The winter is over! Hooray! Let’s be honest, though, the weather has definitely been a little confused this beginning of Spring (aka Beast from the East!) but we’re confident that sunnier days are just around the corner. So how can we give our bodies a little boost to get rid of those last sniffles and bring in some new energy for spring?


Immune booster
Vitamin D plays a vital role in immune function, but there are very few ways to get it other than sun exposure or a supplement. So, what better excuse is there to book a holiday?! If getting some R&R on holiday isn’t an option for you right now, it’s definitely worth heading to your GP to test your Vitamin D levels. If you were one of those unlucky souls to have what seemed like a constant runny nose and cold throughout winter it is possible your Vitamin D levels are low. A good quality supplement like Viridian D3 might be a good option to boost your immune function if the Bahamas are off the cards!


Bitter herbs for digestion
Listening to our body is crucial for health, warming soups and stews are perfect in winter but as spring and summer approach, it’s all about the colourful salads! Jazz up your lunchtime with some bitter herbs before or with your meals. These greens get your digestive juices going meaning you will break down foods and absorb the nutrients much more easily. Why not make a salad with chicory, coriander, rocket and some wild lettuce with an apple cider vinegar dressing? Eating a salad of bitter greens whilst slowing down when eating your meals will help you digest your food and also realise when you’re full meaning you won’t end up in a food coma every night.


Probiotic Power
Proper gut function cannot be underestimated. It’s where everything we eat is absorbed. Imagine if you put a load of laundry into the washing machine, only to have some things gone when you go to get it out. That’s what an under-functioning gut is like. Making every effort to eat healthily needs to be teamed with a proper functioning gut and this is where pro and prebiotics come in handy. After all, your gut and your immune system are intrinsically linked so if you keep getting ill, this definitely should be an area you focus on. Probiotics populate our gut with good bacteria and prebiotics feed these bacteria. A probiotic supplement is a good option, especially if you’ve been suffering from bloating, constipation or diarrhoea. We swear by The Beauty Chef natural powders and liquids. They are seriously full to the brim with bio-fermented superfoods and pre & probiotics that will help re-populate your gut. We love the Cleanse for a kick-starter but the Glow is hands-down our favourite because it’s a true skin-perfecting hero!


Tune into your circadian rhythm
Exercise and the sleep-wake cycle, also called the circadian rhythm, are deeply connected. That hard HIIT class you’re doing every evening might not actually be helping your sleep. Many of us have highly stressful jobs which see our cortisol levels soar, follow a stressful day at the office with exercise that raises your cortisol again means our bodies are in states of stress constantly. Try reconnecting with your body by swapping out your Barry’s Bootcamp by booking a yoga or meditation class in the evening. It will much better prepare you for sleep as your cortisol levels won’t be sky high.


New season, new skin
The winter months can really take it out of our skin, but the good news is that if you’ve tuned in with the first four steps above your skin should be thanking you already, especially if you’ve booked that trip to the Bahamas (we wish!). However, honing your beauty regime and making a few changes will also be beneficial too. We always try and use more natural skincare (chemicals won’t do your skin any favours) and we’ve been hooked on de Mamiel’s Spring Facial Oil. This new season limited edition blend is bursting with potent aromatics and flower essences. It works at a cellular level to deliver renewed energy, bringing Winter-weary skin back into bloom.


Realign with our body
We are firm believers that our bodies give us lots of signals every day that lets us know if we’re doing something right or wrong. We all live crazily busy lives and looking after ourselves really is the best thing we can do to ensure we don’t burn out. So, take time regularly to listen to your body… meditation and journaling are two things you can do anytime, anywhere to help stay in tune with your body. Sometimes, however, we do need that extra bit of TLC and we can highly recommend the Lomi Lomi massage at triyoga! Its technique comes from an ancient Hawaiian ritual that uses four hands and leaves you in a meditative state as well as providing healing in one therapy.

words by Rachel Cruickshank @thebodynatural