Here at Hip & Healthy, we’re always curious to know what our fave health foodies eat! We caught up with this week’s guest editor, Alex (founder of Punch Foods) who gave us an insight in to her day on a plate!


I must admit, I can be a little unusual when it comes to my breakfast tastes. I try to keep things interesting and eat a different breakfast every day of the week, whether it be a chia pudding, smoothie bowl or scrambled eggs. One of my absolute favourites, although a little less conventional, is Sweet Potato. It may sound odd but topped with almond butter, berries and some of my Cinnamon Spice Superseeds it’s delicious and such a fabulous start to the day. It’s become a bit of a habit and I usually cook my sweet potatoes on a Sunday night meaning it takes less than five minutes to prepare breakfast in the morning.



I always carry a tube of my Superseeds in my bag, which are great for snacking emergencies even when I’m out and about. I do love a good cup of coffee but it does send my systems slightly crazy so I try to limit myself to about three cups a week. One of my favourite spots is Timberyard, which is right by my office. I take meetings there nearly everyday so I often have their almond matcha lattes which are delicious. They have a wonderfully tempting selection of cakes including gluten free options, as well as selling my Superseeds which is great if you fancy something a little more wholesome or savoury.



I have been a packed lunch girl ever since my art school days. It means I save money and avoid queues, and can actually be so easy to sort in advance. When making Sunday lunch, I pop a few extra potatoes into the pan and keep some roasted carrots and greens aside to jazz up later. I will team this with some form of protein. I am big on oily fish so eat a lot of mackerel, or I might nip to Pret or Itsu and grab one of their egg pots. I do love to treat myself to lunch out now and again. In the heart of Soho I am spoilt for choice. My favourite place to go is the Detox Kitchen. They are constantly changing up their salads which I love and offer a good range of protein options.



I’m a bit of a chocolate fiend and have a serious stash in the office. The darker the better and I love trying different beans. 100% chocolate is hard to find and not for all but I absolutely adore it. Currently I am really into St Lucian beans but I love Madagascan and Peruvian too. My other love is real gelato. I generally avoid dairy as it doesn’t agree with me but I am not one for denying myself, so if I fancy it and when the sun is shining I will pop out to Gelupo. They do great sorbets and vegan options too. Oddly enough my favorite flavour is dairy free, dark chocolate sorbet but I will generally team it with a scoop of pistachio or hazelnut. I just can’t resist.



Dinner time is my time to wind down. After a hectic day at work there is nothing I enjoy more than coming home to chop vegetables and experiment with various ingredients and spices. Of course, there are some days where I just don’t have the time or energy, and so on these days I will make my fail safe bowl of tahini’d greens with some eggs. I love them scrambled, boiled and poached so it depends on what I’m feeling that day, but I always top them with some Superseeds. The Chilli Smoke are an absolute winner on eggs!


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