If You Only Do One Thing This Week… Live Like A Yogi!

When the stresses of late night summer parties and a little to many glasses of pimms takes its toll, its time to turn to a more nourishing and energizing way of living. This week, we’re all about embracing the healthy habits of yogis and allowing our mind and body to regenerate itself. Below are some great products to help you kick start your journey to discovering your inner yogi!




YogiQ Raw Chocolate – £2.49
IQ Superfood Chocolate have introduced their latest (and pretty delicious) venture, YogiQ, an organic, raw chocolate bar for those who love to lead active lifestyles! With hints of ginseng (promotes relaxation) and ginger (increases circulation and metabolism) this superhero bar aims to give yogis and fitness fans a little, healthy, post-workout boost! Love it!

I14070150_0818_1 copy

Track & Field Hype Leggings – £80
What better way to embrace the yogi lifestyle than a pair of truly beautiful leggings? Track & Field know that leggings should be fashionable as well as functional and they certainly don’t hold back with their prints and patterns! Their Hype leggings are one of our faves!

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 11.40.55

Rise And Flow Outdoor Yoga At Pavilion With Equinox
For one month only, high performance fitness and lifestyle gym, Equinox is taking it’s Rise And Flow Yoga Class outside on the sunny terrace of exclusive members club, Pavilion. Pay tribute to the summer and start your day with a morning yoga session followed by breakfast prepared by Pavilion’s award winning Head Chef, Adam Simmonds! See you there!


Pure Lochside Soothe Discovery Set – £45
Regenerate your skin after a sweaty yoga session with Pure Lochside’s Soothe Discovery Skin Care Set. Featuring mini-size versions of their Organic Orange Cleansing Oil, Orange & Echinacea Toner and Soothe Daily Face Oil, it’s the perfect set to bung in your gym bag or when your travelling and need a hotel pamper session!

wellicious divine yoga mat

Wellicious Divine Yoga Mat – £89.95
Yes, this is a little indulgent but we felt the need to include it for all those yogis who like to treat themselves once in a while! Wellicious’s Divine Yoga Mat features 300 Swarovski stones that form a stunning Mandala pattern! This highly durable, slip resistant, non-latex mat is a must-have for the style conscious yogistas! (We want it!)

innerme energise supplements

Inner Me “Energise Me” Supplements – £15
There’s nothing worse than missing a yoga session due to lack of energy or feeling run down. Inner Me reccognise that every once in a while, our bodies need a little extra helping hand, so they created a range of supplements to support our active bodies on a day to day basis. The Engerise Me range provide a special blend of vitamins like B6 & B12 (great at converting food to energy) and minerals such as Magnesium (combats tiredness and fatigue) and Chromium (helps regulate blood sugar levels) to help maintain optimum health and a happy and energised you!

words by Molly Jennings

image: Equinox






Fitspiration – Commonwealth Cyclist, Gemma Neill!

What was your favourite sport at school?
I did a lot of cross country running in primary school and early on in high school. I then moved to basketball where I played for Scotland at the age of 15.

When did you make the move to competitive cycling?

I only started compettitive cycling at the age of 25 after playing other sports.

Have you always been interested in exercise and keeping fit?
Yes it has always meant a lot to me to be active, eat well and look after my body. I am also a strong believer of the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle and the effect this has on your overall mindset and wellbeing.

What has been your greatest achievement/success so far?
Being selected to represent Scotland at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this year.

If you could give our readers one piece of advice about how best to stay in shape for competitive sport or life generally, what would it be?
Whatever sport/activity you choose you must enjoy it. Whether its Zumba classes, yoga, running or competitive sport if you’re having fun you’re more likely to maintain motivation and dedication towards a keeping in best condition.

What is your favourite pre work out breakfast?
Porridge, apple and honey.

Other than cycling, how else do you like to work out?
I still enjoy a run, and I do quite a bit of running during the winter months. I also go to the gym which I really enjoy, and is great for core and strength work.

Do you have any gym bag essentials that you never leave home without?
My iPod, I love listening to music when I ‘m training.

What is your absolute favourite meal?
Steak, sweet potato and salad. My favourite.

What three foods could you not live without?
Porridge, chicken, apples.

Do you have a mantra that you try and live by?
I have a really strong work ethic, whatever I do I work hard and put 100% into it. I believe you get out of life what you put in and opportunities don’t find you, you have to find them.

Can you tell us your dream holiday destination?
Barbados. The beaches look amazing and id love to surf and swim with turtles.

How do you best relax or unwind?
I like reading a good book or watching telly, as long as my feet are up I’m happy.

And finally, what’s your favourite item from our online store?
I love the Lole Kerry Bra!

Al Fresco Yoga And An Abundance Of Juice!

With a few more weeks of warmth and sunshine, it is time to make the most of exercising outdoors. And there is no better way than joining London’s latest craze and taking your yoga practice to the roof tops. With so much buzz around roof top yoga this summer, Hip and Healthy decided to see what all the fuss is about and we joined Tri Yoga’s al fresco class on the roof of the iconic Selfridges department store.

On arrival, the mats and props were neatly laid out on the green “grass” together with a small goodie bag (no need to lug your mat across town!). We would recommend getting there a little early so that you have a chance to take in the gorgeous view over London’s rooftops, be still and breathe. Christina Singleton and her beautiful smile led our gentle flow class which was accessible to all levels from beginner to super-yogi, and there was always an option to take things down/up a notch. At the end of the class, the savasana in the sunshine with a light breeze blowing felt truly amazing.

After the class, The Juicery served up some of their delicious and fresh cold pressed juices. We got to choose from the Hollywood (carrot, orange, turmeric, mint), the bright pink Greenwich (beetroot, carrot, apple, pomegranate, mint) and the Orchard (lots of greens!) all of which provide perfect post-yoga nourishment and hydration.

Having experienced roof top yoga, we totally get this trend. There is something quite magical about practicing yoga high in the sky with the sun shining on your face and the breeze blowing through your hair. We think it is quite possibly the most perfect way to spend a summer morning in London!

Tri Yoga runs roof top classes at Selfridges every Tuesday morning from 10am-11am until 2nd September 2014. Classes are £20 and include yoga, a fresh juice, small goodie bag and a voucher for the Face Gym located in Selfridges.

words by Kathleen Fleming

image: Selfridges 

Rave Your Way Into The Day – London’s Latest Fitness Craze!

It’s 6.30am on a Wednesday morning and the sun is beaming through the windows of east London’s Oval Space, a warehouse-style venue in Bethnal Green.

While most people are still tucked up in bed snoozing, house beats are reverberating across a packed room. People dance wildly and with abandon in every last corner. They’re wearing tutus and sequins. Trusty Nikes and sports leggings. Flippy sundresses and harem pants. And everything in between.

Next to me, a young woman bobs in time to the music. Strapped to her front and wearing noise-protector headphones, is her 10-month-old baby, looking serene. Behind me, a bare chested (rather sweaty) pony-tailed man is striking out some peculiar moves, much to the bemusement of those around him.

This is Morning Gloryville: an early morning dance experience for those seeking their highs minus the lows that a rave often entails.

The event organisers say, “Nothing wakes you up more than a soul-shaking dance, electrifying music, body workers and yogi’s to tune you into your bodies and for those who need it, a mind blowing double espresso!”

There’s no getting around it: during the first ten minutes you will feel awkward. Like Mark in that episode of Peep Show when he goes to Rainbow Rhythms. You know? But stick with it – by 10 minutes in you’ll be nodding and tapping your foot in that self-conscious ‘I’m at a gig and too cool to dance’ way. Half an hour in and you’ll have shed your shyness and can expect to be getting your boom ting on to some hypnotic dance tracks. There’s something completely liberating about tearing up the dance floor sober. Two hours later and I’m a sweaty, happy mess.

If you tire of dancing, there are stands offering smoothies and coffee (cash only) plus outdoor yoga classes and a balcony for the smokers (I’m not kidding – there were people lighting up). There’s a cheeky £2 charge for the cloakroom and it’s worth noting there are no showers.

Morning Gloryville East London is a monthly event held at Oval Space every 3rd Wednesday of the month. Tickets cost £10. The event has also expanded to west London and Brighton.

words: Eva Caiden

image: Carys Lavin

If you only do one thing this week… Get The Glow With Madeleine Shaw!

Nutritionist and yoga teacher, Madeleine Shaw, is our go to girl for when our bodies need a little extra glow! Summer after all, is a time when we most want to flaunt our happy, radiant selves! So with thoughts of gentle ocean waves and the flipity-flopity sounds of our sandals, we quiz her on her “Get-The-Glow” mindset and how we too can achieve a glowing and positive body (inside and out!) this summer!

Maddy’s approach has three important steps that when combined together, will make such a huge difference to both your complexion as well as your mind. She explains, “It’s all about what you eat, drink and think”.

Just like Hip & Healthy, Maddy advocates to eat whole, natural foods, that haven’t been processed, refined or had sugar added to it. Below are some of her favourite foods that she loves to incorporate in to her lifestyle…

Chia seeds – Chia seeds make great additions to any meal! Soak them in almond milk for tasty breakfast treat or add them to salads for lunch or dinner! They contain loads of omega 3 fatty acids and they make awesome egg substitutes if you’re vegan!

Avocados – What’s not to love about the avocado! They’re full of fatty acids, great at stabilizing blood sugar levels and make the perfect 4pm snack to avoid the “slump”! We’re with her on this!

Bone broth – A slightly unusual “glow enhancing” food but maddy swears by bone brith as it’s full of minerals and collagen which help keep the skin firm!

Sauerkraut – For anyone suffering from bloating or gas, you’ve got to try fermented cabbage! It’s full of enzymes that help beat the bloat and help with reducing sugar cravings!

Cold water fish – Finally, maddy recommends oily, cold water fish for dewy skin….She loves salmon, mackerel and sardines!


A vital “get-the-glow” step is staying hydrated. Water is so important for your skin especially in the summer when we sweat a lot more. She also advises to add a pinch of sea salt or lemon to help the fluids absorb more efficiently into your body.


The last step on your “get-the-glow” journey is your mindset. It’s all about learning to love yourself and accepting your individuality. No body is built or looks the same so embrace the positives. Let go of the guilt and remember that meal times are an opportunity to nourish and reward your body!

image: Seafolly

Mio Skincare – A Hip & Healthy Gift With Purchase!

We are so excited to announce our partnership with Mio Skincare (www.mioskincare.co.uk) – the ultimate beauty products for fitness fans.

For August and September we are giving away three of their must-have products with every Hip & Healthy Activewear purchase (no matter how great or small)!

What you’ll get:

Double Buff Dual Enzyme Exfoliator (50ml) Instantly transform rough, dull skin into skin that’s superbly soft, smooth, radiant and dewy. Exfoliation is key to fit skin and this scrub will help you feel great in the buff! Also a super product to use post-sun as it helps even out skin tone!

Boob Tube+ multi-action bust firmer (30ml) This is one of our fave products from the Mio range! It keeps delicate skin toned, bright and crinkle-free, plus gives super sag protection. Team with a great sports bra for best results!

Mio Fit Band These rubbery bands are super useful for toning arms and legs where-ever you are in the world. Instructions on how to use it are printed on the band itself making life just that little bit easier. Be sure to pop it in your suitcase for instant hotel room exercise equipment!



The Glow Factor – Hip & Healthy’s Favourite Body Oils!

There are three things we love about a good body oil. Firstly, they are really nourishing on the skin. Secondly, they are excellent to use after exercise for soothing tired muscles (and some are anti-inflammatory too). But the best thing about them is that they leave a lovely, sheeny glow on a bare leg or arm. That’s exactly what we need at this time of year isn’t it? Our favourites are:

Aromatherapy Associates De Stress Massage and Body Oil, 100ml, £41

This is the perfect one to use post exercise and is great for helping ease muscular aches and pains. It delivers anti-inflammatory benefits to tired muscles and the blend of arnica, lavender and rosemary works to improve circulation. The perfect post exercise pick up – or if you’re just feeling achy and stressed.

Neom Great Day Wild Mint and Mandarin Body Oil, £100 ml, £32

This brand new oil smells truly wonderful and is seriously rehydrating. Legs and arms are left silky but not greasy. Great to use in the morning as the spearmint, mandarin and lemon is an excellent energy booster after the shower or bath.

The Organic Pharmacy Rose and Jasmine Body Oil, 100 ml, £34.96

Has a beautiful, elegant fragrance which is seriously uplifting and also works brilliantly as a massage oil especially if you need a mood boost or a de-stressing session. Addictive.

This Works Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil, 120 ml, £39.50

Genuinely transforms dry, dull skin into glossy radiance (and can be used all over not just on legs). It’s also brilliant on dry elbows and knees to leave everything looking a bit more glowing.

Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil, 100ml, £32

Celebrating ten years, this lighter than light oil blend is a great multi-tasker for body, hair and nails. It also works well as a weekly hair treatment (massage a small amount into the hair, cover with a warm towel and shampoo after fifteen minutes). We also love it just applied to damp skin straight out of the bath.

Diptyque Satin Oil for Body and Hair, 100ml, £36

So obviously this one gets the award for the most coveted glass bottle. Not surprisingly, the fragrance is gorgeous (a little bit of jasmine with a little bit of ylang ylang) and is the perfect lightweight blend of oils. It’s lovely to apply on bare arms and legs before an evening out.

Nars Monoi Body Glow II, 100 ml, £44

Gives a lovely luminous glow to skin whether you massage it straight on or add to your bath. Great to use on tanned skin to prolong your tan too.

words by Lucia Ferrari

image: Zimmerman Swimwear 



Nurture Three Day Juice Cleanse Reviewed!

The benefits of natural juices – be them organic, cold-pressed, store bought or homemade – are quietly but steadily winning the good fight against chemical laden ‘diet’ sodas we’ve always turned to for that little not so guilt free pick-me-up. Juice cleanses are becoming well established in the health world but even so, the prospect of giving up solid food for a number of days is still a little daunting for even the most nutritionally conscious of people. Especially a food-loving, vegetable munching, peanut butter by the spoon guzzling food-lover like me…

My focus, like many Hip & Healthy readers, is very much a strong and healthy outlook that’s not bound by calories, and far far removed from the ratio of carbs minus Weight Watchers points multiplied by the square root of Atkins that has trapped women and men the world over for decades.

The thinking that has captured a more informed, self-empowered community with ever-growing fervour is that on a very basic level, we are entirely made up of cells, as is the food we eat. The food we eat slowly and literally becomes us. Therefore if our food is full of toxins, chemicals, artificial ingredients and things that sound like they were intended for outer space, we simply cannot function properly, we will not be at our optimum, we will not be focussed or maintain clarity in our day to day lives. For every advocate of this, there is a skeptic, and for many, the moderation is key theory works. But the evidence of the extremes of this is plain for all to see – we as a nation are pretty sick, tired and sad.

So if the collective ‘we’ are all about nourishing ourselves with natural ingredients, why the sudden and popular desire to give up food entirely for a given number of days?

A juice cleanse is not a faddy diet and should not be seen as such, nor undertaken as such. It’s a way to reset the system, give the liver a rest (it’s the liver’s job to detoxify us of all those nasties we inhale/ingest/imbibe in the modern world on a day-to-day basis. Tough job) and remove all the blocked bits that are clogged up by too many nights on the Sauvignon and one too many slices of generic office birthday cake. A (SHORT) cleanse will return your body back to its factory settings, while the very nature of juice means that the fuel it provides is quickly accessed by the body, giving it a little rest from its normal heavy-duty task of endless digestion. I had been curious about it for a while and the daily grind of running around a busy city left me reaching for the bottle. The juice bottle mind. Six a day, to be precise.

Newly launched Nurture juices were kind enough to let me try their 3 Day Cleanse – 18 juices, raspberry protein powder and pre & probiotic sachets. Slightly daunting; yes eating well is one thing, but with eating well you can invariably eat a LOT. Still – clear skin, sparkly eyes, a rested system and detoxed liver was something I was more than ready for.

Day One

I managed to choose the day after I’d cycled 54 miles to Brighton as the day to start the cleanse (clever), so I woke up HUNGRY. I had to be careful not to sink the first of my six juices in one go. Instead I sipped thoughtfully, enjoying the taste of pink grapefruit, coconut water and himilayan rock salt. Nonetheless, I’m very much a breakfast person and I found myself reaching for the second juice 90 minutes later.

The six juices are designed to give you all the nutrients you need in a day – and a whopping 10 portions of fruits and vegetables. Each and every one of them tasted amazing – they were all different, and all delicious – packed with natural yumminess that covered everything from immune boosting to anti-imflammatory to system alkalising. I was fairly surprised to find my favourite was the ‘Replenish’ Juice – a lovely mix of delightfully fresh but really nutrient dense spinach, kale, apple, cucumber, celery, parsnip and orange. That day I won’t lie – I was a hungry lady and sank a fair amount of herbal tea to keep me from reaching for anything more substantial. I busied myself at work, but it was stubborn pride at not falling at the first hurdle that got me through the first day

Day Two

A combination of things made day two much easier – being busy at work, being used to not eating, my body relaxing into the cleanse… I looked forward to each juice but was happy to find that the hunger pangs had fully subsided. Of course I was peckish, but my stomach wasn’t growling. Knowing that I couldn’t eat any food whatsoever made the team biscuits incredibly easy to pass up; there was none of the ‘oh just one then’ moral dilemma that normally ensues at the waft of a chocolate hobnob. I even managed to refrain from ordering in my favourite vegan restaurant when I inadvertently suggested to my hungry vegetarian friends that we give the spot a try. Rather predictably, a cleanse is not conducive to a packed social calendar. Friends and colleagues questioned how on earth I was functioning, but honestly I felt great. I was focused and I had energy and I felt wide awake. The theory behind this is that the very nature of juice means that the nutrients from each one can be absorbed quickly with minimal effort by the body, which speeds up the detoxifying and alkalising process.

Day Three

I was fully expecting some sort of serious energy lag on day three, but I instead cycled into town, did a full gym workout and popped off to work before sinking the first juice. I KNOW. I definitely felt less bloated than normal and there were a lot of ahem… ‘movements’ due to all the fibre in the juice. I bounded my way through a day of apple, mango, kale, lemon, spinach, cucumber, apple, beetroot, carrot, ginger, blueberry and the rest and couldn’t quite believe it when I got to the evening and was having to think about the food I would need for breakfast the next day. My body DID feel rested, and cleansed, content and full of life. I’m sure that another few days and the reduction in calories would have left me more than a little sleepy but I honestly after three days felt revived, not deprived.

Post-cleanse I sussed that it probably wasn’t a good idea to immediately laden my body with a truck load of stodge, so for the first breakfast I griddled some veggies and added a bit of tahini, and did the same for lunch with an egg for protein.

The Nurture cleanse absolutely got me out of a digestive lull – I found myself wanting much smaller portions and I was 100% craving nutrients the whole time; not cakes, bread and biscuits. My blood sugars remained stable and my insulin needs were definitely lower through the week. After my initial reservations I was seriously surprised at how amazing it made me feel, and I would now happily cleanse every 1-2 months from here on in to give my body a rest and reap the benefits.

The three day Nurture Juice Cleanse costs £170.99,

It is advised that you consult your doctor or medical professional before embarking on a drastic change of diet.

words by Jen Grieves

Hip & Healthy’s Latest In Beauty Summer Glow Box!

We’re couldn’t be happier to announce that H&H have once again teamed up with Latest In Beauty to create the most amazing Summer Glow Box filled to the brim with beauty, health and nutritious delights! We wanted to create the perfect box of goodies to make your summer more special and most importantly more glowing!

Worth over £100, this Summer Glow Box can be purchased for just £16.95! Fancy getting your hands on one? Just click here!

Little Gem Tacos With A Spicy Avocado & Pepper Salsa!


I love making ‘tacos’ from lettuce leaves as an alternative to a regular bowl of salad and the scoop-shaped leaves of Little Gem and Romaine lettuce are ideal to do this with.

This recipe has an interesting combination of flavours and textures with mild-tasting crisp, crunchy lettuce, soft creamy avocado, sweet and spicy peppers, a fresh tang from the lime, plus a crispy topping of freshly sprouted seeds and a gentle herbal undertone from the mint and parsley etc.

The salsa can be made a day or so before you need to use it (sored in the fridge) and is easily transportable in a screw top jar if you want to take this dish to work for lunch or on a picnic.


2 heads of little gem lettuce

2 ripe avocado

2 limes

2 spring onions

1 red bell pepper

1 fresh red chilli pepper

Large handful of sprouted seeds (I used mooli/radish sprouts)

Small handful of fresh herbs (parsley, mint, chives, dill)

Rose petals to scatter over, if you fancy!



Gently separate the lettuce leaves then wash and dry them in a salad spinner or with kitchen paper. Wash and dry the herbs in the same way.

To make the salsa; juice and zest the lime and pour the lime juice into a bowl. Peel and chop the avocado into small dice and toss in the lime juice to prevent it discolouring. De-seed the bell pepper and chilli pepper and cut both into small dice, cut the chilli pepper finer if you prefer. Finely slice the spring onion and chop the herbs then mix all the ingredients together, seasoning with a little salt and pepper. If your avocado is really ripe then mush it with the other ingredients to make a kind of guacamole, it’ll still taste delicious!

When you are ready to serve fill each lettuce leaf with a spoonful of the salsa and sprinkle over a few sprouted seeds. Arrange on a platter with some extra wedges of lemon to squeeze over and scatter over a few fragrant rose petals as a garnish (if you fancy!) for a Summery look..

Recipe by Amber – Raw Vegan Blonde 


If You Only Do One Thing This Week… Style Out Your Workout Wardrobe With These Loud & Proud Activewear Pieces!

These days, a trip to the gym is more than just breaking a sweat! With stylish Activewear on the rise, what better way to flaunt your new leggings than a lunge or two in your workouts?! Woman are embracing their bodies and stepping out of their comfort zone when it comes to prints and colours…Long gone are plain grey vests and those simple black leggings that you’ve had for years. Brights and bolds are dominating the fitness catwalk, so we’ve highlighted a few of our favourite pieces to get you started!

L’urv Sunshine Seduction Floral Bra – £40
Unleash you Aussie side with Melbourne based brand, L’urv! Their Sunshine Seduction Floral Bra will make the perfect addition to your workout wardrobe whether you doing yoga or hitting the squat rack!

Track & Field Fitness Night Tights – £80
These T&F Fitness Night Tights have the most beautiful, stormy night sky pattern that would make a great first addition for someone not quote confident enough to go for the bright psychedelic neons! This gorgeous midnight blue colour will flatter and lengthen for pins to die for!

Lucas Hugh Axis Tank – £62.50
Famous for their outrageous patterns, Lucas Hugh knows how to be loud and proud in a classy way (if that’s possible?). This Axis Tank is ideal for evening summer runs with its reflective shoulder detailing and lightweight fabric!
Watch This Space: Look out for Lucas Hugh’s new collection on Hip & Healthy very soon!!

Nike Pro Core Compression Loops And Lines Capris £28
We love Nikes bold and modern take on the fashionable tribal print! These capris will allow you to make a statement with the added benefit of their special Dri-FIT fabric!

Sweaty Betty time Trial Shorts – £50
A blurred out city lights feel is what makes these Sweaty Betty Shorts stand-out! Featuring breathable and shower proof fabric, you can be sure come rain or shine, you won’t miss out on a refreshing outdoor workout!

words by Molly Jennings

Track & Field image: Julio Kohl

How To Get Your Man Eating Healthier (Without Him Knowing It!)

For some reason there has always been a double standard when it comes to being fit and trim. Women are expected to maintain a slim, healthy figure by eating salad and exercising, while guys can get away with eating burgers and being a little bit cuddly. Unfortunately in its wake too much man-food (burgers, bacon sandwiches and beer) not only leaves behind a paunch, but it can also lead to a lengthy list of health problems.

For many women, trying to get their boyfriend or husband to change their not-so-healthy ways and join them in living a cleaner lifestyle is difficult. Over time, we have discovered that preaching about the benefits of kale and forcing them to take morning wheatgrass shots just doesn’t work. Here at Hip and Healthy we have put together a few tips to get your man eating better, feeling healthier and looking hotter without him knowing it!


Start every morning with a nutrient-dense smoothie. Smoothies can be concocted so that they are almost like milkshakes but unbeknown to the man, they are jam-packed with fruit and vegetable goodness. Nut milks make a great base, frozen bananas or half an avocado create a delicious thick texture, throw in some berries and spinach (lots of antioxidants and Vitamin C) and you can also add a scoop of one of our favourite natural protein powders meaning it can pass as a protein shake (very manly!). If you are feeling a little more indulgent you can add in some raw cacao and nut butter. Smoothies might not be man-food but serve it as a “milkshake” and it will be drunk with gusto.


Re-create traditional pub-grub with a healthy slant. Sweet potato shepherd’s pie is always a winner (serve with plenty of veg), swap chips/potato wedges for oven baked sweet potato wedges, make your own guacamole or tomato sauce for dipping and experiment with vegetarian curries such as our healthy aubergine and squash curry. The greasy full English is another man-food which can be given a healthy make over. Swap fried eggs for scrambled, send the cheap meat packing and fill the rest of the plate with tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and avocado on toast. After several home-made meals like this, eating at the pub will only ever be a last resort.


Biscuits with tea, pastries, chocolate and other shockingly sugary snacks are only going to make him feel lethargic (equals more sofa time), add to the cuddly tummy and lie around the kitchen tempting you. Start by doing a blitz of the kitchen cupboards and removing all processed, sugar-infused “food” – if it isn’t there, he isn’t going to head out to the shops to buy it. If he moans about the lack of sweet treats, whip up some of our delicious cashew cookies, natural peanut butter cups, bliss balls or our healthy version of sticky toffee pud!


Beer is probably something you will never win on (i.e. he won’t ever give it up). But, if you can impress him with buying the occasional good quality craft beer, he will probably nurse his drink a little longer and start opting for quality over quantity (we hope!). Craft beers aren’t produced in factories on a mass-scale and use good quality ingredients (no artificial sweeteners, colours or thickeners). And some micro-breweries are even organic! Once that taste for quality sets in, the cheap (less healthy) stuff will hopefully be second best.

We know from experience that nagging and harping on about the benefits of green juice doesn’t work (in fact it often just pushes them out the door to the pub). However, by implementing our small and subtle changes, after a few weeks the takeaways, pub grub and curries will no longer be able to compete with homemade healthy food and sugar-free treats. As well as probably losing a few pounds, having more energy and looking healthier, your man may well have converted to your hip & healthy lifestyle without even realising.

words by Kathleen Fleming