the transition back into reality will undoubtedly become second nature for every holiday to come.

words by Jodie Corcoran

image Sweaty Betty



Fitspiration – Lee Mullins (the brainchild behind The WORKSHOP)

Tell us a bit about WORKSHOP GYMNASIUM… How did you choose the name?

I’ve always loved Workshop coffee in Clerkenwell and thought it would be a cool name for a gym. Then, when I was deciding on a name, the definition of workshop completely resonated with our approach to working together as a team and with our clients. The definition of Workshop is “A room in which manual work is done and/or a group of people engaged in study or work on a creative project or subject”, that subject being our clients and the human body.


What can a client expect from a session with one of WORKSHOP’s performance specialists?

We strongly advocate clients do a variety of training modalities over the week. One day a client may be in the gym performing foam rolling or swinging kettle bells and even crawling around the gym. Another day may be one to one boxing, another day may be a one to one swimming session in our 25m pool. The clients program is determined by what shows up in their Framework Assessment.


How essential is good nutrition to help achieve great physical performance?

Honestly, it’s everything. If you’re filling your body with junk, it doesn’t matter how much or how hard you train, you’ll never be able to perform at your optimum. Fuelling the body with nutrient rich, whole foods that work for the individual is essential to performing at your best.


Can you recommend your top 3 exercises for a strong, lifted and toned booty?

For creating a beautiful booty, it’s important to not to just focus on one exercise, but work your butt with a variety of exercises. It’s also important to work the glutes through a variety of loads, sets, reps etc.

My top 3 exercises are below:


  1. Hip thrust with mini band above the knee’s (Workshop mini bands will soon be available to buy at
  2. Back extensions over a bench or a stability ball
  3. Goblet squats or Bulgarian split squats


In your eyes, what does a breakfast of champions consist of?

For waking up the body, performing at your best and to stay healthy and lean, I think breakfast should consist of some protein, fat and some green vegetables. A glass of water with fresh lemon and Himalayan salt with either a whole egg omelette with grilled asparagus, avocado and shrimp is great or a breakfast smoothie made with coconut milk, spinach, pea protein and almond butter is great too. I think it’s really important to begin the day with some protein and fat as this will help wake the body and also lower sugar cravings later on in the day. It’s also essential to rotate your breakfasts so you’re not eating the same breakfast every day.


Why is refuelling after a workout so important? Is there something specific we should be consuming?

After a workout, you have a window of opportunity to re-nourish the body. Straight after a workout, your muscles and cells become really sensitive to nutrients to help kick start the recovery process from training. No matter what your goals, I think it’s really important to nourish the body with some protein, some carbohydrates and something alkalizing. This can be in the form of a good quality protein shake or a green juice made with fresh coconut water and vegetables.


What does a day in the life of Lee Mullins look like?

When I am in London, my days mostly begin at 6am. I get up to feed Teddy, my dachshund puppy and then take him for a walk. After that, I begin each day with a glass of water made with a squeeze of fresh lemon and a pinch of Himalayan salt (this is one of the best, natural ways to energize and alkaline your body) and then I make myself a cup of Bulletproof coffee (I’m a big fan). I will then spend 5-10 mins on my Triggerpoint Grid (the best foam roller) and besides helping to wake my body up, I use this time to think about what I need to get done in the day. It’s physical meditation for me. I’ll then head to Workshop where I’ll either be teaching Classwork (our new weekly small group class) or I will train clients for 2 – 3 hours. I’ll normally have breakfast at 9am or 10am then will work with 2 – 3 more clients. After lunch, I’ll spend some time either responding to e-mails or in meetings, and then it’s time to get my workout in mid afternoon. This will either be a boxing session, a yoga session or I will train together with one of the team at Workshop.  Some day’s I may have 1-2 clients in the evening, then will head home and get dinner with my fiancé Adena, then will take Teddy for his final walk of the day. I try to get to bed by 10pm. Not very rock n roll but I always perform at my best if I get to bed by 10pm.


 Can you name three foods you just couldn’t live without?

Sweet potato, good quality dark chocolate and peanut butter, also coffee (if you can count that as a food).


What are your vices in life?

Chocolate Bread pudding, I love it!


What would your dream holiday consist of?

Bali is my perfect holiday destination. It has great food, the weathers always perfect, beautiful beaches and over the last 2 years, I’ve learnt to surf and Bali has arguably some of the best surfing spots in the world.


Lastly, what motivates you to wake up each morning and strive to be a better version of you?

My fiancé Adena. She is the strongest, most honest, caring person I know and inspires me every day to learn more and be better at everything I do. If it wasn’t for Adena’s help, support and guidance, Workshop would not be where it is today!

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Why Should You Choose Cold Press Juice?

Why cold pressed juice is worth the extra £££
‘Cold-pressed’ has become a bit of a buzzword of late – one that’s been bandied around with multiple products from coffee to cooking oils and claims many a health benefit. The product we’re excited about, and seemingly the one gaining the most gravitas at the moment, is the cold pressed juice. From independent vendors to prime spots in established department stores, it’s almost impossible to miss in London. But what’s all the fuss about and is it really worth the extra cash?

What is cold pressing?
Where juicing is concerned, cold pressing is the gentlest method (as opposed to centrifugal or masticating, which most high street juicers are) and involves steel plates that squeeze the fruit or veg between them with hydraulic force. Emma Wood, founder of Blend & Press in Covent Garden, tells us that the cold pressed method may be pricier but the result “leaves a much greater concentration of vitamins, minerals and living enzymes in tact in the juice, giving a huge body boost”. She goes on to explain that the increased density of nutrients and labour intensive (but far less wasteful) process is why the juices can be twice as expensive but also why they’re so worth it.

So what are the benefits for you?
First of all, and aside from opting for cold pressed, Emma tells us to make sure we look for organic juice that is not HPP (High Pressure Processed). The abundance of nutrients are untouched and undamaged and what that means for your body, we’ve put simply here:

  • Vitamins & minerals – help the body maintain healthy teeth, bones, skin, soft tissue, blood, nerves, chemical reactions, energy levels, and immunity – you name it, we need them both in their purest form to be able to function properly.
  • Enzymes – essential for the break down of nutrients ensuring our bodies actually absorb the vitamins and minerals – the heating of fruit or veg destroys the enzymes making it harder for your body to digest the food you’re eating.
  • Naturally occurring probiotics – keeps your gut healthy, aiding digestion, healthy metabolism and immunity.
  • Proteins – essential for growth and repair in the body as well as nerve and brain health.

The Hip & Healthy cold pressed juice directory


Great for: The wellbeing aficionado 

Blend & Press

Location: Covent Garden


 Price: £7 (500ml)

Great for: The fashionista

Raw Press

Location: Wolf & Badger, Mayfair


Price: £7.50 (500ml)

Great for: The foodie

Roots & Bulbs

Location: Marylebone & South Kensington


Price: £5.99 (500ml)

Great for: The busy bee

Press London

Location: Selfridges food hall (and other locations)


Price: £6 (500ml)

Outside of London

Great for: The bride to be


Location: Online & various stockists


Price: £13.50 (500ml)

Great for: A tailored juice cleanse


Location: Online & various stockists


Price: £12 (500ml)

Great for: The design junkie 

Leeds juicery

Location: Yorkshire (online)


Price: £3.25 (500ml)

words by Jessica Latapie

Overtraining and Under-Eating… When is it all too much?

We all know that exercise and healthy eating are good for us. However, as with anything, moderation is important and too much of a good thing can actually be bad. Ollie Frost, personal trainer and sports nutrition specialist at Reach Fitness, explains more…..

Ever found yourself pushing yourself to your physical limits week in week out, following a super strict low carb, low sugar, low calorie diet, but still the scales are just not moving? You might be putting your health at risk by overtraining and undereating – a vicious cycle.

Overtraining is defined by the National Academy of Science and Medicine as ‘an accumulation of training and/or non-training stress resulting in long-term decrease in performance capacity.’ In plain English, if you are consistently working to your maximum for long periods without scheduling recovery periods or failing to fuel yourself properly then all the blood, sweat and tears shed in the gym are actually causing more harm than good.

Overtraining, also known as overreaching, is a condition that tends to gets worse over time as the body doesn’t have time to recover. Many find themselves immersed in the fitness bubble and don’t realise that they are actually adversely affecting their health. And those effects can be both physical and psychological – it isn’t as straight forward as just feeling tired.

The physical effects of overtraining include fatigue, muscle damage, hormonal disturbances, infections, illness, injury and weight plateau. For women, one of the most serious physical consequences of the overtraining-undereating cycle is amenorrhea (the absence of menstrual periods) which can lead to long term fertility issues. Hormonal disturbances can also lead to increased risk of osteoporosis, a disease where by bones become brittle and weak and increase the risk of injury. The psychological effects of overtraining include depression and a lack of concentration. An obsession with training can also affect your relationships (ever find yourself putting the gym before your friends?).

Our bodies need energy, especially when exercising but also for sleeping, walking and digestion. Fuel for exercise is created from the calories we ingest and without enough of these our bodies will not perform optimally. Not eating enough tends to go hand-in-hand with overtraining. But not eating enough has its own problems:

Fat Gain
Ever heard of ‘skinny fat’?  As you under-eat your body will use muscle for energy and spare fat as it fights to survive when calories are too low. The result is a body which looks shapeless with a high percentage of body fat – who wants that?

Strength Decreases
If you push your body by running for longer and lifting heavier weight in the gym, it will eventually run out of fuel leaving you feeling weak and tired. And a tired, weak body isn’t going to get you too far.

Muscle Decreases
That sacred muscle you worked so hard for is lost as your body becomes desperate for energy –  fat is gained as the body sheds muscle because it can burn more calories at rest than fat.

Breaking the Cycle
If you can spot the symptoms, you can protect your health by following the five guidelines below.

You won’t lose body fat when you are in a state of starvation or stressed from overtraining. Slowly increase your daily calories by 100-150 calories each week until your reserves have been restored and you are starting to train with some serious energy again (say goodbye to feeling like a bus has hit you for days after every gym session!). To calculate your correct energy intake, use an online calculator or seek advice from a fitness professional.

It isn’t easy to just stop, but it is important. Try to take 1 or 2 weeks off, focus on the basics – good eating habits and sleeping for 7 hours plus each night. Overtraining alters your body’s hormonal balance affecting your adrenal glands and your body’s ability to fall into deep sleep cycles. Use this rest period to restore your body and mind before training again.

This sounds like a fancy word, but it simply means scheduling in rest periods throughout your training regime. As important as making time for exercise, block out days in the week that are rest days and use the time to mentally and physically recover from training.

Your food should be as colorful as the rainbow! Do not avoid particular food groups and base your daily eating on single ingredient foods that are high in anti-oxidants and enough energy to fuel your workouts and your life. Pay particular attention to the inclusion of protein at every meal as this will help build and repair lean muscle tissue, along with carbohydrates (yes, carbohydrates!) to fuel your workouts – the zero carb diet is dead.

Once you have taken the steps above, your physical and mental health will begin to be restored. Trust the process – ignore the bathroom scales (the number on the scale does not take into consideration factors such as body fat percentage) and track your progress by asking yourself how healthy you truly feel?

Words by Ollie Frost –

Twitter : ollie_frost
Instagram : olliefrostpt


The App all Fitness Fans Should Have: Earthmiles

What if you could earn sweet rewards for every workout?

Recently recognised as the app to “Inspire a Healthy Life” (we’ll interject by slyly name- dropping that it was in fact Vogue UK who said that..), and because we couldn’t possibly agree more, allow us to ‘appily introduce you to the latest must-have app, Earthmiles, rewarding fitness fans for achieving their fitness goals. With each “Earthmile” equating to a unit of your “sheer awesomeness” (because you earn it with your hard work, see?), you’ll be forgetting all about Air Miles pretty soon and indulging in the lifestyle opportunities Earthmiles has to offer as a reward for your tough grind.

Perfectly appealing to the loyalty card community, we enthusiastically invite you to view your Earthmiles app as a way of stocking up on exclusive health and fitness goodies at a fraction of their original price.  With previous rewards including £10 off at Runners Need, purely for moving from the couch to the local park for a 30-min jog, and free trials and classes flooding your inbox quicker than you can download Earthmiles, this addition to our active lifestyles ultimately feels like a no-brainer!

So, how exactly can we earn these Earthmiles? Well, it really is simple. Initially requiring you to select the sport of your fancy (and erm, we’re not talking interactive tennis here..), you then link your Earthmiles app to your preferred tracker (i.e. MapMyRun, Nike+ or Strava), and your units begin to increase almost immediately after embarking on your exercise regime. Additionally, if a friend takes preference of an alternative tracker app to yours, Earthmiles allows you to connect with them without compromising on your own personal fave.


OK, so you’ve downloaded Earthmiles (very efficient of you!), received your initial round of Earthmiles, and want to get onto the good stuff, but aren’t entirely sure of the selection of perks in store for you to redeem?  Well fitness friends, with a wealth of our collectively adored brands all on board to support you in achieving the healthy lifestyle you desire, from Nak’d Wholefoods and Planet Organic, to Rebel Kitchen and Chi Running (to name only a few), embarking on your journey to health couldn’t be more desirable, right?

With the founders emphasising the idea of “socialisation” intentionally placed at the very core of Earthmiles, positively connecting with other Earthmiles enthusiasts over meaningful issues, while presenting them with your regular running regime (for example) couldn’t be simpler! Graciously grabbing your guilty conscience however, Earthmiles holds the potential to expose your lack of activity alongside the moving moments you have endured. So to translate, for all the self-confessed couch (sweet, of course) potatoes reading this, when using Earthmiles, there is simply no room for “starting on Monday,” as your fellow Earthmilers will spot the self-delusion instantly, resulting in you jumping off the sofa into your swimming cozzie or sweat-essentials within seconds!

Oh, and it doesn’t end there, as the creators have kindly included an in-app newsfeed, allowing you to stay updated with fresh perspectives through a constant flow of articles and tidbits, ideal for the moments where you are in need of some wellness words of wisdom.  With the vision to “create a community that people want to stay with” Earthmiles lovingly provides you with the power to build your idea of an ‘appy, active future.

Get started right here for Apple users and here for Android!

If you only do one thing this week… Be fearless

English modesty is a wonderful thing, though occasionally, for us humble Brits, this exact characteristic can become our downfall. With the fear of the unknown taking over and therefore life and routine allowing mediocre contentment into our lives, we frequently ignore the possibilities that life pitches to us when anticipating the outcome. As a result of this, we are equally guilty of ‘leaving the fearless stuff to the fearless people’, and so positively permit ourselves to wean our way out of uncomfortable situations that ironically hold the potential to achieve a wonderful outcome. Well not any longer, as we’ve come to demystify these vague assumptions and deliver to you the permission to take on anything you’ve ever dreamt of, this week!

Just Say Yes
We carry this presumption that a person who portrays a fearless exterior has absolutely no fears, however as it turns out, this is in fact, the complete opposite. Using recently televised challenge, ‘The Island with Bear Grylls’ as an example, for those of you unaware of what it entails, to be brief, it requires two separate groups of 14 ordinary women and men to live on a remote island with only the bare necessities (yes, we just sang that too…) and survive for 6 weeks. Enduring moments of deep-rooted pain alongside wholehearted joy (not to mention the extreme hunger, which we could totally not deal with!), allowed the once unquestionably uneasy applicants to experience a level of fear reaching far and beyond any expectations they could have hypothesized. Subsequently, upon the arrival of their transport home, the adaptation to the island they had acquired had become their new normal, which in turn, came with a realm of mixed emotions with regards to leaving what they briefly called home. The point, I suppose, we are aiming to make from this is that through listening to their courageous, adventurous side, they said yes to something undoubtedly life-changing. One click of a button leading them through a brief application, brought them to a challenge which surpassed their initial fears, allowing them to fully immerse themselves into becoming spiritually, emotionally, and physically rejuvenated because of it.

Let Go
So we’ve established that some results of utter fearlessness turn out to be extremely life changing, but how exactly can we implement this idea into our daily lives? When initially aiming to make this happen, the first thing to put into action is to simply let go. Relieve yourself of the fears you hold, as they will do absolutely nothing for boosting your sense of empowerment, and detach yourself from what may occur by simply focusing on the present moment. Oh and we’ll let you in on a little secret, 80% of your fears actually never happen, as more often than not, it’s all in the mind!

Write Down Your Fears to Set Them Free
In addition to this, an excellent way of acknowledging your triggers is by jotting them down; let the paper know just how a certain possibility causes you to feel, sit with it, recognise it, and quietly let it go. Another fantastic way of dealing with fear is by asking yourself what the worse outcome could possibly be; will that extra dollop of hummus really make a huge bodily difference? – No! Perhaps the idea that people will judge you for quitting your job to pursue your dream terrifies you beyond belief? Or even going for that run you’ve always wanted to go on but you’re afraid of going too far and having to do the ride of shame home on the bus because you’ve run out of running fuel. Trust us on this one, there is no shame in it whatsoever – you took that step towards conquering an underlying anxiety, you were fearless, and that’s all that matters!

Be Fearless
Adopting a fearless approach towards your daily life occurrences is ultimately going to build the foundation for a knock-on effect of opening yourself up to an abundance of opportunities, however it’s what we do with these windows that will really elevate us to our next level of fearlessness. The next time a friend suggests arranging a group to take part in a 10K charity race, or perhaps to go on your first ever blind date, we say, if you’re apprehensive, do it. This tiny step of simply saying yes holds the potential to lead you to a fantastic experience and a memory to share. And you never know ladies, it could possibly, probably not, but you never know (eh eh), be Brad Pitt waiting for you in the window seat of Café Rouge.

Trust Your Instinct
Another approach when tackling the unknown is to merely listen to your instinct. If you long to travel more but are afraid of the uncertainty that comes with it, you probably, deep down, want to. When pursuing dreams perfectly within your horizon, you will inevitably form a snowball effect of creating goals and pursuing them, and with each task you set, your life will undoubtedly be one of a rich inspiration to others around you and more importantly, yourself. No longer will the unknown petrify you, as it will ultimately motivate you to seek out the feeling of fear which initially allowed you to take that first step towards unleashing the life of your dreams, one which results in a constantly renewed sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Just Do It
So it has to be said that conclusively, to be fearless is not a taboo we should shy away from. Have faith in your instincts, and follow the adrenalin-craving, perfectly pounding organ we associate with lurrv, which will ultimately lead you to a life of accomplishment, self-worth and happiness, and not to mention a fantastic array of stories to inspire others to follow in your footsteps. So to allow yourself to ‘just do it’ (thanks for that one, Nike), we’ll leave you with the words of a true fearless inspiration, Nelson Mandela, “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.”

words by Jodie Corcoran