Bad skin is never fun. It can be the difference between a great evening and an alright one, a relaxing holiday or a stressful one, it even changes the way we feel about ourselves on a daily basis, but Dove was right – you really do have to love the skin your in. The type of “till death do us part” love, for better or worse.

So that is what I have been trying to do. I am on a quest to get skin that I am happy with. I realise that I have not been blessed with the dewy english rose glow of someone like Rosie Huntigton-Whitely. And no amount of fake tan will take my slightly grey complexion to Milla Kunis status. But there is something I can do to help, and that help comes in the form of petite and pretty Abigail James.

I met Abigail at the heavenly Lomax Wellness Centre on the Fulham Road. I was first asked to fill out a form all about the history of my skin. I felt like I could have written tomes. Then, before beginning the treatment, Abigail asked me a few questions. “When did you first start noticing your skin wasn’t behaving they way you liked?” “Ummm… About four years ago”. “Anything significant happen then?” “I got my first job.” “You would not believe how much I hear that!”

So the first trigger was identified – stress at work.

Then onto the treatment. As Abigail cleansed my face we discusses the different products I’d been using, which she then went on to say where all wrong. Second trigger perhaps? I began to mentally empty my bathroom cabinet into the bin.

After the cleansing took place I was given LED Light Therapy therapy.  The effect hat this had on skin was first discovered when NASA conducted clinical studies that showed LED improved wound healing and tissue growth in space, it has since been used to treat acne and troublesome skin non-invasively. Unlike lasers which can cause burns and scars, LED uses concentrated light to stimulate the cells to generate new skin cells and new collagen. All that happens is a very bright light is placed over your face and you feel nothing so at first I felt skeptical that anything was going to improve. But after the treatment the results were astonishing my skin felt smoother and although still a little red and sore around the cheekbones where most of my spots were, it seemed much clearer elsewhere.

The next day, my skin felt so much smoother and I had no new break-outs which is always a relief. I could also tell that a lot of the smaller spots had shrunk or disappeared completely. So with a few more light sessions and some more hot tips from Abigail, I’m hoping that for the first time in four years my skin is on the road to recovery.

Abigail’s Close Up

What is the Skincare cardinal sin?
To do nothing! We live in a time and environment where we can’t get away with doing nothing to our skin.

Favourite products you couldn’t live without?
Dr. Alkaitis facial oil, just love it!

Top tip for spot sufferers?
Don’t pick! It prolongs the appearance of a spot for weeks! Also Wash with a facial wash that’s not too harsh like Ormedic or Dr Alkaitis cleanser, and always finish with cold water.

What is the best thing you could do for troublesome skin?
It depends what the troubles are and no two skins are the same. LED is a very safe, non-invasive way of helping so many skin issues. Having a regular facial monthly can be hugely beneficial, skin peels can be a bit of a skin kickstart, and manual lymphatic drainage is also key for getting rid of toxins. Home care is also absolutely vital with the right products, a good probiotic supplement for healthy gut flora is a must and commitment, improvements don’t come easy unfortunately.

What is your morning skin routine?
In the morning I use facial wash, with warm water and a muslin and finish with cold water. I then apply a serum either vitamin c, antioxidant, or hylauronic acid. Then moisturise, and apply mineral foundation with built in SPF.

To book a treatment with Abigail or for more information go to www.abigailjames.com