It’s time to dust off your pancake pan, warm up those flipping skills because it’s almost Pancake Day! Whether you love a classic pancake recipe or you’re a chocolate lover who wants to go OTT on the toppings, here are 9 healthy pancake recipes to give you some inspo this year.

  1. Vegan Chocolate Pancakes | Lazy Cat Kitchen
  2. Buckwheat Pancakes With Coconut & Cherry | Jennifer Medhurst
  3. Strawberry & Chocolate Spelt Crepes | Naturally Sassy
  4. Caramalised Banana & Pumpkin Pancakes | Madeleine Shaw
  5. Superfood Pancakes | Domestic Gothess
  6. Banana Oat Pancakes | Simply Delicious Food
  7. 3 Ingredient Banana Pancakes | 15-Minute Vegan On A Budget
  8. Matcha Pancakes | Choosing Chia
  9. Savoury Japanese Crispy Pancakes | I Quit Sugar