If you’re finding that your normal moisturiser is no longer doing the trick this winter then it could be time to try a facial oil. Facial oils can provide extra nourishment for your skin and work particularly well in your nightly skincare routine. Layered under your moisturiser, you can get a variety of facial oils that give a whole host of benefits. From targeting first signs of ageing to combatting lacklustre complexions, here are 8 of the best winter facial oils.

de Mamiel Winter Oil 

We trust Annee de Mamiel explicitly when it comes to skincare… anything she creates we love! Her seasonal facial oils are some of the best in the business and we’ve been slathering on her Winter Facial Oil. If you’re really struggling with the effects of winter on your skin, this facial oil will completely rejuvenate your complexion. Formulated to protect, replenish and strengthen the skin’s barrier, it’s jam-packed with Annee’s favourite skincare ingredients. You’ve got Rosehip to restore and plump, Omega-rich Arctic Cranberry to fight free radicals, Tamanu Oil to support collagen production, Chamomile to reduce redness and Vetiver for a super dewy complexion. 

Gallinee Prebiotic Face Oil

If central heating mixed with icy outdoor temperatures have got your skin in a spin this winter then Gallinee Prebiotic Face Oil is the perfect antidote. You might think it to be odd to have prebiotics in your facial oil but our skin’s barrier needs them to maintain moisture and keep a harmonious balance. This facial oil boasts a biotic complex harnessing pre, pro and post-biotics to strengthen your skin’s protective ecosystem. Your skin’s microbiome needs tending to just as much as your gut because a healthy skin barrier equals gorgeous, radiant skin!

Oskia Restoration Oil

If a facial oil could ever produce almost overnight results, it would be Oskia’s cult-status Restoration Oil. Adored by many, this facial oil is the closest thing you’ll likely get to a complexion transformation! If you’re looking for a facial oil to reduce fine lines and inject some serious radiance then this is the one to choose. It’s full of wonderful skincare ingredients like Evening Primrose, Lupin and Turmeric which help soothe, hydrate and improve the skin’s elasticity which reduces as we age. It’s formulation is incredibly light and fast absorbing so it will make a great transition oil for Spring too.

Elemis Superfood Facial Oil

Say the word “superfood” and you’ve got us hooked already! We know antioxidants are super important for healthy skin, which is why we’re always encouraged by nutritionists to eat the rainbow for good skin! Well, Elemis have injected 9 highly-concentrated superfood oils to overhaul dull complexions. Boasting superfoods like Broccoli (yes, really!), Rosehip, Flaxseed and Daikon Radish, 90% of people from Elemis’ user trials agreed that the product visibly minimises the appearance of dull skin and​ 89% agreed that the product enhances skin radiance.

Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate

Another absolute stunner of a facial oil has to be Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate. It’s practically got legendary status and for good reason! Adored by our Managing Editor, Molly who has Rosacea, this oil acts like a superhero for the skin, enveloping it with a bullet-proof barrier to instantly soothe dry and irritated skin. If you’re prone to sensitivity, then Rosehip Oil will become your best friend. It’s incredibly calming and regenerative (hence the name) and sometimes, nature provides you with all the answers you need! This is the perfect example of that. If you want to mute those sensitivities and even out your skin tone (often disrupted by angry winter skin) then look no further.

Aurelia Balance and Glow Day Oil

Aurelia has to be one of our most-loved skincare brands (they’re often featured in our annual awards!) and they’ve really solidified themselves as experts in skincare. Their Balance and Glow Day Oil does exactly what it says on the label, it injects a healthy dose of glow-enhancing ingredients like Kukui and Kalahari (both high in antioxidants and fatty acids) and hemp, borage and almond oil to soothe and hydrate. Vegan and cruelty-free, Aurelia products are dermatologically tested so sensitive-skin-ers (and even pregnant women) can enjoy the benefits of Aurelia skincare. The fast-absorbing formula makes this a wonderful morning facial oil that sits perfectly under makeup, working on brightening and plumping throughout the day.

Dermatology M Rejuvenating Face Oil

If you’re in the market for a facial oil for mature skin or even just for those who are determined to target fine lines and wrinkles, Dermatology M’s Rejuvenating Face Oil is the ticket to firm and plump destination! Labelled as “age-defying” you can be sure this facial oil packs a punch of youth-boosting goodness and is high in protective antioxidants. Harnessing Bakuchiol (nature’s answer to retinol, but gentler) and a blend of active Chinese herbs and organic botanical oils, it’s anti-inflammatory and even contains antibacterial properties which may be suitable for those with acne-prone skin.

By Sarah Hero Facial Oil

If you love a bit of Gua Sha in your beauty routine, By Sarah’s Hero Facial Oil is the perfect vessel for your de-puffing massage routine. This is a rich oil that works best in your nightly routine and glides beautifully over the skin to deliver vital nutrients and give an instant glow. If you’ve got combination skin, it’s the perfect option being adaptable to dry patches and even an oily t-zone. Cold-pressed, made in Britain AND B-Corps certified, you can’t go far wrong with By Sarah.

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