Long gone are the days when no one wanted to be caught browsing the self-help aisle in the local bookshop. Wanting to learn more about how one can improve their mental health and attract happiness and a sense of fulfilment into their life is definitely a movement we’re on board with.

Self-care isn’t something we should be ashamed about practising or made to feel guilty about. It’s not selfish, it should be viewed a necessary part of tendering to your wellbeing. The same as drinking a green smoothie in the morning and hitting the gym. Whether that’s focusing on your mental health, taking time to organise your home and put things in order, creating a positive attitude towards your working life or chasing your true passions, these 6 self-improvement books are a great way to start to making changes, to start feeling empowered and, most importantly, to build a better relationship with your self.

Recharge | Julie Montagu

An easy month by month guide for practising self-care

You Do You | Sarah Knight

A no-fuss manual to realising your true self

IKIGAI | Héctor García & Francesc Miralles

How to simplify your life and re-discover your mojo

Self-Care For The Real World | Nadia Narain

Learn how to incorporate self-care into your busy, contemporary world

Lean In | Sheryl Sandberg

A guidebook for ambitious women wanting to make the most out of life

the life-changing magic of tidying up | Marie Kondo

A truly life-changing way of tidying your home!