H&H Natural Beauty Favourites

If summer hasn’t reminded you how beautiful and restorative nature is, let these beauty products! The power of plants, natural oils and skin-glowing goodness is unmistakable inside these charming tubs and tubes. What we put on our faces and skin, is just as important as what we choose to fuel our bodies with – so for those of you yet to explore the world of natural beauty, here we show you our favourite products that you’ll enjoy using and your skin will love.

MOA Daily Cleansing Ritual

This daily cleansing ritual is perfect for any girl with an on-the-go lifestyle that wants to keep her skin looking super refreshed. Within the handy tube that this clever cleansing ritual is contained within, you receive MOA’s infamous ‘Green Balm’ packed-full of nourishing oils and a luxurious soft bamboo towel. The oils in this balm make for a great natural makeup remover, whilst encouraging improved circulation to the cells on your face to help you get that healthy glow! If you’ve been considering switching to green beauty for a while now, make the transition with this 100% organic cleanser.

Odylique Creamy Coconut Cleanser

Here at Hip and Healthy, we love coconut in all its guises, and this Odylique Creamy Coconut Cleanser is no exception! With ingredients like rose, lemon, and extra virgin olive oil, this intensely nourishing cleanser is superfood for your skin at its finest! This cleanser is wonderful for removing makeup and any ickyness from the day that your skin has picked up. If you struggle with sensitive skin, the natural oils in this gentle cleanser will soothe and restore skin back to its optimum state.

Skin & Tonic Brit Beauty Oil

This East London based brand is a firm favourite of ours and this product is up there amongst our all time faves. Featuring a whole host of wonderful omega rich oils and antioxidants to improve cell regeneration – with ingredients like chia seed, thistle and sunflower oil you can rest assured these ingredients are just as good for you on the inside out. It doesn’t hurt that it’s non-GMO, vegan, organic and made right here in the UK too!

Oskia Get Up & Glow

This water-based gel has the most smoothing and soothing quality to it that makes it one of our current obsessions. Featuring twelve beauty-boosting actives that will leave you feeling like a super model post-application, this skin booster provides a skin plumping affect to ensure you have a gorgeous youthful glow all year round. We are exposed to tons of free radicals in our environments and in the foods we eat, but this product works as a barrier to protect our skin from the damage these can cause in the long term – what’s not to love?

Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

Not only do we love this product for its lovely colour and hypnotizing smell, it also reaps so many benefits! This organic vegan friendly serum is fabulous if you have any scars, stretch marks, or even fine lines that you want to eradicate in the most natural way possible. All thanks to the host of miracle worker ingredients such as- Trans-Retinoic Acid, to aid in the skin’s natural repair by targeting the deepest layers of your skin and Vitamin A – to give your skin a natural, beautiful glow. Not only is Rosehip fabulous for repair and restoration, it is also known to increase firmness and skin elasticity, so if you had a little too much fun over the weekend no need to worry, this product is awesome as an all-natural damage control.

VOYA Get Glowing Illuminating Marine Face Mask

Our newest obsession – let nature work its magic with this all natural illuminating face mask that will leave you with a glowing and revitalised complexion. This purifying and brightening face mask blended with rosemary, patchouli and mineral rich hand-harvested seaweed deeply detoxifies and leaves skin feeling soft and radiantly renewed.

By Isabella Stelle 

Image: Seafolly


The Hip & Healthy Yoga Retreat Guide

Jivamukti or Restorative? English country pad or Mediterranean agroturismo? Go solo or take a friend? Choosing a yoga retreat can be overwhelming and time-consuming – not what you need when you’re craving some stress-free time out. Here founder of Stretching the City and regular yoga retreat organiser, Sally Lovett shares her top 5 Yoga Retreat tips.

1. Do your research and pick a yoga style that resonates.

Assess your intentions for wanting to go on a retreat. Do you want to build your pratice with a strong and dynamic style, or are you craving a much-needed rest with some restorative yoga? Find out who the teachers are and what kind of style of yoga they teach. At the same time, be open to exploring other styles you might not have tried. On Stretching the City yoga retreats we have a super relaxing yin yoga class on the Saturday night, which is often our guest’s first introduction to yin yoga, and for many of them, their favourite class all weekend.

2. A yoga retreat isn’t just about yoga

On a typical yoga retreat day you’ll have two classes- one in the morning and another in the evening. Whilst yoga plays a prominent part on the retreat timetable the retreat experience is inevitably so much more than the twice daily classes. The location, nourishing healthy food and like-minded company also make up the magic of the retreat. So make the most of it by exploring and soaking up your retreat surroundings, mingling and making new friends and squeezing the most of the time between classes.

3. Pack wisely

Irrespective of the location and climate of your retreat, I’d suggest taking a good book for indulgently relaxing afternoons, some cosy PJs or loungewear and slippers to make yourself feel right at home and a notebook for some self-reflective musings. Try and leave your phone alone. You’ll undoubtedly want to take some snaps of the instagram worthy food that’s served up, but try and hold off posting until your return home. A couple of days away from your online world will leave your mind feeling much clearer.

4. Everyone is welcome

If you’re worried about being the only bloke, coming on your own, or even with your other half, there’s no need! Admittedly, there is usually a majority of female guests, but we have male guests too. In fact, it works well for the group dynamic to have guys and girls. Solo retreats are the norm and will be teamed up to share rooms with others travelling solo and we also warmly welcome couples, groups of friends, siblings and parents and offspring.

5. The retreat doesn’t have to stop at home time.

Often at the end of retreats we see our guests leaving feeling inspired by new recipes, raring to get on their mats every morning, or simply leaving with a spring in their step. Even the best intentions can be a challenge to keep when we’re back in your home routine, so at the end of retreat, write down 3 things you want to take from the retreat and do your best to stick with them. It might be making a new recipe, or making a commitment to meditate every morning. Whatever they may be, committing to a regular practice will keep your post-yoga retreat glow in tact for weeks to come.

by Sally Lovett, founder of Stretching the City & Wellness Coach. Sally runs yoga retreats through her company Stretching the City and 1-on-1 wellbeing consultations. Visit www.stretchingthecity.com/retreats and www.sallylovett.com.

Image: lululemon


Zesty Bulgar Wheat & Watermelon Salad

Lifestyle blogger and actress Áine Carlin prides herself on making vegan cooking easy for everyone. Focusing on whole foods and fresh seasonal ingredients, the much anticipated release of her first cookbook, Keep It Vegan, a colourful array of recipe ideas and veg-spiration will be sure to leave your taste buds happy like it has ours! Now over to Áine before we make ourselves too hungry…

Bulgar wheat is often guilty of being a little bland, but this salad shows that all it requires is a little gentle coaxing to bring out its deeply nutty flavour. And whilst watermelon may seem like an odd choice in a savoury dish, it really does work fantastically well in balancing the zesty lime dressing with the spritely radish and spring onion add-ins. With summer in full swing, this is the one recipe you’ll be pulling out of your sleeve time and time again… just you wait and see.


  • 250g bulgar wheat
  • grated zest and juice of 1 lime
  • 30ml extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon agave nectar
  • 1 tablespoon cider vinegar
  • 6–8 radishes, finely sliced
  • 2 spring onions, finely sliced
  • 1 small celery stick, finely sliced
  • 1/2 watermelon, deseeded and cut into small bite-sized pieces
  • 30g pumpkin seeds, toasted
  • 15g mint leaves, chopped
  • salt
  • large handful of China Rose radish
  • sprouts, to garnish (optional)


  • Place the bulgar wheat in a large bowl along with the lime zest. Lightly season with a little salt and stir to incorporate. Cover with 250ml of freshly boiled water and place a plate or clingfilm over the bowl. Allow to stand for at least 10 minutes or until all the water has been absorbed. Fluff with a fork. Set aside to cool, uncovered, for at least 15 minutes.
  • For the dressing, whisk together the lime juice, oil, agave nectar, cider vinegar and a pinch of salt until it emulsifies. Set aside.
  • When the bulgar wheat has cooled, add the radishes, spring onions and celery. Stir and pour over the dressing, stirring again to ensure everything is coated. Toss in the melon, toasted pumpkin seeds and finally the mint. Taste for seasoning and scatter over the China Rose radish sprouts, if using. Serve.

Taken from Keep it Vegan by Áine Carlin. Published by Kyle Books, priced from £14.99. Photography by Ali Allen.


If You Only Do One Thing This Week… Take Your Yoga On Holiday

Here at Hip & Healthy, when it comes to working out – convenience is key. As much as we love attending the latest fitness class and gym session a few times a week – to keep things consistent we rely on more accessible workouts that we can easily fit in to our busy days. For us, the same goes for when we travel. We’d much prefer to see the sights than be cooped up in a gym. With this in mind, on our most recent Hip & Healthy trip to Stockholm, we decided to try out the latest online fitness studio to crop up on the scene and lets just say, we were impressed! Read on for why you should take your Yoga on holiday with Yoogaia this Summer…

Take Your Yoga Anywhere

Yoogaia is the first live online yoga studio that brings yoga, pilates, core and barre classes to wherever you may be in real-time. Whether you’re travelling for business, pleasure or a bit of both, Yoogaia makes it easy to factor in a daily workout from your hotel room at any time of day. As long as you have an internet connection, you will be able to participate in a range of ‘live’ and recorded classes wherever you are!

Stick To Your Own Schedule

When time is tight whilst travelling, planning your workout around your travel plans is key, not the other way around! Whilst rushing off to a fitness class or yoga session in a new city can take hours out of your day – attending a yoga class at the click of a button can see you out the door and enjoying what your travel destination has to offer uninterrupted.

You Make The Rules

Gone are the days of having to participate in a yoga style that you’re not so keen on due to time restraints, Yoogaia offers a whole host of live classes to suit all levels and stylistic preferences. From curvy girl yoga to yogic sleep express, stretching for runners to Broga – there’s something for everyone available at any time of day.

Virtual Guidance

Whilst other online workout videos offer a non-interactive fitness platform, our favourite thing about Yoogaia is that your teacher is there to give you specialised help via webcam  if you require. With an option to allow your teacher to watch and guide you as you practise, the personal guidance available is especially beneficial for beginners and those recovering from injuries who require adjustments and corrections whilst in more challenging postures.

Design Your Own Practice

Here at Hip & Healthy we love to mix up our workouts! On our most recent trip to Stockholm, we enjoyed a daily 30 minute Yoogaia Yin yoga class – the perfect way to wake up! Followed by a 45 minute core class to pump us up for our day. In addition to this, we finished each day with a 30 minute Yoogaia yoga stretch class which was pure bliss after a busy day touring Stockholm by foot.

To celebrate the Travel with Yoogaia campaign, we’d like to offer 3 x 4 month Yoogaia passes, meaning you can take yoga with you wherever you go this Summer!  Simply email [email protected] with the subject YOOGAIA COMP for a chance to win.  Winners will be notified next week.

By Zsa Zsa Vella

Image: lululemon



Hip & Healthy Guide to Stockholm

Whilst the Swedish are well known for their dreamy interiors, fabulous fashion and clean aesthetic – what is not so commonly recognised is their love and appreciation of all things health and wellness. For Swedes – living well, eating clean and working out is no unattainable feat, but a way of life for the majority who reside in this beautiful country. Last week, the Hip & Healthy team took a weekend trip to Stockholm to uncover the best spots to dine, relax, workout and explore. Read on for the lowdown…



A sweet little cafe on the outskirts of our favourite suburb in Stockholm, Matapoteket is the perfect spot for those seeking delicious raw food at its best. The menu is filled with vegan tapas, raw pizzas and the most delicious range of guilt-free sweets – the mint and cacao energy balls are a must try!

Bondegatan 6, 116 23 Stockholm

Urban Deli

One of our favourite Stockholm finds – Urban Deli is a must-go for health conscious and artisanal foodie lovers alike. Featuring a deli and restaurant, this Hip & Healthy favourite boasts an impressive range of traditional foods from mostly small local producers – we loved the range of salads that we enjoyed daily accompanied by the most delicious and dark fresh rye bread – our favourite Swedish staple!

Nytorget 4, 116 40 Stockholm

Doctor Salad

Hungry from a day of travelling, we arrived at Doctor Salad eager to see what it had to offer. Treated to a selection of colourful salads, we decided to go with the raw vegan ceaser featuring an assortment of raw veggies and the most incredible cashew cheese. Other highlights include the raw strawberry cheesecake and ‘green’ chia pudding – our favourite breakfast whilst in Stockholm.

Sibyllegatan 29, 114 42 Stockholm


Stockholm’s version of Wholefoods – Paradiset is the place to go for all your healthy and organic goods. If you’re staying in town for a few days – be sure to stock up on fruit, veg and healthy snacks from the enormous selection of organic produce available at this double story paradise! If you’re weary from your Stockholm wanderings, be sure to treat yourself to an organic ice cream from stikkinikki upstairs. With options for vegans too, the ‘feel good ice cream made from love’ on offer will get you pepped up for more exploring! We love!

Brännkyrkagatan, 62-64, Stockholm, Södermalm


Swimming in Lake Mälaren

Often described as one of the most romantic baths in the city – this clear freshwater lake is just outside Stockholms city centre. If you’re worried about water pollution, fear not. Lake Malaren is cleaner than the sea! The perfect day retreat right in the heart of Stockholm, during the Summer, Lake Malaren is awash with swimmers cooling off in its idyllic waters. True bliss!

Cycling in the city

Our favourite way to sightsee – some cities are best taken in on two wheels and Stockholm is definitely one of them! Visit the Rent A Bike shed at berth 25 at Ångbåtsbryggan and get excited to tour the city in true Scandinavian style.

Ångbåtsbryggan, Strandvägen 18



Whilst there are some fantastic places to workout within the capital, when your travelling it’s always nice to be in charge of your own schedule, especially when you’re visiting somewhere new and have a never-ending list of places to see and things to do! With this in mind, we tried out Yoogaia, an online yoga studio that you can take with you on your holiday. Whilst our days were choc-full of moving and exploring, we always woke up to one of their live morning flow sessions and finished our day with a relaxing yoga stretch class. Holiday goers – we highly recommend.

Sturebadet Spa

We could have spent our entire weekend away in this luxurious 17th century pool and wellness centre. Featuring a luxurious day spa where you can book in to a whole host of pampering treatments, this opulent destination features pools, saunas and an impressive gym so you can get your move on before your pampering session.

Sturegallerian, 114 46 Stockholm

By Zsa Zsa Vella 




Afresco Dining – Our Favourite Outdoor Brunch Spots

You know what warmer weather means – outdoor dining! And whilst we love a good picnic in the park, these are the alfresco brunch spots in London we can’t get enough of this summer…

Tanya’s Cafe

Nestled away in the backstreets of Chelsea, since it’s inception onto the healthy foodie front, Tanya’s has been our go-to for all things raw, vegan and yummy. With a menu featuring a taste-bud tantalising selection of sweet and savoury meals and snacks, we love their refreshing breakfast options that taste best enjoyed in their newly opened light and airy terrace, perfect for the sunny season.

What we eat: The Floral Chia is a firm favourite of ours. A mixture of juicy dates, creamy coconut milk, Lucuma, stevia leaf powder, banana, fresh mint and calendula flowers to top it all off – this beautiful breakfast (arguably the prettiest in London) keeps us energized and refuelled after our morning workout and into our day.

The Modern Pantry

Modern pantry is the perfect name for this innovative healthy haven offering traditional brunch with a nutritious spin. Make a morning of it and invite along all of your friends – The Modern Pantry has something for everyone including loads of gluten free and vegetarian option which are best enjoyed from their spacious outdoor terrace on sunny St. John’s Square.

What we eat: It is hard to stray from the mouth watering combination of toasted oat, buckwheat, puffed wild rice, sour cherry, fennel seed & pecan muesli topped with raspberries and coconut yogurt. Pair this with a side of their fruit salad with rose and lime syrup and you’re good to go!

Brew, Putney

Head to Brew if you’re looking for an amazing atmosphere that serves up only the freshest foods. Brew isn’t known for catering to a specific diet or lifestyle, but they are famous for making almost everything in house; from their wood-fired sourdough bread to their sweets and pastries. We love their light and airy terrace – the perfect place to chill out with friends and indulge in some seriously good food.

What We Eat: If you’re plant based or simply fancy a great egg alternative – opt for the pan-fried field mushrooms on toasted sourdough drizzled in aged balsamic and pesto. This is a wonderfully simple dish that really packs a flavorful punch.

Grain Store

The Grain Store prides itself on its innovative and sustainable menu that is sure to please veggie lovers and meat lovers alike. Keeping their menu creative by featuring techniques of fermentation, sprouting, pickling, smoking, and garnishes of edible flowers and colourful herbs – the unique and interesting dishes on offer will please even the pickiest of foodie aficionados. Perfectly complimenting the food is the always-sunny outdoor seating area, just metres from the canal that runs through Kings Cross – just be sure to pack your walking shoes for a lovely hike along the canal post-breakfast.

What we eat: For a savoury twist on yogurt and granola, try the quinoa granola with olive oil and fennel pollen served over goat’s yoghurt for an interesting take on a breakfast classic.

Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings

Whilst not actually outdoors, for those days when the weather is warm but not so nice that you’d want to spend a morning alfresco, the light and airy Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings is your go to. You can enjoy your scrumptious meal amongst their festive jungle themed décor featuring banana leaf print chairs and vine covered potted plants. As well as being one of our favourite new brunch spots, this place is interiors inspiration at its finest.

What we eat: To really get the jungle feel, we love to tuck into the Clerkenwell cocktail made with seasonal fresh fruit, along with the homemade granola served with a seasonal fruit compote and almond milk – Yum!

Image: Tanyas Cafe Chelsea

By Isabella Stelle


5 Tips For Beating Jet Lag

We love the feeling of touching down at our favourite holiday destination, bikini at the ready. Yet whilst initial excitement may last all day, the inevitable energy slump that kicks in once the rush wears off can reap havoc on your holiday plans. However, we’re here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way! With a little preparation and some Hip & Healthy tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to beating jetlag once and for all.

1. It all starts on the plane

While delays and cancellations sometimes can’t be helped, it’s super important to be well-rested and relaxed as you begin your journey. Having everything you need for passing check-in, customs and security at the ready will set you off in good stead. Additionally, once you’ve exhausted your movie and magazine options, take a minute to engage in some deep breathing. Whilst being cooped up in a plane can cause stress to the body, taking a few deep and slow breaths calms the nervous system and communicates to your body that everything is ok. For a little extra help, we turn to Neal’s Yard’s remedy stick, especially formulated with aromatic essential oils which assist in calming the senses and improving circulation, necessary for travel at high altitudes.

2. Water, water, water

Getting up to go to the loo on the plane is without a doubt a better alternative to de-hydration and the headaches, aches and fatigue that this uncomfortable state encourages. Water is always the Hip and Healthy choice from the drinks trolley as fizzy drinks, tea, coffee and especially alcohol dehydrate the body even further so are best avoided in-flight. In the air-conditioned cabins of a plane, we lose so much water from our bodies so replenishing this is a must-do to ensure we maintain adequate hydration levels, necessary for optimal bodily functioning. Your skin will of course will love you for it too!

3. Moisturise 

Going hand in hand with dehydration, dry skin is a pretty hard one to avoid when flying for long periods of time. Whilst drinking water will play a big part in keeping skin soft and supple, some travel sized natural moisturising products kept close by will provide you with that extra bit of help your skin needs in-flight. Featuring a host of hydrating in-flight skincare must-haves, we love Pai Skincare’s Pure Hydration kit that comes in a handy travel size perfect for taking on board.

4. Sleep well

Once you’ve reached your destination, when the sun sets after a day spent wearily trying to re-adjust to the right timezone, taking a serving of Viridian cherry night powder before bedtime will help to get restless bodies into sleep mode. It’s so important to maintain a regular sleeping cycle so the sooner we acclimatise the better off we will be for the rest of the trip! Viridian’s vegan formula contains glycine, an amino acid to improve sleep quality, magnesium which acts as a muscle relaxant and cherries, which naturally contain melatonin; the hormone which helps us to settle into a sleep routine.

5. Take your supplements 

Our travel go-to, you’ll always find a handy pack of Franks Staks of Wellbeing in our suitcases. With each pack featuring a supplement plan designed to re-boot your batteries post-flying and get you back to your healthy self, this clever collection of powders and pills are condensed into resealable packages, ready to take each day with ease. From super-green powders to alkalise and detox, b12 for an energy kick and krill oil for essential fatty-acids to help rehydrate dried out skin – if there’s one post-flight secret we’ve been keeping – this is it!

By Annabel Armitage 

Image: Seafolly



Check into Pre-hab

As ardent fit-fanatics, we’re all familiar with the delights of rehab – having to routinely perform repetitive and seemingly redundant prescribed exercises, ice ice ice, elevate, and having to admit defeat and succumb to the dreaded rest right in the middle of a training cycle, all because we ignored a niggle or let our hamstrings get just that little bit too tight.

It’s frustrating, it’s boring, and worst of all, it sets us back in our relentless pursuit of attaining our goals.

Exercising hard week after week can exacerbate underlying imbalances that you may not even know you have, which can lead to injury – but it is possible, and indeed necessary, to detect and correct any such weak and wonky areas before beginning a new programme in order to prevent having to partake in that ghastly rehab, and losing our progress along with it.

With the rising focus on wellness as a holistic concept which requires all areas of health and wellbeing to be balanced and in optimal working order, we are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of rest, a satisfied and energised mind, emotional wellbeing, hormonal alignment and functional posture as integral elements in our regime. Thankfully, the short lived ‘go hard or go home’ culture that saw many well-intentioned exercisers reach mental and physical burnout as they strove to abide by the inexorable imperatives of ‘fitspo’ memes has ironically burnt itself out, and the necessity for balancing hard work with hard rest is becoming prevalent. With this change in attitude, a new dimension to training is developing which allows us to go into exercise optimally prepared so we can get the absolute best from our gym time – enter, prehab.

Studios focussing on prehabilitation programmes have sprung up across London and we’ve visited the best to bring you a run down on how to ensure you’re good to go before you embark on your next fitness journey, because we all know prevention is better than cure.

Grace Belgravia 

Grace Belgravia offers a comprehensive one on one consultation with each of its members to assess the state of their current body mechanics before they embark on their fitness journeys. Duncan Vincent, the manager of the gym at Grace, along with his team of human movement experts will film you walking and running and have you perform basic movements, such as overhead squats, then play back on time lapse to asses how your body is working and determine any areas of tightness and tension that could cause issues down the line. If you think you’re problem-free you’ll likely be sorely mistaken; Duncan’s canny eye will seek out even the tiniest of potential issues, right down to a foot swinging at a slightly overly obtuse angle while you walk.

After your gym consultation, head down the hall (ensuring your foot-swing is on point as you go…) to visit muscle-whisperer Anna Collins (http://www.thepolishedonion.com) to free up your fascia with a Rolfing session. Don’t be deterred by the questionable moniker; Rolfing is a technique named after its creator Dr. Ida Rolf which builds on the concept of structural integration. The practice manipulates your muscle fascia to promote space within the body to allow for optimal mobility and freedom from pain. Rolfing therapy is a perfect antidote to our busy modern lives as it alleviates pain and tightness caused by repetitive exercise, sedentary lifestyles, and the infamous Smartphone hunch!

At the beginning of each hour long session, Anna will photograph your body from every angle and compare these with after photos once you’ve been thoroughly worked on. Prepare for quite significant changes in posture and alignment which will become increasingly more pronounced if you decide to go for the full 10 session programme.

Putting yourself in the hands of a person who intuitively knows your body better than you do is initially slightly disconcerting, perhaps mostly due to the fact that you’re required to be in a relative state of undress, but Anna will talk you through how the session will go and make you feel completely relaxed and at ease while she works on your kinks and knots. The Rolfing practice not only releases physical tension in your body but also instigates the relief of emotional and mental stresses as well as aiding in digestion by freeing up space internally to allow your organs to function as they should. All this leaves you standing taller, feeling more mobile, and ready to tackle those sweat sessions with renewed vigour!

Motus Strength 

If lifting and functional exercise is more your jam, Fulham’s specialist gym Motus Strength is the prehab way for you. Defined by its dedication to one-on-one and small group sessions, the gym’s team of experts will provide guided foundation to advanced programmes for Olympic Lifting, Calisthenics and Strength and Conditioning practice, making sure your form is correct for every move and that the right muscles are firing at the right times. So not only will your workout be more efficient and functional, enabling you to smash those PBs, but you’ll be using each muscle for its intended purpose – meaning that coveted peachy firm derrière can be sculpted with ease!

Motus Strength’s founder, Bruce, doesn’t believe in firing out high numbers of reps for the sake of working up a sweat if your form is not perfect, and rightly so, as we all know this is how things end up torn and broken, and none of us has time for that. The Motus way is all about precision. If an imbalance or weakness exists, the Motus approach will not allow you to move on in your programme until the previous phase has been sufficiently completed, ie. You will need to be able to demo your squatting prowess before progressing to the jerks, muscle ups, et al.! But don’t scoff at the basics – every structure needs a solid foundation on which to grow with strength, and the same goes for our bodies. And there really is nothing easy about L-sits. Those things are deceptive.

P4 Virtual Trainer

If you’re more a darling of the digital age and enjoy the freedom of online training, head to Dylan Jones and his all-encompassing, mastermind app, P4 Virtual Trainer. Dylan’s approach is based upon the four pillars of optimal fitness, which he calls the 4 Ps – posture, performance, programme and physiology, each of which must be operating to perfection before enduring progress can me made.

The P4 programme is undertaken remotely, but unlike ubiquitous apps which churn out unspecific exercises and duplicate food plans, P4 gives you a bespoke, long term regime based on your individual history and goals which begins with the basics and advances on a progressive and adaptable basis.

When you sign up, Dylan and his team will carry out a full body scan to determine your body fat percentage and identify any postural imbalances and areas of potential weakness. The results are emailed to you along with detailed explanations of the findings so you’re able to be fully proactive and understanding in taking control of your own body in line with the guidance of Dylan, and his nutrition guru wife, Linda’s expertise. This, coupled with phone calls to the trainers themselves, online goal and diet tracking and support from the online P4 community, will form the basis of your P4 programme and see you on your way to complete bodily harmony.


Box fresh from its native origins in Canada, Essentrics has landed in our very own London. Discovered in North America and taken to the Netherlands by Master Trainer, Lululemon Ambassador and all-round babe, Danielle de Wildt. The dynamic workout is a hybrid of ballet, tai-chi and dance and works to lengthen muscles and reconnect the brain with every area of the body, essentially waking up neglected areas to promote efficiency, mobility and strength. Danielle happened upon the concept being used by Canadian rugby players as part of their training and credits it with curing her ‘computer hunch’ and helping her qualify for Boston with her first and very speedy marathon last year, when Essentrics formed an important part of her cross-training programme.

Performed bare foot and to chart tunes to make your soul happy, Essentrics is a refreshingly different, yet challenging routine and a short course is an excellent form of base training. If you’re a runner, lifter, or hard core HIIT-er, you need Essentrics in your life. Find the very first of London’s classes in Chiswick and Greenwich, or sign up for a Champney’s or Ibiza retreat as a pre-training foundation to ‘unlock’ your body and mind and leave you tip top and ready to smash your fitness goals.

The above are all excellent, guided ways to ensure you have your prehab sussed, but there are of course many methods of pre-habilitation you can do at home to ensure you’re ready to train: Make sure you’re stretching, foam-rolling, Epsom-bathing and sleeping like a pro throughout your training schedule so you continue to perform optimally and get the most from your wonderful body.

By Rachel Bednarski


Broga – Shifting The Paradigm Of Gendered Fitness

A former American football player and self-proclaimed yoga addict, the super sculpted Matt Miller is the founder of a new type of yoga, known as Broga. After experiencing the amazing benefits of yoga for himself, Matt set out to create a new and innovative way of practicing this typically female activity in a way that would appeal to men as much as women. Comprised of intense and challenging workouts that will push your body to new limits, Broga promises to increase performance and capability while protecting you from potential injury. Read on to learn more…

With the Women’s World Cup just over, we are starting to notice a whole host of typical male oriented sports become embraced by females all over the world such as football, golf and boxing to name a few – what are some other sports you would like to see more women engaging in?

Women typically do their fitness as a solo artist, men are more readily part of the band. It would be great to see more women involved in team sports where group camaraderie and playful interactive fun is part of the activity.

And what about the boys – do you think men are still too afraid to participate in typically female oriented sports such as gymnastics, ballet and even yoga? Why do you think this is?

Now that paradigm is blasted wide open now. Yoga is the fastest growing fitness sector in the fitness market and men practitioners are on the rise with that wave. The new ideal for men is not size but being able to MOVE!  Right now, early-adopter type men are all over parkour, gymnastics, muay tai , crossfit and yoga. And everyone else is starting to follow their lead.

Tell us about Broga – how does is intend to shift the universal idea that yoga is for girls?

Broga is a workout at heart with focus on a specific body part in each class. You know exactly what you are getting. Men love the idea of knowing what the specific challenge is and being able to benchmark progress against past performance and the Broga program allows and develops exactly that.

How does Broga differ from more traditional styles of yoga? 

From the first class, Broga is instantly accessible and scalable to all levels and body types. There is never that self-deprecating moment when you feel like you are watching the one person in the room do a move you think you will never be able to do. Basically we break up the secret little yoga club and smash it up and give everyone a piece!

Can girls practice Broga? What can we expect from a Broga class?

Of course! We love women Brogis! Flexibility is nothing without a balance of power. Expect to have muscle soreness for a few days!

What are the main benefits of a regular Broga practice that both men and women can look forward to reaping?

Broga truly is a two in one practice – proper yoga and incredible opening, lengthening and rebalancing, but on the other hand it is incredibly dynamic and strengthening in places that are often hard to access in another sport or even another type of yoga practice.

Come see what all the fuss is about as we host our 4th teacher training – a 4 day intensive residential boot camp combining sport (hosted by Olympic and team GB athletes) and the yoga movement sequences that compliment each fitness activity. It is also a way to learn to speak to and inspire a new generation of yogis and men who are coming to the mat. 

Find out more and book your place now on Broga.uk.com

By Zsa Zsa Vella


Hip & Healthy How To: Figure Out Your Dream Career

These days career change happens more often than Lady Gaga changes her outfit. More and more women are escaping the 9-5 monotony to create a career that lights them up. It’s never to late to start a new. If your current job gives you the Sunday blues, then maybe it’s time to plan your escape?

Here are eight simple ways to discover your dream job now:

1. Meditation

We all have an intuitive voice. It speaks in whispers, longings and niggling feelings. The best way to hear it is through daily meditation. But don’t fret, you don’t need to wear a turban and sit cross legged for hours on end, 10 minutes a day will do the trick.

Challenge: Meditate for 21 days and notice the shift

2. Your gifts are on the other side of your fears

Fear is a dream serial killer. But what if fear was actually a sign that you were on the right track? Our greatest gifts are almost always on the other side of our greatest fears (annoying but true). So if you’ve got a secret dream that scares you like crazy, then take a deep breath a good old run up and leap. The only way to stop a fear is to face it.

Question If you weren’t afraid what would you do?

3. Follow what lights you up

The best way to find yourself in your dream career is to follow the secret trail of things that light you up. It sounds pretty simple but don’t underestimate the power of this baby. A few years ago when I was working in advertising I decided to give it a go. Before long I discovered that flowers lit me up and so I decided to buy myself a bunch every week. From being around the flowers I found myself getting inspired and writing little thoughts in my moleskin and posting them on Instagram. Those little notes then turned into my blog and then morphed into a book proposal. A year later as I was typing the last word of my book (www.lightisthenewblack.com) I looked up to discover I was sitting in the middle of Regent’s Park Rose Garden where I had written the whole thing! Follow what lights you up and before you know it you’ll find yourself right in the middle of not only your dream career but your dream life too.

Question: What lights you up?

4. Embrace your weirdness

Let people see who you really are regardless of how weird you think that is. Look at your weirdness as a de-selection tool, separating you from the people (bosses, jobs) that are not an authentic match to your awesomeness. When you embrace your weirdness and show people who you really are three amazing things happen:

1. The people who don’t appreciate the real you will disappear (this is a good thing)

2. You’ll find ‘your people’ (the ones who are the same kind of weird)

3. Jobs that require your special kind of weirdness will start to appear (or your current job will expand to embrace the bigger you)

Challenge: Write 10 things that are weird and Wonderful about you.

5. You are your heroines

Beyonce, Angelina, Oprah, Malala, Caitlin Jenner… You are the people who inspire you. If your heroines are all writers, then chances are your dream career could involve penning your thoughts. If they’re ballsy artists, then maybe you’ve got an inner Maya Angelou bursting to come out? If it’s full of yogis, then pick up your phone and find a ‘teacher training’ in your area.

Challenge: Write a list of the five people (living or dead) who inspire you the most. For each of them, write the three qualities you admire most. Then look at the list as a whole and circle the three words that resonate with you the most. These three words are the qualities that already exist within you. Go make them happen. You are your heroines.

There is no one quite like you on the entire planet. Fact. It is your uniqueness that is valuable. Don’t fit into a job shaped box. Spill over the edges. Take up some room. Be You ©

Your dream job is out there and chances are it’s looking just as hard for you and you are for it.

By Rebecca Campbell

For more inspiration like this grab a copy of Rebecca’s book Light Is The New Black, Hay House UK


The Best Workouts To Do Before Your Beach Holiday!

We know that bearing all on a beach holiday can often bring about some anxiety and stress – and whilst here at Hip & Healthy we are all about encouraging you, our lovely readers, to be the best version of YOU no matter the size that may be, we could all use an extra boost of confidence when hitting the beach in our bikini. To help you tone up those trouble spots, we enlisted FRAME personal trainer Jack Edwards to fill us in on a few of his favourites exercises to get you fit before jetting off.

Hill sprints – an explosive fat burner: Hill sprints are great for power and cardiovascular fitness but are also very effective fat burners. They will send your heart rate up, make you sweat and target your legs, bum and core – all important for beach comfort! (Get down to the park or get on the treadmill and up the incline to high!)

Power yoga – lean out, get supple: We have all heard about the long-term benefits of yoga, but it is also a great exercise to do in that last minute build-up to your beach holiday. Not only will it compliment the more weight based/cardio exercise you are doing by keeping you lean and supple, power yoga will also test your strength, make you sweat and make sure all your muscle groups are working in sync with your core at the focus of it all. Yoga is fantastic for posture and squeezing some yoga classes into your fitness schedule will ensure you look long and lean as you stroll on to the beach! (Try our Yoga classes at FRAME.)

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) – the ultimate fat burner: Interval training is great for getting heart rate up, developing strength and kick-starting your metabolism. Try and do this early in the day; have a healthy breakfast and then follow it with a HIIT session that will power up your metabolism and keep it ticking over throughout the day – a continuous fat burner – yes please! (Try our HIIT PT class at FRAME.)

High rep weight training – pump and the burn: Weight training is great for strength and muscle development – try and up the reps on the two weeks leading up to your beach holiday. Reduce your rest between sets and ideally build a couple of super sets into this too! Rather than having a wander or chat after a set of squats, jump straight into your deadlifts and keep your heart rate going and your muscles activated. Exercises that target opposite muscle groups are perfect for supersets. Think chest and back, quads and hamstrings/glutes. (Try our Personal Training at FRAME.)

Boxing – high intensity cardio that’s lots of fun: Boxing is a great way to get yourself ready for the beach. It is demanding on your cardiovascular fitness whilst allowing you to really develop some strength, coordination and endurance. Plus, there’s no better way to let out some steam! After a few boxing sessions you will be in the perfect place to head into the sun, relax and enjoy! (Try our Box Train class at FRAME.)

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Super Skin-Food Snacks

Today, the average diet is often packed full of overly processed sugar and salt laden foods that don’t do any favours for our skin. Thankfully nutritionist Christine Bailey, renowned for her delicious and healthy recipes that focus on restoring, healing, and rejuvenating our bodies and skin – is here to ensure we get that coveted radiant complexion from the inside out! The perfect afternoon pick-me-up, or healthy hors d’oeuvre – snack smart with this delicious recipe featuring Nairn’s oatcakes and be prepared to get your glow on. Over to Christina to fill us in on the benefits of this super simple recipe…

Avocados are the perfect skin food. The monounsaturated fats in avocado are fabulous for improving your skin tone. They are vital for maintaining good moisture levels in the epidermal layer of your skin that make it look and feel soft and healthy. These healthy fats can also help reduce skin redness and irritation and are involved in repairing damaged skin cells. Avocados and the tomatoes provide antioxidant carotenoids and vitamin E which help guard against photo-aging from sun exposure, preventing wrinkles plus vitamin C found in these fruits and lime juice is involved in the creation of elastin and collagen for maintaining your skin’s elasticity and firmness. So without further adieu, here’s the recipe:

Avocado and Sweet Chilli Tomato Salsa

Serves 1


  • 2 oatcakes
  • ½ avocado, finely diced
  • 1 tomato, deseeded and finely diced
  • Teaspoon of Sweet Chilli Sauce
  • Squeeze of lime juice
  • 1tsp coriander leaves, chopped


  1. Mix together all the ingredients and season to taste. Pile on top of the oatcakes to serve!