This Is How To Meditate If You Think You Can’t

Meditation, pure and simple, is training the mind to focus. To meditate is the act of focusing on one thing and when you become distracted (which is pretty much inevitable), you bring your awareness back. Over and over again. When we do this, we are able to cut off the negative rumination that can cause us to feel more stress, distress and anxiety. It also helps us to increase our self-awareness, focus on the present moment, and improve our patience, creativity and even our imagination.

Meditation is often described as “clearing your mind of thoughts,” but this just isn’t the case. A 2020 study suggests that people, on average, have around 6.5 thoughts a minute and around 6000 thoughts a day (assuming eight hours of sleep). And while it may not be the tens of thousands of thoughts originally estimated, it’s still quite a few, and shutting them off? We just can’t. Nor do we want to.

Our thoughts are what make us who we are, they are what spark our actions into being. Our thoughts inspire us to invent new tools, carry out new adventures and make a legacy for ourselves and our loved ones. Meditation is a tool we can use to cultivate our thoughts so they become the hero of our dreams rather than the villain of our nightmares.

And I know you might be thinking now, ‘That sounds great and all, but I don’t do sitting cross-legged on the floor for hours on end.’ 

I get it, neither do I! Meditation doesn’t have to be done for hours nor sitting in a cross-legged position for it to be beneficial. Studies have shown that even 5-10 minutes of meditation a day can make a huge difference in our stress levels and even begin to re-wire the brain. 

Meditation can be done pretty much anywhere: sitting, walking, swimming, showering, brushing your hair, or even drinking your morning tea or coffee. Remember, meditation is focusing. When you bring your full awareness to your everyday routines, you are doing a style of meditation. 

Habit Stacking

Think of a habit that you do everyday: showering, brushing your teeth, brushing your hair, washing your face… Let’s imagine you choose washing your face. 

When you wash you face, be mindful of every aspect of washing you face. Notice the sound of the water as it flows out of the tap and into the basin below. Notice the texture and temperature of the water as you splash your face with it. If you notice your thoughts wandering throughout this process, acknowledge them with compassion and then bring your awareness back to washing your face.

Feel the soap lather up between your hands. In small gentle movements, lather the soap against you face, perhaps also taking this moment to gently massage your forehead, temples, and jaw.

Notice how the skin feels as you rinse the soap off your face with clean water. Notice the texture of the towel as it dries your skin. Take a moment after the whole face washing ritual has finished, and notice any sensations arising without judgement, just awareness. 

The action is something you do every day, but bringing mindful focus to the habit helps us reconnect with ourselves and feel more at ease and balanced.


We all count, but do you use your counting skills to help you focus? When you’re waiting for that big meeting and your thoughts are zooming all over the place and you just can’t focus, use a short counting meditation to help you calm your thoughts and reduce your stress levels. 

Start at any number (for example 20) and count down with each breath. For example: 

Inhale 20, exhale 20

Inhale 19, exhale 19

Inhale 18, exhale 18

Continue down to one. If you lose track that’s okay, start over. The idea isn’t necessarily getting down to one, but to cut off the negative rumination so we can bring our focus on more helpful aspects.


When you’re on your way to work or taking that much-needed short break and you’re walking from here to there, you can try a little walking meditation to ground and calm you. 

See if you can bring a slight smile to your lips (if not outwardly, imagine one). Now bring your awareness to your steps, notice how your feet meet the ground as you take one step and then another. Notice how many steps you take per breath, can you even out the number of steps per inhale and exhale? For example inhale 1, 2, 3 steps; exhale 1, 2, 3 steps. 

Finger Tracing

Many of us fidget, it’s our body’s natural reaction to help us focus (thus the invention of things like fidget spinners). We can hone that natural response to help us regulate and find balance. This can be a great thing to do when at your desk or even in a meeting and you’re feeling your stress and anxiety levels getting too high.

Bring your index finger to the base of your thumb. Inhale trace your index finger up your thumb; exhale trace your finger down your thumb.

Now bring thumb to the base of the index finger. Inhale trace your thumb up your index finger; exhale trace your thumb down your index finger.

Do this for your three other fingers and then switch and do it on the other hand. And then do both hands together.


So many of us spend hours writing reports, emails, texts… but we rarely use it just for ourselves. When you feel your brain jumbled with too many thoughts, writing meditation can be a great way to process them and give yourself some mental space.

In a journal or any place you can write, just start writing. Don’t worry about grammar, punctuation or having it make sense. Just let the words roll out of your brain, through your arm, into your hand and onto the paper. Even if what comes out is a shopping list, sometimes just releasing it all is what you need.

words by Tess Jewell-Larsen

About Tess

Tess Jewell-Larsen helps women professionals, small business owners and high-achievers leave burnout and stress in the ashes while they achieve balance, clarity, and creativity in their work and daily life. Tess is a certified mindfulness coach, experienced yoga teacher and a yoga therapist in training. Tess is also the co-host of the podcast The Happy Edit, a podcast that dives into how we can build a foundation of happiness through different lenses. You can connect with Tess through Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, or on her website

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Hip & Healthy Guide To York

Stepping into the chocolate-box city of York, rich in medieval architecture, it’s like turning back the clocks of one of England’s oldest cities. Enclosed in the limestone City Walls, erected back in the 13th century, York has had a few changes since then, yet still manages to retain its endearing essence. Nestled within this picture postcard town you’ll find noteworthy places to stay, eat, shop and tons of wellness-y activities too! Here’s our H&H Guide To York.


No.1 York Guesthouse is the revived Georgian Townhouse, that couldn’t be more perfect for a city staycation. Upon arrival, the ​​facade brings clarity to its rich heritage, as if it’s been plucked from the pages of a Dicken’s novel. Leaving much of the interior structure in its original form, the Grade II listed building is brimming with character and charm from its erstwhile regency, with restored ornate plasterwork, lived-in oak flooring, swoop staircase, sash windows and statuesque ceilings. The tonal minimalist bedrooms, 38 in total, are fit for comfort and style, a plush four-post bed, freestanding bath and Crosley record player amongst other more modern amenities, make the stay as laid-back as can be. Free to raid whenever guests are feeling peckish, the pantry is stocked with baked goods, local ice cream, old-fashioned sweets and popcorn to squirrel back to the rooms. Head to the honey-hued ‘Marmalade Lounge’ to sip on a strong Yorkshire brew as you flick through the papers in the morning, or later in the day for a spot of afternoon tea accompanied by sandwiches and scones, in true British fashion. Contemporary touches and Yorkshire nods create a cool ambience in the hotel, from the sporadic scattering of violins on the walls, the retro steam train set that chugs around the cornices of the bar and the mix of board games to get stuck into over a nightcap or two. Striking the balance of cosy and chic, whilst letting the time-honoured townhouse remain the spectacle, this boutique stay is York’s No.1 hotel.


Adopting a French bistro feel, The Pearly Cow favours locality, with a ‘land meets sea’ menu. Grab a cosy table for two on the quilted blush bench or on a round table perfect for dining en mass. Saluting farm-to-fork culinary, The Pearly Cow works in conjunction with nearby farms to present to best quality produce…glazed shoulder of Yorkshire lamb accompanied by Caesar aioli with sweet and sour peppers being a popular choice amongst diners. With famously rich fishing waters on the coastline south of York, the seafood is stellar, you’ll find garlic-baked oysters, roast scallops and yellowfin tuna on the menu! Embellished with an array of delightfully executed sides, including chicory salad scattered with hazelnut praline, parmesan spelt risotto with lashings of black truffle and the best (albeit not the healthiest) layered chunky chips!


Tucked beneath No.1 York Guesthouse, is the No.1 Spa, open to all. Cocooned in underground stone vaults, the treatment rooms are snug and organic-feeling, suitable for the holistic-rooted rituals that are on offer. British-based organic skincare brand, Pinks Boutique pairs complementary to the treatments, working in tandem to enrich the mind, body and soul in the secluded wellness coves. Accredited by the Soil Association, the nature-boosted formulas are pure and therapeutic, with scents that enhance your mood. From a top-to-toe glow, blending a body scrub, massage and facial, to their signature ‘Herbal Healer’ which calls upon locally grown Yorkshire Lavender to completely bliss you out, No.1 Spa combines treatments to bring optimum benefit and indulgence.


A must when visiting York is to walk the trail of the City Walls which enclose the centre. Steep in history, the medieval trail is 3.4km long and takes up to two hours depending on how many people are on the paths. Undulating between levels, with towers, arrow slits and sculptures along the way, the preserved City Walls are the longest town walls in England. There are breaks which involve using the pavement to rejoin the walls but the majority of the time is spent high up with views over York. The Bootham Bar is a good place to start and follow clockwise!

Nestled in the basement of Hedley House Hotel is Yogabomb, the home of hot yoga in York. The classes have varying temperature levels to suit all and so you know what to expect! The timetable features a myriad of classes covering detox flow, silence of the heart meditation, yin-yang energy flow and reiki-infused yoga nidra.

Rebalance Studios houses Pilates, yoga and fitness, just ten minutes from York City Centre. Blending three movement disciplines, Rebalances approach is designed for the mind, heart and whole body. The classes are run in small groups to offer personalisation in an intimate setting. From power Pilates, reformer, strength training, yoga and meditation, get your low-impact fix at this friendly wellness hub. 


You cannot walk past Partisan without being allured in, even if only to get a whiff of the fresh loaves stacked up along the window! The independent eatery is tiled with vibrant turquoise slabs to create a rustic café-come-arts space, bringing in a cool Yorkshire crowd. Partnering with the best suppliers in the area, Partisan is all about locality, from the award-winning meat produce you’ll find in the breakfast skillets to the flowers that create the wild tablescapes!

Long before plant-based eating was mainstream, Goji Cafe have been baking delicious vegan cakes using natural ingredients without additives, colourings or flavourings. The cafe-come-deli is purely vegetarian and vegan, with the option to eat in or take away. If the sun is shining, pick up a middle eastern picnic box filled with sweet potato boreks, falafels, hummus, beetroot dip, tabbouleh, spiced aubergine and sumac flat bread for an alfresco lunch. Goji Cafe also present a Vegan Afternoon Tea, with a freshly baked fruit scone, jam, berries and coconut cream!

Rise is the all-day brunch spot serving up all the classics. Smoothie bowls, egg dishes, sandwiches and pimped-up toasts make up the menu, with superfood lattes, iced brews and fresh juices to sip on. Millennial pink interiors make this healthy brunch hub popular for insta-worthy foodie snaps! If you want something savoury, the ras el hanout butternut hummus smeared on sourdough topped with crispy chickpeas, pomegranate and a poached egg packs flavour. For something sweet, the roasted peach brioche french toast dolloped with chai creme and sprinkled with almond crumble is devourable.


Upside Down Design is York’s independent concept store, much like a mini Anthropologie. You’ll find quirky home accessories, sustainable beauty, vintage gems, tableware, jewellery and great gifts in this eclectic shop, which doubles as the showroom for the interior designer who owns the shop. With a real eye for sourcing cool, out-of-the-ordinary bits and bobs, there is no way you’ll leave empty-handed.

In the cobbled lanes of the old town, Born Of Botanics has got to be the most divine-smelling shop in York. Beautifully branded, the 100% natural bath and body products are made with no synthetic. Well stocked with their own ‘Born Of Botanics’ small batch product line of candles, body oils, bath salts, fragrances and melts, and a selection of aligned independent brands, wellness lovers will have a field day at this sweet little store.
Kitted out with all your stationery needs, Avorium is the family-run business thats every journaler’s dream. The pastel-adorned shop is notebook galore, with the option to monogram in gold foil. Perfect for gift purchases, Avorium has everything you need to jazz up your desk from coasters, mousepads, plant pots, bookmarks and a multitude of notebooks.

words by Isabelle Shury

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The Mini Edit Fair 2023

With so many wonderful family brands out there, we have teamed up with some of our favourites to offer you reader offers to celebrate the start of summer!

15% off sitewide with code HIPHEALTHY
J&Josh is a luxury clothing brand for boys, with a collection of matching swimwear for dads too. Inspired by the best elements of classic French and Italian design, the ‘made to play’ collection has been skilfully crafted, from the finest natural and sustainable fabrics to stand the test of time. The mix-and-match core collection includes chic and modern classic wardrobe essentials from T-shirts, cargo style shorts and chino trousers, to luxuriously soft knitted jumpers and hoodies in the most gorgeous colour palette of green, dark denim, light blue and sand which all go so beautifully together.

Dandydill Way
25% off sitewide with code HH25
Dandydill Way is an award-winning skincare brand for children that harnesses nature’s skin-loving ingredients while celebrating childhood adventures through its whimsical packaging and gorgeous bottles. Safe to use from birth, the brand’s eco-chic products have sophisticated, sustainable formulations brimming with skin-loving ingredients defined by a delicate natural scent. Housed in elegant packaging, all Dandydill Way products are suited to even the most sensitive skin and fragile hair. Quite unique for a grooming brand, Dandydill Way’s signature scent is completely allergen-free, created through the processing of essential oils. It really is the most gorgeous brand to elevate your little one’s bathtime.

Bluebells Burrow
16% off sitewide with code BLUEBELL16
With a passion for toys that not only look good but encourage play and imagination Bluebell’s Burrow is one of the UK’s leading retailer of the sweetest toys. With an amazing selection of toys from Maileg, Matchbox Mice and Bunnies, Olli Ella and Minikane dolls for every little girl and boy, as well as a growing selection of children’s hair accessories and dressing up clothes, Bluebell’s Burrow is the ultimate store to find something for every little one. Hop on over to take advantage of this incredible limited discount offer and check out their Spring/Summer Maileg collection including the new Wedding Mice and Camping range.

20% off Kaloo on Aromorfia with code H&H20

Kaloo offers a range of scented waters for babies, designed to be both safe and soothing for sensitive skin. The cute animal-headed bottles will look adorable in your nursery and can be used on your little one’s skin, in their room or on their clothes. The three gorgeous scents come with an adorable toy, making it the perfect gift for new parents. 

Glow Dreaming 
10% off sitewide with code HIP10
The must-have sleep aid to support your little one’s nighttime routine. Glow Dreaming is the 5-in-1 sleep aid that is scientifically engineered for helping children and babies to fall asleep easily. The creation of one desperate mum who struggled with her daughter’s inability to fall asleep, this incredible device combines light therapy, aromatherapy, pink noise and a humidifier, which work together to relax and calm children to help them fall asleep. A must-have for all nurseries. 

20% off Pharmaceris on Aromorfia with code H&H20
Designed to be used from the first day of life The Pharmaceris brand is as brilliant for babies and kids as it is for adults. Designed to target and treat common skin problems as well as being incredibly gentle, this brand uses clinically proven natural oils, to relieve the skin of any dryness, itchiness and irritation and will instantly become a family staple. It is a must-have in every nappy bag, nursery and bathroom.

*Offers are valid from Monday 29th May to Wednesday 7th June 2023.

Lou Shares 8 Nursery Essentials To Get Your Bub Sleeping Better

Kids and sleep (or the lack of it!) is always a topic that parents will talk endlessly about. Can you blame them? It can be so challenging when your little one is struggling with sleep because, aside from them not getting the rest they need, it means you as the parent are also not getting the rest you need! Hello extra concealer and coffee on tap. With so many gadgets and tips and tricks it’s hard to know what to do and what really works. In my mind, a good bedtime routine is essential for better sleep and one of the main reasons I think my little one (touch wood) sleeps so well. I loved decorating my son’s nursery to create a place of calm, where he would want to rest and relax. With so many gorgeous brands on the market, we round up 8 of our nursery essentials we highly recommend from sleeping devices and storybooks to our favourite skincare products and essential baby brands. Here is a little nursery inspiration to create your little one’s zen den. 

image by John Wright

Dandydill Way

Every bedtime routine starts splashing around in a bubble bath and Dandydill Way creates the sweetest selection of gentle bath products which are soothing for little ones delicate skin and also look beautiful on display. 

Created by celebrity makeup artist Tania Rodney, whose clients include Beyonce and Gwen Stefani, Dandydill Way was developed from Tania’s surrounding of nature and hawthorn berries (her key ingredient) sourced from the British countryside. As a mother, she wanted to give her children the best care and kind ingredients so she created this gorgeous naturally-derived and plant-based brand which is perfect to include as part of your wind-down routine pre-bed.

The Pyjama House 

After bath time and a nice cosy baby massage, it’s time for pyjamas, and I couldn’t be more obsessed with this gorgeous brand. Created by a lovely lady called Lucy from her farmhouse in North Yorkshire, these gorgeous pyjamas have a huge focus on their amazing fabrics. Their cosy winter designs are made in wonderfully soft and warm double-brushed cotton while the summer fabrics are made in fine, crisp cotton to keep your little one cool at night. The traditional prints, checks and stripes with piped pockets and cuffs are the ultimate in a heritage design. Their incredible fabrication means they are made to last to pass down in generations and with clever details such as these pyjamas with deep blue, white and pink pinstripe with pink piping you can use them for both boys and girls… and even better yet, they do them in adult sizes too so you can match with your little one. 

Little People, BIG DREAMS Books 

My favourite part of our bedtime routine is story time. We cosy up on an armchair with a cup of milk and share a couple of stories and Little People, BIG DREAMS have the perfect selection of books to inspire little minds. 

Little People, BIG DREAMS is a series of children’s books that celebrate the remarkable lives of some of the biggest role models and amazing people like, Astrid Lindgren, Anne Frank, Elton John and Martin Luther King to help empower and inspire children to achieve great things. From designers and artists to scientists, athletes, activists and explorers, all of the people in this revolutionary series went on to achieve incredible things, yet all of them began life as a little child with a dream… the perfect way to send your little one off to sleep. 

Love To Dream Sleeping Bags 

Learning about Love TO Dream Sleeping Bags is honestly where my sleep journey turned for the better. Their incredibly unique design of swaddle up sleeping bags for newborns, help to quickly establish a sleep routine and encourage independent sleep. Rollo hated being swaddled and this unique ARMS UP™ design replicates your baby’s behaviour in the womb and allows them to place their hands to their mouth to self-soothe and settle themselves back to sleep, so you don’t have to. Their sleeping bags are designed to transition with you throughout your sleeping journey.  From the Arms Up design to The transition Bag where the zip off arm wings allow for a gentler, gradual move to arms-free sleep, to the toddler sleep suits with feet, which are the perfect alternative to a regular sleeping bag, giving your kid more freedom to move, stand and play. Love to Dream really does exist to celebrate the power of sleep and dreams and is my favourite building block in helping create a healthy sleep-time routine.

Frida Baby 

Everyone knows about Frida Baby and their essential items for any parent and nursery. From snot suckers and cradle cap brushes to Windi gas and Colic Relievers, Frida Baby will be your number one brand for all those unfiltered realities of parenthood, with simple yet genius solutions. They now have everything you need in one place with the Baby Basics Kit containing all the items you will actually use and need. It is basically everything you will use to keep your baby healthy, happy and clean and would make the ultimate baby shower present. 

Clevamama ClevaPure HEPA Air Purifier

Leading nursery brand ClevaMama has launched an amazing ClevaPure Air Purifier to combat toxic air and give us parents peace of mind while our little ones snooze. Since Covid and with our children’s immune systems taking a hit (as any nursery parent knows there is so much going around), this is the ultimate air purifier to have in your nursery. Designed especially for babies and young children, this whisper-quiet air purifier eliminates airborne irritants and can destroy airborne particles, including bacteria and viruses such as Strep A, pneumonia, and Covid 19 as well as eliminating asthma and allergy triggers such as dust, pollen, mould and unpleasant odours, leaving the air in your baby’s room clean and fresh. 

Sweet Dreamers, Misty The Smart Cloud

Knowing the temperature of my son’s nursery is always key for me to know what to dress him in for bedtime, from his pyjamas to the tog thickness of his sleeping bag. This adorable collaboration between Sweet Dreamers and The Lullaby Trust (leading safer sleep charity) means you can rest easily knowing the bedroom is at optimum conditions for safer sleep and is super cute.  Not only can this smart thermometer alert you via an app if the room is getting too hot or cold, but it also helps soothe babies to sleep with a soft glowing light show and also can be used as a toddler sleep trainer. An incredible piece of technology for all your sleep needs. 

Naturalmat Baby Mattresses 

Naturalmat created the UK’s first 100% natural and chemical-free nursery mattresses which create the safest and healthiest base for your bubba’s sleep. It’s the mattress brand I have used from the day I took my little one home from the smallest Moses basket to his cot bed and next to his single bed (and they do adult mattresses too). They really are the brand promoting safer sleep due to the breathability and temperature control of the natural fibres. Made in Devon their gorgeous mattresses are super comfortable, ensuring a great night’s sleep and have a big focus on sustainability, they are the mattress brand that really do tick all the boxes.


H&H Approves: Toddler Travel Essentials That’ll Make Your Life Easier

Holidays are an incredible experience to share with your children. But travelling with kids can also feel quite overwhelming. Flight delays, long packing lists and over-tired little ones (aka full-blown tantrums) are just a few of the challenges you may encounter along the way. At Hip & Healthy, we’ve got 3 kids between us so we feel well-equipped to share our toddler travel essentials that will make your next holiday a little easier. After all, we should all get the chance to switch off on holiday and create memories with the family. 

The Ultimate Ride For Adventures Near Or Far...

A travel pram is probably the number one essential item to keep things easy when travelling and on holiday. The new Joolz AER+ is ideal for family adventures or city trips, without having to compromise on comfort for your little ones. 

The new and improved version of its already much-loved Aer Buggy, is light as a feather, fits perfectly in an overhead locker and has a bigger basket for all the essentials and more! It also has the incredible ability to actually fold (and unfold) one-handed, and it genuinely is super simple to do. 

Keeping our kids comfortable while out and about is key. The new Aer+ boasts a bigger ventilating SPF50 sun hood to provide even more protection when somewhere hot and sunny, but also with a simple adjustment, the ergonomic seat can be brought into a full-lie flat position. Now your little one can sleep soundly, as we all know; a well-rested baba makes for a much happier journey and holiday. 

Designed To Make Kids Excited About Their Holiday…

LIEWOOD is an international children’s lifestyle brand created to ease and inspire the everyday lives of families.  Designed to make every journey with your family as comfortable and as easy as possible, these gorgeous suitcases and travel bags are not only beautiful, but they will make kids excited about packing and carrying their own bags ( so you don’t have to). With the endless packing for kids your little ones will love the feeling of a little independence and with their own Liewood Suitcase and bag so they can feel in charge of their holiday. 

Everything You Need For A Minor Emergency…

The packing list on a family has to include this amazing Mini First Aid Large Family First Aid Kit, which has everything you would need if there is a minor emergency. Containing 115 items, from plasters, instant cold pack and bandages to a digital thermometer,  scissors and burn gel. It’s small in size but well packed for your everyday bumps and grazes. The kit also includes a handy information leaflet with first aid tips and advice for treating common injuries.

 Mini First Aid is the trusted brand, best known for delivering multi-award-winning first aid classes so you know you can trust this amazing first aid kit to give you some peace of mind on your next holiday.

Photograph: Sara Bille

The Hands Free Essential

Having a baby carrier is a complete holiday essential with a baby, to allow you to have your hands free and Baby Bjorn is the original and the best. 

The Iconic Swedish brand pioneered babywearing in the 1960s and is synonymous with ergonomic and adaptable carriers. Baby Bjorn Harmony Carrier is a comfortable and ergonomic baby carrier with four carrying positions, including outward-facing and a back-carry. With a long period of use, from newborn to three years, this carrier will be your go-to holiday essential for years to come. 

The Harmony is crafted in a special 3D mesh which is both super soft, sturdy, and airy to keep your little one comfortably and cool; ideal for warmer weather holidays. 

Your High Chair Away From Home… 

Bumbo has been making clever things for little ones for over a decade. Their mission is to make your life a little easier and this Bumbo Booster Seat is the perfect seat to take away with you on holiday, when you are away from your trusted high chair. It’s incredibly lightweight as well as being super easy to wipe down ( an essential with any kid at mealtimes) and your little one will feel very grown up sitting in it. 

Smart Toys and Games Beach Puzzle 

Keeping little ones occupied on holiday can always be tricky but Smart Toys have some amazing travel-friendly games to keep your kids away from the tablet ( for a little while anyway).  Smart Toys are committed to creating inspirational and educational toys with multi-level logic games to challenge children (or adults) of all different ages. These toys are amazingly travel friendly and this magnetic game is perfect for on the go or whilst on holiday. This puzzle game comes with 48 interactive and fun challenges and solutions, so your kids will have everything they need to have an endless amount of fun!

Some of Our Favourite Family-Friendly Destinations

words by Louise Af Petersens

6 Really Cute Kidswear Brands For Summer

Spring is here and with the weather getting warmer, we are rounding up some of our favourite kidswear brands for Spring/Summer from traditional heirloom pieces, colour block dungarees and modern classics to the ultimate summer trainer brand and raincoat. Here are the collections we have our eye on. 

La Coqueta – Traditional Spanish clothing which will be cherished and passed down through generations

La Coqueta is known for its beautiful, timeless collections of traditional clothing which are practical AND beautiful. The attention to detail through colours, prints, embroideries, smocking and heavy collars is what makes La Coqueta stand out. This Spring Summer collection has taken influence from the Palladian style of Chiswick House, with their signature mesmerising floral prints and floaty separates, taking form in a delicate palette of ecru, dusty blue and blush pinks. From stripy dresses with scalloped collars to airy cotton knits, floral sets and pastel shorts, there’s a wide selection of adorable babies, girls and boys looks to choose from.

Superga Kids – The Ultimate Spring/Summer trainer brand for all occasions

It’s no secret kids love trainers and the Iconic brand Superga is our favourite for Spring and Summer to finish off any outfit for any occasion.  From timeless, preppy-inspired styles to prints specifically designed for kids, this brand is perfectly classic, yet contemporary. With gorgeous pastel colours, adorable embroidered flowers and hearts there is something for everyone of all ages.

J&Josh – A newly launched brand for elevated boyswear staples

Newly launched J&Josh is inspired by the best elements of classic French and Italian design. The ‘made to play’ collection is crafted from the finest natural and sustainable fabrics that will stand the test of time. This collection provides the perfect wardrobe for casual, chic boys clothing with modern classic wardrobe essentials, from T-shirts, polo shirts, cargo style shorts, chinos, knitted polos, crew neck jumpers and hoodies and in a gorgeous small colour palette of green, dark denim, light blue, sand and off white which all go so beautifully together. 

Toastie Kids – Pack-A-Mac – Designed for sudden rain and unpredictable weather

Toastie is all about outerwear that is both durable and comfortable for kids with an incredible focus on the planet and sustainability. The new Spring Summer Pack-A-Mac is a super lightweight highly breathable waterproof jacket which easily packs down into its own bum bag and comes in a selection of gorgeous colours and prints. With a hood to keep little heads dry, delicate safety reflective details and easy grip zip pull for little hands it is the perfect coat for Spring/Summer in the UK!

Dotty Dungarees – Celebrating the magic and nostalgia of the perfect dungarees. 

Founded out of love for the humble dungaree with a focus on excellent quality and ethical and environmental standards, Dotty Dungarees has reimagined the dungaree to be classic yet unique. The perfect dungarees are designed to grow with your child, with adjustable straps, generous upturns and hidden zips for nappy changes. From colour blocks and patchworks to stone washes, stripes, unicorn and floral prints the Spring Summer is so adorable you will want to buy them all. 

Mini Rodini – Best for cool prints and logos.

Swedish children’s wear brand, Mini Rodini, founded by illustrator Cassandra Rhodin as a tribute to children and their wonderful imaginations, is renowned for its playful prints as well as being one of the most sustainable ranges of kids’ clothes on the market. Their SS23 collection  “Sailors Heart” is inspired by their endless love for the sea. Kids will love to wear the new illustrated prints; with sea horse unicorns, sea shells, pastel stripes, ships, anchors and pelicans as well as a beautiful lace series. It really is a gorgeous unique interpretation of children’s clothes which are made from excellent quality in beautiful quirky designs.

words by Louise Af Petersens

From Bubs To Toddlers: How To Make Flying With Kids WAY Less Stressful

The summer season is almost upon us and dreams filled with sun, sand, sea and escaping the humdrum of everyday life will soon become a reality. Whilst it’s one thing to pack for yourself, packing for a holiday with babies and kids in tow is a whole different ballgame.

For those aiming to fly away, here’s some advice from Chloe Lowe, Founder of parenting app, Parent List, to help you make flying with kids way less stressful and ensure you can manage that mental load. 

Babies (0-2)

  • Pre-order formula and nappies to collect from retailers inside the airport departures. This way, you don’t have to carry them through security. Just be sure to pack more nappies than you think you’ll need and add in some cream to soothe any sore bottoms – you don’t want to be helpless or caught short when dealing with a high-altitude dose of nappy rash.
  • Book your seat in advance and as early as possible – sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how often people forget and leave this to the last minute. Choose your seats wisely; for example, try to sit close to the toilets with baby-changing facilities. Cabin air pressure can wreak havoc on tiny tummies, so you may need it more often than you expect.
  • Call the airline after booking and check if you can book a seat with a baby bassinet for your newborn to sleep in. 
  • A sling is an absolute lifesaver enabling you to keep baby close and your hands-free. 
  • Pack lots of spares, from clothes – for the baby and for yourself, to wipes, nappies and formula. That way you’re prepared for any delays or mishaps. 
  • Help stop tiny ears from popping with a dummy, or bottle, or nurse them to keep the ascent and descent as pain-free as possible.

Toddler and preschool 

  • Slings aren’t just for babies, if your toddler is a willing participant be sure to pack one. They really can save the day when it comes to moving around the airport or helping to settle them to sleep.
  • Suitcases that double up as ride-ons are a great option for keeping up the pace in the airport, particularly if you are running late or carrying lots of luggage. 
  • If travelling with a buggy, take it all the way to the gate, you don’t have to check it in as oversized baggage – it can be stored overhead on the plane, but if you do decide to check in a buggy, look out for it on the oversized baggage carousel, not the main luggage belt! 
  • Reigns are ideal for passing through busy airports with wandering toddlers!
  • Don’t forget to pack Pj’s – the perfect way to help kids associate sleep time from awake time, especially if flying long haul. 
  • Bring a small backpack, this can be filled with toys, books, and other activities to keep your toddler entertained during travel. We suggest mess-free colouring, stickers, fuzzy felt, mini play doh, paper and coloured pencils in an easy-to-reach case. 
  • Don’t forget your child’s favourite cuddly or comforter – you may be afraid of losing it but if it’s the difference between them being able to settle or not, then it’s a risk worth taking. Remember to take a photo of it before take-off – that way if you are separated it’s easily identifiable! 
  • Don’t fight the tiredness – at this stage, they will still need naps and so just let them sleep when they need to. 
  • Pack a few quiet activities that you can occupy them with once the lights are low and the cabin is quieter.

For Kids (5+)

  • A scooter case is great for both storage and travel, making it fun whilst keeping everyone moving – the Flyte case works well.
  • Pack a water bottle that they can sip on for take-off and landing to help with ear pressurisation or anything they can suck on to relieve discomfort.
  • Involve your kids in the planning process – Let them help plan your trip by choosing activities or destinations they want to visit once you get there. 
  • Don’t just rely on the in-flight entertainment – bring books, small games such as Dobble, Uno and other activities to keep your kids distracted.
  • Bring your own travel neck pillow, they are far more comfortable than the aeroplane offering. 
  • Pack a refillable water bottle – this is the best way to keep them hydrated whilst in the air and also avoid any spills. 
  • Inflatable foot cushions can be used to fill the gap in front of your chair, providing space to keep feet raised and enabling kids to stretch out and rest more easily. Just be sure to check in advance if your airline allows them.
  • When showing older kids, the inflight entertainment, be sure to look through the games too as there are excellent child-friendly options. You can often play against each other too!

General Tips for all ages 

  • Use packing cubes to aid your packing – they keep everything so well organised, and you can even go a step further and buy everyone a different colour so they’re even more easily identifiable! 
  • Most airlines will let you check in two large items at no extra charge, such as a buggy or car seat, so always check this in advance.
  • Pack plenty of snacks and picnic-type foods. Even more than you think you’ll need. Do not rely on the food provided to satisfy fussy tummies. It also means that they can eat when they’re hungry rather than when meals are served. Snacks also help to allay boredom so bring plenty of variety and even include some treats for when the going gets tough! 
  • If flying long haul it’s a nice idea to buy and wrap up a few small items to bring out along the way. These little budget buys could include a new book, fidgets, scratch art, mini-figures etc. Perfect for when the kids start to get restless.
  • Pack comfortable over-the-head earphones – if your little one is likely to watch the screen during your travels then be sure to take headphones they’re used to using. Much better than battling with the aeroplane offering. And avoid wireless, the ones with the cable are likely to be more reliable.
  • Don’t forget to select a child’s meal option in advance – these tend to be served before everyone else on the plane so you can feed them with ease before enjoying your own. Also, don’t be afraid to refuse the meal if your child is sleeping when it’s brought out. Most airlines will save it for a later time or offer an alternative once they’re awake again. 
  • If you’re taking a tablet, ensure it’s fully charged before take-off and download any favourite shows so they can view them anytime, anywhere – especially useful if you get stuck in transit. Don’t forget to bring charging cables for all electricals too. Nowadays you can typically charge whilst you’re in the air too.
  • Pre-boarding – can be a great idea but it means you’ll be sitting for even longer whilst you wait for the rest of the plane to join you. If travelling as a pair, then consider sending one ahead to set everything up in the seats, that way you can keep the kids active until the last moment possible.

Overall, the key to easy travel with kids is to be prepared and flexible. Adjust your expectations and try not to sweat the small stuff. Travelling with kids can be unpredictable, so be prepared for unexpected challenges and be willing to adjust your plans as needed. Everything may not go according to plan but don’t let that stop you from travelling and having the time of your life!

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Parental Burnout Is Real (And Nothing To Be Ashamed About)… 5 Things That Can Help

Parental Burnout Is Real

Hip & Healthy Mini Edit Awards 2023

Welcome to our 2023 Mini Edit Awards. As a parent or parent-to-be, you always want the best for your baby and in equal measures, want to get the inside scoop on clever products that will keep you feeling your best too. We’ve tried and tested some fantastic brands all geared towards making life as a parent a little easier so, without further ado, here are this year’s winners!

Best Baby Lotion – Urtekram Fragrance-Free Body Lotion 

This lotion is the perfect fragrance-free body cream to hydrate and nourish baby’s sensitive skin. The carefully selected ingredients of natural oils, aloe vera and shea butter is the perfect combination for your little one and is also Certified by Ecocert Cosmos Organic, 100 % natural origin and vegan so you know it does good for the planet too.

Best Baby BalmBramley Little B Magic Balm

This is my most favourite balm which I have used on my son since birth, both as part of our evening routine ( the smell is just divine and so calming) but also to soothe any rashes when he is feeling poorly. The perfect name for the most magical balm. This richly hydrating product uses organic coconut oil and rich shea butter and olive butter to deeply moisturise, while the cucumber, camelia and sunflower seed oils along with the clementine and antiseptic lavender essential oils will calm & soothe your little one and their skin. I am never without this gorgeous balm and even carry the mini version in my handbag, which I occasionally steal for my lips. 

Best Baby Oil Dr Hauschka Rose Nurturing Body Oil

This gorgeously fragrant, hydrating rose oil will become your new favourite product to share with your little one. It is not only suitable for your baby’s delicate skin, but is also perfect for mature skin in need of some extra moisture. This is the ultimate oil for a baby massage with its gorgeous nourishing goodness, but also as the rose scent is so calming and soothes the senses, perfect to include as part of your wind-down routine pre-bed.

Best Baby Bath/Shower Product Dandydill Way Luxury Bubble Bath For Children’s Sensitive Skin 

Every little one loves nothing more than splashing around in a bubble bath and this is perfect for soothing little ones’ delicate skin. Their gentle bubble bath carefully cleanses your baby’s delicate skin with plant-derived ingredients that soothe and leaves skin clean and soft. Not only does it do good for your kids skin but the bottles look absolutely divine so you won’t mind them being displayed around the bathtub alongside the hundreds of bath toys. 

Best Baby Shampoo/ConditionerBaylis and Harding Goodness Kids Watermelon Burst 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo 

Hair wash days in our household always come with a lot of tantrums and tears but Baylis and Harding make it easier with their gorgeous 2 in 1 conditioning shampoo. With its no-tears formulation and suitable for the most sensitive of skins it doesn’t sting your little one’s eyes and leaves hair feeling soft and smooth. The amazing watermelon extract smells absolutely divine ( good enough to eat) you will want to just cuddle up with your little one and take the fresh scent in.

Best Baby TechYoto Mini 

This is the ultimate travel companion and an amazing alternative to screens whilst out and about and on the go. This amazing little audio device plays audio files using either Yoto Cards or the app and the simple icons on the front bring each tale to life. It is not only a great way to entertain and inspire your little ones’ imaginations, but it’s also incredible for supporting their speech development. With a huge library to choose from there is something for all the family to listen to together on your next road trip. 

Best Mother & Baby Newcomer Product or BrandBamford Baby

As big fans of Bamford, we were so excited to learn that Bamford were launching a baby range. This gorgeous natural collection for both mother and baby features products for bathing and bedtime. We just love the Camomile Body Powder which is talc-free and feels very gentle on your little one’s skin and the light fragrance will leave you wanting to smell your little baby’s bottom. The Lifestyle range is also totally adorable with everything you need from muslins and robes to bibs in the sweetest lamb motif aptly named clover!

Best Pregnancy Must-Have – Little Butterfly London

Loved by the press, retailers and consumers, Little Butterfly London has launched into the market with some incredible baby and mother products. 100% natural, certified organic and vegan, this brand makes sure that each of its unique products adhere to its high standard of skincare. We especially love the Mummy’s Pamper & Beauty gift box that makes the most wonderful gift for pregnant friends, or a self-care treat for yourself. 

Best Pregnancy-Safe Skincare BrandWeleda 

Weleda has been growing plants organically and creating natural health and well-being products for over 100 years – that is no mean feat and just one of the reasons that Weleda has earned its place as our pregnancy go-to brand. From nipple balm to perineal massage oil and stretch mark body butter, Weleda will support your skin all the way from conception to 4th trimester and beyond.

Best-Prenatal VitaminsWild Nutrition

Masters in supplementation, Wild Nutrition, offer the very best in comprehensive prenatal vitamins. Working with their Head of Nutrition they offer a unique trio of supplements designed to nourish your mind and body as well as support your baby’s development throughout all four trimesters of your pregnancy journey. Including Pregnancy Biotic – a blend of four probiotic strains specifically formulated to support both mother and baby, it provides 30 billion CFU (colony-forming unit – which estimates the number of microbial cells that are able to multiply) per daily dose, which is amazing.

Best Omega 3Inessa Advanced Omega 3 Fish Oil 

Founded by Nutritional Therapist, Liza Marogy, Inessa was born out of a desire to create clinical grade supplements at high-street prices that remove the fuss out of taking several different supplement combinations. Their Advanced Omega 3 Fish Oil uses sustainably sourced, premium quality fish oil, at clinical doses and in highly bioavailable natural triglycerides.

Best For Stretch MarksScience of Skin

Committed to developing skin care solutions that achieve visible results, Science of Skin, uses constant testing and research to create products that deliver solutions to skin issues such as scarring. Their Stretch Mark Defence was created especially for mums-to-be, using a super hydrating anti-stretch mark formula that sprays onto the skin. There is no added scent and it is incredibly soothing on dry, tort skin. 

Best Body LotionPharmaceris Emotopic Soothing and Softening Body Emollient

Designed to be used from the first day of life, Emotopic Soothing and Softening Body Emollient is as brilliant for babies and kids as it is for adults. It sinks in beautifully into the skin leaving no slimy residue at all and works away, using clinically proven natural oils, to relieve the skin of any dryness, itchiness and irritation. It has become a family staple – we use it on everything from my eldest son’s eczema to my youngest’s dry skin patches on his legs and my skin also. Packed with hemp oil, canola oil, avocado oil, vitamin E and Omega acids this product has become a firm fave.

Best Nappy CreamBurt’s Bees Diaper Ointment

Burt’s Bees has been in the baby business for a long time and everyone I know who tries their Diaper Ointment swears by it. It is 100% natural, helping to soothe your baby’s bottom without any harsh or nasty chemicals. It also smells so lovely. Fun fact: this product also went viral as a substitute for lipbalm! 

Best Nipple CreamWeleda Nipple Balm

Sore nipples can honestly break you when you are a new mum, which is why I was delighted to find Weleda’s Nipple Balm. Created by midwives and pharmacists, Weleda’s nipple balm provides instant care as well as protection for sore, chaffed nipples. Ingredients are 100% natural and the organic calendula in it is what allows nipples to heal so quickly with it. It is entirely safe for babies and smells yummy. Now my babies have got older and are no longer breastfeeding, this nipple balm has also saved my nips on numerous occasions after I have run out in the cold and experienced severe chafing – even frostbite once! It’s a lifesaver. 

Best Teething ProductSmileFrida the Finger Toothbrush

Not only will this product clean your baby’s gums and new teeth but it is also ideal for when they are teething as your little one will love the sensation of you rubbing their gums with it. The triple-angled brush head will gently massage their gums giving them light relief from the discomfort of teething and the double-sided silicon brush will protect your finger when the baby decides to chomp down on it. 

Best Supplement Brand for KidsBetterYou

They’ve won before and they’re winning again – when it comes to supplements for your kids nowhere does it better than BetterYou. Still obsessed with the Madeleine Shaw range, I am yet to find a multivitamin for children that beats it. Containing seven key nutrients to support children’s growth and cognitive development, the kids have their daily spray of this before they head off to school. And the delicious raspberry flavour means it’s a fuss-free affair. But it’s not only us at Hip & Healthy who love it, 81% of Mumsnet users asked would recommend this product. 

Best Skincare for Kids + TweensMy Olivanna

UK-based Skincare brand, Olivanna has a whole range dedicated to young skin. Suitable for skin ages 11+ the brand focuses on helping young adults and tweens transition their skincare through what can be a really tricky period. Their Skin 101 Kit is brilliantly put together in a sweet pink pouch and contains their Pineapple Milky Cleanser, Strawberry Seed Oil Moisturiser and T-Zone Stick as well as a heart-shaped konjac sponge and a quartz roller to boost relaxation. 

Best For SleepSNOO Smart Sleeper Baby Cot

Labelled and known as the safest baby cot on the market, everyone who has used a Snoo Smart Sleeper absolutely raves about it. Created by author and baby sleep expert Dr. Harvey Karp, this cot was created to help aid baby’s sleep in ways you can only dream of. It not only automatically responds to your baby’s fussing but also naturally sleep trains by combining motion and sound to mimic the womb helping baby to relax into a lovely sleep. 

Best Natural Baby BrandWeleda

Offering a comprehensive range of entirely natural mother and baby products, we love Weleda for all the thought and care that goes into their products. Each product has been researched and designed in conjunction with midwives and pharmacists to ensure that customers experience amazing results. Their team are also on hand 24/7 to discuss any questions you may have with regard to your products and how suitable they are for your particular baby’s needs. Taking you from bump, to birth and beyond you are in safe hands with Weleda.

Hay Fever Wrecking Your Sleep? 8 Hacks To Try

This season’s ‘pollen bomb’ is upon us, and according to Allergy UK, 57% of adults in the UK with hay fever have sleep problems which can lead to decreased cognitive function, stress and daytime fatigue.

To help ease symptoms at night time, the sleep specialists at Mattress Online have come together with the medical experts at Chemist Click to reveal 8 top tips to stop hay fever from ruining your sleep!

1. Dab Vaseline on your nostrils to trap pollen particles

Before bed, dab a small amount of Vaseline or petroleum jelly to the outside of each nostril. This traps any lingering pollen particles in the atmosphere which could find their way onto your face. The particles will stick to the Vaseline instead of going up your nose and should help to prevent any sneezing or itchiness in the night. 

2. Throw a spare sheet over your duvet to create a pollen barrier

This quick fix takes less than a minute and all you need is a spare bed sheet. Throw your sheet over your duvet and pillows during the day – this acts as a pollen barrier and prevents allergens from sitting on your bedding. This trick also works well if you have a pet who sleeps on your bed during the day. You can take the barrier sheet off each evening and your duvet and pillow should be safe from irritating particles that can trigger allergy responses. Be sure to wash this barrier sheet once a week or switch to a different one regularly to avoid the allergens lurking in the bedroom.

3. Wash your bedding once a week on a 60°C wash to kill pollen particles

Steve Adams, sleep expert at Mattress Online says: “When it comes to washing your bedding, make sure that you do it more often to ensure invisible pollen particles aren’t sitting in the sheets. We recommend washing your bedding once a week at 60°C to ensure all germs, dust mites and pollen particles are removed. 

Dry your bedding indoors and not outdoors as pollen from the trees will most likely land on the sheets and stick to them, resulting in you bringing the allergens back inside and making your symptoms worse.”

4. Rinse your eyes and nose before bed to wash off allergens

Pollen particles can easily stick to your skin and hair, so try to take a shower before bed, especially if you’ve been out all day. It’s not just the hair on your head either – pollen can even stick to your nose hairs and eyelashes, which can irritate your allergies. Make sure to rinse your face with fresh water, including your eyes and nose to remove any sitting pollen particles.

5. Tie back long hair to stop pollen from falling onto your face

If you have long hair and don’t want to wash your hair every night before bed, tie it up in a high ponytail or bun. This helps to prevent any pollen particles that have accumulated in your hair during the day getting onto your pillow or falling onto your face whilst you sleep and irritating your allergies further. Don’t forget to use a silk scrunchie to minimise damage!

6. Invest in an air purifier 

Air purifiers are a great thing to invest in if you suffer from allergies. Aside from helping to filter out pollution particles, they can also help remove irritants like dust and pollen particles and help clean the air you breathe as you sleep. While they can’t guarantee to remove ALL particles, regular use will help maintain good clean air in the room.

7. Keep your windows and doors closed to keep allergens out

You might think you’re letting fresh air in and that it will be beneficial, but open windows and doors could make your allergy symptoms worse when you’re trying to sleep. Pollen particles can come in through the window and stick to your bedding and furniture, so keep your windows and doors closed during the day during high hay fever days to avoid this.

8. Take an antihistamine half an hour before bed to reduce symptoms

If hay fever symptoms are interrupting your sleep, take an antihistamine before bed. Doctors advise that antihistamines take 30 minutes to kick in, so take your medicine around half an hour to an hour before you go to bed. This should keep any allergies at bay and allow for a peaceful slumber. Steroid nasal sprays can also be used to reduce symptoms such as a blocked nose, itchiness and sneezing.

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Should We Be Popping Mushrooms For A Better Night's Sleep?

Beauty & Wellness Level Up: Lou Talks Spring Renewal

Our Partnerships Director has been in the beauty, wellness and fashion industry for 15 years. Here are her tips on how to elevate your wellness from skincare products to self-care heroes.

Spring is here! Spring is such a lovely time of the year to refresh your mindset, boost your workout and a time to banish winter skin blues to revive new life and vitality.  These are some of my key pieces getting me excited for the change of season, to set me up for spring and celebrate coming into warmer months.


I love refreshing my workout wardrobe as I come into spring, to give me that fresh boost and motivation. Finding the balance between selfcare and work can always feel tricky, but when you feel good, your mindset shifts to a place where selfcare becomes an important focus. If you need some inspiration for your spring workout the best place to turn to for a wardrobe refresh is Cult activewear brand Varley. Featuring elevated essentials and contemporary performance wear, Varley draws inspiration from both to create collections that are highly technical with an elevated yet understated edge, that will have you coming back time and time again. 

I love the high-performance fabrication on their Lets Go high waisted leggings to give me the support I need, even in the toughest training sessions (no one wants to spend their whole workout pulling up their waistband)  as well as the most comfortable yet supportive Lets Go bras. I also love their gorgeous loungewear and their sweatshirt Freya with a cinch-able waist is the best way to take you from the gym to brunch and is my favourite cosy jumper; perfect for weekends on the sofa. 


This gorgeous serum by Oskia has become an absolute staple in my skincare regime for everything. I cover myself in it from head to toe and use it for everything from my daily facial serum, my body moisturiser and even as a soothing aftersun. I slather it on for microneedling, as a mask and apparently, it’s gentle enough to use on children.  It really does it all. During the winter months, I completely neglect my body ( I know tut tut) and as Spring enters I go into panic mode to revitalise my body and bring it back to life. Oskia has me covered with this amazing Hyaluronic Acid and Rose Water Serum which transforms my skin to feel more radiant and hydrated. Founder Georgie believes every bathroom should have a bottle and I am totally with her. No more standing around waiting for your moisturiser to dry before you can get dressed while your toddler demands to be carried and the dog is licking it off your legs, this serum dries instantly leaving you with beautifully hydrated skin.


Born in the 80s I was part of the 90’s and 2000’s trend of thin, barely there over plucked eyebrows. Years ago in the hope to gain a more natural brow, I threw away my tweezers, but sadly the damage was done. After decades of following the thin brow trend my eyebrows have remained incredibly fine. My mother always said eyebrows really frame a face and is totally obsessed with Kate Middleton’s eyebrows so I was incredibly excited to try Brow Lamination at Blink Brow Bar. Brow Lamination involves straightening your hair and fixing your hair with a solution and tint. The result; gorgeous fuller looking brows that you can brush into shape. Think fluffy, brushed-up brows that look natural and require minimal grooming. I honestly didn’t think it could have this impact and I am now officially obsessed.


After what feels like a really long winter, and starting the year catching every possible cold, flu or virus around, I feel like my skin needed some serious TLC to bring it back to life. As a self-confessed skincare junkie, I am always on the lookout to try something new to keep my skin looking its very best. Who doesn’t want to step out of the house with great skin and not need any foundation? Desperate to add more hydration to my skin and to achieve more of a glow I turned to BIOEFFECT. An Icelandic skincare brand with natural EGF as their hero ingredient and the first pure plant-based EGF ( made from barley) in the world. 

Without getting too sciencey, EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) is a signalling protein found naturally in our skin and is imperative for the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid to keep our skin looking youthful and prevent sagging and fine lines. Our EGF rapidly starts to decrease already from our twenties so BIOEFFECT’s amazing products are the perfect way to boost your skin’s appearance. I consider myself a bit of a layering expert. I love to start my routine with an essence to hydrate my skin and BIOEFFECT’s EGF Essence is now one of my all-time favourites. Just a few drops pressed onto your face will saturate your skin with moisture. Next, their EGF Serum is their bestselling item and it’s honestly revolutionary. A little goes a long way and my skin is feeling so smooth and hydrated and  I am already seeing fewer lines. The last part of my skincare routine is their amazing Hydrating Cream. I have always had dry skin and I find finishing my routine with a cream helps all the oils and serums to absorb. This gorgeous rich cream instantly floods with hydration and feels super luxurious.


New In: 15 Summer Food Buys To Add to Cart

Eating healthy is never a chore in the ever-changing food and beverage market. From summery picky bits to non-alcoholic coolers, veggie pasta sauces and nutty pick-me-ups, here are 15 summer food buys to add to your basket for the month of May!

The Wellness Festivals & Retreats Run By Celebrities

Celebrities and A-Lister’s have edged their way into the wellness world, putting their stamp on the industry through a passion for healthy living and mental health. The list of celebs who have hopped into the wellbeing market is endless, from the likes of Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Kate Moss turning their hand at beauty entrepreneurship, to Gwyneth Paltrow and Kourtney Kardashian-Barker bringing wellness content to the masses in a similar way we do here at H&H! Taking it up a notch, this summer sees festivals and retreats run by the stars springing up over the UK. You may even catch a glimpse, or better so, get a hug from your favourite wellness-loving celebrity!

Happy Place Festival • Fearne Cotton
Returning to Chiswick and Tatton Park this summer, Happy Place Festival, the festival born out of Fearne Cotton’s much-loved podcast, is back for two weekends filled with uplifting positivity. The tapestry of immersive workshops, enriching talks and delicious food features top-tier guests and speakers to get you inspired. Enlisting the help of friends and like-minded wellness tycoons including Adele Roberts + Kate Holderness, Jonny Wilkinson, Tom Grennan, Giovanna + Tom Fletcher, Sophie Morgan and Aaron Roach Bridgeman, Fearne aims to spark powerful conversations alongside a mix of activities to set your soul on fire!
Details: Chiswick House & Gardens, West London- 15th & 16th July 2023 • Tatton Park, Cheshire- 3rd & 4th September

Community • Russell Brand
This intimate festival run by Laura and Russell Brand takes place in Hay-On-Wye for 3 days of camping beside the awe-inspiring River Wye. Russell Brand does not gatekeep about the profound effects mindfulness and meditation have had on his life, sharing his journey along the way. The Community is an extension of his bid to help others on their journey, whether it’s overcoming addiction or mental health battles. Focusing on connections, awakening and spirituality, Community is a safe space to spark social change. Limber up for yoga or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, enjoy musical performances, relax with meditation and treat yourself to treatments from a range of holistic healers on site. Hear from wellness gurus such as Wif Hof and incredibly knowledgeable activists like Dr Vandana Shiva, you may even get a welcoming hug from Russell himself!
Details: Hay-On-Wye, Wales • 14th-17th July 2023

The Dreaming • Charlotte Church
Singer-songwriter, Charlotte Church pivoted her career, delving deep into the world of wellness to launch ‘The Dreaming’. Taking place at Rhydoldog House, a fairytale location in rural Wales, ‘The Dreaming’ operate retreats inspired by the healing powers of the natural world. Spread over 4-days, the magical retreats provide escapism from reality, a chance to reconnect with nature and come together with like-minded individuals. Each day brings new possibilities, from yoga, sound healing ceremonies, foraging, mythic storytelling, star-gazing, cold water immersion, singing at dawn, den building, sensory portal building, painting, dance, dreamwork, outdoor cinema, herbalism, woodwork, meditation, Qi Gong, silent disco, night time forest bathing and more!
Details: Rhydoldog House, Rhayader, Wales • Year Round

SpaFest at CarFest  • Chris Evans
Created by Chris Evans, CarFest is the honeypot that has a little bit of everything go, from the fastest cars, performances from some of the UK’s best artists, bands and DJ’s, plus TV, theatre, music and sports legend appearance. Commonly, motorheads descend to Carfest, but the reason it’s earned a place in this round-up is its newer field, SpaFest. In its separate entity, SpaFest hosts wellness advocates and gurus, including Dr Rangan Chatterjee, to impart their expert knowledge on all aspects of physical, mental and spiritual health. The healing and wellbeing spaces houses fitness classes, mindfulness workshops, a No-Lo bar, ice bathing and the Soul Stretch spa to provide rejuvenating interludes to the CarFest bustle.
Details: Laverstoke Park Farm, Hampshire 25th-27th August