Ciao Winter! It’s been fun (ish) but we’re moving on to prettier things! Spring has begun so we’ve rounded up 7 healthy habits to take up so you can feel like the best version of yourself!

Injury proof your workout

You’ve made a strong start to the new year if you managed to stick to a new workout, however, going from zero to hero can come with its challenges too. If you’ve ever done a little too much too soon you’ll know what we’re talking about. This is where Ten Fitness (with locations all over London) come in as they aim to injury proof your workouts to ensure all those New Year resolutions can be stuck to. With pilates, yoga, barre and more on offer, for strong year and a stronger body: Ten Fitness is a great place to start.


Therapy with a twist

Suzanne Wylde is a stretch therapist based at Tri-Yoga in Camden. Suzanne’s treatments will help anything from posture to stress. Starting with walking massage to warm up your body and ending with resistance stretching – Suzanne has a wonderful ability to read your body and work to release the fascia. It really is a transformative process that leaves you freer in mind and body.


Start meditation

Whether it’s grabbing 15 minutes with the headspace app or 5 minutes before you jump out of bed in the morning, it really doesn’t matter. Finding time to slow down your mind, be present and be calm can make such a huge difference. Decluttering your mind when you’re busy may seem like another thing you don’t have time for, but we challenge you to just 10 minutes of quiet time a day for a week and you will start to notice a lighter and yet more active mind. If you have no idea where to start, the headspace app really is fantastic.



Put yourself first

Whether this is quitting Instagram for a bit or wearing an outfit you love and not worrying about what others think of you. Doing what is true for you is essential to being happy. Stop comparing yourself to other people. Take some time for yourself to do something you love whatever that might be.


Listen to your body

There has been a lot in the press regarding clean eating and whether it is a fad or has substance. Whatever you believe, remember we are all unique. We all have different needs, different bodies and when it comes to nutrition there is no one plan fits all. Don’t force yourself into a particular way of eating just because you’ve been told it’s a healthy! It might not work for you and that’s ok! Listen to your body and respect how you feel.


Facial Reflexology 

From the creator of The Zone non-surgical facelift, Ziggie Bergman is a facial reflexologist who holds clinics at Grace Belgravia and Tri Yoga. On February 10th, Ziggie will be holding a workshop at Tri Yoga called ‘Get Your Spring Glow’ where she will be teaching techniques that can be performed on your own body to reach a healthier, more glowing you. Book your slot now and learn the tips of her world renowned facial reflexology skills. Visit TriYoga’s site to book here.


Perk up your juice and your energy levels.

Naomi’s kitchen has created a range of vitamin and nutrient dense powders to perk up your juice or any meal. With blends to cleanse, energise and more – why not try one of these super blends to turbo charge your health through the last few months of winter.


Words by Rachel Cruickshank