The rate that spinning is gaining in popularity across London is alarming. First we loved Psycle, then we fell for Groove Cycle and now there are two more classes that we have tried, tested and totally advocate.

Step up Aquallure and Edge Cycle, two brand new spinning concepts that are sending waves of excitement across the fitness pool.

 Edge Cycle

I loved the Edge Cycle Bootcamp class. Firstly, it takes place on dry land and in an air-conditioned studio in Holborn with funky lights and hi-tech bikes. Secondly, the class was bangin’. I’m a sucker for interval training and get a kick out of really pushing myself, so when I found out that part of the class involved getting off the bike to do weight lifting and body-weight training, I was pretty excited.

Edge Cycle claims that up to 1,000 calories can be burnt in just 45 minutes as the HIIT nature of the workout ramps up the intensity and burns energy like no other.

During the course of the class we were on the bike for 30 of the 45 minutes. Sprints, climbs and high-resistance intervals meant that we were being challenged on strength, stamina and endurance. The other 15 minutes was spent doing push-ups, core work and weight lifting that shredded my arms to pieces. The beauty and uniqueness of Edge Cycle is that intense cardio comes from the spinning section and the toning comes from the off-bike work. Judging from the sweat-angel I left behind, it’s clear that this kind of workout is very effective.

A Personal Trainer from Edge Cycle says that the workouts are so successful because they, “fuse indoor cycling and bootcamp style exercises that are proven to burn fat, increase metabolism, improve cardiovascular performance and give a total body workout for the body and core”. Who doesn’t want that? I left the studio a broken but elated woman.

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Aquallure. It’s in the name really. The classes take place on bikes in a swimming pool and are a lesson in full-body toning. The resistance from the water comes as quite a surprise when pedalling; it is much harder than you think it might be. Add some dumbbell shaped floats that you push and pull through the water and Aquallure turns into a seriously hard-core workout.

Punctuating the class were challenges that are surely feats of nature. During one particular section I was suspended in the water behind the saddle with my feet in the pedals, desperately trying to stay above the surface by doing flappy-bird-breaststroke arms. Not forgetting the rather amusing jumping section where the class was told to get off the bike, stand behind it, place hands on the saddle and leap as high as possible (like frogs, you might say) into the air. My misfortune turned into a running joke; I had to hold on to my bikini bottoms as I propelled out of the water to prevent classmates from seeing a full moon…

Aquallure got my heart pumping and the instructor’s humour (and my bare bum) meant that my abs had an extra workout from laughter. However I reckon that the best part of pool biking is that there is no muscle soreness post-workout. Result!

My only slight gripe with the class was the pedals themselves. They are like huge pool sliders and half the battle was keeping my feet from slipping out of them. And take heed of this advice: wear a one-piece. You don’t want to be flashing unsuspecting swimmers as you bound all over the place.

Aquallure. Classes start from £18 per session and take place at the Dolphin Fitness Centre in Pimlico. www.aquallure.co.uk

Edge Cycle. Classes start from £15 per session and take place on Leather Lane in Holborn. www.edgecycle.co.uk

words by Lucy Marshall