Naturally Sassy’s Strawberry & Coconut Ice-Lollies

I know ice-lollies are a very summery treat, but I love these babies all year round. They’re a real saviour when it comes to satisfying those sweet cravings, as I can make lots and keep them in the freezer forever! I love using other fruit in them, but this particular combination is my favourite.


Makes 8 Ice Lollies

  • 300ml (11⁄4 cups) tinned full-fat coconut milk
  • 1 banana, peeled
  • 4 Medjool dates, pitted and chopped
  • 100g (1 cup) strawberries, hulled


Place the creamy part of the coconut milk (leaving any watery liquid in the tin) in a blender with the banana and dates and blend until smooth.

Pour half the mixture into a jug, add the strawberries to the mixture left in the blender and blend again until smooth.

Pour the strawberry mixture into the ice-lolly moulds and then the remaining coconut mixture on top. Put in the freezer for a couple hours to set.

Switch it up

Strawberries are my favourite in these ice-lollies, but any sharp-tasting fruit works well: pomegranate seeds, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries – the options are endless! 

Words & Recipe taken from the Naturally Sassy Cookbook by Saskia Gregson-Williams

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FITSPIRATION – Faya Nilsson of Fitness On Toast!

You were born in Sweden, what prompted you to move to London?

I’m actually half-Swedish, half-English, so I’ve been fluidly switching between the countries at different points in my life. I’ve always had an affinity for London’s energy and buzz, so when I moved here permanently around 4 years ago, it felt totally comfortable!

Would you say Sweden is in sync with the whole healthy lifestyle attitude?
Completely! In many ways, it’s leading the charge. By virtue of its coastal landscape, fish is a staple part of the diet, which means that people grow up on a diet of lean proteins and healthy fats. It’s such an outdoorsy culture as well, so exercise is entrenched. Sailing, riding, running, ice hockey, skiing… all of these are really typical Swedish sporting activities.

What inspired you to start your (amazing!) blog, Fitness On Toast?
Thank you so much! was my way of keeping clients in touch with my thoughts about exercises, healthy recipes and fitness looks. I felt that the hour we had together just wasn’t enough time to get everything across – the fitness part takes precedence, but often it’s hard to communicate everything you’d like, so I set up Fitness On Toast to do the rest! Also, as I mentioned, I grew up in Sweden, where blogging has been a totally legitimate career path for years, so it was already a concept that I was comfortable with.

What do you enjoy most about being a fitness blogger?
Though it may sound hugely cheesy, one of the best parts is when you get an email from somebody telling you that one of your posts made a difference to them, or inspired them to try something new and healthy. When that first happened, I suddenly got how awesome it felt to be able to share my passion with other like-minded people. It also gives you an early insight into the most cutting edge trends in my industry, and exposure to some fascinating people; I’m on a roll with meeting British ‘Olympic Gold Medalists’, which works wonders for the motivation!

Do you have any healthy eating habits that you like to stick to?
A diet rich in lean proteins, fruit & vegetables and healthy fats, with the occasional treats to keep myself in check. I try to eliminate processed, artificial foods, and stick to fresh, organic (where possible) produce. To me, that’s a clean and sustainable diet which will see the body well looked after over time.

You’re up early to go to the gym, what’s your go to breakfast?
I’m up at 05:30 most days to train clients, and rising at that ungodly hour never gets easier, regardless of what time you go to bed the night before! Food-wise, my body’s found that a healthy bowl of my ‘Uber Muesli’ is the best source of sustainable and natural energy for the workout ahead. A nice cup of caffeine-rich matcha green tea helps too for a bit of a kick! Or I might have some smoked salmon, salad and quinoa. I personally like a bit of variation and that’s something my blog majors in; healthy recipes shouldn’t mean ‘groundhog’ or ‘boring’ as there are so many nutritious, satisfying AND delicious recipes to be discovered!

Can you name your top 3 exercises for a toned booty? 
That’d be squats, jumping lunges and deadlifts – the holy trinity of booty exercises!

What does your fitness regime look like at the moment? 
Currently, I weight-train 4 times a week, do Bikram yoga at least once a week and I’ve just gotten back into Pilates again. Thanks to my efforts on the blog, I tend to do alot of 1-off sessions to trial various different systems and concepts, so that’s all adds to the experience!

You’re having a girly dinner party, what would you cook? 
My favourite way of eating is to pick and choose as you like. So for example, I’d lay out a variety of dishes such as a colourful salad (rocket, pomegranate, nuts, seeds, goats cheese etc), a plate of artichokes, some grilled fish, some baked sweet potatoes etc. That way people don’t feel they need to eat an entire plate of something they may not like, and they can have as much or as little as they fancy. Hopefully it would be more rather than less!

Do you have a quote or mantra you like to live by? 
‘The sooner you start the sooner you’ll feel and see a change’. Over the course of the last year or so I’ve begun to realise that you just have to pursue every opportunity that you’re offered, whatever that may be; if ‘it’ feels right to you, don’t let anyone or anything stop you pursuing your dreams. ‘Do whatever makes you happy’ is something I’m very much aligned to!

Where would be your perfect holiday destination? 
I LOVE travelling, so it would be a new and exciting destination which offers a combination of relaxation and adventure. Some sort of adventure-relaxation hybrid holiday then! My recent blog trip to Morocco was a great example of exactly that, with hiking, swimming, relaxing walks, biking etc. You can see all my travels on the blog, here.

What are some great ways to stay active on a beach holiday? 
Walk everywhere if you can (I think that’s the best way to get a feel for a new place anyway), find out what local people do and sign up, for example, to some horse riding, hiking, canoeing or whatever may be on offer. A beach can be a stunning backdrop for a morning or evening run, when it’s not too hot, when the sun’s locked to the horizon for a while; whilst a 5k on a treadmill can be drab and tedious, the same distance along the coastline is invigorating and quite stunning.

What are your travel essentials that you never leave home without? 
My camera, a good book, music and a sketch book (for a bit of a doodle). Sunglasses and a passport are the only other companions required!

How do you like to relax and wind down after a long day? 
I like nothing more than a long hot bath, a mug of tea and an early night’s sleep to unwind properly!

If you could workout in anything from our Online Activewear Store, what would you wear?
I love trying out new fitness fashion brands, and love to mix it up, from wacky prints to elegant lines. Striders Edge is a bit of a fave of mine – I encountered them about 6 months ago, and have really loved working out in their stuff recently, for the tailored look and sumptuous fabrics. But you’ve got a great eclectic mix on the site, which is very dangerous for a shopping spree!

Faya is currently an ambassador for Steens Manuka Honey.

The 10 Minute Workout To Ease Lower Back Pain

If you’re desk-bound most of the day, chances are you’ve experienced lower back pain. Check out these simple exercises to help ease discomfort in this area and enhance your workday. You can even do some of them right at your desk!

*Please remember, this article doesnt address all low back pain conditions, and always see a good Physiotherapist in conjunction with this advice.

Sitting and Our Spines

Our spines aren’t designed for a sedentary lifestyle, so sitting at a desk all day plays havoc on our lower backs, particularly when we have bad posture (which we can all be guilty of at 3pm!) Long periods of sitting puts pressure on the lumbar spine when unsupported and tightens the hip muscles, pulling the pelvis into a forward position, increasing the arch of the lower back and causing it to sway. A sway back is a vulnerable position for our spines, and causes pain that can become unbearable after a long day at a desk.

Instead of reaching for the painkillers, try this simple workout to ease your low back pain:

Cat Stretch to get Your Spine Moving 

  1. On your hands and knees, gently arch your back all the way up to the sky like a cat as you breathe in.
  2. Breathe out as you lower your spine, drawing your tummy toward the mat.
  3. Breathe in again as you arch back up (and repeat 8 times)

Restore Rotation

Sitting at a desk doesn’t allow for any rotation through the spine, our desk chairs do all the spinning for us!

  1. Sitting in your chair, cross your arms across your chest
  2. Breathe in, then exhale rapidly three times, rotating to the right, twisting further with each exhale.
  3. Breathe in to face straight ahead again
  4. Breathe out with three quick exhales as you rotate left.
  5. Repeat three times on each side.

You’ll find you’ll be able to rotate further each time. If you feel any pain in your lower back, don’t rotate as far.

Stretch your hips at your desk

If you’re absolutely starved for time and can’t leave your desk, try these hip stretches:

At-Desk Glute Stretch:

While you’re sitting, bring your right ankle up to rest on your left knee.

  1. With a straight back, gently lean forward, placing gentle pressure from your right forearm onto your right knee, gently easing it toward the floor.
  2. Hold as you count to thirty, or sing a verse of your favourite song.
  3. Gently let go and repeat on the left.

At-Desk Hip Flexor Stretch: 

  1. Standing up tall, place the shin of your right leg on your desk chair, making sure you left foot is straight.
  2. Bend your left knee into a lunge position, rolling your right leg back on your chair if needed.
  3. Hold as you count to thirty, or sing a verse of your favourite song.
  4. Gently let go and repeat on the left.

Spinal Massage & Childs Pose

Lying on your back, bring your knees to your chest and gently rock side to side. This helps to release the erector spinae muscles that run parallel to the spine.

Next, on your hands and knees, gently rock back until you’re sitting on your heels, and stretch your arms forward for a real spine stretch into child’s pose. Rest here for a few breaths. If it’s more comfortable, place your hands down by your side instead of stretching them out in front.

Restore mobility with a spinal roll down

You’re nearly there! You’ve released muscle groups, restored rotation to your vertebrae, and now you need to help restore spinal mobility.

  1. Stand up tall and breathe in
  2. Breathe out as you gently tuck your chin to your chest and roll all the way down to the floor.
  3. Let your arms go floppy and your head hang.
  4. Breathe in at the bottom, and breathe out as you roll all the way up to the top, thinking of stacking your vertebrae, one on top of the other.
  5. You can repeat this roll-down a few times until you feel ready to sit back down.

Stretching and movement may help ease your back pain during the 3pm slump, but it won’t prevent it from creeping back the next day; but core strength will. By having a strong core, your lower back is protected by a sling of muscles that holds your vertebral column strong. See your Pilates-trained Physio to learn how to activate your core properly to help ease your low back pain for good, or head to your nearest Pilates class. Good luck!

Words by Caitlin Reid 


Avocado Berry Smoothie

promo logo

This smoothie is the perfect combination of sweet from the antioxidant packed berries and creamy from the skin loving avocado. So healthy and brilliantly quick to make, there is no reason to let the morning rush defeat you! For best results, we blend ours up in our Nutribullet*.

Top Tip: For a bit of crunch, we like to top this smoothie up with a sprinkle of Bee Pollen, Chia seeds, Hemp seeds or our favourite muesli or granola.

Serves 1-2


  • 1/2 avocoado
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1 cup blueberries
  • 1/2 cup pomegranate
  • 1/2 cup ice
  • 1/2-1 cup cold water/ dairy free milk of choice

Add to Nutribullet and blend until smooth!

*Ideal World are giving you the chance to get your hands on a fantastic Nutribullet Bundle this weekend! Click here to find out more and go into the draw to win. Good luck!  


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The Supermom Debate: Can We Have It All?

I was recently featured in local Hong Kong magazine, The List, as a “supermom.” Today, trying to keep on top of a business from some 10,000 kilometers and multiple time zones away, manage a household for the summer and stay “present” with my family — all at once — I couldn’t help but laugh. Super what?

I just got pulled off an evening conference call by my two-year-old tugging at me for a glass of milk. On my way to the kitchen I cringed at the sight of two-day-old laundry before being met by the dirty dishes piled up in the sink. It was 7:00pm and there was still a mountain of work for me to do. In that moment, I definitely felt lacking in super power qualities.

Supermom? There’s No Such Thing

Let’s start off with getting one thing clear: There is no such thing as a “supermom” or a “superwoman.” Because here’s what the term implies: You have happy, perfectly mannered kids; you manage to look glamorous, all the time, even with kids food on your blouse; you’ve lost all your baby weight and your butt looks fab in yoga pants; you have home-cooked meals on the table by 6:00pm; you never yell or explode; you are great at your job and have an incredible career; your house is spotless andyou perfectly ‘balance’ your work and home life.

Impossible, right? The reality is that there is no such thing as a supermom because in the end something always gets sacrificed. This does not mean that we can’t dream big and strive to achieve greatness. It just means we don’t have to be perfect at everything, all the time, in all areas of our lives.

There is no such thing as a superwoman because in the end something always gets sacrificed
Or what? You risk falling apart — mentally, physically or emotionally. Your stress hormone levels skyrocket. In your quest to be the best mom, wife, employee or business owner, you forget to be the best person to the one person that really matters: you.

You Can Have It All – Just Not At The Same Time

As Arianna Huffington so aptly shares: “I believe that you can have it all — just not all at the same time.” It’s not about having super powers, but finding a super balance. One that is all your own. Where do you find it? In your values, your priorities and your goals. Because balance doesn’t mean juggling things perfectly, but prioritizing what matters in any given moment. For me, this meant putting work on the back burner that evening when my son wailed at me for milk (read: attention) and prioritizing my motherhood role. It meant that during my childbearing years I chose to wait on achieving higher career aspirations. I just couldn’t do them all at once, can you?

And when we return to the workforce as working women, as Huffington puts it below, we need to learn how to both lean in and lean out. “The way I put it is that we have to learn how to ‘lean in’ (overcoming our own fears, taking a stand and putting ourselves forward) but at the same time we have to learn how to ‘lean back’ (unplug, re-charge and return to our jobs, careers and our family renewed).”

And remember — if you’ve taken on too much it’s OK to ask for help. Even Sheryl Sandberg, founder of the Lean In movement and author of Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead confesses that our ability to thrive at work depends on having help and support at home.

Identify The Most Important, Not Always The Most Urgent 

Remember: Multitasking doesn’t work and it may create more damage than good. Instead of trying to do it all, all at once and all the time, focus on the things that are most important at any given moment and do the rest later. In his book, To Heal a Fractured World Rabbi Jonathan Sachs speaks of the important distinction between what is urgent and what is important. When we lack big picture perspective because we are so busy chasing urgent projects, we forget to prioritize the things that really matter.

If it’s hard for you to gain perspective on your big picture priorities right now, try getting out of your ordinary routine for a few days or spending some time outdoors and in your ‘zone’ contemplating your life. Meditate, write and speak to your loved ones.

Stay focused on your priorities and create a life that you brings you fulfillment and that you’ll look back on one day and be proud of achieving.

I don’t profess to be in any position to give advice on finding a solution to the inner mayhem that we as women face, but one thing is certain: Our thoughts create our destiny. How we think about our life is largely the way it plays out.

Get clear and realistic about what you can accomplish; stay focused on your priorities and create a life of excellence that you brings you fulfillment; one that you’ll look back on one day and be proud of achieving. More than anything, this will make you seem like a true supermom in the eyes of your children.

Words by Nealy Ficher 

Image Audrey Hall



Hip & Healthy ‘Can You Last As Long As…’ Challenge

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Here at Hip & Healthy we like to sweat… a lot. We are constantly trying out new workouts, gym-ing it in our lunch breaks and experiencing the latest and greatest fitness crazes London has to offer. Which is why we were uber excited to hear about Sure Compressed, a deodorant which contains ingenious technology that means that although the cans are smaller, they still contain the exact same amount of deodorant as the regular cans, ensuring they last just as long and work just as well.

The science bit is that the smaller can contains less gas and around a quarter less aluminium – making it much more eco friendly! So good news for the planet, and for us!

Instead of doing a simple review, Sure challenged Hip & Healthy Editor, Sadie, to see if she could last as long as a week running 30 minutes every day. They also asked her to use the new Sure Compressed deodorant under one arm and the regular can under the other whilst doing it… Why? They wanted to prove that there was just as much deodorant in the smaller can!

sure deo


Looking at the can of Sure Compressed, I was certain that it wouldn’t last as long as the regular size. I was also certain that seven days
of morning runs was not a possibility (I have a business, young son and busy husband to attend to that makes time for myself a struggle!) – but it turns out I was wrong on both counts!

The running was certainly a struggle and I must admit that on one morning (ok TWO – but that’s it!) I didn’t manage the full 30 minutes. But to make up for it I did an hour each day at the weekend. And pleased to report that Sure Compressed not only made me feel protected and comfortable, but it felt much softer and gentler on my skin.

I’m also amazed that it lasted just as long as the regular can! Whilst I mostly used Sure Compressed at home every day, it’s a no brainer to pop the smaller can in my gym bag and handbag as it takes up much less space!

Have you tried the Sure Compressed cans at home and was pleasantly surprised? Let me know in the comments below.

All Sure Compressed deodorant variants are available at all leading retailers nationwide, RRP £3.99*.

*Price is at the sole discretion of the retailer


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If You Only Do One Thing This Week… Go Crazy For Coconuts

At Hip and Healthy we have a real obsession with all things coconut. Not only is it beaming with amazing fatty acids that provide multiple health benefits, but it also makes for the best beauty product! Here are a few of our favourite ways to use coconut oil.

Oil pulling

Whilst the thought of oil pulling can be daunting to some – this Ayurvedic technique is fantastic for maintaining oral health, which many health issues can be traced back to. This technique will banish all kinds of icky unwanted bacteria, which adheres to the oil that is eventually spat out (bye-bye morning breath!). Maybe it’s due to the nice glossy layer the oil leaves on your teeth, but we definitely noticed a much whiter smile after a few days of engaging in this practise.

 Blend it into your smoothies

Besides the amazing taste, the healthy fat in coconut provides so many wonderful benefits that you definitely want to take advantage of. There is loads of speculation around whether coconut oil is healthy or not because it contains mostly saturated fat, but this is a saturated fat that is natural, whole, and unprocessed – not the refined stuff found in so much of the processed foods consumed today. The fatty acids in coconut oil are metabolized in such a way that increases energy expenditure and reduces appetite. Not only does oil pulling get rid of unwanted bacteria, actually consuming the oil helps kill harmful pathogens inside your belly too. We love blending up banana, blueberries, spinach, almond milk and a tablespoon of coconut oil for an energising breakfast or snack!

Use coconut oil in your chia seed pudding

 We get it – chia seed pudding is an acquired taste – however, a little trick we’ve discovered that changes even the most sceptic chia seed eater to a full-blown convert is including a tablespoon of coconut oil in the mix! This clever addition takes the pudding to a whole new level of creamy delicious goodness that is impossible not to love! Try this combo we can’t get enough of: Mix together 2-3 tablespoons of chia seeds, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, about 4 tablespoons of liquid of choice (for more coco-nutty goodness we opt for coconut milk), a pinch of cinnamon, vanilla, and a sweetener of choice like raw honey et voila!

Do a deep hair condition and a body hydration

Why would you put products on your skin that you wouldn’t put in your body? When it comes to our beauty products we love to use coconut oil, not only because it’s natural, but because it smells divine and will leave your skin and hair so soft and glistening. For the condition – apply the oil to your hair and leave in for a few hours or overnight. The next day, shampoo twice rinsing the residue away and expect the silkiest hair ever! There have also been studies that say using coconut oil in your hair has a sunscreen affect and will protect against sun damage. If you have a dry scalp this is also wonderful! When using coconut oil as a moisturizer, it works best when the oil is slightly solid. For best results, after a warm shower or bath, apply coconut oil to warm skin for an at-home spa ritual you’ll love.

Make a homemade face mask

When it comes to the skin on your face – coconut oil is fantastic because it breaks down dead cells, reduces acne, and deeply hydrates your skin. Coconut oil contains loads of healthy acids and vitamins that will do wonders for your complexion. We love mixing one tablespoon of coconut oil, half a mashed banana, and a bit of turmeric. Apply the mix to your face and leave it for at least fifteen minutes before rinsing with cool water. The banana is great for hydration, lightening and smoothening skin, and reducing marks and blemishes. The turmeric is amazing for its anti-inflammatory benefits, and it is antibacterial and anti aging qualities which contributes to its ability to lighten dull skin and balance your complexion.

Words by Isabella Stelle 

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FITSPIRATION: Kayla Itsines!

At just 23 years old, Australian personal trainer Kayla Itsines has become a squatting sensation. With over 3.5 million instagram followers, and a dedicated army of fans known as #kaylas army, this fitness guru is taking over the workout world one box jump at a time. An alternative to slogging in the gym; her revolutionary 28 minute fuss-free workouts as part of her Bikini Body Guides  have helped females worldwide to not only transform their bodies in 12 weeks or less, but to learn to love the skin they’re in. Through dedication, patience and confidence, she insists you really can achieve the body of your dreams.

Recently completing a whirlwind world tour, the beauty brought her bikini body bible to life, inviting thousands of women to join her bootcamp sessions at venues in different cities across the globe. We caught up with Kayla in London, to find out more about a day in the life of one of our favourite Fitspirations!

 You are such a role model for thousands of women all over the world, how does that feel?

It feels amazing! I had no idea that I would be ever be in this position, but I feel honored and blessed to have the opportunity to educate and motivate women from all across the world. I have loved watching BBG girls become role models to each other because they are all REAL women with REAL stories achieving REAL results. I am truly blessed to be part of such a supportive and inspirational community of women. I have, and always will be 100% honest with my followers. My social media accounts, blog and website are platforms women can always visit and know that the advice I’m giving is genuine and true.

What do you do to relax and have down time to focus on yourself?

I cannot emphasis how important it is to listen to your body, particularly when you are unwell or feeling run down. To relax and rest, I run a hot bath with muscle relaxing salts or sometimes get a massage to reduce tension in my muscles. I also try and go to bed a little earlier. Having said that, when it comes to taking a break from exercise, it is important to remember the difference between needing to rest and saying that you “can’t be bothered”!

What is your daily routine?

My daily routine is not that different to anyone else. I run my bootcamp session twice a day, and then take Ace and TJ (my two Siberian Huskies) for a walk. I then fit my 28-minute resistance training session whenever I have spare time throughout the day. Depending on my commitments, this may be early in the day, midday or at night. As my training method only takes up 2% of my day, it is very easy for me to fit it into my busy schedule. When it comes to training, I personally believe that less is more. Overtraining can put your body under lots of stress, which potentially makes it more difficult to achieve the results you aspire for. Girls should know that they don’t need to spend hours in the gym every day. Listen to your body and remain active with a realistic routine that you can maintain long term.

What do you eat on a cheat day?

I don’t have a ‘cheat’ day, I stand by and encourage a wholesome diet incorporating foods from all 5 food groups as shown in my H.E.L.P also known as my Healthy Eating Lifestyle Plan. Eating many different foods from all these food groups, plus the occasional treat, helps maintain a healthy, well balanced diet, providing your body with adequate nutrition. I believe the reason your body craves certain foods is because you are not giving your body the nutrients and fuel it needed to begin with. Listen to your bodies natural appetite signals and if you feel like something sweet, don’t deprive yourself of it, enjoy portion controlled quantities and when you eat it, sit down and thoroughly enjoy it.

How do you bounce back after a bad day and what advice would you give to those who have fallen off the bandwagon and can’t seem to motivate themselves to pick themselves up?

Don’t think of it as a “bad” day and remember you’re not the only one – it can happen to everyone! Living a healthy balanced life isnt about being on a ‘diet’ or taking a ‘quick fix’, it’s about being active, healthy and realistic. A realistic healthy lifestyle doesn’t have an end date, so its completely normal to have a day where you indulge a little. All women deserve to feel confident and fit all year around – not just for a special occasion or a month or two over summer. Feeling fit and healthy is a lifestyle choice, so it is important to establish a routine that works for YOU and one that you can maintain all 12 months of the year. A tip would be to remind yourself why you have started, take progress photos and remember that you are doing this to be a healthier version of YOU.

What are your favourite beauty essentials?

I don’t really have a long list of beauty essentials but my personal favourite would be Cetaphil Skin Cleanser followed by Olay Complete Defence Daily UV moisturising lotion.

We are nut butter crazy in England, what is your nut butter of choice?

I love using nut butters when cooking or as an addition to a snack during the day, as they boost the nutrient content of my meals. My favourite would have to be almond butter as it is packed with healthy fats, good protein and dietary fibre.

I absolutely fell in love with Melbourne when I lived there, the lifestyle and the great energy are infectious – which is your favourite City you have toured so far and why?

I couldn’t pick a favourite! The last 12 months have included so many exciting moments during both my Australian Tour and World Tour. I will never forget walking on stage at Basketball City in New York City in front of 4,000 girls. I was completely blown away that so many girls had travelled from all over New York and the USA to come and train with me! It was a very overwhelming experience and I feel extremely lucky to be able to not only train, but meet all these beautiful girls in person.

What’s your next step career wise?

I have just translated my Bikini Body Guide to German and there are multiple languages to come during the next few months. So this is a really exciting time for me! Also my online store is becoming bigger with some new products coming soon! Keep an eye on for all the exciting things to come.

Three words to live by…

Consistency. Dedication. Confidence

Visit Kaylas website here.

Follow Kayla: @kayla_itsines

Words by Georgia Barnett 

FITSPO: Deliciously Ella | FITSPO: Madeleine Shaw


Hip & Healthy Guide To Marrakech

An amorous couple on the plane asked me where to go when we touch down in Marrakech, her hot pants confirming she hadn’t done much destination homework. Marrakech is no longer the best-kept secret of the bohemian glitterati, Ryan Air and easyJet cleared that right up. If you’re after hot, sunny and cheap you’ll get it but this is a city that ticks so many more boxes.

For many, North Africa can definitely be a large lunge out of the comfort zone but that is what makes it such a thrill to visit. All the differences have to be embraced to enjoy it. The encounters in this city can show you humanity at its most diverse, leaving you with that warm fuzzy feeling we all get from a truly connecting experience with the world.

A heady mix of medina nights and poolside days are what is needed to enjoy this ancient city. H&H have complied a go-to list for tagine heaven, hammam sparkle, yoga, rose gardens and poolside mint tea all in the presence of the dramatic snow dusted Atlas Mountains.

The vibrant colours in Marrakech will get you Insta snappy but #nofilter necessary. Brush up on that GCSE French and pack your white floaty travelling essentials because boho is back, for whatever time you go to Marrakech there will always be someone more hippy than you bartering for baskets in the medina.

Djemaa El Fnaa is the famous square in between the medina and the Koutoubia Mosque, which the new city is designed around. Walking towards the square at night provides an assault on your sense like walking into a battlefield; smoke rising from the tagine pots and drumbeats pounding, the throngs of people huddle around the evening’s entertainment. Ancient Berber storytellers pass on their fables, whilst young men shout out M&S ad slogans to get you to eat at their food stall. Even the Tesco plastic bags provided to carry your authentic purchases, don’t manage to dampen the feeling of mystery and awe that surrounds the souk.

Souk dweller

Numerous branches lead out from the expansive DJemaa El Fnaa into the heart of the old city. Twisting and turning routes offer gateways to different quarters from the pungent leather tannery to the multi-coloured pottery and olive souks. If this is your first time, it’s recommended to hire an authorized guide to show you around. The winding alleyways can spin even the strongest sense of direction off course.

Make sure to stop by Marrakshi Life. New York fashion photographer turned designer Randall Backner fell in love with the city and with the artisans. His collection of hand-woven clothing keeps true to the bohemian essence of the city with an authentic and clean twist. Housed in the same renovated riad are other gallery shops that designers have taken over to add their take on the colour, creativity and chaos of Marrakech.

Zen And The City

If your trip is all about detox and body work, there is only one yogi to call. Due to her celebrated yoga classes and blissful massages, Aisha Barzaghi is in popular demand. Originally from New Zealand and with over a decade living in Morocco, she is now a fully fledged Marrakshi. Her yoga style is powerful and Astanga based, all levels welcome. Make sure to contact her before you go to ensure she can accommodate you. In between organizing retreats, private sessions at all the luxury hotels and private villas, she makes it work. Find out more here.

If you like the sweat and scrub of a hard work out, you’ll probably want to book a hammam. Your experience will range depending on how local you go. Larger hotels normally have a spa that offers a traditional hammam package, tending to go a little easier on the unsuspecting tourist. A more local vibe will douse you with a bucket, slap you on a hot slab and brush you with a mitt that gets crevice happy. A pleasant mix is the Les Bains des Marrakech, situated just inside the gates to the medina. A narrow entrance which opens out into a well organized series of hot rooms and a beautiful riad space to relax in after you emerge shiny and new.

Food For The Soul.

The Amal training centre for women is one of those wonderful ventures that feeds both your body and your soul. Founded in 2012 by an American woman born and raised in Morocco. The centre has become a popular restaurant and cookery school destination for locals and tourists, whilst housing, training and empowering disadvantaged women. As you sip your citron pressé in the vibrant city garden, the centre is providing long term security for women who, at the end of their time at the Amal centre, will have a reinforced skill set and job placement. Your money could not go to a more direct and worthy initiative, plus the menu is also delicious! Serving two traditional Moroccan and two international dishes every lunchtime. French fries should always come with a side of charity. To support the Amal Centre and find out more click here.

Countryside Disconnected

The farms and fields that surround the centre of the city are as diverse as the medina medley. H&H favourite havens outside of the city are up high in the Atlas and down in the valleys.

The track up to Kasbah Bab Ourika is an adventure in itself, but past the donkey jams, piste pecking chickens and crumbling hillsides – the most wondrous views of the Atlas mountains and the Ourika valley await you. So far removed from the buzz, you disconnect from the noise of the city and reconnect to the huge skies and snow capped mountains surrounding you.

Down the mountain, with an easy drive to the airport is the Beldi Country Club. Sitting in 14 hectares of rustic gardens and endless rows of mutli-coloured roses, one can either visit for the day exploring the gardens, enjoy a delicious poolside lunch and follow the sun around the variety of pools, or you can stay in the newly built hotel which features 28 suites all with a beldi (country) feel.

By Kristina Ducker




How To Snack Smart On Your Holiday

Whilst the healthy food movement is definitely making its mark, clean eating on the go can still pose a bit of a challenge. There is nothing worse than being stuck on a plane or train and having hunger hit but no healthy options available. Travel can often dampen your immune system too so you want to be sure you’re packing in as much goodness as possible whilst out and about. We like to make our lives easier by always keeping some of our favourite travel snacks on hand.

Snact: Fruit Jerky

We love fruit for the quick fix it provides when hunger hits, but nobody wants squished fruits in their travel bag. Snact is the perfect solution – they blend and dehydrate surplus fruit that would have otherwise been wasted into the yummiest fruit jerkies. These snacks remind us of the fruit snacks we used to eat as a kid, except these are made of 100% fruit . With no additives or preservatives, these perfectly portable snacks get an A+ in our book!

Alchemy Organic Super Blends: Travel Sachets

Here in London you will never be at lack of a juice or smoothie bar, but in some travel destinations a green juice can be hard to come by. Alchemy Organic makes amazing blends of superfoods that give you a punch of vitamins and antioxidants to keep you healthy on the go. They make small packages with four servings so they are easy to stash in your travel bag and mix into your overnight oats, juice or smoothie. Alchemy Organic makes sure all the stops are covered by offering a Morning Elixir, Energy Elixir, Beauty Elixir or Sport Elixir.

Fossil Fuel: Paleo Snack Bars

These super indulgent tasting bars are so healthy and the perfect fuel to get you going in the morning. Fossil Fuel believes in using only the highest quality ingredients to make their paleo snack bars that provide tons of fuel after any workout, when your tired from your travels, or as a treat that is super clean. Whilst travelling, it is so easy to just opt for that bag of crisps you are passed on the plane, but if you crack open one of these raw bars instead your tummy and body will thank you. The two flavours are Coconut & Cashew and Macadamia & Cacao, with rumour of a new flavour coming out soon!

Pip & Nut: Nut Butter Squeeze Packs

Here at Hip & Healthy we can often be found eating nut butters straight out of the jar with a spoon! The perfect pick me up, a portion of nut butter keeps you super satisfied thanks to the plant-based protein it packs! Try smearing a sachet of Pip&Nut over a piece of fruit for a snacktime pick-me-up, enjoy atop your porridge or simply straight out of the pack! Containing only whole nuts and a pinch of salt, if you’re in the mood for something savoury the Peanut Butter and Almond Butter varieties are your go to, or if you crave something a little sweeter, their Coconut Almond Butter is for you!

Kallo: Quinoa & Seeds Multigrain Cakes with Sunflower, Sesame & Pumpkin Seeds

Whilst travelling, we often find ourselves craving carbohydrates for the quick energy supply they provide – but like to keep it clean, which is often so hard on the road. On our most recent travels, we’ve been indulging our cravings with Kallo’s Multigrain Cakes with Sunflower, Sesame & Pumpkin Seeds. These thins provide you with so much fuel and are bursting with added nutrients thanks to the plant based protein from the quinoa and seeds. They are gluten free so pose a great travel option for those avoiding or intolerant to gluten. Try yours topped with your favourite Pip&Nut nut butter squeeze pack for an easy and transportable breakfast or snack.

Words by Isabella Stelle 

Image: Roxy


Get Buzzed Smoothie By DRINKmaple

Love your coffee? Treat yourself to this intoxicatingly healthy version this weekend! This combination of iced coffee blended with DRINKmaple pure maple water, maca, (the energy root from South America), chia seeds (one of the most nutritious ingredients on Earth), vanilla and creamy cashews is super energising, delicious and nutritious.


  • 1/4 cup cold brew coffee
  • 1 cup DRINKmaple
  • 1 tsp maca powder
  • 2 tablespoons chia seeds
  • 2 tablespoons maple syrup
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/4 cup cashews
  • 1 cup ice


Combine all ingredients in a high-speed blender and enjoy!

Like this recipe? Click here for more healthy foodie ideas!


Hip & Healthy August Essentials

Whilst the sunshine isn’t as consistent as we’d like it to be, we refuse to let the summer spirit sizzle! Read on for a list of our seasonal summer essentials that we won’t be giving up any time soon…


Summertime Snacking

In the summertime, we’re all about portable eats and treats than can fit perfectly into our gym bags, on-board carry-on and picnic baskets alike. Being super active and always on the go means its not always an option to sit and snack, which is why we rely on Raw Gorilla Munchies for the perfect brekkie on the go or when we’re after a sweet snack and Giving Tree Broccoli Crisps when we’re craving something savoury. Here’s how we enjoy them…

Raw Gorilla Munchies: Providing for a convenient and healthy breakfast or snack on the go, Raw Gorilla Munchies are travel life savours! Within each packet you will find delicous bites of raw granola packed full of amazing ingredients like buckwheat, sprouted seeds, and superfoods that will keep your energy levels up and your stomach satisfied. Available in the perfect sized portions to have alongside a green juice or sprinkled over a coconut yogurt; take your pick from Raw Maca & Cinnamon or Raw Cacao & Lucuma. We love!

Giving Tree Broccoli Crisps: A delicious and nutritious snack or lunch addition on-the-go, here at H&H we are a little bit obsessed with Giving Tree Broccoli Crisps. Whilst they may not sound like the most appealing pick-me-up, these yummy broccoli pieces have been freeze dried – a process that enables nutrients to remain intact! The only other ingredient is cholesterol lowering rice bran oil which gives them a delicious crunch. A creative take on crudités, we like to enjoy ours dipped into a BPA free tupperware of Sweet Potato or Broad Bean Hummus, added to salads as a crouton alternative of sprinkled over soups for added texture.

Shop: In The Hip & Healthy Kitchen 



Hip, Healthy & Hydrated

Fill&Go: From pre-work yoga classes, meetings and lunchtime runs – during Summer our on-the-go lifestyle means we’re not always in close proximity to a tap or jug. With this in mind, we’ve been glued to our Fill&Go’s this season. The perfect portable size, this clever product by BRITA provides you with filtered h2O and is a great alternative to the plastic store bought bottle of water! Find out how we like to use ours here!


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Peace, Love & Yoga

Deliciously Ella Tanks: Here at H&H, we’re a massive fan of Deliciously Ella’s mouth-watering recipes so we were super excited to learn of her activewear and loungewear collection she has recently launched! To make matters even more exciting, we are proud to announce that we are the first official external retailer of her super hip slogan jumpers, tees and t-shirts! Peace, Love & Avocados anyone?

Shop: Deliciously Ella


Top Of The Crops

Varley’s Leonie Burgundy Snake Crop: The perfect sports bra to compliment one of Deliciously Ella’s tanks – we are loving this fab sports bra. With its gorgeous cross-strapped back and serpentine sleek style, this crop is a great one to show off underneath a slouchy tank – tres chic!


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Motivation On Your Shoulder

Hey! Holla Tote: We love a good gym tote and this one is no exception! The perfect size over-the-shoulder carry-all, right now we’re favouring this version to give us that extra hit of workout motivation when we need it most. Throw in all of the above and you’ve set yourself up for a super Hip & Healthy day!

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Words by Zsa Zsa Vella