Is alkaline water the next buzz word in the world of wellness? Below Sadie shares her verdict on the all-new Actiph Alkaline Ionized Water.

In the wellness world, we are often presented with new trends and hot-off-the-press products all hailed to be the next big thing that is going to help us to reach optimum health, but it is often the things right under our noses that contribute to our overall health the most. The daily habits such as what we eat, how much we move and the water we drink.

Given that our bodies are made up of 70% water it is not surprising that keeping well hydrated should be at the top of our lists. Research conducted by Actiph Water showed a lack of knowledge surrounding hydration and fluid intake. Instead of hydrating with H2O, Brits were reaching for highly acidic beverages such as sugary energy drinks and caffeinated beverages in an attempt to boost energy and productivity, with 1 in 5 consuming over 1 litre of caffeinated drinks a day. It also revealed alcohol consumption increased by 27% during the lockdown.

Many studies have shown that not getting enough water can lead to all sorts of things from migraines to memory loss and poor digestion. So we know that adequate water intake is crucial to keeping us healthy but the type of water we consume is also incredibly important to feeling and looking our best. 

We’re living at a million miles an hour, our days are packed full of zoom calls (a sign of the times) and childcare and fitting in exercise when we can. All this stress creates an acidic environment inside our bodies, teaming that with sugary, processed, highly acidic food and drink is a recipe for disaster. This upsets our internal pH balance, which can lead to being more prone to picking up infections, lethargy and digestive issues to name a few. Which is why I was super excited to hear about a new type of water that has landed, Europe’s first and leading alkaline ionised water, Actiph Water.

Founded by seven times Guinness World Record Holder, Jamie Douglas-Hamilton, who realised the importance of complete and proper hydration whilst rowing 5,000 miles from Australia to Africa, he set about creating water that would help restore the natural PH balance in his body. Looking all over the world for the best water out there, he happened upon ionised water in Japan, which the Japanese Ministry of Health had approved for people suffering with digestive problems, and so Jamie wanted to take the idea to his home continent of Europe.

The Science
Using the purest natural spring water from Wenlock Spring in Shropshire, Actiph add their own unique blend of minerals and electrolytes and then electrically charge the water using titanium plates. Customers have reported that drinking the water has helped in numerous ways, including maintaining higher, more consistent energy levels, post-exercise recovery, reduction in headaches and improvement in digestive issues and acid reflux. 

The Two-Week Actiph Challenge
I set about testing this new water for myself. Having never had alkaline water in my life, I had little to compare it to and was excited to see what benefits I felt. After just one week, I definitely felt like I had more energy and focus throughout the day. I also had a few too many rosés one evening and the next morning was worried about feeling less than my best when I had a bunch of work to do, not to mention juggling the kids too. After a bottle of Actiph, I felt so much better and my headache went as well! Not to mention, Actiph is also great post-exercise. I run every day and recovering from a run with water alone has nowhere near the same impact as with Actiph. By helping my body rehydrate quicker I have avoided post-run headaches and muscle aches that I am used to in this hot weather by drinking a bottle of Actiph post-run. Plus, it tastes great. I really am so excited to have discovered this water, which you can buy from just about anywhere, and the glass bottles are without a doubt my favourite.

Reader Offer + Two Week Water Challenge
Actiph encourages Hip & Healthy readers to try their two-week challenge as well, where you drink a bottle of Actiph a day for two weeks. Plus readers can access 20% off using the code “HIPHEALTHY20”. Shop online here.

words by Sadie Reid