Ignite your fitness routine and re-energise your nutrition this AW with seven expert wellness tips from PT and wellness entrepreneur, Rachael Sacerdoti.

With the change of season bringing with it shorter days and cooler mornings it can be easy to fall out of love with your current wellness regime. “Finding the motivation to exercise becomes harder as the nights draw in, so changing up your routine to include mood-boosting workouts is vital for combating fatigue and keeping your energy levels high. This is even more important if you struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD),” says Rachael.

In addition to your fitness, ensuring you are fuelling your body with goodness will energise you and keep you feeling strong inside and out. After all, nutrition plays a crucial role in helping to balance our mood and emotions, so knowing what will-building foods to eat is imperative to a happier you. “It’s the ultimate form of self-care”, adds Rachael.

Rachael offers invaluable insight for those who need a helping hand as autumn approaches and anyone looking to make achievable and sustainable lifestyle changes. Here she gives her top tips on keeping your wellness on track throughout the colder months.

Stay perky and powerful with Protein. Ensure you are getting enough good-quality protein in your diet (aim for 90g or more). Protein isn’t called the building block of life for nothing; it is vital for everybody of every age and is an essential part of a healthy diet helping to build and repair cells, bones, muscles, and joints. High-quality protein such as chicken is key for supporting our health, and eggs are an excellent way to add more protein to a meal. Baked eggs with tomatoes and spinach for the winter months are simply brilliant; a hearty dish that feels like a hug and will keep you fuller for longer.

Curb your blood sugar spike with complex carbs. The body’s primary energy source, carbohydrates are essential, yet way too many of us consume too many simple carbs that send our blood sugar on a roller coaster ride. Eating the right carbs with a low GI, such as whole grains, sweet potato, and quinoa will emit a slow and steady energy supply, stopping that sluggish feeling that always seems to hit mid-afternoon and bring your mood down.

Drink up! Water is the fountain of life as far as I am concerned, which is why it amazes me that we all need to remind each other to drink more of it! Not only does it feed the entire body and mind for better performance and mood, but it has many benefits for your skin, digestion, sleep, and hunger too, the list is almost endless. Drink more for a longer, happier, and more comfortable life. Two and a half litres a day during the winter months should suffice.

Raise the roof and your mood with resistance training. Incorporating regular resistance training (either with weights or your own body weight) is an absolute must for anyone who wants to feel empowered. The most effective way to invest in your strength, lift your energy levels and speed up your metabolism, resistance training also helps with mobility, range of motion, and balance. And just think of the supple muscle tone.

Set your endorphins free with regular cardio. If you are bored with the usual running and cycling, get adventurous and try something fun and playful such as skipping – it is the best exercise for generating energy throughout the entire body. Or why not get Alexa to ramp up your favourite song as you dance like nobody is watching around the kitchen? Even hula-hooping is making a comeback thanks to TikTok! A brisk walk immersed in nature will also do the trick for those who prefer something a bit more low-key. Anything that gets your heart pumping and blood flowing is going to do wonders for your overall health and mood.

Adopt an accountability partner or work out with a friend. Having someone rely on you and vice-versa for a workout can be the glue that keeps your motivation strong. It makes the entire experience more social, you can share your accomplishments and goals, cheer each other on, and lean on each other for support.

Feed your immune system. Keep your body in tip-top condition and congestion free by making sure you are getting enough A, B, and C vitamins, along with fibre in your daily life. A happy and well-fed gut is definitely the key to a healthier body, along with a strong immune system to keep seasonal ailments at bay and help control inflammation. Sweet potatoes, pulses, spinach, carrots, and whole grains should be your go-to comfort foods.

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