Let’s talk about Libido. Some months it’s there and ready at the drop of a hat at the thought of getting frisky, other months it’s MIA and nowhere to be found. Firstly, it’s completely normal to have fluctuations in your sex drive, whether you’re in a committed relationship or you’re navigating the dating scene. Hormones, stress, big life changes, grief, anxiety (to name just a few) can all get in the way of making you feel less inclined for sex. If you’re going through a bit of a dry patch or feel stuck in a rut, Dr Naomi Newman-Beinart shares her top 6 tips for boosting libido naturally.

  1. Medicinal mushrooms

Yes, you heard right. Certain mushrooms can actually help to increase your libido and boost your sexual wellness. The red reishi mushroom has long been used to help with sexual function, naturally increasing libido. The reishi has aphrodisiac properties and can work to increase both male and female libido as well as enhance the body’s overall function and performance. If you want to really up your sexual wellness, try the Hifas da Terra mushroom powder superfood which includes Cordyceps. Cordyceps is a mushroom used for centuries by Asian cultures as a natural aphrodisiac and for improving libido in both men and women. 

  1. Mind play

Your mind is the most important thing when it comes to sexual wellness and enjoying sex. If your mind is on something else, whether that be work or something in your life then the chances are you won’t be able to enjoy sex and will most likely not orgasm. Mind play and little psychological tricks can go a long way in boosting your libido, as you are mentally changing how you perceive sex and your partner. You should turn your phone and laptop off, and before foreplay use your mind to imagine your partner, think about that person and what you love about them and what turns you on. This will help you feel more attracted to your partner than ever because you spent some time focussing on him or her. This should help you feel a natural response and a boost in libido.

  1. Eat the right foods

A healthy diet, and eating the right foods, is imperative for a healthy libido and sex life. If you are eating nutritious foods, and eating the right kinds of food, then this can help you to feel good physically and mentally which in turn will help to boost your sex drive and libido. Furthermore, when you eat well and exercise you look and feel your best, which will of course boost self-confidence leading to an even better time in the bedroom. Certain foods you should be eating are bananas, avocados and figs as these are all libido-boosting foods. These foods also provide vitamins and minerals that increase blood flow to the genitals which can again help to increase libido and drive.

  1. Staying hydrated

Staying hydrated is key for a healthy sex life. Have you ever been hungover and found it hard to achieve orgasm? Well, there is a reason for this. Your body is dehydrated and so it doesn’t have the liquids or hydration it needs for the body to orgasm. When you’re hydrated your body works much better generally, and you will notice that you will have more energy during sex, which as an added bonus can also help with certain positions. Eight glasses of water a day is recommended, this should keep you feeling mentally and physically alert which will only promote a healthy libido.

  1. CBD

When it comes to setting the mood, CBD is a great place to start. When taken orally, CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. This is so important as sexual health and mental health are very much intertwined, and negative states of mind and stress can definitely affect your life in the bedroom. There is also the option of trying a CBD infused massage oil as you can still get some benefits from the CBD through your skin. I love I-cann’s Rest and Repair Massage oil as it has a lovely light texture and absorbs really well, leaving your skin soft, healthy and youthful. Also, the cannabinoids in the CBD massage oil helps to reduce inflammation and soothe muscles to help you get into the mood.

  1. Get your 5 a day

We all know that eating more fruits and vegetables is better for our health, from mental wellbeing to physical health benefits. So many people nowadays are tired and lacking energy and this can play havoc on your sex drive. It’s all fair and well trying to eat healthier but it can be hard too. Luckily, British wellbeing brand, FOGA, have come up with some delicious and nutritious multivitamin smoothies. Made in seconds by whizzing with water, their shakes include over 150g of fruits, veggies, vitamins and minerals, giving you everything you need to energise your love life whatever your age.

These tips have been written by Psychologist and leading Nutritionist Dr Naomi Newman-Beinart

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