H&H founder, Sadie Reid, shares her 7 tips to up your running game!

Squeezing in a run can be hard at the best of times; work, kids, social life and much needed down-time can all get in the way, but when you do get that break to lace up your kicks and head outdoors then why not make the time count even more by trying out one (or a few) of the following ways to get more out of your run…


Get Technical – but not how you think

Measure miles not calories! Getting technical is a great way to boost your run game as it will spur you on and hold you accountable (there is no hiding from those digital distances), but it is so important not to use it as a way to measure burning calories as this can lead to a really unhealthy exercise philosophy.


Download a Podcast

For longer runs I find that a podcast is a great way to distract yourself and you soon find that an hour passes incredibly quickly. Favourites include business podcasts from Tim Ferris, Lewis Howes and Sophia Amuroso (GirlBoss Radio), Desert Island Discs is always fascinating, She Said podcast by Elle Magazine is like listening to articles being formed and written, with a variety of well-known Editors and Writers discussing their thoughts and opinions live.


Turn Treadmill Running Up a Knotch

You know what they say – running on the treadmill is easier than on the road due to the force of the conveyer belt that propels you forward. Want to get more out of your run on a treadmill put it at an incline of 1.5 for the duration.


Be Prepared

We have all read that laying out our running kit the night before a morning run means that you are ten times more likely to actually go on that run. But, we suggest going one step further, make sure you have your post-run food in the house or put water in a jug in the fridge so that there is beautifully cool water and a delicious, nutritious snack as soon as you get back – this too will act as motivation to get you going on that run in the first place as well as fueling you around your route dreaming of the delicious things that await you when you return.


Fuel Up

Which takes me onto my next point about fuel. You have got to be putting the right fuel in your body to get your best running game. Pre-marathon I always find that a peanut butter and jam sandwich goes a long way. Carbs are your best friends when it comes to running but don’t be fooled – they still have to be nutritious so that white bread is going to do nothing but spike your sugar levels. Instead opt for spelt or wholegrain bread, organic if possible so it is entirely natural. The night before a long run have brown rice pasta with protein like tuna or Bolognese. Porridge is also an excellent pre-run meal – add some nut butter to it for the protein and drink plenty of water the days leading up to your run so that your body is comfortably hydrated.


Hydrate Naturally

Don’t be fooled into thinking that sugary, artificial drinks are actually going to help your performance in the long run. In the short term, they may give you short energy bursts but over a long period of time you’ll feel those come downs even harder. Drink water! It’s brilliant, if you didn’t know already! You can add a little fruit juice and pinch of salt to it for a boost of natural sugars and electrolytes if you feel you need it but, water alone should be enough to keep you body happy and hydrated to give you your best PB yet!


Heads up on Headphones

There is nothing worse than a fiddling with your smart phone on a run. Invest in some proper sports headphones that have a remote control on the cord and are made specifically for sport, as you also don’t want your sweat interfering with them either. Our favourite brand is Happy Plugs, which we have just recently started selling on the site. The sports specific headphones are the best for listening to your favourite motivational tune, hassle free!

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Words by Sadie Reid